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Hi, everyone, this is a very interesting forum. :D

My story is that I have been on Mirtazapine for over 3 years now at 15mg at night. :shock: I desperately want to come off, I have tried in the past to take one every other day, but after about 2 weeks, I get really giddy and spaced out sad

I was prescribed them for stress/anxiety/weight loss, I had a really bad time a few years ago, I lost my house, job, car, had to go bankrupt, fell out with family (but thats a whole different forum :shock: )

At the time I was feeling really dizzy and had a headache every day and could not function and the dr diagnosed stress/anxiety/depression. I was also, (I found out later, very anaemic for B12 and now I am on injections for the rest of my life) I now wonder if this caused some of my symptoms :?

I have gone from 8 stone to 11 and half stone on these damn tablets, I just eat and eat and eat and its really getting me down :x .

Anyway now, I have since last October, a sore, burning feeling on my tongue and a horrid taste in my mouth, could this be connected to the Mirtazapine?? I am going to the drs next week but I have decided again to try and come off them. I am going to take one full tablet one night and a half tablet the following night and so on for 2 weeks, then I will just take half a tablet per night for the next 2 weeks and then half a tablet every alternate night for 2 weeks and then stop. Does anyone know if this would minimise any side-effects? I don't mind side-effects if i knew they would not last forever, I would persevere with them for a while if I could only come off the tabs and feel better.

I am so tired all the time, I have terrible dreams, I still wake up in the early hours. I have not had sex with hubby for 3 years :oops:Wish I had not started taking them in the first place

sorry for the essay......... sad

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    Well, an update really............

    I started to take the one whole/half pill approach but found I felt terrible the day after I had taken the full tablet (I think maybe its starting to go from my system on the day I take a half tablet but then I am adding it back when I take a new one) :roll: So I decided to be done with it and just take a half tablet every day, so far so good, in fact last night, I had NO nightmares :D

    I have been drs, she said as its such a low dose I can stop anytime and I should be fine :? , I will just give it another week or 2 on half tabs and then I might stop, bit scared really.

    She thinks the sore mouth and horrid taste is not really related to the Mirt so am having some blood tests done :cry: yikes

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    Hi Marge, I am trying to get off Mirt as well I had been on 45mg for ages then started to reduce, I too have soreness in the mouth at times also aching joints, I am now down to one and a half 15mg tabs but still wake in the morning on edge, I have really weird and vivid dreams and wonder if these are the cause as I get better as the day progresses, I found it encouraging that you have reduced to half a tab and the dreams have stopped and will try to reduce to this myself over the next few days, please keep posting to let me know how the reduction is working.
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    ty for reading, its horrid being on these tabs, wish I had never started taking them. :D

    I have been taking half a 15 mg tablet at night now for about 10 days, I have felt fine, bad, vivid dreams have all but stopped but I am waking at 5am still, my alarm goes off at 6. I go to sleep at 10-10.30pm

    Only thing is today, I am feeling a little bit dizzy, not sure if its the reduced dose or not, but I am going to persevere with it for now.

    My sore tongue and horrid taste has been a lot better too, (maybe just coincidence :? ) although I have started taking a vitamin B complex tablet daily. Not had results of my blood tests back yet.

    I am remaining optimistic that I can come off these tabs, I just hope this horrid lightheadedness passes. I will keep on the half a tablet for another couple of weeks and then try and reduce further. smile

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    Hi Marge, I have cut down to just one 15mg tab for the last three nights and things have been better, I still have dreams but not so wierd or vivid, also I have been more aware not feeling quite so groggy, it may be that I have been to one of our offices for the last two days, I am always better in company, I usually work at home and spend the day on my own from 8:00 when the wife goes to work untill about 6:00 PM when she comes home, I am at home today so it will be a real test of how I am coping, how are you getting on?
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    well done for managing to cut down! I have been ok on the half a 15mg tablet at night, its been nearly 2 weeks now, I am thinking of cutting down to a quarter tablet, (if I can manage to chop them up that small) :lol: I have been having dreams but not vivid or nightmares, probably just normal dreams.

    I have been feeling a bit dizzy on occasions and have had a headache but that could just be a either bit of withdrawal or maybe \"time of the month\", not sure.

    My sore tongue and bad taste have been a lot better, in fact I have not even thought about it! My blood tests were all fine too. I felt a bit anxious for no reason the other day, hope it was not the Mirtz withdrawal, but on the whole I am ok.

    At the moment, I am just a housewife, I did have a stressful job in NHS previously and I am looking for work now, but with no luck, I think I would be a LOT better if I could get out of the house and into a routine and meet other people, it would do me the world of good, I am sure, but jobs are hard to come by right now, even though I am highly qualified and highly experienced! I have applied for everything and anything!

    Anyway, I will keep on applying for jobs and just hope something turns up soon.

    I will try and cut the Mirt down to a quarter tablet starting on Sunday and see how I get on :lol:

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    Hi Marge I have been on one 15mg for eight days now and a definate improvement, I still feel iffy some mornings but I have taken a Diazepam a couple of mornings and that seems to help, re the getting out and meeting people, as i said previously I usually work at home and spend the day on my own from 8:00 when the wife goes to work untill about 6:00 PM when she comes home, I am definately better with people, try to get out even perhaps to the local library or some thing, enqire if there are cofee mornings anywhere near you, this will help to lift your mood.
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    ty, yes, good idea.

    I have taken a quarter tablet for the past 2 nights, but today, I feel a bit headachey and really anxious and worrying over little things, really blowing them up out of all proportion sad

    I am a natural worrier, and I think I would worry whether I am on the tablets or not :lol: I always expect the worst to happen and losing my home was THE worst experience of my life and I keep worrying it may happen again, I hope I will get better in time.

    I will carry on taking a quarter tab of Mirt (its very difficult to chop them up equally though) and see how things progress. I think my appetite is starting to reduce, yippeeeee, (only lost 1lb so far though) :wink:

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    Just gotta say, I am losing weight! yippeeee I have lost 4lbs so far since I started my reducing dose of Mirt! Such a confidence boost, I feel a lot better today, currently on a quarter tablet of 15 mg per night, I will stick with this for a couple of weeks and then hopefully, STOP.

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    I have been taking Mirtazapine for nearly two years. I tried to come off them a year ago, but as I was in the same stressful job that was part of the original problem, was back on them in six weeks. sad

    Last summer I took the step of resigning from the employer I had worked for for 20 years. I now have a great part time job I really enjoy.

    I cut down from 30mg to 15mg for two months. smile No real side effects with the reduction so I cut down to 15mg every other day, and last week I stopped altogether. Mood wise I've been fine, but for the last few days have had really achey legs. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Well done Marge and Colin keep it up. I'm sure once we're finally free of the tablets we'll feel loads better. At the moment every little off moment is easy to blame on cutting down the tablets, but I'm sure we'd experience most of them anyway.

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    Hi Marge how are you doing? I cut down to half a 15mg tablet last night slept well and felt ok today, had a Diazepam to help relax me this morning, it helps to releive the tension and thus the muscle ache, yes Clair I get Achy legs, arms and back there are different comments on this forum about Mirt causing Joint Ache, although at 60 I suspect it is partly everything seizing up a bit as I still want to do things I did 30 years ago and at the same pace.
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    Hi, I am still taking a quarter tablet per night, feel ok on that, bad dreams are a lot better but still keep waking up quite early.

    Don't feel anxious or anything. I do have stiff, aching joints, but thought I was just getting old (39) :lol: I have started taking cod liver oil too so that might help.

    I read that once a person gets on the smallest \"cut\" of Mirt, that they should stay on that for about 4 weeks so I am not going to \"quit\" just yet, but am hoping to be off by the end of April, thats my aim.


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    Hi Marg, I am still on half a tab but last night had a realy unsettled night, hoping it was a one off because generally I feel better, I think that is partly due to the change in the weather, but not knocking it and making the best of it while it lasts.
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    I am still taking a quarter tab at night, only until my supply runs out as the dr as taken them off my prescription now so won't be able to get anymore. :shock:

    Had a bad dream last night but normally they are a lot better than before. My only prob seems to be that I am so stiff and tired, I really cannot get moving in the mornings, my back and knees are stiff and aching, not sure if this could be the Mirt or not? Its strange smile

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    Hi Marge, I am new to these pages but everyone's experiences are similar in certain fields. I have had back and shoulder problems in the past but my achy back is not easing at all.People say it could be due to weight gain but I feel it is a directt effect of the Mirtazapine.Consultant said he does not recognise the symptom.Wonder what the solution is??Let me know if your aches and pains ease. :? Someone suggested cod liver oil tabs.

    Rayne. x

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    really interested to hear what you guys have written my dr has jus perscribed me wi mirtazapine to help with my clinical depression this is just another tab on a long list that i will of tried so im just curious to see if mirt actuall did antthing to ease ur depression. i have been told that i prob will have to stay on anti ds maybe for the rest of my life so am very eager to find the right one.

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