help me lose those extra Kgs

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Hey there,

i am a 22 years old man weighing 95kgs and 183cms tall.

i m looking for exercises that help me lose weight. m not a gym person bt i m into running and have ran the half marathon in 2:39:14.

pls help me with various exercise that i can do to lose weight quickly.

p.s.: does skipping help lose weight quickly?

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    Hi I suggest go to your docs and ask for oristat  step no 1. Welcome to the site. I'm sure you will get lots of replys .and help! Xx


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      hey roberta48267,

      i would not like to go for drugs or any other form of medications!

      instead would prefer sum exercises which give definate results!

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      I have tryed so hard on my own!!!!!then went to the docs. I need a op" the doc suggested oristat. And boy does it work for me!!!!! I have gone down from 89.9 kg to 81.9 kg. 8kg loss for me this is a miracle. I have to get down to 63kg app for my op. I also exercise lots of walking. Ect xox good luck biggrin
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      I am in similar situation, but would not like to go for drugs as well.
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    According to the NHS height v weight chart you are only in the mid section of over weight and not in the obese section.

    See link: -

    Loosing weight via exercise is nay on impossible to achieve long-time success with.

    To work off just one packet of crisps would require you to run for over one hour (ZZZZZZZZZZZZ).

    Don't get me wrong, exercise is important for overall long term health (like walking for say 30 mins a day) but I would avoid knee, ankle and hip impacting jogging and running like the plague.

    When I was your age I found that short duration high intensity exercise like circuit training kept me very toned up and fit.  You do not need a gym to do high intensity exercises as you can do them anywere both indoors and out.  Just 15 to 20 seconds of all out MAXIMUM effort of say sit ups then press ups then pull ups (using a cheap doorway pull up bar) etc etc. With say 15 to 20 seconds between exercises.  If you do not feel a little dizzy after each set then you are not going at it hard enough.

    Theses days I mostly use a cheap (ish) magnetic resistance static fold up bike.

    It was on the TV last year how a team from a uni (Cambridge I think) proved that high intensity / short duration exercise was much more effective than jogging / running (ZZzzzzzzzzz).

    Fad diets do not work (long term) and most people end up heavier than before starting them (FACT).

    As for taking any pharmaceutical unless you really really have to !

    They all have side effects and dangers to some degree or another and just like the fad diets........... what happens when you stop them .

    If your diet has frequent consumption of:- Bread, potatoes, rice, pizza, ready meals, fizzy pop, fruit juice, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, beer or any snacking at all........ then this is your were your extra pounds come from.

    It is this high glycemic quickly digested, carbohydrate heavy junk "food" "diet" that is the major cause of the obesity epidemic that we now find our selves in.

    If you base your diet on mostly fresh (fibre and vitamin rich) veggies and some high quality protein such as fish, eggs, cheese and free range meats (chicken and grass fed beef / lamb) as well as high quality fats like avocado, nuts (not peanuts that are not actually nuts at all) olives, butter etc, then the weight will (slowly but permanently) fall off.

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      @brian03294 thank you so very much for ur excellent input. that was sum change i wanted cuz i believe my body is now used to similar amount of exercising. bt with my body weight, pull ups are practically impossible. butm sure sooner or later ill get there too. for nw ill find various short duration high intensity exercises. if you have any specific in mind, please let me knw! thanx once again
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      "n i believe that multiple meals are better than just 3 meals a day( Breakfast. lunch & dinner)"

      Sorry @rudraksha but have to VERY much disagree.

      This WAS "conventional wisdom" for many years and still keeps doing the rounds in "news" paper articles but is not based on any science.  On the other hand eating fewer meals per day (same overall quantity) has been shown (in science / diet studies) to be beneficial.  I personally "break my fast" at lunch time (and no I do not feel hungry or tiered) and have been known to go through till late after noon if I'm busy.

      If you look at it logically, if you keep eating little and often then you will maintain a constant production of (fat depositing) insulin in you blood stream.  While you sleep your body goes into a mild state of ketosis (fat utilisation [not BURNING]) and HGH (human growth hormone) will start to repair you body.  As soon as you stimulate insulin, HGH production is stopped dead.

      When we were in our teens we could (to a point) eat what we liked yet not put on any weight and remain (seemingly) healthy.  Then when we hit our mid to late 20s and pow we start banging on the weight.  WHY?. Because our HGH production falls off a cliff AND THEN when we get to middle age we get the dreaded middle age spread. WHY?  Because our testosterone production heads south too.  Have you also noticed how big many ladies get post menopause as well.

      Exercise (especially high intensity exercise like sprints and lifting heavy weights that use ALL your muscle fibres and not just some [like low intensity cardio]) stimulate HGH production, but this will be killed of as soon as you eat or drink ANYTHING that will stimulate insulin production.  Leave AT LEASED 2 hours before any carbs after exercising.

      If you would like links to any of the science research then I would be happy to send them.  By the way when I say lifting weights you can get the same effect from resistance bands that you can buy off eBay (cheaply) and will fit in your pocket.  Also the slow release of weight or tension is reported to be 40% more effective than taking up the weight or tension in the first place. 

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    I realize that exercise is great for your body. But in order to lose weight, you need to reduce your calories . Did you know that to burn off just one pound you would have to run 33.8 miles? Just for one pound? 
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    Hi @ barb95783

    I'm not knocking you at all,  in fact I agree with you ....up to a point.

    That point is when you start to talk in kcalories.

    Joe public seem to be totally ignorant of how kcalories are calculated i.e. food being BURNT to ash in a calorific bomb furnace to heat water. Humans do not BURN food for energy full stop (period). We metabolise food using hormones and enzymes with fats, proteins and carbs being processed in completely different ways.  The FACT that when burnt to ash the HEAT energy given off by fat is twice that of the same weight of carbs is not saying that your body will get twice as much ATP (biological / Mitochondrial) energy from a given weight of fat once you have metabolised it.

    In order to lay down adipose tissue (body fat) you NEED insulin.  Dietary fat will NOT make your pancreas produce insulin but carbs do BIG style.

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    Hi you may need a group of people to jog with for discipline purpose becuase if you do it on your own it may get lazy sometimes. Nutrition also plays a very important role. We are what we eat.
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      that is very ture. bt the working hours do not permit a lot of variety of food. n i believe that multiple meals are better than just 3 meals a day( Breakfast. lunch & dinner).. your view?
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    Do it for yourself : simplest way to shed bodyweight is to choose for yourself that you really want to shed bodyweight if you are not inspired enough than nothing is going to occur 

    Exercise : do aerobic work out, yoga exercise, yoga exercise its excellent to get rid of fat and it will overall tone ur whole body as well, Dance can be one of the methods of a work out and you may not even get tired of it. 

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      hey shaibal, u are ryt i need to do these exercises, but m not at all a dance person and yoga seems to be very boring, though power yoga is catching up but i am not able to locate any in the region where i stay. but sum other forms if any? sorry to bother you again!
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    Well, I will give you an example, make your own conclusion:

    How (not) to lose weight: Two points of view

    View 1: Trying to lose weight? It's so simple ... 

    It's sufficient to start the day with healthy cereals. Hmm, the lady on the box is soooo slim and the children beside her looking really happy. Plus low-fat strawberry-flavored miracle in the form of "healthy" diary product for kids and those who want to be in a good shape... perfect.

    Time for a snack - we are told to eat at least 6 times a day. Let's enjoy the black bagel with a white layer of healthy stuff from fresh milk in the form of cheese with a picture of beautiful happy cows dwelling on an alpine meadow. 

    The lunch time is coming, what is on the menu today? Pancakes, French fries, steak... I can't enjoy these foods right now. My will is strong... I'll have a salad! However, I am not a rabbit, the salad must include a little bit of yogurt (!) dressing. Proteins are crucial. And what a nice surprise - croutons! Even healthy salad can taste pretty good. And a glass of vitamins in the form of orange juice.

    Evening is approaching, a critical time - fatigue and eneromous temptation to eat something... anything! What can I have? I do not drink coffee now, it is not healthy. What about coke? Of course diet, no sugar or calories! One must drink enough, I take the pack of 2 liters. Amazing invention this coke - the taste is amazing, yet it contains no sugar whatsoever. 

    After the entire day of the office boredom and Internet surfing, I can finally go home. Now, however, the main goal of our existence is to lose weight, so I go to the local gym. Well, the stationary bike is amazing, however, there is an abrupt pain in my muscles and fatigue is attacking again. No problem! Energy gel for athletes saves my training. Then a little workout, shower and protein cocktail to promote muscle growth. 

    On my way home I usually stop by for a dinner. What about pizza? This is great idea - a combination of vegetables in the form of tomato paste, cheese as a source of proteins and cereal dough. Perfectly balanced delicacy!

    However, such diet would have been only 5 servings of foods, including snack in the gym. I must provide a regular supply of nutrients - a second evening small course is generally recommended and therefore I have a handful of dried apricots. 

    View 2: Trying to gain weight? It's so simple ... 

    Let's start with a caloric bomb full of sugars (120 g of carbohydrates, 2000 kJ), wrapped in oversize design box... and it must be submerged in another decent source of sugars, flavors and similar crap (50 g of carbohydrates, 1300 kJ). 

    The stomach finally got rid of the burden. What?! Another food? That soon? A white, pseudo-cereal wheat product colored by caramel (35 g of carbohydrates, 690 kJ)? And what a treat on the top?! Processed cheese with lot of salt and minimum (if any) healthy substances? Well, maybe a lunch will save the day. 

    A vegetable for the lunch? Impressive! Oh no, just dried slices of carrots from the previous year and faded lettuce grown on wool under artificial light. Still, it's much better than fatty nice-smelling cheese sauce and pasta my colleague enjoys. Well, it migh not be - a "yogurt" dressing comes. Salad happily swims in the portion of saturated fats and carbohydrates. It tastes great, chemistry wins! And what about the fried toast, cutely diced ... 60 g of carbohydrates in total, 2400 kJ and over 60 g of fat. As a bonus a glass of fruit concentrate, also known as "juice". Vitamins - almost zero, sugar - a lot: 18 g, energy - not a little: 370 kJ. 

    The blood sugar goooooes up ... and then ... the hard fall and fatigue follow. Now what? Coke?! Yeah "diet", the bones and skin devastating phosphoric acid together with a dose of sodium cyclamate, acesulfame K, aspartame ... It's hard to say what is worse - whether it is 27 cubes of sugar in one liter of the black poison, or a mixture of toxic artificial sweeteners. 

    The sun is shining, the birds are singing so why not to move from a keyboard full of bacteria to the gym for a dose of mites, yeast and maybe even grab the fungi. They love sugar we consume! But what's going on? The body lacks the energy the artificial sweeteners did not provide. Never mind, another portion of chemicals with a great deal of sugars in the form of energy gel saves us. And the kidneys must also suffer a little, let's have a protein drink! Quite a lot of overpriced 65 g of carbohydrates and 1350 kJ. 

    For now it's enough isn't it? Pizza quatro formaggi, gloria Italia! This delicacy would satisfy a hungry elephant: 110 g carbohydrates, 3620 kJ. Well, the ketchup is left without any comment, rather a vegetable parody... Hopefully, the handfull of apricots did not contain any sulphur (50 g carbohydrate, 1010 kJ). 

    The total daily intake is 508 g carbohydrates (equivalent to 127 sugar cubes), or in other words approximately 150% of the maximum recommended dose for a model man, and 12750 kJ consumed versus 10000 kJ burnt.

    The contribution was originally posted by the author on the Czech website _____

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