help im 15 years old and do i have vertigo

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Hey everybody im15 years old and in not sure to post this in public but this is the only

Choice left . Last moth I felt that I get dizzy

Alot. And idk what is the problem.

I got alot of anxiety and stress from this

yesterday I wake up morning and tha room was

Spinnig I run to drink some water and then I felt ok but couldn't sleep again because I felt dizzy again .

And sometimes even in the car when I'm

Looking from the window my eyes is looking

From thing to a thing until I felt dizzy but its

Like the world is lagging and I can't concentrate on what ppl is talking like all ppl are

Talking and I seems not to understand what is happening.

The only way I feel I can stop the dizziness. Is staring at something that is not moving because I feel the problem in my eyes

last time I got dizzy when I was going to the grocery and in the way I felt dizzy idk know how I can describe it because there are 2 different kind I suffer from 1 the room I just spinning and 2 I feel my eyes is like looking left

Right left right like lagging in fbs games and my concentration goes my heart beat increase I feel thirsty and feel like I'm not heavy like I'm ghost or something

Sorry for that long story I just need help its over 4 monthes now .. and if you say that i must go to doctor or get medicines i can't because i have told my parents and they just saying don't worry it just normal thing just drink lemon juice some water and you will be ok

note: My mom have lake of iron in her body the doctor told her you have anemia or something because she gets dizzy like me could i inherit. This from my mom ?

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    Definitely sounds like you have/had vertigo.  I'll PM you with a video that helped me and some other people on this board....

    I had the eye issues with my Veritgo for about 2+ weeks.  Finally it just went away on it's own.....    I'm going on my 7th week of recovering and I;m still not 100% yet.   It is a very slow and long recory process but it does get better. 

    You could take vitamins to increase Iron in your system ands ee if that helps.  You should be able to buy vitamins over the counter.  

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    I would definitely tell you that you need to see a doctor.  If you are 15 you should not be experiencing issues of this nature.  The most common cause of rotational vertigo is an inner ear infection or possibly what is called BPPV.  At your age I would not think that it is BPPV.  Did you have any ear issues before this began?  Pain in the ear, cold, flu, etc?  Dizziness, not vertigo, can also be caused from anemia.  Anemia can be hereditary and also could be linked to your diet.  If your mother is anemic and assuming that you eat the same things that she does.
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    Ok, a few things you can do. Go get a bllod test and have them look at your Iron, Magnessium, Vitamin D, and B12 levels. When any of these are low you could feel dizzy. Also consider an eye issue called Vertical Heterophoria. You may want to get looked at by an ENT to eliminate any ear issues as well.
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      I got blood test and the doctor said im fine but there is lake in iron or vitamin I don't really remember and he said try to not stay all day in home because that might give u dizziness... Wtf

      I'm totally destroyed right now I'm planning to do another test but the problem my dad does not take that serious

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    Also, the eye movement you describe sounds like nystagmus. It's not a serious condition, but a visit to an ENT could help you...if you could convince your mother. Sorry, it sounds like she's frustrated with her own experiences.  Maybe you can tell her that you'll try her way and ask how long it should take to clear up your problems, then you'll need medical intervention if she can't help you at home???

    I agree that a 15 yr old shouldn't feel like he's outside of his body, dizzy, eye movement issues, etc. Are you having trouble doing your HW/reading/class work? I would think that moving your eyes across a page, or looking from a text book to your notebook (or a computer) would feel terrible.  sad  

    My own parents were quick to dismiss my issues with vision and balance and I can tell you that as an adult, they haven't improved on their own...just the opposite. I saw an eye doctor once because the school knew I needed it and when he diagnosed my lazy eye, she told me to try harder and not be lazy... She meant well, and I never lacked for check-ups, etc. and was always healthy and cared for in the other ways...but specialists?  Only when I had head-to-toe hives or something really alarming.  (Now my kids have more specialists than I can count)

    So, hang in there!  See what help your parents will offer and then if you're not better, try to get them to take you to someone who can help.  Good luck!

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      Thank for the reply

      She told me what she have and how she feels . Like (even if I closed my eyes I can still feel the room is spinning

      ) I feel same as her but sometimes

      She lose balance or faint .. I don't

      Have that

      Yes sometime I get dizzy when

      Moving my eyes across the page

      Last week I was searching in the

      School yearbook and then I felt the

      Room like moving left right left right

      It's strange because that type of dizziness freak me out my heart beats go

      Crazy like its gonna explode

      And the something that give me

      Stress is that my family voice change

      I feels every time I walk I will get dizzy more so I lay down and focus on

      Anything that I not moving because

      This give me better feeling I need like to stare at something to get my eyes back or stop the dizziness

      I don't like anyone in my class to know

      That because I think that they might

      Say that I'm crazy or going insane

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      No my eyes doesn't shake I mean

      What I see is like shaking or I don't

      Know how to describe it . I'm not

      nystagmus . If you have that feeling

      You would understand

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    Those places where you get dizzy (car, grocery, conversations) are the typical places people with vestibular disorders get dizzy.  Same with the eye issues.  I would stress to your parents that this is a major thing that needs medical attention. Maybe show them a website about Vestibula Neuritis. You may get better and never figure out what it was, but I would start lining up the appointments just in case it goes on for months, like it did for me.  Also, keep a journal of the symtoms.  If you still can't get help, pull up some vestibular rehab exercises on the Internet and start doing them (slowly at first).  They may help with the eyes and dizziness.  If you are out of shape, get in shape.   Give us updates!
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      OMG thx I just searched the word

      vestibular on the internet and found

      Some similar symptoms that I have

      Scroll down to vision ...

      (words on page may be seen doubled) I see double image just right now on

      My keypad I thought it was fine but I'm wrong .

      Anyway when I tell my dad I need to

      See doctor for my dizziness problem

      He says which do u need to go

      For your dizziness cuz there is alot .

      So wit do u suggest ?

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      Not sure what country you live in but, my recommendation would be a Neurotologist (Otologist).  They specialize in inner ear issues.  If one is not available you need to see an ENT (Otolaryngologist).  Many things can cause the symptoms that you are experiencing, though.
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