How Do You Cope With Acid Reflux?

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I think I have been experiencing symptoms of acid reflux for 3 weeks now. It's starting to take it's toll.

Here are my symptoms 

- Constant strong taste of vinegar in my mouth. 24/7! Only time I get a little restbite is when I'm eating a banana or mid way through a meal. 

- Feeling very weak and tired. I'm not eating enough food and am finding it hard to get enough calories into me. 

- Feeling nauseous because if the taste. 

- Not being able to reflux or sit down. I'm pacing up and down all the time. My stress levels are very high. I can't seem to concentrate on anything or relax. 

- Was prescribed 20mg Omezaprole in week one and then upped it to 40mg. Didn't make any difference. Took those for a week. Doctor has now switched me to 30mg of Lansoprazole which I have been taken for the last three days. 

- Over the last few weeks I've totally switched my diet and am just eating porridge made with water with breakfast with a few almonds, a chicken sandwich for lunch, 2 bananas, 2 apples and a small pot of melon as snacks and a jacket potato with chicken and some avocado with a bit of lettuce for dinner.

- I'm not eating after 6.30pm at night. I'm chewing my food thoroughly but finding this hard as the more I chew the more full up I feel making me not always finish my food. 

Home remedies I've tried 

- Gavison tablets - I suck them a bit and then crunch them up towards the end. Been having around 4 or 5 a day. Easies it a tiny bit. Tried the liquid but it clogs my throat up and don't like the sensation 

- Camomile tea with a tea spoon of Manuka honey - Helps a little bit sometimes 

- Loads of water - Helps a bit. I drink zero sugar orange squash to wash the taste away a bit. Should I stop drinking it? Any other drinks you find have a strong taste that rids the acid taste? 

- Gripe water - Had a couple of swigs from the bottle and it didn't do anything. 

Basil leaves - Tried chewing on them to no avail

Almonds - Been eating these between meals to try and get my calories. Helps a little bit. 

Remegel - Soft chews which I suck on. Helps a little bit 

Apples - Helps at the time of when my mouth is burning a bit to cool things down. 

Chewing Gum - After I've eaten I will sometimes chew hard on some sugar free gum for half an hour. Takes the acid away for a while until the flavour runs out. Still feel the lumpy feeling in my throat though. 

I've ordered some liquirise chews to have a go on. Not a big fan of it but if it helps I'm willing to have a go with it. Can anyone recommend any hard boiled sweets you find helps soothe your thought or take the acid taste away when you are sucking on them? 

I've also ordered some cocunut milk and aloe juice and am going to give that a go. 

When you are feeling stressed about it what do you do? The days seem very long and I'm finding it very hard to relax and complete tasks. I went to see Pepper Pig with my nephew this afternoon and felt dreadful and just plain old miserable. It's really stressing me out. 

I' trying to distract myself but surfing the internet but my concentration and interest isn't there due to the burning taste in my mouth. 

What kind if things do you do to cope with it? Do you experience it 24/7?  Has it just vanished overnight?



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    Hi Rob,

    So sorry you feel so bad and I do understand.

    I too feel so tired, weak anxious and also get back pain and breathing probs. Do you have a hiatus hernia. The honey does help and you can try aloe vera gel. This will soothe the oesophagus and there is something called dhl liquorice.

    As for the anxiety I have no answers but know it will go when I feel better or believe I will get better. Have tried oseopathy which helps a bit as they can release tightness in diaphram.

    Just wanted you to know you are not alone

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       You need to cut out all the acid food! The only raw fruit you can eat are, bananas, water melon, melon, guava, paw paw. No fresh apples as they are too acidic, you can have baked apples! No dairy! You could buy Dropping the acid by Dr. Jamie Koufman, and follow her diet. Drink only alkaline water, pH 8.2, 8.3, gorgle and swallow 1/2 hour after each meal.

      Start a low salt, low fat diet, all vegetables need to be boiled/steamed, lean meat grilled/baked, nothing raw with the exception of those fruits I mentioned above.

      No coconut milk, try instead coconut water.

      No almonds, sweets, tomatoes, spices, peppers.

      Google and find lists of alkaline food. Buy yourself a pH meter to check everything you eat, a pH 5 is ok for food. Aloe vera helps but you need to drink buckets of it! Only tea allowed is chamomile. No gums!

      Elevate you bed, rest and do gentle exercise, learn how to breathe from your diaphgram.

      GI licorice is good, chew 3 tablets 30 min before each meal, max. 3 a day. Manukka honey is good, strength 16 , the NZ one, three times a day, one tsp with food.

      No lettuce! Eat slowly, rest afterwards.

       Buy Neilmed nasal rinse. There is also cabbage juice you can find on some posts in the forum how to go about it.

      Take care,

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      Couple of questions. 

      1 How do you get enough calories? I need 2500 calories to maintain my weight. I've been using nuts to get my calories. Would avocado be ok to bump up the calories? 

      2 What do you think of wholemeal bread? 

      3 Other than chicken how do I get my protein? I can't eat fish. How about mushrooms?

      4 Is it worthwhile accepting that I will lose a bit of weight following this diet for a couple of weeks? I'm 6ft and weigh 12st so am pretty lanky anyway and don't really want to lose any weight. 


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      Yes, you can have wholemeal bread. You need to cook from scratch, chicken is fine, but no skin, sea food you can grill it, make stews, no oil though, add, carrots, potatoes, turnips and you can try lean, very lean pork and grill it. All food has to be cooked well, baked or steamed. Steam pleanty of vegetables you like. Mushrooms you can eat grilled, they are very good, parsely is fine, dill as well. Also what I do is I put in a dish meat, vegetables and add chicken stock about an inch or a bit more and cover the dish or put a lid and bake it.

      Fruit can be boiled, like for instance, appels and pears and make a compote, eat the fruit and drink the juice, no added sugar, though! I bough cerries today and made compote out of them , very nice! Yo can not eat raw fruit until you get better! Avocado you can eat if you get no pain after eating it. Also, have rice milk with your oats and slice a banana. I use rice milk with almonds, has a sweetness in it. 

      I understand about your weight, but this is the way to go.

      Eat more often and not large meals.

      Make some cookies, gluten free cookiemix( gluten free flour, baking soda and a bit of sugar), 1 egg, 3 mashed bananas, oats or oatmeal, a few hazelnuts. Bake for 12 min. 

      You can eat brown pasta, brown rice, couscous, but no pasta saces. Celery and carrot are safe if you can tolerate them raw. I would not cut the gluten out, just eat moderate amouns mixed with vegetables.

      Eggs are tricky, but you can try on egg whites, not the yolk, as is fat.

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      Whilst I agree with Daniela on a few things I would still definitely advise steering clear of grains ie oats, bread etc. What works for some people does not necessarily work for others and for all you know you may have food intolerances. Try and scale your diet back to really basic stuff....sounds boring but seems like it is required. I'd steer clear of store bought almond milk too it is riddled with additives so whilst you are trying to get this under control stick to whole natural foods. That's my advice anyway but you have to make your own decisions I guess.

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      Rob said he needs to consume 2500 calories to maintain his weight, if he cuts out all the grains and wholemeal bread , it will be hard for him. Food intolerance is possible, he just needs to find out what  can he eat. Almond milk is fine!! I do agree that what works for me might not work for another, it is a matter of trying things out. I do not eat bead at all and eating grains in moderation did not bother me at all.
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      I'd do anything from feeling like this. My biggest concern is a lack of energy. I have felt so weak. This week I've been eating more food and my energy level and colour in my face has improved a bit. 

      I would need to to find some foods to replace the nuts and bread. 

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      Thing is though I have the acid taste in my mouth 24/7 and it doesn't matter what I have eaten. Even a small cube of melon makes the acid taste come into my mouth a couple of minutes after eating it. 

      I've cut out the following foods completely out of my diet 

      - Onions 

      - Tomatoes

      - Chocolate 

      - Cheese

      - Pastry

      - All oils 

      - Citrus fruits 

      - All processed foods 

      My diet literally consists of 

      baked potato




      sweet apple 

      cashew nuts 


      sunflower seeds

      brown rice 

      green beans 



      plain cous cous 

      baked lean chicken

      manuka honey 

      wholemeal bread 

      camomile tea 


      gaviscon tablets 


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      Have you seen an EN to check yout throat and oesophagus? Also a gastroenterologist and have a gastroscopy. You need to find out what it is you are dealing with, also food intolerance, allergies.

      Try to include fish and seafood in you diet, lots of greens and any other vegetable and steam them. A bit more variety in the cooked vegetables, have more fruit, the ones I suggested to you.

      I have been dealing with these things for ten years now, I had gastritis which I succeded to heal and then  I got acid reflux.

      Do you drink only alkaline water? The taste in your mouth should subside after using only alkaline water. I never took remegel or gaviscon even. 

      Stress and anxiety are bad for LPR and stomach. Try not to worry so much and concentrate on more pleasurable thoughts and activities. Meditate!

      I would not eat any nuts for sometime!


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      Thanks. You speak a lot of sense. 

      Just need some ideas for breakfast that will give me energy to get through the morning and an hours gym session. 

      Normally I would have had a bowl of porridge with almond milk and some seeds and nuts chucked in and a banana. 

      Not had eggs for about a month now and used to have omelettes or scrambled eggs on toast a lot. 

      How do you find things like beans such as butter or kidney beans or perhaps chick peas? Obviously the ones that come in water. 

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      I would take it slowly with the gym, do not push yourself too much, gentle exercise and rest when needed.

      I can not eat kidney or butter beans at all, because I have IBS and it is not safe! I do like lentiles and make soups, also I like pumpkin soup or just baked.

      Chick peas I like and make my own version of humus.

      I am not going to suggest sultanas or raisins as they are acidic! I buy organic rice milk with almond in it, no additives and I am fine with it. Try millet added to your breakfast, psyllium, linseed.

      I am also not using canned food at all. I eat lots of green beans, peas, mange tout. But you can wash them well and cook them more.


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      I am not sure vitamins and supplements are recommended when having a crisis, they can be very irritating, and they often contain a lot of Vit C which is acidic. I personally could not tolerate them when I was sick.
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      Hi Ines,

      I was thinking mainly Magnesium and Calcium and D3, B-complex, no Vitamin C. Taken separately. Not all vitamins but some can help. I never had any problems taking them separately, no VitaminC, of course.

      Slippery elm, is good.

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      Hi Daniela,

      Calcium neutralizes the acid but the stomach reacts to it and produces more acid, this might be one of the reasons milk has the same effects.

      B9 in high doses (800 mg) is irritating to the stomach and might cause problems.

      I did not check Mg, the other B vitamins and vitamin D. The website webmd has good informations about side effects of ingestions of vitamins.

      My gastro-enterologist recommended  to not take any vitamins.

      Moreover I read an article in the New York Times recently talking about a long term study proving that, except in case of deficiency and other special cases, vitamin supplements have no positive effects.

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      I never had any pain ever! I need to take those I mentioned for a lot of other reasons, the hormon I am taking for my thyroid can not be asimilated if I do not take certain vitamins and minerals, I checked with my doctor so in my case I have to, no other choice.

      As for Rob, I think he can work things for himself and find out what he needs.

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      If you need to take some vitamins for a specific reason, of course you should take it. My obgyn told me to take B9 that is why I researched it.

      When the goal is to not hurt the stomach, my general philosophy is to take as few supplements as possible, only the ones that One can feel to work and the ones for which there is scientific evidence.

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