How Do You Cope With Acid Reflux?

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I think I have been experiencing symptoms of acid reflux for 3 weeks now. It's starting to take it's toll.

Here are my symptoms 

- Constant strong taste of vinegar in my mouth. 24/7! Only time I get a little restbite is when I'm eating a banana or mid way through a meal. 

- Feeling very weak and tired. I'm not eating enough food and am finding it hard to get enough calories into me. 

- Feeling nauseous because if the taste. 

- Not being able to reflux or sit down. I'm pacing up and down all the time. My stress levels are very high. I can't seem to concentrate on anything or relax. 

- Was prescribed 20mg Omezaprole in week one and then upped it to 40mg. Didn't make any difference. Took those for a week. Doctor has now switched me to 30mg of Lansoprazole which I have been taken for the last three days. 

- Over the last few weeks I've totally switched my diet and am just eating porridge made with water with breakfast with a few almonds, a chicken sandwich for lunch, 2 bananas, 2 apples and a small pot of melon as snacks and a jacket potato with chicken and some avocado with a bit of lettuce for dinner.

- I'm not eating after 6.30pm at night. I'm chewing my food thoroughly but finding this hard as the more I chew the more full up I feel making me not always finish my food. 

Home remedies I've tried 

- Gavison tablets - I suck them a bit and then crunch them up towards the end. Been having around 4 or 5 a day. Easies it a tiny bit. Tried the liquid but it clogs my throat up and don't like the sensation 

- Camomile tea with a tea spoon of Manuka honey - Helps a little bit sometimes 

- Loads of water - Helps a bit. I drink zero sugar orange squash to wash the taste away a bit. Should I stop drinking it? Any other drinks you find have a strong taste that rids the acid taste? 

- Gripe water - Had a couple of swigs from the bottle and it didn't do anything. 

Basil leaves - Tried chewing on them to no avail

Almonds - Been eating these between meals to try and get my calories. Helps a little bit. 

Remegel - Soft chews which I suck on. Helps a little bit 

Apples - Helps at the time of when my mouth is burning a bit to cool things down. 

Chewing Gum - After I've eaten I will sometimes chew hard on some sugar free gum for half an hour. Takes the acid away for a while until the flavour runs out. Still feel the lumpy feeling in my throat though. 

I've ordered some liquirise chews to have a go on. Not a big fan of it but if it helps I'm willing to have a go with it. Can anyone recommend any hard boiled sweets you find helps soothe your thought or take the acid taste away when you are sucking on them? 

I've also ordered some cocunut milk and aloe juice and am going to give that a go. 

When you are feeling stressed about it what do you do? The days seem very long and I'm finding it very hard to relax and complete tasks. I went to see Pepper Pig with my nephew this afternoon and felt dreadful and just plain old miserable. It's really stressing me out. 

I' trying to distract myself but surfing the internet but my concentration and interest isn't there due to the burning taste in my mouth. 

What kind if things do you do to cope with it? Do you experience it 24/7?  Has it just vanished overnight?



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    First of all try and get to the bottom of what is causing your issues - it could be something such as gastritis or even functional dyspepsia (which is kind of like IBS for your upper GI system) or could be something a little more sinister such as an ulcer, either way getting a diagnosis would help.

    Have you tried cutting grains out of your diet?

    I used to have really bad reflux and grains such as porridge and wheat from bread were often triggers. Personally I'd steer clear of grains and dairy because they can cause inflammation in the stomach. For meat try and switch to fish such as salmon and sardines.... bake or grill rather than fry, generally healthier and contain omega 3's which are anti-inflammatory.

    By the way I'm no health expert but have had similar problems and just speaking from experience and what I have read on the internet, I am due to for an endoscopy on Saturday which I am not looking forward too but hopefully should offer some advice moving forward for myself - maybe something you could request if you haven't already?

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      I can feel the gases churning in my stomach. You know the kind you get when you get a hungry feeling? Like a gargling noise in my stomach. 

      Not ot thought about grains. What do you substitute for bread? 

      I hate fish and as much as I would love to try and eat it I don't think I can. I just bake chicken or turkey breasts without the skin on them. 

      Do you think meat free Quorn is ok? 

      Good luck with your appointment! 

      I think I need a hospital referral as my doctor is useless! I want to see a specialist. 


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      Try and find another doctor if that's the case, sometimes they have nurse practitioners at GP surgeries which are often better than the doctors or try a walk in centre.

      Basically there isn't a substitute for bread but when you have issues like this you have to scale your diet right back to what would be a 'natural human diet' so try and exclude ANY processed food or food that cannot be eaten raw, grains being a perfect example. Just stick to plenty of vegetables preferably steamed and non-citric fruits for now. As above stay away from processed food - quorn would probably be worse than bread in my opinion.

      I understand what you mean with fish I never used to be a fan but I actually prefer it to meat now, try fresh salmon steaks baked with a little olive oil and garlic with pepper it is not a 'fishy' taste at all.

      Watch what oil your cooking with too, vegetable oils are not good for you I'd advise coconut oils or a good olive oil if you can get one but that's just my opinion.

      I have had most symptoms of dyspepsia (indigestion) in the last 12 months on and off; stomach pains, reflux, difficulty swallowing, nausea and right now I feel pretty fine and have no symptoms at all but stress and anxiety do play a big part in it and the symptoms always make the anxiety worse, vicious cycle but try and do anything to take your mind off it

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    Hi Rob.  I totally agree with Adam - you have to get to the bottom of what's causing this, whether that be through your GP or self diagnoses by research (peptests, food intolerance, candida tests etc).  Half the battle is knowing exactly what you're dealing with but once you do, treatment then becomes so much easier.

     In hindsight (gosh, isn’t it a wonderful thing!), I wouldn’t have stressed so much over this as I did.  My symptoms started in January this year and have only recently subsided.  Yes, some people suffer for years and years, but you can’t think ‘what if that’s me’ otherwise you really will drive yourself mad!

    Be kind, patient and gentle with yourself.  Don’t stress over what to eat all time (so what if it's chicken and rice for a week!), be proactive and make sure you feel like you’re in control as much as you can.  Stop pacing! Heck, I spent a month meditating day and night as it was the only way to get constant thoughts of reflux out my head!  The body is a wonderful, complex piece of machinery, but once its upset it takes time to get back on track.

    I feel your pain, but stick with this and I know you’ll get through it.  It will be you on this forum in a few months giving advice to others on how to ease reflux symptoms and telling your story of success!

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    Hi Rob,

    I would like to add my little grain of salt so to speak.

    I had acid reflux because of gastritis that went away in a few months following the diet and taking supplements.

    I personally had no problem with grains and cereals (I have a gluten sensitivity though but it does not affect my stomach), and I don't think I could have followed the diet without them for a few months.

    The problem is that fats cause inflammation of the stomach, I don't know if you have the same thing but I used to get really sick after eating a fatty meal.

    How do you feel with the almonds, avocado, etc? I personnally had to cut them out completely at first to get better.

    So if you eliminate fats, you need something else to have your calories for the day.

    I was eating 1 cup of rice or other cereals, or potatoes 4x/day with proteins and vegetables or fruits.

    You were asking about breakfast, the best in my opinion is oatmeal with banana, nothing else, very alkaline. Bread is fine too but I am not sure what to put on it: some slices of chicken, mashed banana, mashed beans or chickpeas,...

    I personnally could not tolerate manukka honey, aloe vera, apples, they were too acidic. I love coconut water, but one must be careful as only the fresh one without additives is alkaline.

    You asked about something refreshing: if you have a blender, you could blend watermelon and ice, or other allowed fruits and ice. If it is not sweet enough, you might be able to tolerate a little bit of sugar (I used maple syrup) even though the ph level is 4, if it is mixed with more alkaline food or water it might be ok.

    You were asking too how to get your mind off things. When I was feeling really bad (and very tired because the acidity and pain prevented me to sleep), I watched a lot of stupid addictive tv shows or funny movies. I did some meditation too to relax.

    You diet looks good to me except the nuts (too fatty), the honey (ph 4 and I believe the tea tree essential oil in the honey is irritating like all essential oils), and the apples (ph btw 3 and 4).

    I hope this helps.


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    Rob, your problem could be low stomach acid. Symptoms are the same as excess acid. If you have low stomach acid then you will only get tempory relief with ppi's and the problem will get worse. I take digestive enzymes with betaine hcl(stomach acid supplement). Not only do they work I can eat almost anything. And they work almost immediately. You don't have to stay on them once your digestive system gets better.
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      I doubt he has low stomach acid as he said he can taste the acid in his mouth.
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      Ines, I believe I have low acid and I get acid reflux. Doctors put me on ppi's and it got worse. I have been using digestive enzymes to treat the condition for about four years.
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      Sorry, I did not know you can get acid reflux with low stomach acid. I guess Rob has to find out what his problem is first in order to know what to do.
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      When I was suffering and trying all the things I read here I searched page after page on the internet looking for help. I came across an article by a doctor who said they've got it all wrong. The symptoms for excess acid are the same as for low acid. I went to holland & Barrett the very next day and baught my first bottle of digestive enzymes (with betaine hcl). They worked with the first meal I tried. I've since found out that as we age we make less stomach acid. This acid sterilises the food starts digestion and triggers the release of digestive enzymes. 
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      Hi Gallee,

      I also read about this, symptoms can be similar for both excess acid and low acid. I always have excess acid and can not take the betaine hcl and no other enzimes either, because of my IBS. 

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      My wife has suffered with ibs all our married life. She tried digestive enzymes without betaine hcl and they helped. Then they added peppermint oil which doesn't agree with her. She had to drop the enzymes. I wrote to holland & Barrett and explained about the peppermint oil. They recommended "Ultra women enzyme complex". She started taking them and they are helping. 

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