How long does the body take to recover from vitamin D deficiency after supplied?

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I have a doubt about vitamin D suplemmentation which is:

I was 13ng and my doctor is aiming to 50ng, my question is what should I expect when I get to 50ng.

1 - When my body hit 50ng in the blood should I feel healed? Should I be okay? My body will already have done everything he should with the new amount of vitamin D(50ng.)?

2 - Or my body will start to work the things that are messed(because of the missing vitami)n only in the precising day it hit 50ng or at least a decent amount?

I know each body each body, but, what should I expect? Number 1 or number 2?

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    I think it's more #3. I've noticed that vitamin D therapies go on for weeks and months, so I gather that it takes at least that long to run to completion.

    However I would guess that healing can start a lot sooner, like immediately.

    I presume you're taking some of those heroic 25,000 unit doses, is that every day?

    Scheduled for a month?

    I was running just a little low although I was taking 2,000 units per day supplement, and I raised that to 5,000 per day and that has not moved my test results even to the top of the range - but I do feel better, and that may well be part of it.

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      Actually I didn't take any oral pill, I've had some shots of 600,000 ui, its a intramuscular injection, I faced no side-effects; actually I felt a lot better after each injection, I took 3 of them in a space of 21 days between each one of them, because its a high dose.

      I was 13ng and he wants to go 50ng, after new years eve I'll back go back there to see how much ng I have now.. Its been about 15 days since my last shot and 57 days since my first shot.

      Also I had 5 shots of complex B, my B12 test was 300 and something, now I will need new tests to see how much they are.

      I've got a lot better in my mind and general but sometimes I still face a chest pain(a lot easier than before and more rare) and I still feel like my muscles didnt have the strenght they should but I should put a point for that also in my sedentary way of living, may be?

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      jx41870 let me correct something about what I said.. I've just talked to my family and we're not quite sure if it was 600,000ui or 300.000ui I had in each shot.. I'll ask my doctor when I come back to see him in middle january .. But anyway, its a real high dose, you can search on internet about it and you will find plenty information 😃

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      Jesse, I can understand maybe one injection, but I'd think for vitamins D and B12 you could certainly do pills after that. Or maybe you don't like taking pills?

      B12 sub-linguals (under the tongue) dissolve in seconds or minutes and give you some humongous dose and are available at any store. We just pee away any excess B12 so it's traditional, it seems, for these pills to use humongous doses.

      There are all sorts of possible reasons for muscular weakness, but fixing D and B12 are a good place to start. I could add a couple more things. One that is still not well accepted by the medical community has the fancy name "Coenzyme Q10", and they started paying at least a little attention to it about twenty years ago - when it turned out the statin drugs they liked to prescribe for cholesterol was killing some people by depleting their Q10. So now they grudgingly suggest you take some Q10 along with your statins. Whole discussion there. But the point is Q10 is important, it feeds the mitochondria that power all of our cells and especially the muscles. Try some, it's available anywhere.

      I'd also look at your omega-6/omega-3 balance, unless you already eat a lot of fresh, ocean fish (or grass-fed beef). Most people today get way too much omega-6 and very little omega-3, but they must be balanced or any number of things go haywire. You can search for more info online - and I wish more doctors would do so, OMG. Anyway, the usual quick fix is to take fish oil capsules, modern fish oil is molecularly distilled, for a few pennies more you get the odorless kind.

      One more thing to look into is evening primrose oil, for its gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), also available from some other supplements. Something more you can search and read about, but I suggest should be on your list of nutritional things to try.

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      When my doctor mentioned the injections I thought about them as a way to get results faster, since it comes as a higher dose.. But for now on I will certainly taking pills from B12 if my blood tests doesn't show satisfactory results, but I think it will, it was 5 shots..

      I've been drinking omega 3 pills has 3 months, I take them everyday.

      I'll search for GLA and Q10, never heard about'em, thank you for the recommendation.

      I'm confused about whats happening to me because my entire life I had a pretty messed up sleeping schedule, I worked late most of the time in the last 6 years and when I was a teen I used to stay up all night in computer or something like that, I went to sleep 3 a.m. - 4 a.m. most days of my life in the last 7 years..You could put 10 years in total.

      Also, about weakness and tiredness how much a sedentary lifestyle can affect a person? I can't run too much and I can't lift up too much weight.. Don't know if it is lack of vitamin D or sedentarism.. Since I don't practice any sport and worked sit.

      Do you have any information on sedentarism/bad sleeping schedule? I mean, how much can affect someone's health..30%..50%..70%.. Is it normal for not being able to run and lift some weights even after starting walking/running for 3 4 months?

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      Jesse, that much weakness is not explained just by sedentary life styles. However if you're that short on two important vitamins, plus the sedentary life style - maybe. And whatever it is, a first step is going to be to fix the nutrition issues, and give it at least a little time. One might ask about thyroid levels, too.

      Don't we wish doctors could diagnose us at a glance! I admit that's what I have expected all the time, and unfortunately that's just not how it really works. I have stories ... truth be known, it's almost ALL such stories.

      So, did this weakness just appear recently, or is it how you have felt for several years? Do you lack energy to try, or do you just get tired quicker? There are "chronic fatigue" viruses - but from your postings, I don't get the impression that applies to you!

      I had some horrible thing about twenty years ago. I just presented myself at the doctor, told him I didn't feel well, got a standard physical, apparently passed that OK, and - nothing. Felt horrible for months. It finally passed. Went to the doctor a year later for a checkup and asked, "Doc, so, you have all my numbers, why did I feel so bad for so long?" He just shrugged. "Probably a virus". Thanks doc.

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      Yes, I really need to fix my nutrition issues, started to take provisions on vitamin D and complex B but it can be possible for me to have other issues such as magnesium .. My thyroid its all ok, I will check my adrenals but I believe they're okay ..

      This weakness its how I have felt for years, never paid attention because I worked in an office and I don't practice any sport, but now that I gave attention I realized I'm weaker than I'm supposed to. I have energy (little) to try and get tired quick, real quick. When I was 12 I was like an athlete lol (PLENTY energy), now 24 I am an old retired person. I've noticed that I usually feel tired in the afternoon to the end of the day, don't really matter if I had done or not made an effort during the day ... About your experience with "probably a virus" I cansay that I always have stuffy nose but I don't think it's sinusitis and rhinitis because my friends who have this issues really suffers a lot in their nose and face .. And although I know there is something in there, I can breathe relatively " ok ".. Do you think this can have some connection to fatigue/weakness? Also I feel bad in cars don't know why, but as long as I'm driving I'm ok .. Sorry to bother you with so many issues .. May the health hit us all!

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      Jesse, it's a long-term project to figure it all out. In fact it's a life-long project! Even doctors get baffled when there's more than one thing at a time to fix.

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    3 to 6 months you should tell a big difference , yet by month 2/ 3 some symptoms will start subsiding ... Hang in there

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      Hi vicky, actually I've had some shots of 600,000 ui, if you check my comment above you wil see how it works.. as you said I can notice a big difference now but a bit worried about not feeling 100%..

      Yes, glad I checked my vitamin D, I was facing terrible things and find a light when I've learned about vitamin D, I hope everything backs to the normal for all of us with new levels of vitamin D!

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