Hormone results !!!

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please could someone out there help me understand my fsh levels as just got my blood results back

i really dont understand my results

also i have low vit d and folic acid

never had these issues before

so now i take vit d3 (25000)

one tablet every two weeks

floic acid 5 mg a day

also said my white blood cells are 12.1 and should be 11

dont know wats going on

i wake with awful palpitations and on edge all day

is this peri menopausal ?

does anyone understand hormone levels

i keep trying to find out on google wat my levels mean

hoping someone can help with my results

i can put them on here

if anyone can help me understand ?

really need help xxx

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    white blood cells can be up due to infection or inflammation in the body, or simply a bruise or injury, mine have been just over before for no reason so i wouldnt stress about that too much, have you had your b12 , iron and thyroid tested ,these can cause palpitations?

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    Hi - I had my bloods done last week and got exactly the same as you low folic acid and vitamin d and the doctor put me on 3 months of tablets for both then they will take bloods again to see if improved. I have been having quite a few wierd symptoms which I think it is menopause related - low folic acid and vit d must be to do with our hormones I am 45 this year so probably about the right time for it to start 😦

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      wooow interesting

      yes i was so surprised with the results

      yeah i have to take vitd3 25000

      got 3 tablets

      one every two weeks

      and folic acid 5mg daily

      i have bad anxiety and low in mood too

      and awful palps

      but not sure if this is my anxiety playing up or the hormones

      my symtoms last few months are so weird

      developec allergies (hayfever )

      bad stomach issues

      panic and anxiety

      bad sleep

      sore breasts

      weird periods


      and prob more

      can i ask what your symptoms are ?

      feel so fed up

      drs offereing anti deppressants but been down that rd and took me ages to get off them

      i take diazapam to help


      so reasurring to hear others on here with similar issues


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      just to add i had symptoms same age as u but not as bad as i have now

      i asked dr for hormones to test

      but they look normal but i know hormones change daily

      so blood tests will never tell us

      wonder if these lack of vits are to do with the dreaded change

      i was thinking bout hrt

      been watching louise newson on youtube (mrnopause dr she is brilluant ) xxx

      would like to stay in touch as having all this is pretty lonely and scary xxx

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      the doctor said to me wouldnt do hormone check as still having periods so wouldnt show anything but definitely think this is perimenopause. i have sore breasts mainly in one though. eyesight blurry past few months which they say is a cause of menopause. sometimes my scalp tender. periods one month heavy one month light. sometimes teary at the least bit thing. also have bad anxiety and palps but the new symptom this week is leg twitches. honestly i am fed up already and only had past few months if i have to have years of this going to go round the twist 😦 xx

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    yep same

    one breast really tender and lumpy

    and i get like twitches too that wake me

    i also wake 3am without fail or 4 am heart racing and doom feeling

    really hate all this

    my life is pretty crappy and feel my anxiety is progressing

    re fsh results

    dr did them as i was constanly moaning at them saying " i dont want anti deppresants " i know wat u mean bout blood work as hormones change dauly i was told but drs so anti hrt

    yet they are safe now

    drs are going by the old hrt the ones made from mares urine

    we need the bio identical ones and the gel or patch as these are safe

    but drs not trained tbh

    we need like private clinics with experienced menopause drs that know and understand our symptoms not just think we are nutteres and imagining our issues and so they give out anti depressants as all they do is read the list off there computer

    its awful

    i feel soo lost tbh

    and scared xxx

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      it really is scary all these wierd symptoms know exactly what you mean. i used to sleep well but dont now keep waking up too. at first thought it was the light mornings but sure its this menopause. Dont feel scared we are in this together. sounds like we are going through the same symptoms x

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    Thank you

    i know there are so many ladies like us and suffering too

    its just madness how hormones can make us feel so many different issues which has made my health anxiety worse

    i left my job because of this as my periods were everywhere and was dizzy and just couldnt function at work but the other staff even though were ladies didnt understand which i find hard

    but i guess some woman breeze through it and have never experienced anxiety or fear !

    i find everyday there is a different symptom to worry bout and focus on it

    has your gp offered you anything



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    My GP is pretty useless really more or less been told get on with it. They said to take the folic acid and vitamin D and will see me after 3 months for more bloods and thats it - I used to be on antidepressants years ago so I don't want to go back on them again so just taking each day at a time. Have started taking evening primrose oil with B12 in as well to help - so hoping that over the next few weeks feel a bit better if I get the right vitamins although woke up this morning and back of my head feels tender again - it freaks you out as I always think its something worse but all these symptoms I am getting are on the 66 perimenopause symptoms I found on here - thankful I found this forum site as my docs were telling me nothing just "yeah it might be menopause!" its scary when you dont know what is happening to your body....

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      woke bloody 5.30am

      panicky ,and then sweating


      since been taking folic acid and vit d i feel rough lol

      or its just my imagination

      feel bit off balance today and lightheaded so guessing i am due on

      yet again

      but good news though my smear came bck fine, wat a relief

      this anxiety is the worst hate it

      oh was gunna say that you mrntioned u are taking primrose oil and b12

      maybe i should try that as well but thought the folic acid was part of b12

      on my blood results it says b12/folate and says its low

      but was given folic acid ! isnt folic acid in the same grp as b12 ?


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      sorry going on

      but i have devrloped awful stomach issues too

      and throat always feels tight

      bloody scary symptoms this last year

      o and also this off balance feeling

      but maybe that could be hormones

      have you thought bout hrt ?

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