How do you know if you are cured of scabies

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Please help me i think i have scabies that wont go away.

I got a ring like patch on my right leg in april that was itchy so i treated it with an antifungal cream that made it subside but was still visible.

Then in late may i started to get a few small itchy bumps on my arms and legs that seemed to spread over time, i thought it was another fungal infection so i used sulphur soap and antifungal cream spot application for a week, when the bumps didnt go away i started to become really paranoid and looked up everything on the internet.

I thought i had hiv or std and got myself tested all of which came out as negative Thank God!

I was able to see a dermatologist last july13 and she said it was just an irritation and asked me to use a mild collagen soap from her clinic and prescribed citerizine (anti-histamine) 1x a day and to put betamethasone cream on the bumps. 2 weeks into this the rash spread like wildfire and it was red and very itchy, it spread all through out my body except for my neck, shoulders, upper back and face.

When i went back to the dermatologist last july 27 she said it could be scabies and asked me to apply 1 part 5%permethrin 1 part hydrodex lotion from the neck down twice a day without taking a bath for 2 days then stop and bathe for another 2 days then repeat the 2x a day for 2 days application of the creams which i did. My 5yo son who sleeps beside me every night did not get any rashes though so i had a doubt that it was scabies although i continued with the treatment she reccomended.

I threw away my mattress, washed all my pillows, beddings, clothes. I sanitized all surfaces and changed to fresh towels and beddings every day. I was already taking the anti histamine tabs twice a day.

i also started using sulfur soap since july 30 because i read somewhere that it helps.

But the rash was still there and its getting worse.

I decided to apply only the permethrin 5% last sunday august 4 which would have been my fifth application and took a shower the next day. I asked my mom and son to apply the perm just in case.

Monday and tues a take a bath twice a day with the sulfur soap.

And just tonight i noticed that the rash on my legs looks dried up and scaly, my thighs and arms still had the bumps. my palms are getting scaly and is flaking off.

All of which are still very itchy that sometimes i want to peel my skin off especially at bedtime.

I have red that it usually takes about 2 weeks before it all clears up.

But now i have these red rashes on my neck and shoulders and new ones on my stomach that i didnt have before.

I have been sufferring with this for almost 2 mos now. I no longer go out of the house or even my room because i look like a monster and i dont want anyone else to get infected.

I think that this disease is taking a toll on me emotionally, physically and even mentally. I sometimes want to set my skin on fire.

I dont know what else to do and im really scared that even my face and scalp will get rashes.

Please help me.


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    Dear Cassey,

    Pemethrin just didn't work on me at all - I tried it for a lot longer than the Doctor recommended with no real results.

    After lots of research & trial & error I stumbled on a procedure that totally worked for me. Here you go:

    Fill a jam jar with very hot but not boiling water & screw on the lid. Wrap a tea-towel around it & then get your husband/friend to hold the side of the hot jar on your scabies sites for as long as you can bear - AT LEAST 10 minutes.... & yes, it is uncomfortable - I did it for 15-20 mins.

    Then apply Hydrogen Peroxide - try to get the strongest that you can from the chemists (between 3-12%). Get a cotton bud & trace the tracks of the burrows - really scrub the peroxide into the scabies tracks.

    The heat will eventually kill the adults & the HP will break down their burrows/tracks; you will notice that the skin will go white which means that it is dying. This procedure is not pleasant but if done properly & regularly it really works - I had almost given up hope til I tried this.

    Remember that the eggs will hatch after about 7 days (I think) so to be on the safe side do this everyday for 2 weeks.

    FYI - I sustained no scarring from this procedure, I had no rash just the S-shaped burrows.

    Good Luck!!

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    Oh Cassey,

    By this time, Sept 16, I sincerely hope you are completely cured. I've had (still do I think), the same problem as you. I started with an intense, horrible itch on both my tighs on July, no rash or bumps. About two weeks later, I developed red hard bumps on my groins, a bit like when you shave and the hair gets stuck, and then I went to see my GP. He prescribed something for a bacterial infection.

    On that same day, I noticed a few red spots on the tip of my penis (at this moment I panicked and, like you, thought I had an STD, HIV perhaps). Went to the Gum clinic and it's all clear, but they thought at first it could be Sifilis, turned out it wasn't).

    Went again to the GP, about three or four more times, one would say it was a dermatitis (would then prescribe drugs for this), then it wasn't, it was something else, then I asked to do some blood test, the GP asked ME what kind of blood test I wanted!!! Unbelievable. Then a GP tried Permethrin and sent me to a Dermatologist. At this point I had a horrible rash and secondary infections that I think will scar or take centuries to disappear. The second time I used Perm, the rash went away...

    A few weeks later, just before I went on holidays, the itch (a different kind of itch, not as intense, but that icth that kind of looks like your body is GOING at a gicen moment to break out) came back. In three days, I was already covered in a rash, worse than the first.

    I went to visit my parents, sun, beach, good food, and have seen a dermatologist that prescribed BB (they don't sell in the UK). In about five days, every thing was dry, just marks. Came back to the UK, and the symptoms are back, not rash, I'm avoiding at all cost not to scratch, but again that weird itch and bumps appearing.

    Arrrghhhh. I will ask for an oral med as I am emotionally and psychologically drained, this has ruined my life, it's from far the worst thing I've ever had. I clean everything, wash bedding and towels at 90 degrees, bought Tea Tree Oil, Neem Oil Capsules, even ordered a powerful pest control spray. I'm going to steam the mattress and carpet. It seems never ending, my body is horrible, I feel disgusting not happy at all, not to mention that I wouldn't date even if the ONE, the so-called one, appeared.

    Hope everything is OK with you now. PS: I am clean, not promiscuous, I thinkI got it from the gym. Horrific, nobody has the clue what this is until they get it (and I hope they don't).


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    I know that your post is over a year ago but I wanted to write for all of those visiting and looking for insight.

    I began having an intense itch at the base of my skull at the hairline approx. 20 days ago. I scratched a lot and it spread down and around my neck, on both ears, down my back, to my chest, under my chest, around my mid section, and on my biceps.

    I tried immerging myself in very hot water for a few evenings, thinking that I could release the histamines and get some relief. The hot water amplified the itch 100 fold.

    I thought perhaps I had hives as I was going thru an very stressing court case.

    About 15 days later my friend made me go to the dr. thank God because I wasn't going by my own volition.

    The dr. said I had scabies. I said, "what's scabies?!!!"

    He said, "scabies is scabies and he prescribed 5% permethrin cream to be used 1 x over the entire body minus head. For the severe experience I was having I could not believe that 1 x would magically cure this.

    I have been disinfecting my house with vinegar and 90% rubbing alcohol, and Lysol. I wash my sheets everyday with detergent, vinegar, and bleach on disinfect mode, and dry on high heat and then iron on high.

    I have used the permethrin cream once and then a half body treatment 3 days later and I will do again at 7 days.

    My boyfriend did the full body treatment with me although he has no symptoms.

    My dogs have ear mites and I have been the one treating their ears. I know that the info. is that dog mites and people mites are not the same but it makes me wonder.

    I tried the cortisol cream and that did nothing. I took Benadryl and that did nothing for the itch and put me to sleep. I then started taking antihistamines and that was no relief and then I started taking one Allegra every 12 hours and that helps some. I think 3 would be better as I have down time in between relief.

    I used ice packs as that was a way to get some temporary relief from the itching. I wanted to scratch the skin off of my body and didn't really care about effects. I even used a sanding block on myself. Moment of insanity. Don't do that! It made it worse obviously.

    It is now day 22 and I could not sleep and I went to the store and bought vinyl mattress covers, allergen pillow covers, more antibacterial soaps, and more antihistamines.

    I also bought some Icy Hot Cream and that really helped to relieve the itching for about 4 hours. I'm starting to pitch again so I'm going to reapply.

    Anyway, I'm not out of this yet but hope that this helps.

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    Oh, and also I sprinkled diatomaceous earth food grade all over the carpets and left for 4 days. The air conditioner picked it up and dusted the house with it! The vacuums get clogged and spread it more. I had to use a carpet cleaner to get it up. What a pain but there are no bugs in the house (except maybe these scabies). I'd put it on the dogs and it killed their fleas too and I shampooed them twice a week apart in flea shampoo.

    All this aside I am still itching like mad and last night I started feeling what felt like being bitten on the back of my neck.

    I am thinking about buying sulfer cream and soap.

    I am reading that you still have affects after of the scabies due to their bodies, saliva, and feces after treatment for a month or two. I don't know if they are alive or dead.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?sad

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    Cassey, Chris:

    I'm not a doctor, and don't even play one on TV. But I think that many mites are building up a resistance to some of the standard treatments such as permethrin cream. (If it can happen to bactertia w/r/t antibiotics, why not mites?)

    IS IT SCABIES? No, it really isn't all in your head--or bedbugs, or STDs--but is it scabies? There are several types of mites that bite humans, and the treatments are very similar. But keeping them away for the long term is best accomplished by knowing exactly what you're dealing with.

    PERMETHRIN 5%: Still generally a good standalone treatment, unless you have an advanced case, or Norwegian Scabies--which you can recognize because they make your skin look like you have a really bad case of eczema. For those, you may need to have your doctor prescribe ORAL IVERMECTIN. Ivermectin isn't for everyone, as it can have some nasty side effects. Ask your doctor for more information. The problem with Permethrin is that it kills the critters, but may not kill all of the eggs. To make things worse, there are a fresh batch of these bugs hatching every 2-3 days. Which is why you use the cream, you feel okay about 24 hours later, and then a couple of days later, you are itching again. You can suffer for a week or two and then use the Permethrin cream as prescribed, or try using it every three days--unless you got a rash from the first dose.

    TREAT THE FACE: These are opportunistic little bugs. If you leave one piece of integumentary real estate exposed, they'll find it. Use a thin layer, rub it in--especially near the ears and eybrows. KEEP IT OUT OF YOUR EYES.

    TREAT YOUR HAIR: Use Nix, Quell, or whatever permethrin compounds are sold in your area for head lice.

    MOISTURIZE:  Sulfur soap, alcohol, peroxide, venegar, and most of the other "cures" that seem to bring some relief are all very drying. While this makes your skin less hospitable to mites, it also makes the medications used to treat them sting and more likely to give you adverse reactions. That's why it's important to keep your skin moist. A petrolatum-based moisturizer is a two-fer, here, as the little boogers can't slog through it all that well. Bonus: Relief if you add a few drops of tea tree oil or sulfur compounds.

    ITCH RELIEF: Hydrocortisone 1% cream, Diphenhydramine 2% cream, tea tree oil pads, witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and dilute bleach have worked for various people. YMMV. If the itching is really intense, take antihistamines such as Benadryl--although they can make you sleepy. A glass of wine and wearing mittens to bed may be more effective with none of the side effects.

    CLEAN: I hate this part. Mites can often travel on dust as well as be transferred by contact. That's why it's important to remove as much dust from your environment as possible. It's also important to clean everything your skin touches as often as possible. Thanks to better living through chemistry, there are some products that make this easier: Disposable dustcloths for furniture, bleach wipes for sanitizing your bathroom daily after the initial scrubdown, disposable mop heads for floors, etc.

    DO I NEED TO THROW AWAY FURNITURE? Probably not. Vacuum cushions, and use Permethrin spray. If the cushions detach, put them in a bag and seal them with tape for a couple of weeks after spraying. (NOTE: Permethrin spray can be harmful to cats.) Cover mattresses and pillows with plastic covers.  Launder bedclothes, towels and recently worn clothes daily.  If you buy one new thing, make it the best hepafilter vacuum you can afford. Toss the bags into the trash after each use.

    If you keep feeling like you are reinfested every month or so, rent a wet/dry vac and clean your carpets. Also, during winter, and in homes with central air conditioning, mite-infested dust can be blown around for months. Consider having professionals vacuum your ducts and change out your heating and A/C filters.

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      I have seen on You tube videos that Scabies die after 3 days if not in contact with skin, is this true? I used 4 tubes of the Permethrin cream over the last two months, it did help initially but seemed to not toatally clear them up so I tried Teetree oil, more improvement after one use. I also tried using a hot hair dryer heat on my head. I am fearful of being around my family and friends because of this. I also saw on You tube that not everyone will be affected after being touched by an infected person, but people with low immune systems, asthma etc are more prone to these bugs. I do have Asthma.
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    Cassey, I've been fighting these things for a year and a half! I barely leave my house or bedroom for that matter except for Dr appt"s (oncology), I can't sleep every thought is consumed with this horrible infestation! The first time I was treated by my cancer doc BUT I only applied to the one spot which was obviously infected (my right leg), so what happened next is that they took over other places on my body so I went to see a Dermatologist who told me I had "stress related dermatitus!" And gave me cortisone cream which did absolutely nothing for me! Even after I told him I knew it was scabies, he argued, so after that appt which was about 3 months ago, they have gotten 10 times worse! On my face, in my hair, in my ears (which keeps giving me ear infections), I'm very depressed, I do not see a light at the end of the rainbow! Well I took matters in my own hands & bought Pure 10% Permethrin & lotion & mixed it accordingly to the directions, that was 2 days ago Oh & I put it on from head to toe including my hair (saturated it) I will repeat again tomm, I just pray to Jesus that this works, I can't go on like this anymore. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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    Wow, I am not alone.  These last 2.5 Months have been the most difficult for me in my 28 years.  Truly, I am not sure how people can live like this and no one talks about it.  Really makes me wonder how many others in my daily routine have this and it is never brought up.  So much in fact, that I have done this and I watch for people itching, hoping to see the signs and muster up the courage to try and solve the problem for good.

    I did step by step for 90% of the discovey and routine for self diagnosing this problem as mentioned above by the you other posters.  Because I am only 2.5 months in, I just recently discovered the $500 bottle of Permethrin (Living where I do, they do not just hand out this stuff, it is not spotted easily by the average doctor and with no insurance it is an expensive itch).

    I honestly cannot afford another visit to the doctor on a cream that may or may not work, and have to know if it is truly this hard to get rid of.  

    My current symptoms are...

    October 23 1st Permethrin application applied (1 Bottle)

    November 6 2nd Permethrin application applied (1/2 Bottle)

    November 18 (today) Most intense itch of past 12 days, but no real red bumbs.  But itching EVERYWHERE.

    I have much more to share, but currently I fear the worst has re-emmerged on me.  1.) Is anyone listening? 2.) This is currently a problem my girlfriend and I are both having.  I might only add, this is a difficult time we are going through, and we are trying to make the most of it wherever possible.  But this itch has to end.

      3.) I am really hoping we can stir this thread back up and talk to people who have rid this terrible mite that should really get more attention.  It certainly affects my productivity, and turns me into an unhappy, itchy recluse.

    My best case situation in my current state is that this Permethrin cream I have applied twice now, is just so toxic to the skin that the body continues to suffer reactions in the areas most affected.

    Help.  Please.

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      Try tea tree oil or neem oil which I can't find think I'll have to go to a gnc store for neem oil but I'm doing tea tree oil for 2 weeks been week and half notice some improvement. Tea tree oil morning and night with cotton ball.

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      Tea tree oil is very good it will help for a couple days though it can only kill the ones that carwl on ur body doesn't effect the eggs or the so called queen that lays them the queen is protected by a layer of  saliva and the eggs can't be penetrated by this oil I tried the oil before I got the permethrin cream they were out at my local pharmacy tried it it till it came in it was a good relief for me stuff ain't cheap but good stuff first time trying the cream hopefully it works don't want to experience this again I hope no one has to its like a  plague that haunts people 

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