Help with reducing oxycodone dosage

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My husband was told at a pain management appointment that the level of oxycodone that he was taking was high and that he was a long term health risk.  How can he cut down when he has severe back pain?

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    I take hydrocodone and I had a followup today with my pain doctor and was told I need to start scaling back my dosage. This is all because the Govt is cracking down on opiod. Sadly us who depend upon it to function normally are going to be abused by the system. I wonder if they consider the health risk of coming off of opiods?
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      I'm in the difficult situation where I was taking enough Oxycontin to kill 4 men plus 2 horses !!

      In all seriousness though, I know exactly what you mean, because now I'm Oxy free, I'm in pain with my back 24/7 which also isn't a good place to be.

      All I'm on currently is 50mils of methadone, this is to get off of the Oxycontin.

      I started on 115mils of methadone & dropped it myself to the current dose of 50mils per day, & plan to be methadone free by Christmas this year!

      My dilemma now is, I'm in agony with my back pain almost 24/7 because I decided I wanted off of the Oxycontin due to how it made me feel & all the side effects I got from it.

      Now, my GP after weeks of begging for some pain relief & after trying everything from Gabapentin to Neproxin to every other non opioid drug you can think of, has given me 30mgs of Zoamorph in a morning & 30mgs at night, this doesn't even touch the pain I'm in.

      It's a start as due to my history of Oxycontin, know one wants to give me anything at all.

      I'm not a junkie.

      I've never touched any illegal drugs in my life.

      I was prescribed Oxycontin by my GP for my back pain & I ended up addicted to it.

      Purdue Pharma the manufacturers of this drug have been found over $634 Million, yes, 634 Million dollars for lying saying it was non addictive!!! Yet it is known as Legal Heroin!!

      It ain't called Hillbilly Heroin for nothing!!!

      It has wiped out a whole generation in the state of Kentucky & has ruined many more lives of the ones that were unfortunate enough, to have survived this drug from hell!!!

      All this money Purdue Pharma, the manufacturers of this drug Have paid up in lawsuits, I've yet to hear of any one person that have received a single cent or penny for having their lives destroyed by this drug that Purdue Pharma blatantly lied about.

      Where is the justice??

      Money talks in this very sad, evil, Twisted, Sick world that we live in!!

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      My God this website frustrates Me!!!

      Please explain exactly what I have said now that needs moderating that is so very very wrong, apart from stating the 100% absolute truth!!!????????

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    Hi Guys. Just reading up as trying to kick it myself

    Broke my back 15 months ago and now trying to get back to life. Gone from 90 a day to 30 but really hit a brick wall there

    Natasha, completely get what Ur fella is going through. I go up and down like a yoyo. Usally find that eating or coffee really helps with the down times. Reactivate the drug if u will but the biggest factor to me having a happy day is sleep. If he's not working try timing the drugs so he doesn't go into withdrawal whilst sleeping. But says a 12 hours drug though lasts 10-11 imo. Also having something to do with Ur day helps. Something to keep the mind occupied.

    Ritchie, really feel for u man. Hope it gets better. I was a junkie 15 years ago and beat that easily and quickly through pure willpower thankfully, but these and the ready availability is insane.

    I wondered if any of u guy's have tried CBD? Many countries making it legal now and is proven to react with the same receptors as opium, just Ann non physical addiction

    Just no long term tests done yet. Seems easy in UK (where I originated) but now live in Norway where it seems to get stopped by customs. So just trying to see if anyone has had success with it at all as I am actually planning on flying over to get some.

    The science seems to good to be true, just seeing if any had tried?

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      Hi mate.

      I know exactly what you mean regarding hitting a brick wall as I hit that wall after reducing to 320mgs per day.

      What I really struggle with is how a qualified Dr can put you on 800mgs of legal Heroin, when less than half that amount is known to have killed thousands of people in the states.

      If I was at work and took my script to anoth pharmacy to pick up, 9/10 they refused to give me that amount!!

      Now Purdue have been found $635million in lawsuits they have made it so it cannot be crushed & abused. That was over 18months ago, yet the original is still available in the UK. I find this incredible!!

      Good luck getting off that last 30mg!

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    If he wants to quit cold turkey. Call this number. They helped me through a private natural remedy solutions and its a hundred percent effective. Call 6475370543. Its a small price to pay to get your life back.
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    Natasha, your husband needs to get away from all drugs that make him addicted. Is there no way, perhaps an operation to get rid of his "severe back pain?

    If an operation can fix your husband, then go for it. There's always a high possibility tha tpatuitens who fell in love with the "relaxed feeling of opiods are having severe pain, even when it's not always true. many people are just trying to find ways how to continue with their loved drug.

    Find the right doctor who's tapering him down with methadone, there are so many othe rpain killers available that you don't need these ones.

    Best of luck@!

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