Hi there, Just needed to touch base with other implanon...

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Hi there,

Just needed to touch base with other implanon users. Had a baby girl in July and opted for Implanon for family planning, as I am quite forgetful when it comes to taking the pill.

I chose to look at a few forums worldwide as of the last few days, just to gain an insight to implanon effects.

I have had it in for a month and within 2 weeks a had a period that lasted a week, very unusual for me. But the most worrying side effect has been the way I have been feeling the last few days. Nervous, anxious, depressed. The thoughts have just been doom and gloom, fear of losing my husband and loved ones, not wanting myself or husband to leave the house, and constantly crying. Has anyone else felt this way or been depressed. Never felt like this before!!! Thankssadsad:yikes:

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    I got the Depo Provera injection on Friday 15th Dec. I have done some research online and was amazed at the number of horror stories! However there were some women who said they had no problems whatsoever and you're more likely to read bad than good when it comes to side-effects. What is one woman's dream contraception is another woman's nightmare.

    On Friday I went to see my GP to ask for Yasmin C.O.C.P. but ended up talking about Depo. I was disappointed that he nor the nurse didn't tell me when to start or give me any info on side-efftects etc. I already knew from research that you should start days 1-5 of your period for immediate cover or use a condom for 14 days at any other time but it'd have been nice to be reminded. Only side effect the doctor mentioned was brittle bones a.k.a. osteoporosis.

    So I went to chemist to get the pre-filled syringe and the nurse injected me into left side of the upper buttocks and that was that. She told me to come back exactly 12 weeks to the day, maybe a day or two earlier but no later than a day or two.

    Less than 48 hours later I had discomfort at the jab site but this was to be expected although I thought I'd have discomfort the first day and it'd be gone by now. Slight pain in left upper arm but only lasted a couple minutes. No bleeding so far. My period wasn't due til the 6th of Jan but with the unpredictibility of Progestogen-only contraception I will expect it when I see it, or not hopefully :lol:

    Will keep this updated.


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    I've had a really bad time. I've only had one injection which I had beginning of August 2006. I was one of the unlucky people who seem to bleed all the time. It is almost unblievable but every week for the three months the injection was in my system I started a new period every week. This meant heavy bleeding at the start of the week, mood swings and just generally feeling yuk and then by the end of the week, the bleeding would slow down until almost stopping and then I would start all over again. I had some tablets from my doctor to stop the bleeding for three weeks but these made my life hell! I was so very moody and feeling very depressed. The only good thing was I didn't bleed for a whole three weeks. I obviously decided not to have the injection again in October 2006 and thought things would improve. It is now February 2007 and I can see no end in sight. I feel very depressed. Things got worse as it has been wearing off. I go through phases of two to three weeks of having bleeding and then two to three days of no bleeding. But within the two to three weeks of bleeding I can have countless new periods. I know this sounds odd but in the morning I can wake up and feel as though I am starting a new period and be bleeding really heavily and then by the end of the day I can have almost stopped or stopped and then next morning I start all over again. My stomach bloats and makes me look about four or five months pregnant. I just feel so depressed in fact I have said to my husband that I wish I was dead as I can see no end in sight. I wasn't warned about all of this!

    To make matters worse one GP prescribed me the Pill which I am not allowed to take as I suffer with mirgaines (three other doctors at the same surgery refused to prescribe it). I am currently off work as I have had a really bad migraine for over a week. I have had blurred vision blinding headache and numbness in my right arm. The doctor told me to stop taking it as I would have a stroke. Can things ever get any better?

    I have an appointment in a couple of weeks with a private gyneacologist to hopefully do something to sort me out.

    Think very carefully before you have this. The leaflets and the information that your doctor gives you is only half the story. I was told about irregular periods not continuous and persistant bleeding.

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    Hi, how are you getting on now?

    The answer to your questions is yes! I go through cycles of wanting to be left alone and then terrible 'clingy' feelings where I panic about things, and can relate to your worry that you think you are going to lose your partner! I have never needed reassurance like this before and the worst thing is that the constant periods and lack of sex drive are making me worry about the impact on our relationship and making paranoia worse! Aggh!

    Getting it removed on Weds!

    Hope things are better for you now- last thing you need when you have a little one I imagine!



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    Hi. I was 14 when i went on the pill and came of it September 06 when i was 20 i didnt have a period until Jan 07 and now i cant stop bleeding, and it is really annoying as we are trying to concieve. I went back on to the pill 4 days ago to see if it could stop the bleeding it did for 2 days and now i am bleeding again. Any advice for me

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    I had the implant inserted about a year ago. At first it was fine I didn't have periods but the symptons I experienced included headaches, fatigue, anxiety, lack of sex drive and severe cramping. I feel completely disconnected from the world, I don't recognize myself sometimes. Everything makes me cry and I am always tired. I sleep 12-13 hours a day, and I eat once a day, somedays I won't eat anything. Oh, and my sex drive hasn't just been effected its been eliminated. I thought I was losing my grip...

    I'm glad I'm not crazy and I'll be scheduling an appointment to get the implant removed. Hopefully I can get back to my old self! :?

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    I have had a very very strange time on the pill...I have been on and off it, but been on medication etc, so wasnt sure my body was that reliable as to when periods should start etc.

    I was supposed to go for my 3rd injection end of November last year, but didnt want to. I read that it takes an average of 5 months to come back on, but end of December, I had what I thought was a period...heavy blood lasting a couple of days, really really bad cramping (my periods were always incredibly painful anyway)...but from what ive been hearing that could have been anything!!

    I waited until the end of Jan, hoping that I would get a period again, but I didnt. Me and my boyfriend has a slip up with a dodgey condom, didnt think anything of it at the time (sounds stupid I know) Now its getting towards the end of Febuary and no period...I am so scared im pregnant, I had to tell my boyfriend, who is now going out of his mind with worry and we are going to do a test tonight...

    If people are still trying desperatly to conceve after months of being off the jab..is it possible for me to be pregnant literally a couple of months after coming off?!?

    I would much rather be bleeding everyday, than not bleeding at all!:headhurts:

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    I havent actually got the implant yet, but i was considering it. But now ive read through all your experiences, im not sure if i want it now. Im in a bit of a pickle!sad

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    I can totally relate to all that you have said, as by describing what happened to you is a mirrir image of me, i had one shot, that was in september, and i bled constantly until i was due the next one at the end of november. Needless to say i didnt go back for a second one again in the hopes that it would settle down and i would be back to my usual 28 day cycle. How wrong was i? I bled constantly throughout december, then had a glorious 3 weeks in january of no bleeding, then a normal period so by now was thinking great its sorting itself out, but no, a week later another period, and since then i have been going about 6 days of having nothing, just a normal discharge and then i get a brown discharge for about 6-8 days with only a small amount of fresh blood. So who knows when this will sort out? I have become really paranoid and depressed and managed to talk myself into the fact that i may have other things wrong other than it being the depo shot like cancer of some sort, which again i found out is a side effect of the depo shot where it can cause depression and anxiety, i just want to be normal again, i hate this i feel so out of control and my body is alien to me. Lets just hope that it gets better for us soon. sorry no help just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.

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    i had the implant fitted last March

    have had a period now for the last 3mths

    but i also have very very itchy nipples

    have even drawn blood dont know

    what to do

    please help

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    march 2 2007. ive had the implant in 2 months had period for 1 week quite light but very bad cramping, due my second period (cant wait) this past week ive noticed my moods starting to change and im snapping at everyone i hope this calms down or im haveing the damn thing out, patients should be warned about changes in moods then let them decide if they want implant or not:?

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    I wouldn't dissuade people from having it, just hear/read different sides and weigh up the evidence for yourself. These postings give an indication of how your body may react...

    I had my implant put in because I am apalling at taking pills and as my marriage had become celibate it seemed like a winner option to entice him back into bed.

    Had it put in August 05 approx 18 months ago. The first six months were grim - a tar like (but relatively light)discharge every day but I kept with it.

    Having lived closer to my mother in the past four months; after some 'angry' episodes at Christmas she has begged me to have it removed. She feels the contraceptive has made me a different person. I am still in a celibate situation which i feel does underpin the anger and its stressful having moved etc etc but I am seeking to have it removed in the next month.

    I want to let my body get back to its own thing again.

    I have had sore breasts and I am clearly in the nominal 10% who still get periods - since Jan 07 I have had a period 5 weeks out of 9 - bit light, heavy now and feel awful.

    I really feel proper monitoring and research should be undertaken as suggested by other people commenting. Wish I had looked at this site earlier.


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    I had my implant removed yesterday after having it for over 12 months. I've never had any bleeding at all and felt well for the first 5-6 months when I started to ache from head to toe, felt tired all the time, and then came the panic attacks and feelings of nervousness / anxiety. I am the most laid back person you will meet. People find it hard to believe that I have affected in this way. I can't pinpoint any other reason for these feelings despite having a stressful job and ususal life events other than the implant, and its only from my own research that I have made the connection. I have visited my gp on many occassions in the past 6 months and never was it suggested that the implant may be the cause. He did actually inform me yesterday that at least 10% of users have it removed prematurely for this very reason!!

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    i have been on the dpo shot since i waas 17 after i had my son he is now 5 1/2 yaers old..............i have NO IDEA if i can get pregant agin after doin the depo ive been on it for 5 YEARS i was on it while i was stile develeopin, i would love to have kids but i dunno if i can..............

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    Hi I am so relieved to find this opinions! I had the implant 3 months ago and though I have had no periods, only dark brown discharge I am so angry sometimes I could spit blood. Also the other day I was so dispressed I felt like taking a knife to my arm to cut it out!!! I think it has given me shocking moodies and am so depressed! Am thinking of having it taken out a.s.a.p!!! :headhurts:

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    i am in slightly the same situation. had my first jab in august (i think) didnt go back in november for another as i were bleeding every day for months. i never had a break. I finally stopped bleeding in feb 14th 2007 but havent seen any sign of a period yet. Its doin my head in :yikes: :yikes: :headhurts: :headhurts: :headhurts: :headhurts:

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