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steven50664 steven50664

How long does Terbinafine take to work

Hi everybody, I've been taking Terbinafine now for three weeks (eight week course) for a skin infection but i am yet to see any improvement. Is this normal only i expected to see some signs by now. Just wondering if i should visit the docs again. No side effects for me fortunately after what i've been reading on the group. 

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  • steven50664

    Is the Terbinafine topical (a cream) or oral (a pill)?

    The pill should work within a week. It is very strong, usually used for nail infections. If you don't see any change after 3 weeks, something is wrong.

    The topical cream at 1% is very weak and does not work well. I used it for a month with no change though the doc said I should see results in 1-2 weeks. It's basically as strong as an OTC. I suggest you see a doctor again and request a different cream if you had just the cream--Loprox worked well for me, two months applied twice daily.

    Also make sure you follow strict hygiene since re-infection is a risk:

    -keep feet dry and clean

    -wash feet upon waking up, after exercing, and when coming home/removing shoes (sweat is bad for the infection)

    -wash socks separate from other clothing at very high heat (I boil mine with vinegar and water)

    -disinfect shoes after wearing (you can check online for ways--I use disinfectant wipes and Sterishoe because I still have severe nail fungus)

    -disinfect shower where your feet touch after using

    (Bleached mixed with water works best but if you are sensitive to bleach like me, at least use disinfectant wipes)

    -wash blankets regularly, especially after you sweat a lot one night

    -wear cotton/wool socks at the highest content you can find

    -wear breathable, comfy shoes (well-fitting)

    -don't wear the same shoes until waiting at least 8 hours, preferably two days (maybe you can have two pairs to switch)

    -you can use foot powder in the shoes to help keep them dry

  • frank26458 frank26458 steven50664


    Any update?  I am taking 250 mg tablets 1 a day for ringworm on my face.  I just took my 8th pill and also don't see any change for the better.  

  • matt04 matt04 steven50664

    Hello Steven 

    Don't take the pills. 

    I've taken Terbinafine for 4 weeks and then I lost my sense of taste.

    I searched on this site and I noticed that many people have suffered the same problem.

    It's awful and takes from 6 to 13 weeks to come back.

    So AVOID Terbinafine...

    If you have questions you can message me!! 

    That's my advice!


    • marco43227 marco43227 matt04

      matt please help I just one fingernail infection, started in 2013 because hit this finger in a metal, looks like fungus came in... and it's everywhere in the environemnet...  but it was mild, then got worse in 2015, but not THAT bad, just like only one, nail doesn't fully grow...  all other nails healthy... started DAY 2 lamisil was prescribed for three months + lamisil cream before bedtime... FREAKING out ... because i saw people side effects...please HELP... please...  hope it will fix my nail and no side effects will appear... did you drink alcohol?? did you sleep well? thanks!!!! 


  • frank26458 frank26458 steven50664

    I noticed it has faded slightly but not much.  Tonight will be dose 9.  I will keep posting if others are interested.  

    • frank26458 frank26458

      Mine is ringworm on my face.  I got it from the gym. By the time I noticed it there was a ring on my right jawbone area.   Used Oxistat for a week with no improvement.  Then got put on Luzu cream and oral Terbinafine 1 pill a day for 28 days.  Tonight will actually be my 9th pill when I take it.  I have noticed a recent slight improvement.  But barely.  It had spread from my jaw to several patches on my forehead and cheeks.  

  • frank26458 frank26458 steven50664

    I have 11 doses left.  My ringworm has faded a lot.  It is almost gone but you can still see a faint outline of it on my jaw line.   I wonder how long that will take to go away?  I have a faint outline on my forehead too.  But it is a lot better looking.   

  • Deb7440 Deb7440 steven50664

    Hi Steven. Could you please let me know if the terbinafine tablets worked in the end? I have taken my tablets for 9 days now and there has been no difference:-(. If it did work, when did you start seeing results? Thanks!!!

    • wormer wormer Deb7440

      9 days? You gotto take them for a month. And you probably won't see any improvement til near the very end. I hope for your sake your taste isn't affected. Mine has gone and I've been told it could take months to come back. Deeply deeply depressing. The leaflet says this happens to 1 in 10,000 but that is clearly horsesh*t as the web is full of people's stories

    • kirsten1987 kirsten1987 wormer

      I am SO glad I found this discussion.  I've taken 4 pills so far, for ringworm that spread all over my chest, neck, stomach, and back when I was using just the cream.

       I figured it would take a few days and start showing signs of improvement. But I see it takes a while to kick in. 

      Hopefully the 6 week regimen will. E enough. 

    • eric23317 eric23317 kirsten1987

      Hi Kirsten,

      Have you seen any signs of improvement? I too have ringworm on my chest, neck, jaw and forehead and I am on about pill 20 (terbinafine 250mg 1 a day) and don't see much improvement. It seems the edges of the circles are getting redder and more defined, but drying out and getting flakey. I hope your condition has improved, any updates?

    • eric23317 eric23317 Deb7440

      Hi Deb,

      Any updates? I sure am having a hard time finding anybody who says "I took terbinafine for 6 weeks and everything cleared up". Maybe when it does clear up, people just don't follow up with a post... I hope you have had success, let us know!

  • rob246 rob246 steven50664

    I had fungus in both groins for several months; just trying to control it with the various creams with no luck. Finally got the Dr. to give me 250 mg Lamisil tablets for 14 days, once a day. After 14 days not quite clear so started another 14 days. That took care of it. Also, I never had any side affects like loss of taste. I am doing most of the suggestions by to prevent a relapse of the fungal infection. Been clear for about a month or more now.

  • scarletocara scarletocara steven50664

    I took it for 4 weeks for a finger nail fungus & it didn't do a thing except make me loose my taste.  I have been off of Terbinafine for 6 weeks & just beginning to get my taste back.  I can taste salty things but not sweet yet sad and still have the fungus.  Going to a dermatologist now for other treatment...

  • james95869 james95869 steven50664

    Hi i have been taking terbinafine 250mg for 6 days now i have ringworm on my neck and along my jaw bone it got really lumpy any1 else have same issue..... lumps starting to go down now redness gettin better but stomach is in bits sore bloted and sick. Really sore at times

  • natalie47446 natalie47446 steven50664

    Hi everyone.  I have been taking this drug now for 45 days.  It is working on my toenail fungus but I am having diarrhea EVERY SINGLE DAY.   And a horrible dull ache in my stomach.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  What do you do?   I take my pill in the morning.  Should I take it in the evening ?  Help please !

    • kiki14982 kiki14982 natalie47446

      Hi Natalie .ive just come across your post and wondered what happened.i have been taking terbinafine (oral)for toe nail fungus -1 with nail loss and about 4 with fungus too.i have been taking for 60 days then developed awful diarrhoea and cramping that has gone on for 2 wks.i initially thought it was a stomach bug but read your post as these similar side effects started around same time.ive stopped it for 3 days but still have diarrhoea/cramps after mostly all I eat but I want my nails to be cured.fid you stop taking it?thanks 

    • natalie47446 natalie47446 kiki14982

      Hello, Kiki.  I am so sorry you are going through this.  I had to quit that medication after 45 days.  I gave up!  It was interfering with my daily life and I felt so sick with diarrhea and cramps and nausea and gas all the time.  It was really awful for me.  It DID work on my toenail fungus and it seems like the fungus has quieted down since then.  It took about 2 weeks for my stomach to feel back to "normal."  What a crazy drug!  I have never had such awful side effects from any other medication!

    • kiki14982 kiki14982 natalie47446

      Hi Natalie!thanks so much.i have stopped taking it 3 days now as i was feeling so awful but I still have the diarrhoea/sickness/cramps.i thought I was Ok after taking it for 2 months but it seems these side effects can come on well into taking it..I have read how people put up with the side effects but I can’ you answered my other question about how long it took to return to normal -I am hoping it’s helped my toe nails as I can see a nail coming through but I can’t cope with these side effects and I’m hoping I will return to normal very soon!defnitely agree crazy drug!!!

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