How uncomfortable is an endoscopy???

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Those of you who have had one, please describe the procedure. I'm wondering if it would be bearable for me. Drinking barium (for a barium swallow) was pretty bad for me. Are you fully sedated during the endoscopy? Can you feel anything? What about afterwards? Any side effects?

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    I had endoscopy about 5 years ago, needle in back of hand, and then nothing, they give you enough sedation so you are completely out of it, Oh forgot nasty tasting spray in mouth at the same time as the needle. 

    Woke up with a slightly sore throat, but I was warned that might be the case afterwards.

    No side effects at all. 

    My diagnoses was acidosis, or angry stomach, given Nexium, but found after that diet was my friend rather than drugs.

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      Dear Lyn, 

      Thanks for your response. What symptoms were you getting and how are they now? I heard good things about Nexium but of course it must be combined with diet and lifestyle changes for optimum results. I'm in the process of doing tests to figure out what is wrong with me. Been having ongoing stomach troubles for months. I get bloating, gas, indigestion, upset stomach, occasional loose stool and most recently a very mild/dull burning sensation in my stomach. My doctor thinks it's acid related. From what i've read, i think it could possibly be gastritis

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      Did you feel like throwing up during the endoscopy?
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      Pretty good generally, but I have to be careful with what I eat.

      ?Red meat for dinner no a NO NO, give me the most shocking pain and discomfort

      ?Chocolate - not so nasty, but my stomach doesn't like it.

      ?Cinnamon - mixed Spice, ie hot cross buns, YUM YUM, and I pay the price for eating them, but I can have a small amount for breakfast, but not much later in the day.

      ?GARLIC - put this in capitals as this is my worse nightmare, I like it but have been caught out, so even a very small amount NIGHTMARE does no do it justice.

      Onions, have to make sure they are well cooked.

      ?Can eat tiny amount of Chilli, surprising even to me, indian lady told me that their family and friends do not suffer from gastritis, it works, but don't like the flavour or the heat very much, put some in my afghan stew, (vegetable stew), along with coriander, cumin, turmeric, YUM YUM, all the greens, incl cabbage, onions, carrots, celery, parsnip, tin of crushed tomatoes, very little extra fluid, if any needed, chicken stock, no potatoes, put all in slow cooker and let it go for about 4 hours. Family also likes it. I call it stew, because its almost to thick to be a soup, but if you added more stock it could also be a soup.

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    I had light sedation for my endoscopy so I was awake for my procedure.  However, within 24 hours I had severe depression that lasted two weeks, went away and then came back for a third week.  No one warned me that this could happen.  There is not much online about this side effect.  I only realised that this is a known problem when I got spam mail through the post about cosmetic procedures which taked about different types of sedation that are available for these surgeries.  This is when I read I had been given twlight sedation which is known to cause depression for two weeks, then a remission and then depression again. I was no even told what type of sedation I was getting.  I was fobbed off when I complained that my symptoms were unsual and that I had seemed to handle the procedure at the time.  But I hadn’t. As soon as I felt the tube going down my throat, I felt a sensation of panic and a desire to scream but I couldn’t because I was sedated. I felt upset that I hadn’t been able to react like this.
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      I am so sorry that you went through that. I am really trying to avoid doing the endoscopy even though i know it would probably give the most conclusive result. Do you think a MRI or blood test would work for diagnosing stomach problems? I dont think a MRI can see inside the stomach right?? only the exterior? Can blood work give an indication of whats going on inside the stomach? 

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      Getting diagnostic tests can be a nightmare for me because I am hyper sensitive to hospital drugs and medications my GP may prescribe.because of my Aspergers.

      An abdominal MRI scans the organs inside your abdomen and a blood test can test liver and pancreas enzymes to see what organs are causing pain but it will not give a diagnosis.  You could ask for a CT as well.

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    I had an endoscopy a few days ago under sedation.  I was offered a throat spray as well and declined. I would take it if I have another scope as it helps stop the gaging when the tubes is inserted. 
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      Thank you. I would definitely ask for the spray if i go. 

      Do people throw up during? I am guessing you have to fast from the day before. 

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      I had my endoscopy in the morning but did not have to fast from the day before.


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      I had mine at 9am, was told not to eat for six hours and not drink for two and half hours beforehand. 
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      I think it depends on whether you have light or heavy sedation.
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      I had mine at 3pm so only had to fast from 7am for food and 4hrs later for drinks, but you can have clear liquid with no milk. I have just got slight croaky voice today but no sore throat. Depending what procedure is for, it only takes 10mins. if having throat spray you can't drink for 20mins after recovery time.

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