How removing non working gallbladder will solve digestion issues and bloating?

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I have been diagnosed with barretts esophagus with no dyspepsia. Done 3 times endoscopy with diagnosis as Gastritis in the span of 10 years.  Ultra sound no gallstones. colonoscopy no issues.  Hida scan shows my gall bladder ejection fraction is 0%.

The very first  symptoms are acid reflux whenever i eat fatty/oily foods during my first 5 years. then slowly extreme fatigue started even with less oil /fatty food and started getting pain on the right side of the rib.

current symptoms :-

these symptoms varies each time. I feel bloated every other day!

1) Bloated stomach some time on left side around rib area.

2) Bloated stomach some time on right side around rib area and some dull pain.

3) entire stomach is bloated.

frequent burping occurs instantly after having food.

My general physician says only after removing the gallbladder  we will come to know if its is gastritis or gb causing the issue, but gastro says it may not be due to gallbladder.  so far gastritis is not resolved  at the same time having non working gallbladder with 0% ejection fraction, not sure which path to follow. There 

How does removing the non working gall bladder help with bloating and digestion issues as it is anyway not working at all and the bile is already flowing in the another bile duct to intestine? i haven't got concrete answers with any of the doctors so far. I understand it may help to relieve the pain , but my pain is not severe enough. Please share your experiences.

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    When you eat there’s a chemical released which tells the gallbladder to produce the bile, and yours isn’t releasing any. Not sure how much, if any of the bile is actually getting to where it should be. I know with the gallbladder out the bile constantly drips but this may be a good thing for you. 

    If the gallbladder isn’t functioning then it’s probably already diseased and may cause major problems in the future.

    If you’ve tried treatments for the gastritis that haven’t helped then it’s definitely worthwhile getting the gallbladder removed as it’s not actually doing anything whilst still being in you. 

    A lot of people who post on this page have issues with bloating before getting the gallbladder out. I wasn’t one of these people. My main symptoms were extreme nausea and severe pain. Good luck with whatever decision you decide to make xx

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      did you had your endoscopy /colonoscopy and  hida scan . What are the results are ? i  have seen many with hida scan with some % , but not sure what 0% means for me. Also, if i would have stones,straightaway i would have opt for surgery without second thought. But for me there are multi symptoms like extreme fatigue,bloating,belching and dull pain majority of the time on right side and some time on left side. That puzzles me and doctor. Really very sick of dealing with this issue for long time. Need a quality life.
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      I had an endoscopy (gastroscopy) and nothing showed on it. Was complicated by the fact the ultrasounds were inconclusive. Had 3 over the space of about 8 weeks. First one showed small stones, second they couldn’t see any stones then third they think there were stones. My HIDA scan was 31% so not far below what they class as “normal” which is 35% plus. The consultant I saw said my results were borderline and he wasn’t sure if taking the gallbladder out would help or not. He wasn’t convinced it was gallbladder related at all despite having the symptoms of it being. I’d had enough of being in pain by that point that I said he had to take it out! He said he would as long as I realised it may not resolve all the pain. But by that point I’d have taken any reduction in the pain and nausea so any improvement would have been worth it.

      He put me on the waiting list on the Monday but ended up admitted 2 days later with cholecystitis anyway so got IV antibiotics and then got it removed the week after with a different surgeon. There have been people on this page with 0% ejection fraction though xx

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      i wish it goes well with you and in future. I also know one of my family friend who got inflamed gallbladder and got her removed and she is doing fine now. How many days now since you had GB surgery and how do you feel ?

      1) Did pain  and nausea go away ?

      2) Able to eat protein/fatty food ?(i mean simple good  protein foods like chicken,fish with little amount of oil)

      3) Any bloating /burping?

      4)I can remember my good olden days where good digestion will make brown stools, but nowdays light yelloewcolor. How does the stool look?

      5) How is the energy levels ?

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      It’s been 8 weeks since the surgery. The nausea disappeared as soon as it was out. Like I woke up from the surgery and didn’t feel sick for the first time in about 2 months! And that was whilst getting a lot of morphine for pain relief which normally makes me feel sick. Although had been on oramorph for the previous week as well so maybe had built up some tolerance to it. 

      I do still get pain under my ribs albeit not as extreme as gallbladder attacks. Think this is just taking time to heal though. 

      Can eat chicken and fish with no problems at all. Managed to eat macaroni cheese which has quite a bit of fat in the cheese too. No issues pain wise after I’ve eaten either. I didn’t eat that much fatty foods before the surgery anyway so the only thing I missed before the op was cheese and chocolate. Even now I still watch what I eat! Through choice now though instead of actually not being allowed to eat certain things. 

      I was very bloated for at least a week after surgery but tbh it’s only in the past week I think my stomach is now flatter and like what it used to be. I don’t feel bloated now. 

      For the first couple of weeks I’d say the stools were yellow coloured as I checked with my GP how normal this was. It’s the lack of bile that makes the stools yellow as bile gives it the brown colour. So if you’re gallbladder isn’t actually letting the bile through then they will stay yellow until the gallbladder comes out. With your 0% ejection fraction on the scan this literally means your gallbladder is filling up with bile but NONE of it is being released to the intestine when you eat to help with digestion. So the bile will then flow back to the liver

      I still get tired quicker than I used to but this is gradually getting better too. Just need to remember it’s a major surgery and had an organ removed. This wasn’t helped by getting wound infections which has only just cleared up in the past few days. My wound at belly button opened up a few times and had a lot of pus underneath so took different antibiotics to get on top of the infection. Think this is what has floored me over the past 5 weeks more than the op xx

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    Wow. I think you need a new doctor! You have a gallbladder that's not working. Maybe your doctor is trying to make as much money out of you as possible? I don't in any way won't that to come across as harsh but i think your being strung along.

    Best of luck!

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      first 2 endoscopies were taken when i was in india and diagnosis was marked gastritis. Ultrasound was done , but no stones.  No Hida scan was  taken there. Then in US i had the Hida scan around 2010 and they said gall bladder not working. Endoscopy/colonscopy was done this year were i had diarrhea for  3 months and the result is still gastritis. My GP always insist me to remove the gallbladder whenever i go to him, but he says all my symptoms might not goaway. As you said i have done battery of tests sad
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      Think it’s because it’s not always as clear cut when you have a non-functioning gallbladder without gallstones as when someone has gallstones. The sphincter of Oddi is sometimes involved which can also be a cause of pain. 

      In your case though your gallbladder is not working at all so not releasing any bile to help with digestion. The only way I could describe this would be like having a car without an engine. Everything else in the car works but until you replace the engine (or in your case remove the gallbladder) then the car isn’t going to work. Maybe not the best way of describing it xx

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      Yes as you mentioned, it is not clear cut what is causing the issue and that is one of the reasons I have not gone through surgery . Also I don't have severe pain on left or right side, but extreme bloating and burping and the migraine and neck pain I get during that time. So far going across all the forums, this is what I feel for folks whose gb does not have stones.

      1)non working gallbladder

      2) sphincter of oddi dysfunction - Spinchter of oddi test is very tough and high mortality rate

      3)Sjrogens syndrome - no definite test for this and no cure

      4)IBS - food control here

      5) celiec diseases - food control here.

      So it's seems losing my gallbladder will only tell I'm good to go or do I have further issues.

      Physical health issue is one part. The daily struggle s going at work where I can't concentrate due to brain fog and dealing with my family are very hard. The struggle are in 3 phases. Soon it needs an end.

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      I got an update!. I took my first ultra sound in 2011 oct and there were no stones and hida scan showed 0% working gallbladder. I did ultra sound 2 days back . I got my report today which showed i have gallbladder stones. I'm really happy today , i will happily book my gallbladder surgery by end of this year. 

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      Met my GP today and he showed the gallbladder ultrasound image seems i have around 4 to 6 stones ,size was not mentioned though. Got referred to the surgeon now also going to meet my gastro with the ultrasound results for his opinion. I need to decide a date now.

      only Removing my gallbladder will tell excessive bloating/burping is due to gallbladder or gastritis. But i do get occasional dull pain on the right, i feel that should go away for sure.

      diagonosis - Gastritis and Gallbladder stones.

      symptoms -

      Belching/burping and bloating.

      Dizziness/Confusion/blurry eyes/ Fatigue  -This is my most concern. -I will be very happy if these goes away after GB removal. Bcoz of this very tough travelling, working at office.    

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    Did you get it remove? I am having issues similar trying to decide if I should get my remove 
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      i'm suffering for past 8 years with these kind of issues, the only concern i have is after surgery, it should not get worse or run in to other problems. But at this point surgery seems to be a only option after checking with so many doctors.

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