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Hi Ses, Linda, Di & Everyone

Well you did well to have all those girls staying over! No wonder you are feeling it today. I hope the pains in your neck get better soon. It is a shame your daughters dad spoilt it by not sending her a card. Like you said he doesn't deserve to be called a dad after the death threats he did to you.

I do feel for you as you have enough going on with the Fibro and everything else without the added stress! :cry:

Give yourself an early night and rest as best as you can. :lol: My toe has still been feeling strange again today. I am having to be very careful how I walk on it. If I haven't heard anything from hosp in about a week and half time will ring my gp.

Been trying hard to fit in my exercises all nine of them three times a day.

Managed three times yesterday and might achieve it again today as haven't been far over the weekend. Stewart has been working overtime so I have had plenty of me time.

Still waiting for my new little granddaughter to make an appearance only seven days to go now! She has a long last turned the right way so my daughter could have a normal labour this time if all goes well.

Well take care everyone and talk again soon.

Love Tess x x

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    hi tess,linda and ses and everyone else out there

    what a weekend i have had.. emotionally and phyically... my god ses what is ur ex like, but its his loss as u are bringing up a wonderful wee girl that he will miss out on.

    I was sitting last night and gave myself a right talking to.. i was thinking maybe i am feeling sorry for myself even just a bit so today it was nice to see the sun out even though i have only had 2 hours sleep sad sad so today im going to try and do a bit more with my life and rest later, just so i feel as if i have acheived something.

    how the pain in the big toe today? hope ur not suffering to much. i really hope u all are in less pain today cause i suppose less pain is better than a lot of pain.

    take carexx di x

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    Hi Di, Ses, Linda and everyone

    Don't be too hard on yourself Di! :cry: But you are right it does make me feel better if I can do a couple of things off my list a day.

    My toe isn't too painful at the moment! Want to do a bit of gardening but back aches a bit today. Also trying to be careful with toe as I have two parties coming up and want to be able to wear my shoes with my dress.

    They are not very high but if it gets too bad won't be able to wear them lol; :cry:

    Well we have the sun again today even though a little bit cooler but still nice for the time of year. :lol:

    Well keep strong everyone and keep smiling :lol:

    Love Tess

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    Hi Di, Tess, Linda and everyone else xxxxx

    Well I was up with my son this morning and my neck seems a bit better smile so I am relieved as I felt like crying yesterday :cry: as it was sickly.... not at all nice, anyway same ole same ole hip is in pain again but I have learned to get used to it as it is bit more bearble than the pain I had yesterday :? but hey we just have to go with the flow as that is all we can do eh!!!!

    Your bundle of joy will be here before you know it :D and well done with the exercising Tess xx so glad to see the nice weather as it is a kind of relief I think with us fibroites. As with the issue of my ex husband..... he caused trouble once before and got my hubby carted off to the police station as he had threatened to beat me up whilst I was pregnant and so a restraining order was set up, luckily after though the Police realized that my ex-husband was the one that caused the hassle and my husband Mike was only trying to protect me and the family!!!! Now the girls are older and understand more they will not except more trouble and so they told my solicitor they did not choose at this moment to have any time with their dad...... so he is basically using reverse physiology as he said if Olivia wanted to see him she would get her card......... really nice man, not thinking that making the effort might have more impact on his daughter but anyway that is that and good riddance for now!!!!

    So glad your Toe isn't as painful as it was xxxx be careful though exercising as it is making me cringe thinking about it xxxx

    Di it is your right to feel sorry for yourself as at the beginning I felt like that but as the months have gone by I have learned to except things and I am more stable in myself if you know what I mean as I know why I am in pain!!! and coming on here lets off steam for us all xxxx Do pace yourself though hun when you are having a good day as if you don't you will feel it big time the next few days later!!! As I think that is why I was so bad yesterday organizing my daughters birthday party :oops:

    Gentle hugs to you all xxxxxx and keep smiling xxxxx

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    Hello. Di, Tess, ses and everyone

    Ikeep a list too Tess and it really does make you feel good if you can actually achieve some of things on it every day. I try to pace myself as well Ses, that was one of the first things my GP suggested I did. I should have listened to that advice yesterday, I got several things done from my list as knees are feeling much better in the nice weather, and then my daughter asked me to go shopping with her! Its been ages since I did that and feel really awful that I keep saying no I`m not up to it. Boy am I paying for it today!! Not so much actual pain but stiff all over and so exhausted!

    It seems so unfair that we have to pay the price for enjoying ourselves, I always think what I have I done to deserve this, I must have been really bad! Lol

    Well take care everyone, its raining here now so I expect more pain and stiffness.

    Love Linda

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    Hi Ses, Linda, Di & Everyone

    You did the right thing in leaving your ex husband when you did by the sounds of it Ses. No one deserves to go through what you did. :cry:

    Like you say with your hip pain we just have to go with the flow.

    The weather has changed here now and we have had rain. Felt rain was on the way as my joints and muscles were hurting. :cry: Although wasn't sure whether exercises or not causing pain lol :cry:

    You are right Linda why do we have to pay for going out and having a good time a few days later :cry: I don't think we have all been bad. I believe we were chosen as whoever decided to let us have fibro due we would be the ones who would be strong and cope with the pain :cry: I am the same when I feel well do go a bit mad and do to much and like you Linda pay for it a few days later. :cry:

    Well think we have now lost our little bit of indian summer was good while it lasted! :lol:

    Keep going everyone we can do it :lol:

    Lots of love

    Tess x x

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    HI Tess, Linda, Di and everyone xx

    Yeah it is not fair that if we can feel ok one day and then say go shopping that day we feel it sometime later..... i used to think, Why am I being punished for this awful pain......... now I think just got to except it as that is all we can do.... more of a relief though when the doctors support you though as that is one way we can cope, as being believed is half the battle!!!!!

    I have had a better day today thank goodness but I am not counting my chickens .......... just the magpies!!!! :oops:

    I do hope you all have a very good night sleep as it is time for my bed also...... I can't think what I was going to say now so I guess I better go

    :oops: night night and sweet dreams to you all dear friends xxxx

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    hi tess, linda , ses and everyone out there

    well slept better last night but still feel as if i didnt lol... i dont know if im going to have a migraine today just dont feel right... but hey im blonde lol..

    anyway how are u all doing? i have been trying to have a more positive attidute to see if that helps my mood.. so......

    lets start.... the sun is shinning... yeah that helps

    but that means... put the washing out, bringing it in...and well i know ur suppose to iron it..put honestly u should see my ironing lol..

    so im going to sit with my cup of t and try and think how i am going to be positive today and try and achieve something...

    luv ya all..di xx

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    Hi Di, Ses, Linda and Everyone

    That is the strange thing you sleep alright not getting up during the night. But still feel like you haven't slept! Don't knick yourself for being blonde!

    I'm not blonde but I am a bit thick at times but put mine down not only to fibro but menopausal moments.

    I keep thinking I am going to make a miracoulsy recovery when I have gone throught his dreaded menopause lol :cry:

    Hopefully not long to go!

    Hi Ses no wonder you forgot what you were going to say with being up so late. Do you stay up late as you cant sleep or so that you will sleep longer in the morning when you are allowed with your little one lol :lol:

    Well we have had some more rain here this morning and a cold start to the day. Still waiting for my daughter's baby to arrive! :lol: Its my twins birthday today and they are 20. Chris is away in Preston at Uni and Steph is on holiday from work this week. She is spending her birthday at Woburn Abbey Safari Park with her partner. He is then cooking her a romantic meal in their new home tonight. Seems so strange for them not to be together on their birthday. This is the only second time since they were born lol :cry:

    Well take care everyone! Hope you keep the sunshine! :lol:

    Love Tess x x

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    Hi Di Tess ses and everyone

    Sorry have not been on here for a while but have had a hectic week. My oldest son was 13 on Sunday (cant believe I am the son of a teenager) and my youngest one is 10 today so have had a busy few days.

    It has been difficult lately as well as I have been suffering with my back a lot lately and the pain in my knees and hand have almost meant that doing anything is so difficult and frustrating. Still have not heard from a back specialist yet or an appoint ment to see a rhumatologist, it is so annoying as I am no closer to any of the answers that I need, but I have been taking your advise that you have given some other members and have been keeping a pain diary.

    I tried to discuss the diary with my husband the other night but as he thinks that all my pain is caused by the botched operation to my foot his answer was that I push my problems in front of his face everyday and that I should get over it and move on, but I am not trying to be selfish or anything. I have been left with a badly scarred foot that no longer works and it is in front of my face everyday and I have to live with it for the rest of my life, and the disability that it has left me with, but he thinks that all I think about. It has happened to me I do get on with things but when you get up everymorning and it is staring you in the face I do get a bit depressed as it is not from my own fault but he thinks that I am just playing on it and stringing out my emotions.

    I do have my good days and obviously my bad ones but when it is a physical scar that you can see everyday it is even harder to get over the mental ones.

    Sorry if I seem like I am having a moan but no one wants to listen to what I have to say anymore, or how I feel about the whole thing. My life as I knew it ended 3 years ago and at 35 now and not being able to do half the things I used to do its hard to accept.

    any way hope the good weather is keeping you all smiling


    PS Sorry about the moan!!!!!

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    Hi Helen,Ses,Di, Linda & Everyone

    Don't apologise about the moan! You are entitled to have a good old moan on here where else can you get it of your chest! :cry: -

    You have been busy with birthdays! I have been through the teenage years with five children. My youngest twins Steph and Chris also have their 20th birthday today! :lol:

    You know that your fibro might have come about from the trauma you have been through with your foot! Still do your pain diary as it does help :lol: I have seen the rheumatologist and go back on 30th October for a second appointment but I still write my pain diary and put down what i have done during the day. I find it just helps to get your emotions on how your feeling down on record. No offence to your husband but it is not that easy getting over something that has happened to you through no fault of your own! Yes you do need to move on but you need to do it in your own time. :lol:

    I have some physical scars from my cancer op on my neck as I had the whole of my thyroid removed. I have one that looks like I am wearing a necklace but luckily I had a brilliant surgeon so it is really neat and just looks like a crease in my neck. Also have a little on on side of neck where a lump was removed.

    The difference for you is you have to walk on your foot everyday so it will affect your life more! Don't be too hard on yourself. We all have good and bad days, but lets hope there are more good days to come for you :lol:

    Hope everyone else is coping ok. We now have sun here this afternoon what a mix of weather lol :cry:

    Have to go now and fit some more exercises in before my tea. :cry:

    Love Tess x x

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    Hi Helen,Tess, Linda, Di and everyone else xxxx

    Well Tess I do go to bed late as it takes me a while to kind of wind down due to the pain :oops: and sometimes when the tv is blaring I cannot think as my eldest daughter goes to bed around 10.30, so in order for me to think somehow sometimes I wait till there is peace..... my hubby and son have fell a sleep now as my hubby has \"man flu\" and my little one is out of sorts too, the girls are with friends so it is \"peace\" :lol:

    I know what you mean Helen I got re-married in 2005 to my loving husband Mike, and I thought I had it made, got rid of my abusive ex...... got a good career in the banking industry and then I got my lovely little boy (I always wanted a boy) anyway my good time came to an end 6 months after I had finished maternity leave and the spiraling slope began.......... so the situation in my life changed but I am lucky I have support........ I blame my ex for the Fibro for all the mental torture he put me through, all the womanizing etc but hey I have just learned to except it as that is all we can do.......... Helen Men do not understand even the best ones....... my hubby has man flu at the moment and I said to him I have the pain 24/7 but does support me I just get the impression I am a burden sometimes :oops: so I made him realize that as he is feeling unwell he has an idea the pain and fatigue we sometimes get with fibro!!!!

    So nice to hear you are having a positive way of thinking Di xxx all we can do is set ourselves goals and be thankful what we can do at one time!!!!! well done to all your achievements and everyone else's xxxxx

    Well done xxxxx gentle hugs to everyone in the forum xxxxx

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    Hi Tess, Ses, Di and everyone

    Didn`t manage to get on here yesterday, went to Peterborough to take my 80 yr old Mum to doctors, she can`t manage it on her own any longer. So one more thing to add to my list!! Lol

    So another tiring day and my husband has a dentist appointment this morning. Some weeks I feel all we do is sort out medical appointments for all of us. Trouble is they have to be top of my daily list, obviously, and by the time we get home I am too tired, stiff, in pain etc to do anything else.

    Someone else said that these problems are only given to those who can cope, Tess, and feeling particularly low at that time, I said well they have picked the wrong one here then!!! LOl

    Well must get off to dentist talk later,

    Love Linda

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    Hi Linda, Ses, Di, Helen & Everyone

    How are you all today!

    Poor you Linda no wonder you are so tired with all the travelling about.

    Which doctors does your mum go to in Peterborough. My dad is 85 and lives in Peterborough and he goes to North Street doctors surgery. Going to see him this afternoon.

    You do so well looking after everyone with not being well yourself :lol: Have a good rest when you get back from the dentist.

    Talk again soon.

    Love Tess x x

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    hi there, Di, Tess, Linda, Helen and everyone xxx

    I was at the dentist today also with the two girls and both myself and Melissa have to have fillings it made me surprised when the Dentist asked \"Is there any medical issues changed\" and then I said the fibro Osteo etc and he said \" I guess you in a lot of pain then\" I was fairly surprised as the Dentist was fairly young and he seemed to know of it???? anyway we are back again to the Orthodontics for Melissa as she has to get her brace fixed so off we go tomorrow.... I am in pain in my left elbow tonight as I was carrying a light shopping bag as the girls carried the worse but I know not to do that again :oops: but I thought it was a nice sunny day I thought I would see what I could see........I was in no pain all morning you see.......until I started walking to the bus stop :oops: the moment I started walking my hip started :oops: so again I am so restricted to what I can do.......... :roll:

    Anyway I have brainfog now and so do not know what I am going to say but the pain in this arm is driving me nuts, my hand as gone numb so I am one hand typing :x

    Linda you said [color=blue:a1d4d6fa88]these problems are only given to those who can cope[/color:a1d4d6fa88] well we must be all strong individuals to put up with this illness eh........ Group hug xxxxx

    I bet your 85 year old dad Tess and your 80 year old mum Linda have more energy than me...... I do hope they are both ok.....I love old people as I love to listen to their history it is so interesting....... my Nana whom I lived with sadly got Alzheimer's and so I lost her to that at 68 so the joys of my Nana's story's I lost the only nice thing was in her last months she hadn't spoken and when I went to visit her she shouted \"Sara\" and it made my day she smiled too as she was blind but recognized me so was lovely, I didn't go to see her much due to the awful situation, I just wished I could have looked after her until a ripe old age as my great gran lived to 100.

    I do hope we all have a good night sleep and hugs and kisses to you all xxx sweet dreams xxxx

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    Hi Ses, Linda, Di, Helen and Everyone

    It was good that your dentist knew all about fibro and Oa. When I saw new dentist earlier this year as he had taken over the practice he hadn't heard of it. The dental nurse had and said her friend had it.

    I hope you elbow feels a bit better today. We have a sunny day here at the moment. Got to go for a blood test at 11.50 this morning to check my levels are ok with thyroid! :cry:

    Like you Dads mum reached a 100 years old but she had alzhemers and just died couple weeks short of her 101 birthday. That is a good age to reach but not so good when you have alzeheimers.

    Have felt a bit more tired last few days as keep waking up with pains in lef and back lol :cry:

    Well better go now. Keep Smiling everyone :lol:

    Love Tess x x

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