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Hi, everyone, this is a very interesting forum. :D

My story is that I have been on Mirtazapine for over 3 years now at 15mg at night. :shock: I desperately want to come off, I have tried in the past to take one every other day, but after about 2 weeks, I get really giddy and spaced out sad

I was prescribed them for stress/anxiety/weight loss, I had a really bad time a few years ago, I lost my house, job, car, had to go bankrupt, fell out with family (but thats a whole different forum :shock: )

At the time I was feeling really dizzy and had a headache every day and could not function and the dr diagnosed stress/anxiety/depression. I was also, (I found out later, very anaemic for B12 and now I am on injections for the rest of my life) I now wonder if this caused some of my symptoms :?

I have gone from 8 stone to 11 and half stone on these damn tablets, I just eat and eat and eat and its really getting me down :x .

Anyway now, I have since last October, a sore, burning feeling on my tongue and a horrid taste in my mouth, could this be connected to the Mirtazapine?? I am going to the drs next week but I have decided again to try and come off them. I am going to take one full tablet one night and a half tablet the following night and so on for 2 weeks, then I will just take half a tablet per night for the next 2 weeks and then half a tablet every alternate night for 2 weeks and then stop. Does anyone know if this would minimise any side-effects? I don't mind side-effects if i knew they would not last forever, I would persevere with them for a while if I could only come off the tabs and feel better.

I am so tired all the time, I have terrible dreams, I still wake up in the early hours. I have not had sex with hubby for 3 years :oops:Wish I had not started taking them in the first place

sorry for the essay......... sad

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    I have been on mirtazapine for 6 weeks now (1st week 15mg and then 30mg). My mood has lifted a little but I have a dry mouth and my tongue feels awful! I feel heavy headed / dopey sensation, oh and eating loads!!

    I have just been talking to the nurse as I have been really bloated / windy with a weird sensation of bad hunger when I have just eaten. Anyone else experienced this?

    I can't decide whether its the medication or just me!

    How long do you generally stay on them for? I'm only 6 weeks in and thinking I don't like these weird side effects!

    Do the tablets actually dull your way of thinking doea anyone know?

    What a great site, its so nice to know your not alone! smile

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    Does anyone know how to cure the aches and pains that come with the use of Mirt? Back not stopped aching. Consultant doesn't recognise it as side effect but I am certain it is. Does cod liver oil help.Any remedies out there?Marge I think you had similar feelings and also ColinB.

    45g has lessened the bad dreams, they are still there but not so worrying. Rayne sad :?

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    I am taking cod liver oil and Vit B complex, and since I have reduced my dose of Mirt, my sore tongue and bad taste have gone :DThe joint aching is not too bad lately, I think the cod liver oil is helping, although it tastes disgusting!

    I am thinking of maybe stopping my quarter tablet of Mirt now, I still feel hungy, yesterday, I ate loads and did not feel full at all :oops: I am wondering if a small dose of Mirt is WORSE than the 15 mgs I was taking, if that makes sense, I know the vivid dreams and sedation are worse on 15mg than 30mg. In addition to feeling hungry all the time, I also have strange stomach cramps and wind, (I also have IBS) I have had IBS for 20 years but these strange sensations in my stomach have only been present since I started on Mirt 3 years ago, I think stress makes them worse.

    I am not sure how long I have been taking the quarter tablet of Mirt, I think it is over 2 weeks now, I may just stop altogether and see how I get on :lol:

    As for helping with depression, I am not sure, when I started taking the Mirt, I did not feel depressed as such, more very anxious and under a great deal of stress, I still am a great worrier and get stressed very easily, I think I will always be like this, whether I am on tabs or not :roll:

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    Well, I took my last dose of Mirt on Friday, so this is the 5th day now I have been completely off :shock:

    I was drinking at the weekend so sleepwise I did not feel any different, since then, I have not been sleeping too well, I keep waking but no nightmares. I am a bit headachy and keep feeling nauseous, mostly in the mornings, but that passes. (at least it has stopped me eating so much) I feel a bit dizzy on occasion too. I thought I had done a good job of tapering off but obviously you should still expect some withdrawal symptoms (how can the docs say this drug is not addictive if people have this symptoms, surely it is?, that is my definition of physical dependency anyway :roll: )

    I am going to persevere and really hope these little niggles disappear in time and I cannot believe I am not taking them anymore, having taken the drug for 3 years! I feel better mentally though, no drugged feeling and can function in the mornings smile

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    Well, I feel terrible today, I feel fine mentally, it is physically I feel awful. I woke at 5am with a terrible headache and still feel sick. I am sweating in the mornings but then shivery and cold for the rest of the day sad

    Has anyone been through withdrawal like this? Please tell me it gets better, it is the 6th day today. I thought because I had reduced the Mirt slowly, I would not have to put up with these symptoms. I have been reading that Mirt is supposed to be out of the body in about 40 hours, so why do I still feel bad? or does it take longer? Does anyone know?

    I could bear the symptoms a little better if I knew they would go away in time :?

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      i know it's been a long time since you did go through tapering but i need to ask - how do you feel today? How the story has continued for you? Please, reply. I've been on 7.5mg (half a 15mg tablet) for almost 6 weeks and would like to go completely off. Thank you!

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      I was just wondering how you got on with coming off Mirtazapine completely? I just cut down to 7.5 last night



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      Hi jason.

      Still I am at 7.5mg. So far I did not have guts to go lower ...

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    Hello Marge, Like you I have just stopped taking Mirt. I've only been on

    them for 3 month , 15mg a day. I cut this down to half a tablet a day

    for about 3weeks and felt ok and then stopped altogether.

    Today (Thurs 9th April) is my 7th day without them and I'm not feelin

    good, although I dont feel as bad as I did yesterday. I've not been sleeping well since stopping either and my stomach is in discomfort. I feel ok mentally but physically I feel terrible. I've just got a book from the library called The Antidepressant Solution by Joseph Glenmullen MD in which he gives a step by step guide to coming off them. Apparently, people go back on them thinking their condition has returned when in fact they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. I expect it'll be weeks if not months to be completely free of them and there will be good days and bad days. Hopefully the good days will outnumber the bad days eventually. I am going to stick it out no matter how bad it gets and I hope you do.It'll be worth it in the end

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    I am glad its not just me (not in a bad way, don't others to suffer) but glad to see it is normal to feel so bad! I thought I had done ok, I was taking 15mg every night for 3 years, I started taking half a tablet for about 2 and half weeks and then was on a quarter of a tablet for nearly 3 weeks and then took my last one on Friday night.

    My stomach is really wierd too, I have IBS but right now I feel sick, have pains in stomach, mostly on the left side and keep going to loo, but then it calms down a bit, its very odd.

    I would hate to have to go back on the tabs as I started to have bad side-effects from them, bad dreams, weight gain, hand tremor, sore tongue, bad taste

    I will just have to hope, as you say, that things do start to improve over the next few weeks smile

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    Feeling bit better today, still got headache but don't feel sick and not really as dizzy as I have been! :D

    Hope this carries on 8)

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    Went to bed at 11 Woke at 5am . Felt agitated . Got up at 9. Been feeling really low and depressed. Going out for a walk this afternoon to see if I can shake it off. Day 8 without. Weather not helping
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    Oh dear, Hope you are feeling bit better today. :cheerup:

    I am not too bad this morning, although I did eat a yoghurt for breakfast and then felt terribly sick for about an hour, but this has passed. Think I will avoid breakfast for a while :lol: Headache is a bit better, it is day 9 today.

    I actually slept very well last night (for me) I was asleep just before 11, woke and looked at the clock at 1.30am and then slept right through until 7am :shock: Wow, smile I have been using earplugs, (as my son is on his Xbox in the other room and I can hear him talking to the early hours) and the other day, I bought an eyemask and it is really helping, as I seem to wake up at the slightest thing, even if one of my cats opens the door during the night to come in the bedroom, it wakes me up! I feel like my grandma now with the earplugs and eyemask but they definitely help :P

    On the plus side, I have lost 5lbs :ok:

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    Glad you're coping well with discontinuation. Didn't feel any better Saturday (day 9) than Friday. Felt tense, agitated, no appetite , low mood'

    Felt a lot better Sunday (day 10) though. Appetite has come back which is good for me. Need to put weight on. Felt a lot calmer. Went out for the day had pub lunch and a walk in the sunshine for a couple of hours. Able to relax in the evening watching telly. Better mood.Monday (day 11) not felt as good as yesterday but better than Fri & Sat. I think my body throws a bit of a tantrum at times because I wont let it have what it wants (Mirt). It's a battle but I think I'm winning.Keeping busy helps

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    When you say you felt worse, do you mean mentally or actual physical symptoms (headache, nausea, dizzy, etc)? I feel ok mentally, not stressed, but I am worried that I may have to go back on the Mirt and I don't want to.

    I had a bit of a wobble yesterday, thinking of going back on a quarter tablet, as I have felt so bad :? but I haven't, I have come so far and cannot really taper off anymore so I am going to stick it out a bit longer.

    I slept well last night, still got a bit of a headache and feel lightheaded but I have forced myself to get up and about and I am going into town later. I think I am better than yesterday. Not eaten anything yet, as I don't want to risk feeling sick. I have lost a bit more weight too as I have hardly eaten anything over the weekend, not even had any Easter egg :shock: I have lost nearly half a stone since last week, which is a great incentive for me to stick it out. :D

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