How can I stop PPI (Lansoprazole)?

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I have been taking Lansoprazole daily for around 2 years now but I want to stop because I'm pretty sure I am now noticing bad side effects and it is for some reason irritating my stomach.

Problem is I tried to stop a long time ago and got really bad acid more than ever.

This time I am going to stop completely (I take 15mg once daily) and replace with Zantac and use Gaviscon and Pepto-bismol when needed to try control any bad acid reflux.

Anyone else stopped PPI's successfully?

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    I have a HH (a minor one) and I was getting reflux a bit so Dr. gave me that PPI. I took them for a while because Dr. also told me that they mitigate the effects of Aspirin on the stomach. One review with the Dr. he said stop the PPI as I am not getting reflux (I understand from somewhere else PPIs should only be taken when reflux occurs - might need to check that). He also said PPIs can have a bad effect on the kidneys. I have stopped them now. I will review if reflux comes back but note there is also advice on what and how to eat food. Worth following that one up.
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    It seems the best way is to totally change the diet, it needs to be around 70% alkaline and 30% acid. Also, a really good probiotic should help, at least 50 billion bacteria. Definitely avoid coffee, alcohol, spicy foods. Most veg are alkaline, so plenty of them. 
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    I am taking 40 mg Pantoprozole since September now i am trying to stop it however even if i miss one day i can feel my acids in my stomach...don`t know how to stop it....
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    You can't stop them been on ppi s for years. If I stop I get horrendous rebound effects so have to start again. Makes me ache all over if I stop them as well and lots of other weird body symptoms. 

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      John, this is not true. You shouldn't tell someone that you can't stop ppis. People stop them everyday, some people are only in them for three months or a temporary basis. There is a protocol for this.

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      I agree with you Jeremy, I was on them myself for 2 years. I just stopped them as I had enough of them. I didn’t feel any worse off for it. 
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    Extremely slowly and not suddenly.

    Look at the mg dose you are taking and how often, 

    this dose needs to be halved for weeks. 

    You cannot just split any PPI tablet unless it has a splitting line.

    Once you are on half a dose twice daily (or are you once a day only anyway), replace one of the doses with the less effective H2 Blocker (we take 150mg niazidine).

    For weeks,

    then all PPI replaced by H2 Blocker,

    From there work your dose down in H2 Blocker twice daily,

    until smallest dose,/

    then once daily, again for weeks.

    Then it should be fine,

    it will take MONTHS to get off slowly. And you feel, how you are going, I got my daughter off once successfully from twice a day esomeprazole, without rebound effect. But man it was a heck of a plan.


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      Maybe I should try just replacing with h2 blocker as I am on 15mg daily which is lowest.

      I’ll guess I can try if it’s bad I’ll try one every other day of the PPI and also cut out foods

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      hi sanya, 

      i definitely need your help. How long your daughter took those PPI and for what? I was prescribed pantoprazole for mild acidity but after taking it for 2-3 months it become worse like i could not stay 1 day without that med. now its been 2 years and still stuck with it . even after taking the med i get burning in epigastric area.

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      I am so sorry, I didn't see these answers.

      My girl has to still take the 150mg Niazidine again.

      Her indication is throwing up (up to 100times a day) to avoid the oesophagus getting damaged or her teeth. Her stomach itself seems fine (but isn't emptying, prior any meds, we have a few rare issues/physical compressions).

      We are off PPI though completely by changing over to H2 Blocker Niazidine.

      When I tried to taper them down (its a capsule that can be opened and a part emptied), her acid of course would come back, but this is too sour for throwing up so often.

      Once her vomiting is tackled, we will decrease Nizac and taper off slowly.

      PPI cannot be stopped from one day to the other usually and I cringe when my friend takes one PPI when she has stomach pain and then leaves it again as if it was a pain killer.

      It is not a pain killer. So either one stays on them for weeks or months and tapers off or not at all.

      Getting burning epigastric area despite PPI sounds odd. There are very different types out there and not all help the same for all.

      My husband had to change twice (Esomeprazole to Omeprazole) and Pantoprazole is for example same mg dose as Esomeprazole half as effective. (hence dose of Pantoprazole is higher in mg often, but doesn't do more than half the dose of Esomeprazole)

      I hope you have a good doc willing to try different medications or support.


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      I'm stopping after three months of gastritis treatment. First two days I felt nothing. Now, I have a volcano in my stomach erupting and the rebound feels just like gastritis but it will eventually go away.

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      Did you symptoms went away? how long do they last? I recently stopped omeprazole, i only tooked it for 7 days and stopped because of side effects. now it is being 9 days off the medicine and my stomach is burning bad, nausea most of the time and loss of appettite. please advide of what you did help manage syptoms
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      I take gaviscon advanced (UK version) , I only drink water and watch the things I eat and when I eat. Also, use dgl licorice chewables. Keep in mind, rebound can last three months , sometimes longer for some people. It will eventually stop, you may also want to try some madtic gum, but the advanced gaviscon was my lifesaver.

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      Are you still having rebound symptoms? how long ago did you stopped? do you take gaviscon every day? Sorry to many question just want to know how long until i get some comfort. my symptoms are all day long, sometimes i want to get back to the medicine but it is like starting all over again. i am might be this way because i am not taking anything for  it. Thanks for your advice

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      Don't go back on ppi, it'll just prolong it again. I'm a month and a half off of the. Still have symotoms but my stomach burn went away after three weeks. I still have some reflux. I use one advanced gaviscon every 4 hours. It really helps. The dgl licorice, I chew three in the morning and three in the evening.

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      hi jeremy,

      i am trying to quit too , i was on them for 3years. right now i take 3x150mg zantac and its been more than 3 months now and i am still struggling to reduce my rantac from 3 to 2. am i still having rebound or it is like this and i have to take them forever. or because i am taking the zantac my acid not coming down? i am experiencing side effects on zantac now . pain in ribs all the time . i am thinking of going back on ppi but i was not doing good on them . i am in a position where taking them ia going to kill me and stoping them is going to do the same.

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      Zantac gave me Withdrawal symptoms as well. I've heard some people experience symptoms up to 5 months. The Paleo diet helped me too. But zantaccan also cause prolongedrebound symptoms

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      Did you took anything else to manage your symptoms? did the dgl help? i am two weeks off the medicine and still feel my the burning stomach and heartburn and nausea. I never had this before. what were your symtoms when you stopped? are you symptoms severe still or have the subside a little. i just want to give me an idea of how long do i need to suffer, i don't want to take the ppi any more. i will appreciate your advise.

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      My symptoms after stopping ppi were burning stomach, acid reflux, I even had itching and burping. My stomach burns are gone. The best medicine that helped me was gaviscon advanced. I still have some reflux problems due to post ppi . Three months or longer, can be expected with rebound problems.

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