Horrible bleeding - 1st Time CIC

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Yesterday, I tried self cathing but was not successful. I guess I couldn't get it past the prostate. But when I pulled it out after several attempts, I was horrified at the amount of blood that came out! Some of it very thick, and could fill like two small cappuccino cups - quite thick!

Strangely too, I am not experiencing any injury feelings when I pee since then.

Anybody had so much blood from cathing before? Where did my blood come from? What did I not do right? I am worried to try again. Any advice?

I feel like I am having some PVR which gives me regular discomfort in my abdomen.

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    Emmanuel, are you under the care of a urologist for your BPH symptoms? Did you receive any instructions about how to self-catheterize? My first self-cath was in the urologist's office with a PA instructing me on the details about how to orient the pre-lubricated catheter, etc. There are some good videos on Youtube about how to self-cath but nothing beats having a good instructor right in front of you.

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      Thanks Ken,

      I practically do not have a urologist. I have had BPH for about 20 years now. Started taking meds about six years ago - Avodart and Flowmax. Have tried supplements also. Stopped Avodart last year, when I discovered this forum.

      I met a urologist only once before when I had AUR and my GP invited him over; he only did DRE and said I have to do biopsy, which I refused. After he left, the GP and his nurse tried to insert indwelling catheter, but did not succeed, and had to send me home like that with my retention. Luckily my bladder kind of got flowing again, and has been largely ok since then.

      I gave all this background to answer your question. I live in Nigeria, and as you may know, healthcare is a challenge here - in terms of expertise, technology and affordability. I practically tried to educate my self from forums like this. Watched different videos since December, and did again yesterday before doing it.

      My PSA has held steady around 13 - 17 for many years, but I will be doing another check up in March. Prostate volume was 209ml, though it's been several months now.

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      Hi emmanuel:

      If you've never really had a urologist, except for that one time, how do you know that your prostate volume is 209 ml?

      I have only tried self cathing twice and plan to only use it for emergencies only. I am far from an expert so I defer to my colleagues on this forum. However, the reason I am posting is that since I am a newbie like you, I thought I might comment on what my thoughts would be if I were in your situation. I guess the fact that your GP and nurse were unable to insert an indwelling catheter would concern me and might indicate an issue when you try to do it yourself. When they tried to insert the catheter, was there a lot of blood as well?

      To those who self cath often, is there a possibility that he has a false passage that could account for all the blood?

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      how do you know that your prostate volume is 209 ml? - I have been doing PSA and Prostate Ultrasound tests for a couple years now. Last one was 209ml

      When they tried to insert the catheter, was there a lot of blood as well? - No just a few stains. I actually tried about a week ago too. I didn't succeed also, though I realised later I made some mistakes. Just blood stains too and stingy peeing for like a day.

      I don't know if it was a false passage, but all the blood came out from my penis and all the peeing through the night.


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    What type and name and size of catheters did you use ?

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      Aha! Coloplast SpeediCath CH12 ! Coude or straight ? I found that these are too stiff and can cause bleeding easily. They are good if you're very good at it, but not for starters. I used them for 3 years, at the suggestions of some supposedly experts on this forum, and ended with a lot of bleeding at the beginning. I never figured out the coude without bleeding so I ended using only 12fr straight. After 3 years, I still had occasional minor bleeding, perhaps one every 5 tries.

      About a month ago, I decided to try the Cure catheters and wow, what a difference! The Cure are much softer and more forgiving. I have not bled since. They are definitely good for starters. And they also cost much less.

      Another tip: make sure the catheters are well lubed. Even with prelubed catheters, I still dip them in about one inch of water based lube.

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      I am currently using Cure coude catheters. M12C or M14C for nonlubed and HM12C and HM14C for hydrophilic. Lol, it took me 3 years to find out what was the problem. When I complained of the bleeding before, those so called experts told me that either I didn't know how to self cath or there was something wrong with my anatomy.

      Another tip: do not rush, go slow. Feed the catheter slowly and don't use too much force.

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      I know you said this makes sense, but Coude is supposed to be able to negotiate the "curves" in the urethra better than a straight catheter. Still, straight catheters seem to work better for some guys and maybe that's the issue here.

      Regarding your prostate ultrasounds, I assume they are transabdominal ultrasounds as opposed to transrectal ultrasounds (TRUS). TRUS is more accurate, but if I remember correctly has a size limitation of around 100 to 120 mL (or grams).

      Just out of curiosity, did you have a prostate ultrasound done before you started Avodart? If so, did you see a reduction in the prostate size on subsequent prostate ultrasounds? You stated above that you stopped the Avodart. Have you seen an increase in your prostate size since stopping the Avodart? Thanks.

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