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Hya all, just wondering if anyone’s been for body healing. We’re the person connects with your body & finds the issues wrong with you? I’ve had LS for a few months now and have other health issues so thought I’d give it a go. I must admit it’s helped so much. I feel better in myself, the down side is I’ve been told to make drastic diet changes. 

I’ve already given up milk 2 weeks ago in healing advice. Which has given me so much benefits, my bloods were raised glubins etc and they have come down due to this I think as I’ve had a number of tests done.

I’ve been ask to give up ALL diary products: eggs, cheese, butter etc. 

Go gluten free

Give up red meat, fish, chicken etc. 

give up sugar 

basically go vegan!

That’s has completely freaked me out as I love my food, my meals look bland & horrible. 

She said it’s up to you but if you don’t make drastic changes you will get further illnesses. Which has scared the living daze out of me. 

I’m so confused at the mo, and not able to get a balanced diet straight. Has anyone else been in my situation. 

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    Hi Blueplum,

    I haven't been for body healing but have considered going to see a naturopath. However, I might go for body healing at some point. Would be interested in hearing how things go for you.

    Since you are considering a drastic change to your diet, why not consider making the change gradually? I think if you Google something like 'gradually going Vegan' you might find some advice. I am mainly vegetarian but do eat fish, eggs and dairy. (More like Pescatarian, but no one knows what that means.) For a while (before LS) I cut sugar out of my diet. It's not too difficult anymore to find decent substitutes for sugar. The main difficulty I had was when life got fast and I had little time... because cutting sugar out of one's diet generally means more time spent on preparing one's own food/meals. I also was able to cut milk out of my diet, but cheese was difficult. I succeeded in cutting down, but not eliminating it. (It's sooooooo good!)

    I don't know. I think a drastic diet change comes slowly -- but can be fun if you have an interest in researching new recipes and trying them out. Also, does it have to be all or nothing?

    Say you manage to cut out beef, chicken and pork, but still eat fish. (And maybe turkey once or twice a year.) Say you manage to cut out milk, but still eat cheese once in a while. And say you do mostly manage to cut out sugar (seriously, this is doable). You've already cut out milk, and see the benefits. Maybe it's just a matter of trying (for example) no beef, chicken or pork for a while, and seeing how that goes. Then... try something else.

    Maybe this drastic diet change doesn't have to happen in a drastic way. It could be a drastic change that you introduce to your life gently.

    Just a few rambling thoughts...


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      Hi Metta, thank you for your reply. I will checkout how to gradually go vegan. Believe me it’s not something i would of ever considered. She was harsh in pointing out that if was not able to make these changes other health issues will follow. This as Completely scared me tbh. 

      I am finding it extremely hard, I mainly ate eggs and chicken lamb was on occasions. I’ve had 2 sessions now and I do believe it’s helped so much. 

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    There is so much info out there it can become overwhelming! I have a family history of kidney stones and have already passed 2, so my Dr. Recommended a very low oxalate diet- no more than 50mg a day ( most people eat 200-300 mg daily).  The problem with that is it limits everything I have eaten gir YEARS to stay healthy- whole wheat grains, berries, nuts, dark leafy veggies, brown rice... doesn’t leave alot to choose from. Now with LS diagnosis I am eliminating carbs, and sugar. Soon it will only be safe to eat meat and water! Very frustrating! 

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    Also forgot to mention that by eliminating sugar, I am suposed to use a substitute, but most substitutes are from PLANTS, therefore- HIGH in oxalates! Ugh! 
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      Im going low oxalate to start and se what happens. Oh and I went to my gynecologist 4days ago. I hasked him if he sees an increase in LS diagnosis. I told him that I’m on a support group forum and seems like newbies are joining more and more and his response was. ( well ofcoars if you’re on a forum or group you’re gonna have the impression that more and more women are being diagnosed but I don’t see more diagnosis....wow I don’t believe this) I think he’s just saying this to excuse the non research . So all that to say. I’m blessed with my doctor cause he’s really preventive. But we need to take charge all together cause i don’t see any big intentions from the medical community. We have to be proactive for us and continue our quest so on this hugs 🤗 to all of you my friends xx

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      Since I found out I had LS, I decided to be proactive and advocate about sharing  my friends about LS. Some don’t understand, some say wow maybe my daughter or niece has what you have, she suffer with yeast infection frequently.  I tell them NO it’s not yeast or candida it’s LS.    I could tell you I’ve seen aleast 10 doctors in the past, it wasnt till I went to the Mayo Clinic, and they told me what I had. 
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      Hi TerriG, I personally couldn’t discuss this with friends and family. It’s just impossible just want to keep it to myself notbeith everyone knowing. I do speak to my mum & sister about it. And that’s all - I just somebody want people thinking different of me. Odd way of thinking but that’s the way I am. 

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    Hi,  I too suffer with LS. I have it  under control for Now!  I Never know when it’s going to flare up.  I don’t drink any milk for sure I know this causes a flare up.  I don’t eat any beef.  I do eat fish and chicken but i try to eat organic as much possible.  ❤️  I love food too. Just listen to your body when eating and see how your body reacts.    I excersize and this helps me too. 
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      Thank you hun, that’s great advice. I’m just taking each day as it comes. I think I need to think realistically the over all picture. Eliminating dairy already I’ve got the side effects of constipation 
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    Hi Blueplum..here's my 2 cents. 

    I don't think everyone needs to go Gluten free, not everyone will react to Gluten.  

    I think most people should probably give up milk, if you take the time to look online it's not a good thing to be having.  That being said, I will have a yogurt sometimes and a bit of cheese. There are so many alternatives to milk that there is no need to feel like you are missing out. 

    I have a small steak occasionally and try to only eat chicken once a week.  I enjoy fish.  I do actually believe that a vegen diet is probably the best but I am simply not organized enough or have the time to produce well balanced vegan meals, and you have to be organised to maintain that kind of diet. 

    Eggs aren't that great for you either.

    With regard to sugar I try not to overindulge, as I do believe its the number one trigger for LS above ALL else.

    You have to weigh up what is best for you.  Your doc is correct in that once you have an autoimmune disease you are prone to get more...this has proved to be true for myself.

    I dont like this though ''She said it’s up to you but if you don’t make drastic changes you will get further illnesses'' that's not want you want to hear....and will only cause more stress

    My advice is to eat what you enjoy and try to avoid the main culprits if you can...everything in moderation.

    I am gluten, salicylate, and histamine intolerant and I avoid dairy.  BUT, I will have the odd glass of wine, have a bit of chocolate once a week...even with all those restrictions I lead a happy and contented life and you can too, you just have to think carefully what you want to include and exclude.  Remember not to cut out everything at once as you will feel wretched, take it slowly and see how you react to foods.  Keep a food diary in your kitchen and write down any adverse reactions ...it helps.

    There are so many different foods out there that you can eat and enjoy and it just needs a little bit of thought and organisation to achieve that...you just cant expect to get there immediately, it takes time.

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      Hi Guppy007, thank you so much for your reply. Your theory sounds will keep a record. It was a healer I saw not a doctor, and they get paid to tell you what’s wrong with you so she as connecting to my body, she didn’t have to say all those food items I guess so my body was telling her. 

      Also I’ve noticed everything is bland, of no flavor once you give up gluten. The bread taste horrid gluten free range. It hard to prepare meals forward planning is required. Also I have a toddler eliminating foods like chicken meat will be hard to prepare 2 different meals 7 days as week also the cost factor as gluten free range is much more expensive. 

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