How long does it take LPR to heal?

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Dear all,

Having read numerous threads I haven’t read one yet that actually describes the length of time it’s taken for LPR to go.

In fact I’ve read lots from people who are still suffering but no real concrete account of how someone has beaten it.

I would love to hear someones experience and what worked for them but am guessing because they’re healed they’ve managed to move on and stop posting.

I’ve been diagnosed with LPR since July last year and although having been prescribed PPI’s and tried to keep to a strict diet my symptoms are still there.

Back ache, chest ache, sore throat, cough, arm pit ache, sore voice box, lump in throat sensation etc.

I’ve gained relief from sticking to a bland diet, drinking alkaline water, raised the bed, lots of gaviscon, smaller meals, chewing properly, chewing gum etc.

I have no real symptoms at the beginning of the day but as soon as the day progresses it returns.

Just as I feel as though I’m getting some where it returns and I’m back to square one.  

So my questions are:

How long does it take to heal?

Are there stages of healing? If so what are they?

What was successful in the healing process?

What food don’t hurt to eat?

Are the sensations and pain there each and everyday?

Does stress play a part in LPR?

I would be extremely grateful if any or all of these questions are answered.

Thanks to everyone in advance.

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    I have suffered since March of 2017 with every symptom you mention along with others! On top of that I had a stuffy nose, earache, teeth hurt, shortness of breath, chest pain, I felt air locked in my stomach and chest! It was so bad I thought i was dying! On top of that the ANXIETY is a Major cause of alot of This! Had the Barium swallow, endoscopy, 5 biopsey I had my answers! I was put on Omprezole, diet (most impt.) Small meals, never allow yourself to get hungry 5x a day, Stay Away from Stress (really impt.) NO caffeine (relieves pressure) think of yourself first, teaspoons of honey 3x a day (for abt. 2 weeks) Yogurt everyday, and vitamins (take them 1/2 way thru your meal never on an empty stomach, and now finally I feel great! It never goes away cause if I slip on the diet end i will feel it! I am now slowly getting off the omprezole! I carry Tums, and snacks! It never goes away but can be controlled! I would say it took abt. 21/2 months of doing this till one morning i woke up and all symptoms were Gone! No more stuffy nose and pain and i can breath! Hope this helps
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      I am happy for you that you survived all of this! I too have all of your old symptoms and I follow the diet, also got off the PPIs, which were killing me since I have too LITTLE stomach acid. I try every home remedy I can find, but I am still having such terrible reflux that I get panic attacks and have trouble breathing. From my stomach to my eyes I still have burning sensations and my esophagus and throat haven't healed since last year. How in the world can one avoid stress when one is in such awful pain???

      3 tspn of honey 3 X a day? Before or after meals or when did you take it? Vitamin supplements and yogurt, naturopath is trying to help, but we didn't find a breakthrough yet.

      Can anyone please help? I have lost so much weight throughout this painful ordeal that I am really afraid.

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      I take the honey 3x a day usually between meals. As far as vitamins B12, vitamin c, vitamin D, Calcium , and multi vitamin. As far as stress I stopped googling crap on health, don't answer my phone from people who stress me! No bending over cause that causes reflux to back up! I did get xanax for the breathing and panic if it got bad. In 1 month I only took three! Low dose! Elevate head during sleep and carry tums when I feel reflux starting. I should take more walks cause that helps stress! Good luck!

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      Thanks for your reply. 

      I’m so pleased you’re coming out of it all and starting to get your life back on track.

      What doses of vitamins do you recommend?

      And what sort of snacks to you eat that don’t aggravate the condition?

      Was the condition with you when you first woke or did it get worse as the day went on? 

      Really appreciate you replying


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      Vitamin B12 1000mg., vitamin D3 1000 iu, Calcium 1000mg. U need these vitamins caus these meds they give for acid deplete these from our bodies.
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      As far as snacks I buy rice crispy treats with marshmallows at Starbucks. I also carry cinnamon rice cakes in my purse. The minute I feel pressure, burning any sign SNACK! These snacks absorbed the acid immediately! My day started with waking up and trying to clear my throat, like I had mucous stuck, then the burning started. If I missed a meal pressure, short of breath, burning started. Took meds on empty stomach. Then I eat hard boiled egg or scramble eggs. Abt. 1 hour later eat yogurt. The need for yogurt is because as long as I was going to the bathroom regularly some of the pressure would be less. By the time I went to the doctor I wanted to die, i was tired of living like this! Went to doctor he did blood work, test on my heart, put me on omprezole. Semt me for barium swallow, showed mild narrowing of distal end of esophagus! Sent me to gastro doctor. Had endoscopy and 5 biopseys. Found sliding hiatal hernia, inflammation from Reflux of esophagus.
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    I have Lpr and I still have a problem with coughing and a sore throat and hoarse voice. Gaviscon and Zantac have helped a bit but the symptoms have not gone away. Sometimes I get bad chest infections from the coughing and mucous. I quit drinking coffee and drink alkaline water but nothing has helped that much.

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      If you take 3 tsp. Honey 3x a day straight like cough med. It heals sore throat immed. It also takes care if grossness. Try it faithfully. Plus it wards off infections and flu! Take vitamins.
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      Horseness (damn help text) lol
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    Hi all

    thank you for your post Simon. I too have been searching to see how long it takes to heal but can’t find anything anywhere. Here is my story... 

    There is so much conflicting information on the internet it’s driving me crazy. about 6 months ago I started to have symptoms of a sore throat. Not exactly painful but irritating and it left me constantly clearing my throat. I also felt a strain in my voice when I was speaking. It was really impacting my work.

    Tried some self meds and left it over Christmas. Eventually went to the GP and he, after 3 visits, blood tests etc decided it was acid reflux although it took me to show him the symptoms of LPR from an internet site before it finally clicked. He prescribed omeprazole and said change your diet. Not exactly helpful.

    I did my own research and of course all the literature points to a healthy diet being the only way to treat LPR effectively. I bought the Acid Watchers Diet book which I actually found really helpful. For those that haven’t read this book it talks about the healing phase and then the maintenance phase and also gives useful tips on what should and shouldn’t be eaten.

    The healing phase is 28 days and it means following a pretty strict low acid diet. A big change for me as I was very fond of red wine, vinegar in dressings and just about everything else acidic. I started on the healing phase part of the diet 3 weeks ago. I stopped taking the omeprazole. I’m now eating oats for breakfast with non acidic fruit, lots of salad, white meat, fish etc. Not that I was overweight but I’ve lost a bit of weight over this short period. In general the symptoms are better. I don’t seem to be clearing my throat at all but still have a strain from time to time. Some days better than others but nowhere near as bad as it was. 

    I read something earlier that said it can take time for the esophegus to heal and not to expect immediate results. I guess to get to this stage the esophegus has been pretty badly damaged therefore that makes sense. Although this has been a major change for me in terms of diet however I’ll try anything to get back to ‘normal’.

    Just reading some of the posts help and I will continue to post my update. Next week will be 28 days and end of the so called healing phase.

    Would be good to hear from anyone if their symptoms have cleared up and how long it took. Sorry for the rambling post but had to get this off my chest ??

    Also re taking honey I’ve also read conflicting advice on this. Take it / don’t take it. I haven’t tried it but if it works for others I’ll give it a go. What’s the best honey to take? Raw honey?

    best wishes and keep posting updates. Very helpful.

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      Hi there! I wanted to ask you how long approximately it ended up taking to recover? Ive been dealing with this now for about a month, but only a couple weeks since i started to change my diet and do what i need for healing to begin. I know this is an old post bit hoping you can share insight or tips that were helpful in hindsight. For me, the lump in my throat is the most annoying thing ever. it comes and goes but its there a lot!


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    Just a quick follow up from yesterday. I didn’t have a great day yesterday. Although on the low acid diet I felt some strain like symptoms in my throat. Not as bad as what they were but still there none the less. I decided after reading lots of positive comments to try honey. Bought some Manuka Honey yesterday. Took some last night and also this morning. Definite improvement. Of course not sure if it’s the honey or just having a good day. I guess there will be good days and bad days but I’m determined to do everything I can to heal.

    have a good day everyone

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    Glad to report a better day today. I’m wondering whether the Manuka Honey is actually the difference? No real symptoms at all today 😀

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      I'm on the exact same diet as of Saturday. Just about to have my asparagus and rocket pasta salad! My throat strain has become unbearable, started several months back any time I sung high notes or shouted in a loud atmosphere. Then degenerated until I can barely speak without aggravating my sore throat, if I completely ignore it and keep speaking I get a burning pain.

      Had my throat checked last month with an endoscope and they just said it was inflamed and should get better. This is the only thing I can think it is now so hope to god it will start to improve! Very difficult having to avoid people so I don't have to speak. My symptoms are the same as yours though in that mine is almost fine in the morning but gets worse throughout the day. I've noticed even heavy breathing affects it.

      Good to hear yours has improved with the diet, really hoping it can make a change, got to say I don't feel any different since Saturday but then it has only been 2 days. My diet was decent before but did eat very infrequently and almost certainly centred around tomatoes garlic onions and chillis.

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      I am at exactly the same stage as you were in your post above. I am 2 weeks into the Acid Watcher Diet. My current symptoms seem to revolve around my throat becoming really dry at certain points and my voice can be croaky sometimes. I also have good and not so good days with symptoms.

      Did you see the 28 day Healing Phase out? Did it work?

      I am also keen to hear how you got on with reintroducing trigger foods such as wine, vinegar etc? Do you feel you have things under control?

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