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andy 98055 andy 98055

HELP! Doctors have no idea what it is (Pictures Included)

Happened 1 day after unprotected sex. Negative for common STD. Doctors been prescribing fungal cream and steroid cream - Even tried organic oils - Nothing has worked. Slight itching at times and sometimes slight burn sensation. Gets extremely dry and as you can see a rash around the corona. One doctor said this is normal. Which i think is ridiculous. 

Been like this for a year now. Driving me insane. 

Anyone know or had something similar ? 

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  • HOWHARD andy 98055

    Hi Andy it looks like you have had a yeast infection and some is hanging on, so you can use coconut oil as its antibiotic and antifungal, now you can try this on its own or do a 50/50 mix with aloe vera, both of these are very good for skin problems, to top that up you could add a few drops of tea tree oil.

    So you can either use the CO by itself or the AV by its self and either you can add the TT to.

    Which ever way you go its not going to happen overnight you will have to use it 4 times a day for at least 2 weeks.

  • andy 98055

    Hey Howard, 

    I have used coconut oil, Tea tree oil, Castor oil, Oregon oil, Lavender oil, Alo Vera for several months. And absolutely nothing has changed. I have used other forms of prescription creams for yeast and nothing changes. 

  • kenneth1955 andy 98055

    Andy I'm sorry but that does not look normal.  If all the stuff you tried did not work you need something by a doctor.  If that Urologist will not help you find another.  Good luck.  By the way have you changed you soap or your laundry detergent you may have a rash form that.  You never know  Ken

    • andy 98055 kenneth1955

      Haven't changed soaps or laundry detergent. The dermatologist prescribed all kinds of stuff like Ketoconazole, Ciclopriox olamine, Tacrolimus, Triamcinolone acetone, Nystatin cream among others. Yet absolutely nothing has changed over the course of the year. 

    • kenneth1955 andy 98055

      Hey Andy.  I did a little more checking.  What Howhard is saying may be right a yeast infection.   That keeps on giving.  If you have try all the different cream.  There is a pill you can try It is a 1 time thing. It's called Diflucan 150 mg.  You can get it from the doctor or at the pharmacist.  You do not need a prescription for it.  How off an the masturbating and clean it even day with warm water.  Keep it dry also clean under the foreskin.  Your going to have to do this for a long time But I think if you get that pill it will help a lot.  Good luck  Ken 

  • andy 98055

    I live in the States and a prescription is needed for an anti-fungal pill. I have gone to 2 doctors now and both have denied me as they see nothing is wrong. Does anyone know how i can obtain a anti-fungal pill ? Clearly something is wrong, i just done understand how they cannot see it. 

    • Lostknight andy 98055

      It looks like you are uncircumcised.

      Try to keep the foreskin behind the glans and if it improves.

      I got the same dots on erection and extremely dry skin on glans and red foreskin. I started keeping hygiene and used coconut and tea tree oil with foreskin behind the glans and it has improved almost 100%.

      Any particular event after which it started?

      Does the skin around meatus is dark and raised normally?

      I am glad if I be of any help.

    • andy 98055 Lostknight

      If i keep the foreskin behind the glans it becomes more dry extremely fast. Thank you for your information. I have used both coconut oil and tea tree oil but with no success. Can i ask, how long did you use both these ingredients for? and how many times a day ? 

      This all started when i had unprotected sex (one night stand). 

      The corona area and the area near the Urinary meatus gets dark. It either gets dark or it gets red. but never the original color. And whats funny is that i see there is a problem, even the people in this discussion see there is a problem but the doctors see NOTHING!. I can't wait till doctors get replaced by technology bots (robots) so that they can give proper diagnosis. 

    • Lostknight andy 98055

      Andy first of all don't take stress buddy.

      Stress can cause further unnecessary complications.

      I had the issue for 9 months. I tried a lot of stuff before it started to get fine. I tried coconut oil, aloe Vera, onabet and few other creams alternatively for 1-2 months each. Then finally I started keeping my foreskin behind the glans and started drinking green tea and kept my sugar intake really minimum. I also started eating more yogurt and started avoiding stress.

      May be you started noticing the meatus more now because I also have the same dark skin around meatus. But I am not sure if it was there earlier or not.

    • andy 98055 Lostknight

      when you mean alternatively, do you mean you would use the mentioned stuff together ? or in different stages Eg- Coconut oil 1-2 months then alovera for 1-2 months. And how often did you apply ? 1 times a day ? 2-3 times a day ? before bed? 

      Im 100% sure i didn't have dark skin before i had this sexual encounter. 


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