Hormones Or Mirtazapine reaction? I need help

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Okay so it all started one night after 30mg Mitrazapine (SSRI) made me feel "drugged" for a better word, I was anxious, felt sick, shaky, couldn't sleep. Went to hospital to be told everything is okay. Since Quit them. 


6 months on I feel: 

Feel WIRED - too much energy, don't feel tired even after not sleeping for days (so much so i thought i was bi polar which has been ruled out) 

Insomnia - went 5 days without ANY sleep recently, until the doctors gave me Temazepam 10 mg (which to me are too weak) 

Sweating much more than normal 

Putting weight on week by week 



Dilated Pupils

Feel physically sick and look it sometimes

Blank Mind (Probably from all the anxiety) 

Worst of all.... HUGE penis shrinkage, not taking an inch or too, i am talking it's shrivelled which makes me believe something hormonal?  

Doctors say it couldn't be the Mitrazapine which has left my system a long time ago, I do seem to match some hyper thyroid symptoms, can anyone point me in the right direction, the doctors are doing little to nothing, i've been 8 times now in 6 months. sad

Many Thanks. C

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    Have you had a blood test for your thyroid? You do have a fair amount of symptoms. Normally people lose weight if hyperthyroid, but some do gain it because it increases your appetite.
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    I think u can safely rule out the mitraz which fyi is not an ssri how did they rule out bi polor? There are more than one type of it could b some sort of hormone if u have penis shrinkage there cant b that many things that cause that surely? R u in the uk
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      Oh my bad, thanks for the info. 

      They ruled out bipolar with 2 one hour psychologist meetings. 

      Yeah that's the big one which makes me think it's a hormonal problem, yes I am in the UK, going to my doctors again for bloods tomorrow. For a while we thought it might have been prolactin which was over the course of six months 484, 500, 600 and now just yesterday it's back to 350 so "normal" again

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      hi  CRK read your statement on mirt. I agree i dont think its the mirt causing the problem your having glad to hear they are running blood work on you i have been fighting with anxiety myself.tho i am on benzos they dont seem to do the trick 100% i take gabapetin as well and still doesnt do the trick. so now my next step is to take 7.5mgmirt in the am and 30mg at night to see if it helps any it does for sleep.but reading your symptoms tells me it isnt mirt related.you have suffered quite a bit and i hope soon you find the right help you need good luck cat1961
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      Glad you think so, ever since that Mitrazapine I haven't felt well, but might be a conincidence. Anxiety is horrible isn't it, my doctor won't give me Benzo's, hope you get relief! With Anxiety it seems the best way is to take it day by day and distraction seems key. Wishing you health and happeniness too Cat

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      So sorry to read all of your problems.  Anxiety attacks are the worst, Saturday I thought I was dying and had to pop a benzo.  I too am in the U.K. and benzo's are an absolutely no no here except sometimes you can get them prescribed for a maxium of two weeks.  Then what are you supposed to do?  They are the only thing that calm me down and I have to buy them on line but I eek them out as I dont want to get hooked.  Been there when I was on them for 8 years after my husband died and left me with a 3 year old so dont want to go down that route. That was 31 years ago and psychiatrists didnt know any better, well not in Australia whch is where I was living at the time.

        I was firstly on mirtazapine 7.5mg for two weeks.  Last year I had three solid months of racing heart, permanent nausea and insomnia.  I was a wreck and ended up in hospital for a couple of days.  They then increased me to 15mg which was sort of okay and I was gaining back the 1.5 stone I lost in that three months.  30mg I didnt feel well and slightly aggressive which was ignored and they wanted me to up to 45mg - no way.  Anyway, the start of them was in December last year but I have gradually cut them down to nothing (3.75 for four weeks).  Saturday night I took 7.5mg but yesterday morning felt horrendous so not going to take any more.  The least thing gets me agitated and in a panic and on Wednesday my cat had his hindleg amputated and is not good and that has really set me off again.

      ?Now regarding hormones, it could be a mightly coincidence but I do wonder if they mess with them.  I say this because I have always been flat chested but have noticed my boobs have got quite a bit bigger and heavy in fact quite uncomfortable.  I am not going through the menopause as I am 69. 

      Another thing in the U.K. if you have blood test results "within the normal range" it is hopeless.  I believe all my 3 months of hell was down to thyroid which was missed.  I do have suspected primary hyperparathryoidism.  Now since having private blood tests I find that my results indicated underactive thyroid.  Local GP doesnt do T3 and even though my TSH and T4 indicate low figures my TSH is "within the normal range", probably the most hated phrase for thyroid and hyperparathoid sufferers.  Nobody bothered with antibodies test, not even the first private endo I had, but in July I had another endo and tests and antibodies were around 800 (range is 0-60), September 1300 and recently GP did test and they are over 1300 (beyond the lab measuring).  All I am told is it's a virus attacking the thyroid..

      ?Anyway, sorry I am rambling.  I hope you get sorted soon.

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      Mirtazapine is an SNRI (Serotonin Noradrenaline [Norepinephrine] Reuptake Inhibitor) ?which is very similar to an SSRI and equally as horrible if they don't agree with you.

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    Sorry I didnt read your post properly, I hadnt realised you only took one tablet so that definitely wouldnt cause all your problems I am sure.  Hope you get it sorted.
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      I didn't make it very clear, i was on them for a few months then one night things went sour, but thinking back, i couldn't sleep for days is why i was put on them in the first place. I think they have caused the imbalane personality, as my down below problem was over night but it may have just sent my Thyroid into over drive, at this stage I am lost. Been trying to get to the doctors all week, hard when you can't sleep at all and need to drive in! I shall be sure to keep this updated. 

      As for your story, I feel sorry for you, my big question for you is do you think Anxiety now is the cause of something else or is the prime problem? 

      I wouldn't wish Anxiety on my worst enemy, not real anxiety, it's the devil. I think it's what's causing my completely blank mind, i've read the brain simply shuts everything out after a lot of anxiety. 

      It's so bad that everyone in the UK ends up paying a fortune to get Benzo's but they have no good alternatives. I've been tempted to sign myself into hospital a few times to figure out what's wrong, but i know they will just give me a big dose of Mitrazapine or something and send me home

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