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[color=blue:9cd037cd3c]Good evening!

I've been reading through the forum and wanted to say hello and thankyou for all the tips i've been reading about!

I'm 29, 5'6\" and just over 13.3 stone! (85kg). I have been on Orlistat for three days so far and wasn't told about the side effects or what to do to stop them from happening, so it was a bit of a shock to have been 'Tangoed' and not realise why! I now know... lol.

I will admit right from the start that i'm not very good at exercising, although i usually do Yoga and a circuit training class once a week, but i sprained my ankle a few weeks ago, so have been unable to go back just yet (my doctor told to take 6 weeks of altogther).

Anyway, i just really wanted to introduce myself! And say that you all seem nice and friendly!

Thanks again,


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    Hi Charlene

    I am only on day 2 and not had any side effects yet. To be honest my dr's didn't tell me much about the 'do's and don'ts' either, found most of it out on this forum and web. There are some really good tips and advice on here and it is well worth scrolling back through the months too.

    Good luck on your weight loss journey smile

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    yes im new too...and welcome.....this is a sort of last chance saloon for me...been there...tried every single plan going....

    gonna give this a good wack though.....

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    Hi newbies,

    I'm quite new to this too - been on the little blue pills for 4 weeks now and have lost 9lbs.

    I think my body has gopt used to them now and I'm not getting any side effects like a rumbly tummy at all. I do stick to a low fat diet though, that's the key.

    Only 7 stones more to go!

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    [color=blue:e034f56f4f]Thanks so much for the welcome!

    I'm having a bit of trouble with the fat counting, my husband does the shopping, but the thing i'm having trouble with is if i have things like a roast dinner or mash or pasta bolognese or anything else that's made from scratch, how do i count the fat content?

    I'm trying to keep below 30g's a day, but i'm still leaking... also suffering from wind and stomach aches.

    I've now been on the tablets for 7 days and i'm still not sure what i'm doing wrong. Or is it just getting rid of what i had previously before starting the tablets?

    Any advise is appreciated!



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    You won't be getting effects from before you started now. If you are still getting the orange then you are eating to much fat. You really do need to be looking for low fat options. Maybe do a shop on line so you can pick out and view the fat content of things.

    If that is not possible ask you husband to look out for the low fat stuff. All food stuff have the fat content on the nutritional values on packaging. It should say how much per 100g's as most have per item. Remember the rule that anything that has over 5g's of full fat per 100g's is a no no.

    You do need to get your husband on side and help you on this journey or you will struggle and if you do not hit your target your GP may not prescribe the tablets to you again

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    [color=blue:75eeaca228]Thanks for replying Suza!

    Due to having two children under 10, we prefer to make things from scratch instead of ready meals, and also being on low income we have to work on a budget, so that consists of things like mince, were we can make differenttypes of meals...

    Today i have had:


    1 slice of toast (with just enough marg to cover the bread)


    half a tin of soup (3g per 100g / 5.9g per half tin)

    Activia snack yogurt (0.1g per 100g / 0.2g per 165g pot)

    and i have been having leakage since i woke up this morning!

    Yesterday I had:


    1 slice of toast (same as today)


    Same as breakfast


    Roast! 3 small potatoes (dabbed), 3 slices of roast gammon and veg!

    and 3 strawberry bonsbons wink[/color:75eeaca228]

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    Hiya sorry to drop on this I am going through and reading all of them I am starting the pills on friday but going low fat from today as I cant afford side effects at work.

    I am like you 2 kids under ten and hubby does all the cooking and shoping so its hard to keep tabs on things.

    I have decided to drop the red meet to keep the fat low the doc sugested I stick to just chicken and fish for the 1st few weeks as red meet is full of fat and when you buy fresh to cook from scrach there are no listings. I was a veggie for years so just digging out the cook books again.

    Sorry I cant really help just passing on my plan

    Good luck hope the side effects ease of soon


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    [color=blue:19ac6e002f]Hi Marie,

    Don't worry about 'dropping by'! I completely understand, and we buy fresh from tescos not a butcher, so things are labeled! Unfortunately I can't afford to buy seperate meat just for me, and i think the kids would get fed up of so much chicken for so long, as there's not much else to do with it that they like... sad

    To finish off my food chart for today i've had for dinner:

    2 sausages (pack said for two it was 13.4g) and

    Vegetable biryani (recipe book said it was 1g)

    green beans (pack said trace!!)

    and a Kelloggs Nutrigrain bar (3g per bar)


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    may i suggest if you have sausages that you cook them on a George Foreman grill?

    i have the richmond thin pork ones, its around 8g for 2 and i grill them on the GF and its amazing to watch the fat running out so its safe to assume i've consumed less than the 8g stated!

    couldn't be without my GF grill!

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    from your list your evening meal today had to much fat, you are not supposed to go over 15g's at anyone sitting so I assume you will get the orange tomorrow as well as.

    From your list you have had 18.4 g's if I am reading it correctly.

    Also the sausages I am assuming are coming in well above the 5g's per 100g's of full fat that is also recommended.

    Does that make sense ?

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    Sainsbury's do extra lean beef mince, stewing steak etc.
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    i totted it up to be 17.4g but regardless its more than 15g which you shouldnt be exceeding unless you want to become overly friendly with your loo...
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    [color=blue:03b3ae0bdd]Ooooh, yeah, i understand! But i did have the snack bar 30 minutes after my main meal, i just forgot to add the extra time inbetween!

    Also, i made sure the sausages were peirced and grilled and i also dabbed any extra fat off too! so a lot of the fat from the sausages had dripped into the grill.

    So, should i forgo any puddings from now on? Only i knew up until dinner that i had been way low on fat count, so i thought i had to bump the rest up...

    Thankyou for all of your replies, i'm so afraid of doing this wrong and it not working!! My doctor only told me to take the tablets after my meals... and nothing else...[/color:03b3ae0bdd]

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    do not bump up your fat, try and eat a sensible diet and aim to spread the fat across the day but remember no more than 15g's of fat at any one meal. You are getting the orange as it seems you are eating to much fat over the day.

    the tablets should be taken with the meal or up to an hour afterwards and so anything you have will be added to the fat content, so the cereal bar would still be in the quota and remember if you go over the 30g's for the day you will get the orange.

    The fact that you tried to get as much fat out of the sausages I think won't count as believe the fat content listed would be after cooking so would take into account the fat lost during cooking.

    I have to buy \"my food\", \"my husbands food\" as he won't have low fat and then the kids fit in the middle.

    sometimes they have my stuff and sometimes they have their fathers stuff just means sometimes I have to cook in 2 dishes rather than one to keep the low fat option away from the full fat stuff, I have to take my potato out when dishing up before adding the butter and milk when mashing for my husband and kids.

    I have low fat spread for my toast where as my husband has butter, I have skimmed milk whereas the husband and the kids have full fat milk.

    I have my own cupboard of low fat snack options like snack a jacks, go aheads and cereal bars and my husband and kids have their own cupboard. I also have my own section in the fridge and freezer for my low fat desserts.

    it's just a case of finding the low fat alternatives to the \"normal\" day to day food that everyone has gotten used to.

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    I know you have said you are on a low budget but a couple of things I've found for breakfast are Muller Bio yogurt (Sainsbury's have them on offer at the moment) and crumpets. They are much lower in fat than bread and I have them with marmite and no other spread. Laughing cow extra light cheese triangles are great as well as an alternative on toast.

    Not sure about anyone else but I am starting to realise I should be thinking a bit more about the calories and carbs as well as the fat to make sure I get an all round healthy diet.

    Hope your leakage ends soon.

    I am lucky I have no children and my partner is totally supportive. As long as he get's nice food that fills him up he is happy. It must be difficult trying to please everyone.

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