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Day 4...another bad night, did sleep but still not very much and still doing odd stretchy yawny thing, so felt really awful today, So tired now, but its more then that, I feel ill and flu like and odd . It seems to go in waves, really bad for a while and then better. Equally my moods go up and down (I am not a moody person ) seem to feel optimistic and strong about Selincro and then so ill not sure if I can carry on. Definately drinking tons less then usual, but is that partly because I fell so crap physically ? I wish I had a definative time frame, in that ,if I knew for sure that feeling this crap would end in 2 weeks, I could stick it out, as I know I must. The irony is that I felt like I had a crashing hangover today !! HELP.....

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    Hi Boo, boy those words sound like what's happening with me as well but with one extra item to report. With me I can be just sitting here on my computer and all of a sudden I start warming right up to a point that clothes start getting ripped off I'm so hot.

    I wouldn't call mine a crashing hangover but more of a lightheadedness and feel like I could fall over.

    You didn't say but presumably you are taking Nalmefene, correct?

    I am on Naltrexone because yours isn't approved in Canada yet.

    It will get better so I am assurred by many on here.

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      Hi Tim, Well hey if I was to report all my symtoms I would be here all day LOL, but I have been overheating also ! Suddenly during the day and also big time at night.

      Yes I am on Nalmefene...Wow, who knew something could be so powerfull ! The counciler who I had to see for three weeks,in order for me to be able to get this drug, told me thet there were absolutley no side affects. OMG, do your homework Mrs.

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    Hi Boo, 

    I had the same feelings in the last two days of the first week.

    It's one of the most horrible moments in this program.

    What ever you do, don't give in, it will, I promise, it will stop.

    Today my consumation is down to two beers just opend the second one.

    The only negative effect I have now, is the pressure on my head.

    My advice is that you call a friend or loved one, and monitor how you feel.

    At least do someting which keeps your mind off taking Selingro

    You realy chould give it a chance.

    I'm monitoring all the new post and this the whole day.

    If you need to talk, yust reply or send a PM.

    Succe buddy,



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      Hi, Thank you first of all. It's good to have someone to talk to who is going through the same thing ! I have been feeling a bit alone as I have told no-one about what I am doing and so have to pretend I am the same as always while feeling really bad, It's such a weired thing all this because I am really happy about being able to drink normally an I feel strong and positive...but the drug itself is making me feel ill and joyless and weak. 
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      By the way...what a PM ? New to this and still navigating my way round the site. I am guessing personal message ?
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      There is a small icon to the left that looks like an envelope.

      It's for private messaging.

      I will send you a quick one so you can use it anytime Boo.


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      First of all, be proud of what you are doing, it takes s**t loads of courage to do what you are doing right now.

      I'm translating my diary right now, I alway's loved to write and I'll post it as soon as translated.

      I came to this desission, because I do not see any day by day journal of teking selingro.

      Maybe a good thing for you aswell, let others now what to espect when starting the selingro programm.

      Succes Buddy,



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      I just sended you a PM.

      Use this whenever, day or night, doesn't matter which hour.




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      I really have to respond to this one. I still go to my favorite pub and keep my secret. Not easy.

       My friends don't have any idea what I'm doing and I'm reluctant to tell them for my own fears.

      I had an afternoon out today so am not too sure how the Naltrexone is suppose to work, it doesn't look too good right now.

      Boo, you mention feeling alone 'cause you keep it to your self, I don't blame you, when I have tried, no one listens...I wish I could drink normanly. But that was 40 yrs ago, not now.

      Boo, thanks for your comments here.

      WOW, what interesting folks on here. Thank you for your insights.

      I will keep taking my new meds and hope for a resolve.

      I only wish right now is for a pleasant sleep without the muscle spasms.

      Up every few hours...mmmm


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    Normally just a week is enough for most people to get accustomed to the drug and start feeling less affected by the side effects, Boo.
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    I was so hot when I was drinking now it 3 weeks today since I had a drink and the hot flashes are deminishing. I have found sleep aids make me feel like crapso I am trying 12 hour release gravol (pink and white on bottom). Could very well help with the upset tummy as well smile
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    Hey Boo,

    How are things buddy, are you coping ??

    I hope you do.

    Let us know


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      Hiya, Thanks for asking !.A better nights sleep lat night, though still far from normal. I am getting used to it and training myself with self taught stratergies which seem to help me through the talking to myself about how everythings going to be fine and who cares if I never have a proper nights sleep again. LOL. How are you ?
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      Well Boo, I just woke up, great night of sleep and I woke up with no side effects at all.

      This is for the first time, taking Selingro.

      Today I try one day without Alcohol at all, but to keep it all save, I will take the Selingro.

      Wednesday is my weekly app, with my GP and then I tink I'm ready for the 2 Hrs before. (not taking Selingro every day)

      I'll try to keep of the drink until then.

      It seems to me, you are working your program, that's the way to go.

      Your sleeping patern needs to become normal again, this takes a while, just like in any detox.

      Good to hear from you, keep it up.



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    Hi boo,

    Are you doing all right, just checking in on you.

    Myself I had two day's of non drinking, the second one without t


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