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I have recently had 2 take time of work again because i am strugling big time. Leadin up 2 this i tried 2 explain some stuf and how im feelin 2 my boss but it fell on deaf ears and they just laughed i tried everything even confined in her a little still not work so i had 2 give in and take time of. Since i have gone back this last week she has been treatin and talkin 2 me like s*** she is constantly knockin me down and makin me feel so weak and pathetic and not fit or able 2 do my job. I am supost 2 b part of management but i have been totaly pushed out of this. Now i feel so bad and stupid 4 saying anything now because i feel im just been juged and labled aweak and pathetic worthless idiot that is not even able 2 cope with day 2 day things. I get the feelin something has been said because other members of staff has changed towards me. Y am i so stupid ycouldnt i just keep my big mouth shut and cope?. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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    Hi 2 u all i just wanted 2 thanku 4 all your advice and support regarding my issues at work. Towards the end of december i was doin a total of between 86 and 92 hours a week with no thanks and if anything things was worse it got 2 the stage i was workin in silence no 1 was talkin 2 me unless it was moaning insults or abuse. I dont think i need 2 go into wot my health and mental state is at the moment not good is an under statement and so i left the job last week got nothin left 2 give just another long hard battle 2 try and pick myself up again if i can feelin that low and flat. Thank u all again and take care. Hope its not 2 late. :cry:
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    Bless you Shadow xxx

    I would report them for unfair grounds of working conditions as surely you will have your wage slip to prove the amount of hours you have worked, as they should not be allowed to treat you in this way xxxxx anyway Shadow, I am hoping this is a positve thing and eventualy you may be able to work somewhere that is worth staying with xxxxx as there will be, the whole point of going to work is earning money, but you have to be happy in your surroundings....... perhaps you should go and see someone at job centre plus and explain the treatment you have had as they will stop other people from being ill treated by them too.

    Give your self goals and take day by day as it comes and when you reach certain goals you can praise yourself and then this will boost your confidence as it did with me.......... it would be nice however if you could have a nice holiday and get away from your surroundings and this would maybe clear your head of negativity, anyway Shadow, we are here for you hun xxxxxx and I hope 2009 is the start of a new you xxxxxx

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    If ly it was thateasy, iv been 2 CAB and got some advice and tod them wot was goin on but at the moment its my word against theres and all the other staff they managed 2 turn against me or they frightend of loosing job. Iv been askin 4 a copy of my contract 4 the last 2 weeks but i just get fobed of and they not give me it (that on its own is against the law this is probably y they not give me it there so much they doin wrong). The wage slips r no good eather i am sallery paid and i just got a 48 hour week wage no matter how many hours i did. I no u probably goin 2 say u idiot y did u do it the answer is i had no choice im head chef with 1 other person in kitchen she not traind or anything so realy on my own with on avridge 85 covers every day through december and having 2 do the managers job (as she prefered sitting in the pub getting p***** and didnt give a s***) as well as sortout kitcen menus, orders staff and my own reception work aswell, if i didnt do it it not get done and then we all looked like prats the troubl they didnt care i did. One of my down falls is im a bit of a perfectionist and istruggle 2 deal with a little it has 2 b all or nothin i cant help. The situation with settin myself goals yes i do BUT i always set myself up 2 fail then i start 2 beat self up and get angry and i hit that visious circle have always been like it and praise myself LOL wots that im the first 1 2 critisize me and dish out the tellings of i just c the hopeless and useless side of me thats all i c. Thanku 4 takin the time 2 talk 2 me.
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    Hi shadow,

    I'm in a similar situation to you. I'm a supervisior in a pub/resturant, but i felt that too much was expected of me. The management where to busy fighting among themselves and trying to mess each other up. There was so much bitching going on, everyones personel life laid bare and picked at. I've had to take time off work. i have the option to make a formal complaint but not sure i can handle the fall out at the moment.

    In your situation, you've said that your salaried, but do you sign any time sheets at work, these would be evidence of the hours that you work, or paperwork from the kitchen temperature checks, setup, clean down sheets, audits at the end of the night. it's a long stretch but it could prove a time line for your day!!

    Just think like a Manager, cover your arse at all times!!

    I hope this is of help.

    keep in touch

    The orb fairy.

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    Hi again

    Have you tried the head office of the company that runs your premises? You could get them to send a copy of your contract to your address.

    Also they will have a H&R department which should be impartial, maybe speak to them. I'm going on with myself, but i've come across some right s*** managers and know what bullies they can be.

    I'm glad to hear you are out of there! A job like yours cant always be about the money, you must have a sense of pride in your work to put so much effort into it.

    Take care

    the orb fairy.

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    Hi the orb fairy, as if by coincidence all the paper work and any paper work 2 do with mehas gone missing and 2 go right 2 the top is a waste of time its a privatly own biuness and yes u got it its her partner iv tried everything just have 2 admit defiet again they won. They managed 2 knock me down treat me like s*** blow wot little self esteam i had up my meds force me out of a job not bad goin hay. I no im better of without them and iv made the right disision i cant put myself through it anymore nothing left 2 give 2 any1 at the moment.

    hope u all doin ok and take care thanks 4 all your advice.

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    Hi Shadow

    I'd forget all about the ill treatment - seriously - think about it - they have been really horrid to you - now you have escaped - why allow them to continue hurting you.

    Concentrate on getting better and stuff them!

    They say things happen for a reason - bigger and better things will be around the corner - when you are well enough and strong enough.

    Take care

    Melbi x

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    Hi Shadow,

    I'm sorry to hear about your job. I'm glad your out of there, it is the best decision. I had to go into work yesterday, and a couple of people blanked me. You just know that the gossip machine( ass manager) has been doing the rounds! Screw them, we're better than them.

    Concentrate on getting yourself better.

    Take care shadow and keep in touch.

    The orb fairy

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