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Hi all, new to the forum, will try and contribute myself.

A very quick break down.

1. Headaches for 11 years, in middle of eyes and forehead ( Dizzyness, Lathergy, Blurred Vision, Squinty eyes, Pain wink

2. Two Sinus surgeries and no improvement ( Alergy testing displayed nothing, blood tests nothing, acupuncture useless)

3. Tried every spray / anti biotics / Pills no improvement

ENT have now discharged me as the CT scans show an improvement in the sinus area, but I feel exactly the same.

Can anyone offer me support and advice ? Really confused / I''m not sure where I can go next.

Thanks for reading I will repay by feeding back on others.

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    Sounds exactly like me but I've only had 1 surgery add burning eyeball to that list and I have every symptom

    Sorry I can't offer you any advice as I've been living with this for 15 years and I'm no further forward.

    I'm really hoping someone can give any advice that would even make a small difference.

    Rachel X

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      I wish I could also offer you some advice, but it just seems like pot luck weather ot not I get an episode or not...

      Rachel abit more about your self.

      Do you work with Pc Monitors ?

      Do you smoke ?

      How much Alchol do you drink ?

      Are there times when it's better than other times ?


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      Hey Jo

      Same here. It's pot luck.

      I work with a PCs. About 8 hours a day

      I don't smoke.

      Occasional drinker but I know alcohol makes it so much worse

      I've tried cutting out dairy. Made no difference. Although if I eat cheese it's worse

      I drink gallons of water as I heard that helps. It doesn't.

      I took an antihistamine for months. Didn't make a difference.

      Evening primrose. No improvement.

      Steam. Sprays. Antibiotics. No improvement.

      The surgery was to help with drainage. But my nose is completely dry.

      It's hell. The only tiny bit of relief I get is when I lye on my left hand side. It helps the pressure a bit.

      It's just a constant pain. It really interferes with my quality of life ( I'm sure u know what I mean)

      Sorry this post is so negative. It's a miserable thing.

      Rachel x

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      I'm sorry to hear that, I understand exactly how you feel.

      I went abroad this year and had 7 days off the headaches was bliss, still can't figure out what made them better.

      Stress ? Atmosphere ? Heat ? Pollen ? Allergies ?

      I'm in the middle of a really nasty bout of it at the moment, blurry vision, dizzy, brian fog.

      Do you have it as soon as you wake up ? Or does it come on more as the day goes on ?

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    Hi, did you get the cameras up the nose? Also what surgeries did you have?

    I've had headaches for years, in addition to your areas, around the eyes, nose and sometimes upper molar toothache which is a nightmare.

    No allergies although turbinates are big, they said it was a nasal spur hitting a turbinate - this was only diagnosed through the camera up the nose. In the past, cat scans revealed nothing.

    If its bad, ie teethache, I tend to get antibiotics.

    I did have surgery years ago, but they only tried to open up my nasal passages but it didn't really work.

    They (second hospital) are saying an operation to correct the spur is needed but I've been on the waiting list for years!

    It was the camera up the nose from the second hospital that helped the most because at least it proved I had a reason for my damn headaches! The worst thing is people not understanding your condition and also of course nothing working!!

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      Hi there, I had 2, one was a septoplasty and one was to open the passage into the sinus and remove pollups.

      I couldn't agree more, it's like she took one look at my scan and said yep your all better nothing to do with sinus,

      Is it possible the scan was taken on a good day when they were clear ?

      Are there any tips you have about dealing with them ? Any sprays, anything really finding it hard at the moment.

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      Hi, with the septoplasty was that because you had a deviated Nasal spectrum / nasal spur? That's what I'm on the waiting list to have because of my nasal spur hitting a turbinate.

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      Yes deivated sept and polups, I hope it works out for you, intially after my 2nd op i noticed an improvement had a good xmas, but since then it's been awful.

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      Do you know whether the deviated septum was corrected? It's weird how after surgery it came back :-( perhaps the polyps?

      I wonder if the fact that we have dry noses, as in no liquid coming out, means there is a blockage in the sinus system - something other than the septum?

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      I don't get any nasal discharge either. I have had that sort of sinus infection in the past though and a nodule on the vocal cord at one time that was investigated. My daughter had surgery for deviated septum and it helped her breathe better but the repair failed to straighten out the septum long term.

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      Not really. A bit of mucus from the back of the throat first thing on a morning and some sneezing in the evening. Doc said it is likely inflammation but not interested any further. Years ago I had an acute sinus infection after a cold, where lots of nasal discharge and facial swelling, very different.
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    I have been suffering from chronic sinusitis for about three years. I have allergies, dust mites, cockaroach, and grass.

    I have turbinate hypertroph which the ENT says is caused by the you see the allergies i have r every place.

    My meds r zrytec, singular and dymista at this moment i have just returned from getting my allergy shots.

    No surgeries because i have not heard of anything good coming from it. Trying various supplements. Just took out the rugs in my apartment. Increasing my neti pot usage. Bed and pillows r covered. Also checking for mold in my apartment hearing that it can excerbate sinus issues. But u r not alone. Right now i have nothing

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      I feel your pain it can be hard can't it.

      Are there any times when it's better than others ? Any sprays you find good ? Or suppliments ?

      If i'm honest surgey has probably made it worse, so I wouldn't advise unless your sure it will help.

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      It some times better at night, the worst time r upon waking up. No matter what time. Even when i take a nap. Upon waking up i feel the pressure as if the mucous is bum rushing my nasal passages,pressure right over the nose in the forehead area,teary eyes, nasal drip which can last from 1-3 hours.

      No sprays have worked, the supplements i have not seen anything yet. But i hear they must be taking over a period of time to help build up the immune system. Evening primrose and grapefruit extract is what some have mentioned

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      I went to the ENT last week the pain was bad they did a check up including a hearing test. The result was swelling in my sinsuses and nasal passages which is causing inflamation in the right ear. The doctor said that could be the reason for the head aches on the right side over my eye.

      So i was put on a nine day course of prednisone. I also went back to the allergist to have testing for food allergies. To cover all angles.

      The ENT sent out a fungal culture to see if that is the reason for all the nasal build up and inflammation. I have not heard anything back.

      I am on day 7 of the prednisone and not feeling better i can still feel inflammation. So thats where i am at

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