Hydro dilation job done

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just to update. job done today. appointments per sport massage to relax the joint at 9am

then at 2.45pm attended bupa hospital. first injection was a anaesthetic to numb the shoulder joint.

waited 5 mins. then he placed a needle directed in to the joint. studied the image then injected dye in to the joint. then more anaesthetic into the joint then a long term steroid.

then the finally it was like a cigar size tube of saline injection he told me it would be sore as it went in. you can feel the arm leaving the body in a good way.

no worse than a zinger we have.

it took 20 mins. i felt 3 pops and tears. job done. now at home post 3 hours.


please if you read this please look into this as its job done for me and i hope for you.

exercise every hour light duty for a week thats it non evasion

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    thats the damage done. not a lot. at home pain free full movement.

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      where do you live ans what kind of dr performed this?

      i read about it when i had fs but couldn't find anyone in the us to do it

      all the drs i saw wanted to just sedate and crank... and no one that i know personally that had that done was it a good idea for

      i found the most help from physiotherapits from Canada or GB

      postings online with informational videos and slight exercises

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      hi hdj

      wow first night pain free.zero pain and full movement. just woke up a new person.

      i live in London England.

      bupa health care team had two surgeons on the go doing it.

      i cannot believe no one in the USA advocates this procedure . the pain post was as bad as a bee sting for 3 hours. now this morning 18 hours later all pain has gone and started exercise with over head claps and stretching


      will keep up dating everyone and post pics of joint when i get the dvd of the minor operation


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      just in case the person i saw was orthapedic surgeon nick saw. he comes up on google. upper body specialist sand a very skilled surgeon

      he hands you over to his operating team to do it. i could have seen him and had it done in 3 days.

      holiday to london this year is it lol


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    sorry so happy. today there was not a cloud in the sky. in the UK its a blue sky day.

    just how i feel. even my wife commented on the cloud has lifted above my head.

    when i put on me tee shirt and jumper usually its slow and purposeful. today its just as normal.

    life is good once more. second shoulder done now FS leave me alone.

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      glad you're sorted Colin. Sounds like you got a fantastic result. my second fs is def at freezing stage and feels like tooth ache constantly in my arm. I just hated the dialation . it wasnt painful just the weirdest sensation like your arm is going to explode with the liquid 😕 wish they could knock me out for it doing!!

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      Hi Sam

      thanks for the reply. and agreed

      yes really weird in a kind of painful but not way. boy did he pump some fluid into it.

      rule 1 never open your eyes when you are laying there as he is standing there with the biggest needle i have ever seen. it seemed slightly more brutal this time. with the amount of fluid he put in. it felt a lot balloony as he did it.

      kind of filled the capsule then that arm leaving the body experience

      had blue sky here now since i had it done. just how i feel. back to work today fitting kitchens lol

      no rest for the wicked.


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    Wow!!!! This is frickin' fantastic! I am super glad you posted the photos. I had asked my GP about hydrodilation, (I'm in the States) and he said "it wasn't proven effective"! Now, they did push in a lot of steroid -- I wonder if that is kind of the same? In any case, I am super glad this worked for you!!

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    Sadly no steroid is NOT the same and keywords (I AM IN THE STATES) - So frustrating!!! I did so much reading and research when I had FS (still have some affects from it) and it is frustrating that other countries (namely UK and Canada) are so much more progressive in these areas for things like this. There is another recent post on this forum of someone who did major documentation when they had frozen shoulder and then again when they had it four years later on the other shoulder and how those went... very interesting. I found that when I just gave in to the fact that it was going to last a year (or so) and stopped obsessing over it and trying therapy that hurt etc... that at least mentally, I was better. I actually wished I had not had the steroid shot (I had one).... while it might help with pain there is evidence that it also slows healing... so????

    It really is a painful and frustrating thing to endure and I am glad that there are people finding solutions and maybe sometime in the future the US will catch up to the rest of the world!

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      tell ya something

      if there is any one in the USA wanting it done. knowing how painful it is. i would collect ya from london and take you to the rivers hospital.

      from the tube line its 45 min drive.

      see him wednesday . pre book it for friday pm. job done.

      and you get to see london as well lol


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      HDJ --

      I know! It's such a tricky tightrope to walk, since there are a lot of quacky "cures" out there, and it's hard to know which ones are for real and which ones are trying to take advantage of our desperation. I'm just so glad Colin found relief. I've been following his story, and it's just so darn great to hear a success.

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      aawwrrr cheers for that.

      i have read all the posts. like every one been on google and studied outcomes. tried different things.

      at the moment shaved top half of chest lol. wife hates it. it means treatment is 100% positive on muscles.

      have sports tape on both shoulders to support the healing. kind of an american football player.

      as with you trying me best to showcase different treatments. and if needed help others in our kind of " pain gang ".

      and as i said earlier due to what i had done its so non evasive and the USA does not do it. hand on heart i would help people to do it here. hey exchange rate is good for you.

      seeing a surgeon tomoz. for work sake.

      will keep everyone updated


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