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Hi Everyone - I can tell you how to cure Anal Fissure's quickly...

Firstly, my experience was horrible just like everyone else. I have read that it can be more painful than childbirth! Mine started from an overly large bowel movement that ripped me in 3 places. The pain was so bad that i passed out on my bathroom floor with blood and feecies hanging out of me when i woke up. The doctor gave me suppositories and anasthetic cream but nothing was working. I have concucted a reigime that has cured it in nearly three days. When i read on forums that it can take a few weeks i said to my self 'There is no way im living with this pain for that long'! EVERYTHING HURTS.... Sneezing, Laughing, Coughing, Walking, Sitting, Lying down... the list goes on... follow these steps and it cleared up 3 days.

1. Your going to need a few things from the shop - The first is Anusol Cream (despite people saying its not as good as preperation H and other stuff its has worked wonders for this reigime and is designed for anal fissures and hemeroids. The second is COCONUT OIL (MAGIC STUFF).... Anchient chinese cultures still use this to heal wounds of all kinds and this really was the turn around stuff for me. Thirdly... Ibuprofen for temporary pain relief and lastly Dulcolax tablets... I will show you how to use all these products for a quick repair in a minute...

2. Psychology ... DO NOT sit at home and wollow in pain and sadness. Go to work, see your friends, live a normal life but be careful. Positive mentality keeps you relaxed and promotes healing. When i was at work i barely felt any pain because i was so distracted, but when i was at home it was constant pain. Make sure you do this, im certain this has really helped. Also do not be affraid to tell people exactly whats wrong with you, i have found great amusment talking to people about it and 6/7 of the people i spoke to had been sufferers too, its nice to know your not the only one and you can see them well and happy!

Here is my reigime that saved me:

1. The night before take 1-2 of the Dulcolax, it doesnt kick in until the morning but you need this so you dont damage yourself further. It is not a laxative it makes it all soft and squidgy and it just falls outta you. Minimal pain.

2. In the morning your gonna need to have a bowel movement, before you do. Run a bath and put a few table spoons of cocnut oil in it. (hot bath), then have your bowel movement. Mine was too painful to wipe so as soon as i finished i hopped in the bath and the water IMMEDIATELY relives the pain (BLISS).. and the coconut oil moisturises and heals. Stay in there for a good 10-20 minutes and then i promise you it wont be hurting as much now so now you can apply the anusol cream. 

3. Before you head off to work or start your day, take 2 ibuprofen. After all this, it will sting a little but by day 3 you can barely feel anything. 

4. Make sure you take your ibuprofen after breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had high fibre cereal for breakfast, water all day normal lunch and whatever for dinner. 

5. Make sure you re-apply cream if you have a bowel movement during the day. I tried to just have one in the morning so i could not aggrovate my anus too much. 

6. After dinner, take your ibuprofen, run a bath with coconut oil and just sit and relax for as long as you can (make sure you put NOTHING in your bath except the cocnut oil as soaps and stuff can dry you out and make it worse).

7. Before bed, take your dulcolax again drink plenty of water and get good nights sleep.

This regime has fixed me in 2 1/2 days pretty much which i found amazing (i think it was the cocnut oil, which stings like a bitch but is AMAZING, i doesnt numb pain but it promotes healing). I am so pleased to be living a normal life again so quickly as i thought i would never be the same again. It is really important you dont fester at home doing nothing as it will only make it worse, go out, see the world and forget that its there. 

Hope this helps people as it has really helped me and i wanted to share this with others. 

Hope you all feel better soon! Keep smiling and never give up!!

Peace & Love

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    Hi Morris,

    Thanks for your run down and regime,  I thought i would just say what i do and see if it can help anybody,

    Firstly i think anal fissures are all different for different people so its finding what works for you.  But whatever they are they are very painful.  The main thing is, the stools need to be soft so they can heal.  Most of the time they are caused by constipation, so to enable them to get better you must have soft stools.  Just imagine pulling open a cut on your hand once maybe twice a day.  It would never heal.


    Prune juice.  Great for your health for starters & softens stool and even acts as a very good laxative if you need that to start the healing.  I gulp down half a pint before bed & if i wake in the night I drink half a pint again.  room temp is easier to drink than fridge cold.  Also have some if you have had a food which could bung you up, such as eggs, bananas etc.     Baked beans are great for keeping stools soft.  Last thing, include butter in your diet.  It lubricates your digestive system.  If you can eat all bran or fruit and fibre in the morning that can help alot. 

    Shower.  This part is graphic but if you have fissure pain you may really find this good.  Out of desperation and after going to the toilet I once got in the bath and took off the shower head and gently sprayed a small amount of water up my anus while squating in the bath,you must try to relax  while doing this, this flushed out the system ( in a messy way but I fully disinfected the bath afterwards), it stings but cleans the whole area very well.  Bit like colonic irigation.  If you try this please clean thoroughly. 

    Lastly like morris said................. your new best friend.  Coconut oil.  I got some coconut oil capsules.   Now, it comes in a sort of slipperly gel form and once you hold it, it melts fast.  As morris said it has huge healing properties, is totally natural, and helps lubrication.  What i did was put some of the capsules in the freezer, then after a bowel movement or shower sessionfrown, get them out, and one by one cut the end of the capsule with sissors then squeeze out the frozen oil. Now act fast, you can slide it into your rectum very easy with no effort because it melts as it goes up, covering the fissure(helping it heal) then it also lubricates your next bowl movement.  I use about 3 or 4 at a time.  Following this you must not break wind for an hour or so, obvious reasons.  A capsule or twio before bed helps me too but without cutting it.  Then it stays there for longer as the capsule has to break down.

    Ive also heard of people doing this with ice cube trays shaped like suppositeries.  Think they are for going in bottles of drink.

    Hope maybe this helps people a little.


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    You give me hope.

    I am going on my 3rd month on this agony.

    I have been afraid of taking stool softeners because I don't drink a lot of water and that can make it worse, but I have been changing my ways and have been adding water all day long.

    I just finished 5 days of nothing but liquids and didn't have a BW for 4 days which is what I wanted, to see if that heal my fissures.

    Just had my BW and it was a LOT better, but still a little sting. Finished up with a sitz bath and took 2 tsp of Milk of Magnesia to see if that keeps my stoll soft.

    Tonight will start the Dulcolax you recommend.

    Will keep you posted.

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      What did you drink for your liquid diet? I am currently dealing with a fissure. And let me just say... I AM DYING OVER HERE! Help! Been dealing with it since early October, treating as a hemorrhoid with no relief. I have been using coconut suppositories for 3 days now and do feel maybe 30% better than 3 days ago. However, the morning BM ruins my entire day. I am also currently off work and eager to return but can't risk a reopening of the wound that has YET TO HEAL. I am on the verge of serious depression as I ha ent been able to get out of bed without pain. I try to fix something to eat and run back to bed. I'm using ice packs and just nothing works. Absolutley nothing. Continuing the coconut suppositories (self made--freeze tube shapes things in freezer bags) and looking for any kind of advice. At this point there is nothing I won't stick in my bottom of someone says it would help.

      So again, what are you using for liquid diet because as you said, I do believe that not having a bowel movement for 3-4 days while using coconut oil will help, but as of now, I am super regular and hate the mornings. I used to celebrate "pooping" bc my mother and I had such issues we only went maybe twice a week, now I use it every morning and I am scared to death every time because I know how the rest of the day will go. I am a single mother. I have to work. I can't live like this. I am so tired of hurting. Beyond exhausted. Please. What did you drink to stay sustained and not poop!?

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      Hi Jessica,

      I completely understand you! I have had the pain since a month ago! And I'm going crazy!! I missed work for two weeks, had been in ER, blood work, specialist, colonoscopy, endoscopy, you name it. I have an appointment next week to see surgeon so he can put Botox. I'm still no sure about anything. But the only thing that I can tell you is that my pain it's starting to subside. I take one dulcolax with my dinner. I'm taking Norco for the pain, and as an ointment I have nitroglycerin that I put in the morning and at night before I go to bed. Also the day of my colonoscopy the nurse gave me lidocaine that they use for me that day and I put it on before my BM and that's helping me a lot!!!!

      Hopefully you are doing better! And I was just like you, I don't know if I can live with this pain any longer or if it's for life!

      Take care and good luck!

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      Jessica, I just read your post, which described how I've been feeling since March ( more than 4 months). I have been to Doctors, ER twice, had a colonoscopy, and saw a surgeon. They all act like this is no big deal, while I feel like it's the worse pain I've ever been through. At least I know I'm not alone and I'm not crazy.

      I plan to try the coconut oil after reading all the posts about it helping.

      Thanks to all for your posts,

      I'm sane, but in pain

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      Jessica, I just read your post, which described how I've been feeling since March ( more than 4 months). I have been to Doctors, ER twice, had a colonoscopy, and saw a surgeon. They all act like this is no big deal, while I feel like it's the worse pain I've ever been through. At least I know I'm not alone and I'm not crazy.

      I plan to try the coconut oil after reading all the posts about it helping.

      Thanks to all for your posts,

      I'm sane, but in pain

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      Hi Aneyda,

      I'm having this pains since thre weeks ago. I feel like you. I can't go to work. Even stand up to prepare breakfast is painful sad I went to the doctor and he didnt think it was a big deal. Some tablets , lotion and diet. But this last three days have been the worst. I cry because of the pain. 

      After reading all your comments I'm going to try the coconut oil, to check if I Improve. But seriusly I can't stand the pain. I have no idea what else to do.

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      I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this pain. I'm a 26 year old male and this is the worst pain I've ever encountered. It scared me a little bit but I had someone recommend magnesium citrate to me which is the same as dulcolax but it works faster after taking it 3 days later I was completely healed and now I still watch my diet but I've had no more problems for about a year now it works and I recommend it to anyone I didn't have to do anything special but take the magnesium citrate

      Hope this helps

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