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Hello ladies, I am writing to share my story with you and my amazing home remedy that actually works! After nearly three years of suffering from these horrible, nasty, painful monsters, I finally found a cure.

I had my first abcsess at 25, it was excrutiating pain and went to the size of a tennis ball. I tried all the advice on the internet (sitz baths, hot compresses etc), none of these worked and I eventually had the marsupilaziton surgery (which for some people, is a permanent cure). It was uncomfortable and I was in hospital for around 10 days.

My second one came up around 6 months later, again extremely painful. I was admitted into hospital for surgery again but fortunately, it decided to burst itself in the night whilst in the hospital. I was discharged the next morning and was pain free.

A few months later, another one decides to pay a visit. So as usual, I go to hospital, which by this time, the gynae doctors are familiar with me. The doctor examines me and says it is not as big as the first two and that if I want, I can have it drained there and then. Obviously, this would mean that I would be awake throughout the procedure but also that it will be a quick fix and can go home the same day. I choose to have this and with a bit of numbing cream and squeezing of my moms hand, the abcsess is drained. 

This procedure is painful, but NO WHERE NEAR AS PAINFUL AS HAVING THE ABSCESS! When you are desperate, you will do anything to make it go!

A year and a half passes by (present time) and my 4th one arrives. I went to the hospital within hours of feeling that familiar pain. it was not as large as it had been but I wanted to nip it in the bud asap before it got to that size and that horrendous level. The doctors turned me away twice over two days and said that they cannot do anything as it still isnt big enough to operate on. 

Absolutely distressed, in pain and physically drained, I went home, where me and my mom frantically googled other peoples home remedy ideas, desperate to find a cure. We kept coming across a remedy involving,tumeric powder, coconut oil, baking soda and sea salt.

First, I mixed tumeric powder with the cocunut oil, to make a paste. This bought all the puss to the surface of the abscess, making it almost triple in size and the skin layer very thin, almost ready to pop. i left it on for approxamatley 2 hours. it does get very painful and uncomfortable but u can see that it it is ready to burst. A few painkiller kept the pain tolerable. Once it looks ike it is about to burst, mix the baking soda and salt in some water and dab on with a coton pad. I left the cotton pad there, held in pace with my underwear and sanitary towel. 

Baking soda and salt are supposed to burn the skin. So when the skin is very thin, it shouldnt take much for it to tare which will lead to the abcess draining.

i left the cotton pad in place for twenty minutes and realised the pain of the abscess jad dissappeared. When I checked, it had burst! the pain relief is instant and you feel almost back to normal.

I am now writing this less than 12 hours later and I feel great. There is very little pain (only to touch) and hardly any swelling. The abscess is draining itself. I have been having warm baths to keep the area clean and speed up draining but overall Im feeling happy and relieved.

Please try this as it really does work! Be patient and brave no matter how hard it gets, and believe me, I know it gets hard! If u think about it, this is a logical remedy- the tumeric (an anti-oxidant) makes all the puss come to the surface, making the skin thin and the baking soda and salt (an acidic formula)  burns the thin layer of skin making a hole for the abscesss to drain.

Good luck ladies! You can do it xxx


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    I just found this forum, and is my first reply/post.  After a grueling week, and putting off going to the ER today, I did a last ditch effort of some tea tree oil, with coconut oil and hitch compress.  I had some relief, and then a wave of burning pain.  A couple hours later,  I felt wetness, and my cyst started draining clear liquid, then started feeling pain, and went and sat on the toilet and blood was coming out.  Had to go to the bathroom, and it was like peeing on razor blades.  I am still bleeding, but still feels like a partial hard cyst.  I was doing apple cider vinegar the past few days.  I ordered the vagi-bath, but just got it Inc the mail, and do nothould use now, or if it should be originating.  I don’t know what to do.  The only other time this drained on its own, I was sleeping and woke up, and it’s was so much better.  Although I feel a lot better, I still have tinges I’d burning pain.  Any help would be appreciated; as every other time I have had it lanced, and had issues with that too such as cellulitis.  Thank you! 
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    I am currently in the process of trying this. I am hoping it works! I can't sit, walk, and stand properly. And my cyst seemed to get bigger with the antibiotics the Dr prescribed.

    I will update you with the outcome.

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      Hi Stef,

      This was almost 3 weeks ago for me, I tried this remedy twice then after did Phoebe's remedy, not sure which one or if both helped but my cyst popped 5 hours later.

      I developed mine after having sex and not being lubricated enough. It started as a hard lump but became more uncomfortable and painful in time. I was desperate for some releif as I was trying everything to help me feel better. After the remedies my cyst became soft and developed a head. What helped me a lot was a warm compress directly on the cyst.

      I wish you luck because I know these suckers are a pain!

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      Ugh! You poor thing! The first time around I tried warm compresses and tea tree for 3 days but no luck. I’m hoping the salt will be the difference. Saw something about goldenseal as well. I’m sorry which remedy is phoebes ? 
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      Are you adding the salt to your sitz baths? I heard that also helps with inflammation and to get the blood flow going. It didn't work for me but it doesn't hurt to try!

      Phoebe's remedy is the mixture of tea tree oil, witch hazel, and calamine lotion. You dab a cotton of that mixture and place it directly on the cyst for at least 30 mins. I think this helps with thinning out the skin to help develop a hole for drainage. This was my last step before I started with the direct heat compress and it seemed to help.

      I hate these cysts with a passion, they are the worst!

      Hope you are on your way to the finish line with yours!

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    I’m wondering how many of you developed a BC out of blue and how many developed them after suffering from something else. I ask this because I’ve  always been pretty healthy down there (I’m in my thirties) but a couple of years back my boyfriend (ex!) decided to cheat and passed on an amazing gift to me in the form of chlamydia 😞 it wasn’t until I got a UTI (never had one before) that I discovered the STI. Around this same time I developed  small grape sized bc. I never linked the two until one year later when it turned into an abscess out of the blue. The lump would stay the same size and periodically swell but nothing major. When it developed into an abscess I had to have it drained which was such an awful experience. I’m wondering if the STI bacteria is still inside there because 6 months later it’s back and I’m so upset. I saw a commenter say that once you have these you get them for life. The doctor told me when having it drained that it deginitekybcan be caused by STIs so I’m confused on why they haven’t come up with s better way to treat these. They say that oral antibiotics are rarely effective due to the infection being contained inside the cyst where it can’t fully go. Why not do antibiotic injections? Or something!!!! Also after my drainage procedure they didn’t irrigate it or anything. I’m so frustrated and I feel doomed. I’m contemplating trying this remedy but I hate to think of having to do this for life. Obvious to say but I have to say it : THIS ISN’T  FAIR. 

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    My experience was about a year ago and I tried all the remedies here which was the sitz bath, I also tried turmeric paste, I was so frustrated and felt so terrible, the pain is as excruciating as that of child birth, the cyst eventually ruptured while I was in the hospital waiting for the surgery. I hope everyone going through this finds a quick way out of this.
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    Hello ladies ! I just had my Bartholin Gland Cyst open and drain last night. Ok so let me back up from there. Its September 28 2018 today.

    First time it showed up was maybe about less then a year ago winter 2017. Went to general md.. she did nothing.. had no advice except to say that it will go away on its own. I dislike her intenstly .. midly said... for such a crappy waste of my insurance dollars. From then on, my cyst just stood there.. and i ignored it mostly....it did not bother me .. and i was mostly scared to look.

    About 7 days ago or a bit longer i started feeling pains as if i am was going to get my period. My legs acked.. my whole legs, i was tired.. i was acky.. my stomack pelvis hurt all of it. I had no clue why. Then i realized that this was inflamed. Incidentally what i think that might of triggered it is sex.. which i had recently prior to that, and not in a long time before that. 

    So.. i started researching in english here and another country language because it was obvious that Doctors were no help at all. 


    I have bought everything everybody posted. Essentially since i started doing things it was over in 3 days. i got the sitz bath. used it on tuesday. Wednesday was the day that i used combo of witch hazel and ground turmeric and calamine lotion in the day and in the night time. But i was so exausted and done with it by thrusday. It was all so infalamed that all i wanted to do is to function since i had to go to work in the afternoon.

    So Thrusday i used PRID HOMEOPATHIC DRAWIN SALVE,( for sale in walmart and cost 5 dollars )  all day and into the work and reaaplied it again 2 more times before going to bed. 

    *** what i also did, which i have no seen mentioned.. 

    is to massage the tubes that lead to the barholin gland which have also been sensitive and a bit painfull for me , and they are along the edge of leg, on the front side of your stomack. 

    When I was putting Prid Drawing Salve on my Bartholyn cyst i would also put the remains on the area along ,my leg on the stomack.

    So last night.. i was just tired.. it was all huge and inflamed and irritated,.. and i just wanted to go to bed.

    I did not even use sitz bath at all that day.. thursday.. and only once Wednesday because it all became too much for me.

    So thursday night last night i went to bed after putting more Smile's Prid homeopathic drawing Salve 18 mg ( black cream or pomade).

    i was laying on my side.. left side that cyst was on.. and started massaging the tubes again that lead to the cyst.. along my leg,

    then i started massaging and putting pressure down there, and all over the underware and all, and i noticed that when applying pressure certain ways.. that i felt a pointed pain someplace.. 

    so i kept doing it.. 

    at one moment .. i could not feel that pointed pain any more.. 

    went to check and yes there was blood.. i assume that my gland has opened up.

    I continued to massage both areas.. and was wiping off anything that would be there for wiping.

    then i decided that it might be a good idea for me to get up.. and help drainage that way. Please open this picture, which is the best that i have found to give you a better idea where the opening for the cyst should be

    https://www.summitmedicalgroup.com/media/db/relayhealth-images/barthcys_2.jpg image cyst opening where the gland should be opening

    I have actually seen the opening.. on myself. It looked like a little red dot.. in the middle of the cyst, but it seemed way more inside then the picture showed. 

    Now i am really convinced that was the natural gland opening, because i did not use salt or baking soda.. like some other people did, nothing abrasive at all. 

    It was a little red dot.. kind of middle of the way from up or down.. on the cyst, but you really had to go more inside.. or open it up.. to see it. 

    I kept trying to drain it while standing up and having one leg up.. with paper towels on the floor.. For me,  it was just red.. but mildly red.. so not sure there was infection.. but just built up mostly. 

    After a while, i decided maybe its a good idea to desifinticate it, so i used a bit of water with few drops of tea tree oil and wiped it all up with some gauze. 

    After that i put the Prid drawing Salve pomade all over again, changed to clean underware lined with plenty of female pads so it can absorb front back anything that may come out overnight.

    But nothing did come out any more. 


    I will tell you another reason why i believed in Prid drawing Salve so much.. 

    I am from another country and i remember we used this black pomade crna mast.. for deep pimples.. when you wanted to draw something out. Also on web pages of that country women used it also for Barholin cyst. So when i have seen someone mention PRID drawing Salve cream.. and then compared the ingredients, i have seen its very similar. The Ingredient is ICHTHAMMOL - same ingredient in both creams.. used for homeopathic cures for decades. 

    I understand that women have used salt and bakind soda.. and it worked for them, but i wanted to give this "crna mast" or Smile's Prid drawing salve cream a chance .. and it was not in any way iritating or abrasive to the skin, just the opposite really, it felt lubricating.. but i knew from the past how amazing this cream works.. drawing out.. deep pimples to the surface to pop. ** 

    also lather up as much as you can .. of that Black Cream, crna mast or Prid drawing salve cream. It always goes in thick layers.. thats the way its done, and that is how i did it. 


    So that is my story. 

    As other women have said it, the likely that this will be recurring, but i feel now i have the ways to deal with it and battle it.

    Please try using Prid cream.. next time i will try that only to see if it works alone without ever using anything else, because it was easy to deal with, it did not sting, it was not too messy and it felt lubricating on the skin and not abrasive.

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    created an account simply to ask for some help.

    I'm a 28 year old and a recent MD. We don't really talk much about BC in medical school and I didn't realize how common it actually is until I read this thread. I got my first BC 3 days ago. At first it was small, didn't have any pain. I thought it was a pimple so I squeezed it in an attempt to pop it. That caused a little pain, so I stopped. The cyst grew a little, to the size of a large pea. It's not painful, just a small ache when I walk sometimes. I've tried two rounds of the turmeric. This has caused the BC to swell slightly and get slightly red. I have not yet tried the soda+salt+water mixture because I'm a little afraid of burning my skin. I can't really do sitz baths currently, so just been placing a warm compress wrapped in a separate towel and putting it on my flower for about 20-30 minutes three times a day. I know its only been less than 24 hours since I started this, but I don't know if I have the guts to try the soda/salt/water mix. I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to pain. I don't want to go to the doctor's office to get this lanced (I live in the US and don't have insurance) but I want this to end already. Ahhhhhhhhhh, help.

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      Hi Amy and hi to all of you ladies,

      I also only created this account to ask for help when this happened to me almost 3 years ago and I'm so glad I did! I have learned that there is a remedy out there, it won't be the same one for every woman but we can definitely get rid of them. I suffered of so many BC that I lost count but as much as I suffered, I was also nervous to burn my skin so I looked in this platform for an alternative and found this TEA:


      Basically the idea is to fight the root of the problem from within and IT WORKED!! I was getting these cysts every-single-month, I had lost all hope but from the moment I tried this tea remedy I felt I finally got a more PERMANENT solution. So I want to share this simple remedy that worked for me. I hope the link above doesn't get removed, that girl who originally posted the remedy did such a good job explaining why it works so I would encourage you to go read it (you will also see my comment there with details of my experience with the tea) but just in case the link doesn't work:

      The tea is made with three fresh herbs.  

      -Yarrow (Millefolii herba)

      -Stinging Nettle (Urticae folium)

      -Marigold (Calendulae flos)

      Boil a large pot/kettle of water. Once water is brought to a rolling boil, reduce to simmer.

      Place 2 Tablespoons of Yarrow, 1 Tablespoon of Nettle, and 1 Tablespoon of Marigold into the water.

      Let herbs steep for at least 15-20 minutes.  

      Drain tea, and remove herbs.  

      Drink the entire pot/kettle over the course of a day.  

      Repeat for a few days in a row, and continue as necessary.

      It's that simple! And ever since I tried this, I haven't had a cyst since (it's been almost a year) and I am soooo relieved!!! Don't loose hope you guys. Sending much love to you all, stay strong.

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      just wanted to give a quick update. it drained today! i never ended up using the soda/salt/water mix. just the two rounds of turmeric and the compresses plus some walking and Kegels were enough for mine to drain. Surprisingly mine wasnt painful at all, just the dull ache until it fully disappeared. There is a little sensitivity when I pee but i have a small gauze pad shoved up next to where the cyst used to be to keep it clean. No residual lump or anything! I still plan to keep using a small amount of turmeric/oil paste with some witch hazel to keep it as clean as possible for the next week. FINGERS CROSSED that it doesn't recur

      by the way, the fluid that came out smelled absolutely NASTY. That was the only clue for me that the cyst had burst

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