hypertention meds side effect is hell. i take them off!!

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i was rushed in the hospital last to weeks because my bp elevated to 180/100 the reason. i was exposed to extreme heat.i dont drink to much water and more coffee. after 3 to 4 hrs at the hospital they send me home and told to do some lab test. they prescribe me with amlopidine 10mg after few days worst side effect i encounter feeling weak,palpitation,hotflush leg cramps.dizziness and blurry vision i cant even walk properly. i try to stop the med couple of days and guess what i feel great! then i go for lab test ecg normal fbs 6.64 creatinine 1.49mg/dl. i go to a new dr and they told me to lower the amlopidine to 5mg and they add losartan 50mg.. since i took those med it get worse i feel totally weak and anxious.. so i go for another new dr and she remove the 2 meds and gave me nifedipine 5 mg only.. i feel a litte better but dizziness and leg cramps occur always. i was not active for the past few months and not on the diet.5’7 185.. my normal bp 135-140/75-90 when no meds.. its my 3rd day with nifedipine and i dont like the side effect as well..!Now im doing the dash diet less salt intake more fruits more water.. i Remove my meds 4 days ago and i feel fine just a little dizzy and weak but not as worse as im taking those meds.. i doing exercise daily from my weight is down by 7. may normal bp now wil range to 115-130/70-85. i eat raw garlic daily i wonder if i continue doing like this it will be normal i followed the dash diet. how can i remove the lightheadedness and dizziness and little weak is it the side of the meds or the side effect of the diet?

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    by the way im 35 and im doing diet and brisk walking now how long will the side effect of these meds stay in my system.


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    Anthony, I am not a doctor, but it seems crazy to me that your doctors have you on medicine if your blood pressure without medicine is running 135-140/75-90. Especially if your new normal is 115-130/70-85 - that is definitely right where your numbers should be. Do your doctors know what these numbers are without medicine? 

    I' wondering if your blood pressure is running high at the doctor's office, and that is why they are pushing medicine on you. That would be the white coat syndrome kicking in, where your anxiety or stress of being at the doctor's office, or even just in the process of getting there (you know...traffic, being on time, etc.) is pushing those numbers up at the office.

    I don't know much about specific medications, just that the medicine I had when I discovered the joys of high blood pressure (a little sarcasm there!) but I remember the side effects making me decide to lower the pressure naturally. My doctor also warned me about making sure my blood pressure didn't go too low. Is it possible that you were getting dizzy because your blood pressure was dipping too low? Just a thought.

    If you haven't already done so, make sure your doctors know your blood pressure numbers are normal without the medicine now. Ask them if you can stop the medicine. How would you feel about looking for yet another doctor and getting another opinion?

    Make sure on the dash diet that you are getting enough protein & carbs as well as the fruits...basically a well-rounded diet to keep up the energy. Limiting the processed foods and cooking from scratch is the easiest way I've found of watching the sodium.

    One more thought...Are you getting enough sleep? Sleep is a great healer, and you should get about 7 hours a night. It affects blood pressure as well.

    Anywho...good luck! I hope you continue to feel better without the medicine! Your numbers seem to be right where they should be, so I hope how you actually feel follows that example!


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      Hi lubyj2 thank you for your reply! I hope that i will be okey i check my bp now its 113/66 i did not take any meds 4 days now. I get enough sleep but the problem is i wake up every 2-3 hrs i dont know why then i go to sleep again.. i cant get the straight sleep just like before. I eating veggies and fish and more fruits and water less salt and sugar.. but the foggy feeling still there and lighthead feel a little weak and blurry vision but much better compared to when im taking meds. i dont know if its the side effect of the medicine that i took withdrawing in my system. I will inform my last dr regarding this and hope we can find a way how to get rid of this side effect.
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    anthony83481...I'm certainly not a doctor, but I don't think a bp reading of 180/100 is an emergency. Yes, it's high;t here's no denying that, but I honestly don't think it's an emergency situation. If the numbers were say 200 or so, then you've got a problem. You did say you were exposed to extreme heat. Usually when someone is experiencing extreme heat, their bp drops,w hich is why they may faint. You were given 10mg Amlodipine. The 10mg may have been too strong for you...whereas perhaps 5mg might have done the trick. When you were in the Emergency, was your bp monitored. A lot of times 1 reading isn't enough to warrant prescribing bp lowering medication. I've read over your post once again, & see the Amlodipine was reduced to 5mg, & Losartan was prescribed as well. My mind is boggling as to why you are suddenly on TWO bp lowering medications. You didn't state your age, but 135-140/75-90 isn't anything to be concerned about unless of course you are in your 20's. Remember, bp will fluctuate by the minute.

    You have stopped the medications...with your doctor's approval I hope. I'd be very inclined to keep a record of your bp readings, & show them to the Dr. Maybe you don't need bp medications after all, but do report your dizziness & lightheadedness to the Dr.  Please let me know how you get on.

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      hi mike thank you for replying!

           by the way im 35 and still continue my diet and exercise.. i stop the nifedipine 4 days ago without mg dr permission..and i always monitor my bp. its 111/67 some time it will go high 135/80 most of the time its below 130/90. it was very hot that day i havent eat anything i just drink coffee lack of sleep as well my bp went 180/100 i experience shortness of breathe and warm in my face and body. they check my ecg its normal at sugar level normal as well they monitor my bp and its going down maybe i was in panic mode thats why my bp went up. but since i took the meds they gave me i experience the horrible side effect of those med. till now slight dizzines pain in arm and legs foggy mind blurry vision but much better compared to when im taking meds. i dont know if this is side effect of the med or with the diet that im doing or anxiety the lowest bp i had 103/60.i doing little exercise now since i feel weak i dont want to pressure my self. now i dealing with this anxiety i've read that is one of the side effect as well..not sure if its true.

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      anthony83481...I'm hoping that just drinking coffee isn't your normal routine for the day.Coffee is fine to a degree, but too much isn't good. Lack of sleep always makes us sluggish. Considering you hadn't eaten anything, on top of experiencing heat, it isn't any wonder your bp spiked to 180/100. Your ecg & sugar levels were fine, & when monitoring our bp it wass going down. Panic will drive up the numbers, that's a known fact. Still & all, I do not encourage anyone to stop meds without consulting their doctor. Unless you yourself are a Dr., you're not qualified to make such a judgement. If your bp monitor is accurage, then your readings seem to be fine. 111/67 is ok, but ask about that low bottom number. 135/80 most of the time is very good...& don't let anyone tell you differently. 

      Just exactly what diet are you doing? You must eat in a healthy fashion...low fat, low sodium...well balanced., & exercise is always helpful. 

      Let me know how it goes.

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      hi mike its my 5th day without meds today lightheaded minimal blurred vision is much better my bp for the whole day 110-125/70-85.. my diet is low sugar low sodium more veggies and fish and addidtional fruit after meal like banana or apple. i move more like doing a car wash. dribbling the ball just to make sweat i sleep early now and wake up early for a morning walk and stretching.. still feel a bit dizzy but its tolerable.. i can run now a little unlike before when im taking the meds muscle cramp and joint pain kills me. i hope this will continue so i can live a normal life again.
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      anthony83481...Hey Bud...sounds to me like you really don't need bp meds., but do continue to monitor the readings. You don't have to keep taking the readings...2x daily is plenty. I would still suggest you consult your Dr. 

      The exercise regime you're doing is great...lots of good healthy food, proper rest at night. You even say that the lightheadedness isn't as bad,nor is the sight.

      Good on you. Let me know how it goes.

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      I'm so glad to hear you're doing so much better!

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      Thanks lubyj2 hope we all find a way how to treat this side effects off all meds its making us more ill if not properly recommended. I've read about the dash diet and exercise its one of the natural way how to lower your bp . Plus eating foods like veggies fish less salt and sugar.. i think garlic help me also i eat raw garlic at more water i loose weight also one of the recommended treatment in hypertension. How bout you lubyj2? Hope your doin fine.

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      Hello again, Anthony! 

      I was reading your conversation with Mike92384, and am glad to see your progress. Congrats!

      Out of curiosity, after re-reading your first post, I thought I'd look up a couple things like how long the medicines stay in your system. From what I could tell, the amlodipine stays in your system from 7 - 10 days, which makes total sense since your symptoms seem to be getting a bit better each day.

      And guess what! One of the symptoms of that medicine is exactly what you experienced! I'll post a link to what I found. Your side effect of not being able to walk properly was one of them...and was on the rare symptom  list. It was listed as unsteadiness and awkwardness, and also "weakness in arms, hands, legs or feet." The list is actually ridiculously long - I think longer than any side-effects list I've seen! The info is from the Mayo Clinic, so it should be reliable. Here's the link: https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/amlodipine-oral-route/side-effects/drg-20061784 ;

      The other medicine, the nifedipine looks like it stays in your system just a few hours after your last dose. 

      I hope that dizziness continues to be less and less. That must be really frustrating! If it doesn't go away soon, you should make sure your doctor knows about it, because it could be from something else. But with the timeline so far of when you quit that amlopidine and  your symptoms decreasing, that the medicine is the culprit.

      And yes! I'm doing just fine, Anthony. Thanks for asking! wink Just trying to stay cool in the 107 degree Arizona heat!

      Have a great day!

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      wow very informative link lubyj2! it helps a lot to me.same as with the others who suffer from the side effect of the medicine maybe if they can read this they will be aware of the side effects. its my 1oth dayswithout meds still continue with the diet. pain in the arm is reduced almost gone. diziness a little bit.still monitoring my bp right now its 117/75 pulse 71. still doing little exercise.stretching and push up hope it will continue this way. maybe if we keep on thinking positive thats what will happen to our body.. our body will heal by itself and it will take time. all we have to do is to help our body recover faster by doing the right thing. over thinking of our illness can make us more weak and illed. i know its not easy specially when anxiety attack or panic. hope everyone here will find way how to recover faster. thank you lubyj2 for this link. keep healthy and hydrated since its very hot there in your place.
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    its my 7th day without meds still feeling well. still on a diet and exercise sometimes i feel dizzy but it will passed within few minutes bp today 117/77 pulse 77. but still feeling tired so quick maybe some of the meds still on my system.
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      anthony83481...good work! A bp reading of 117/77 is great..but don't let it get too low. You also stated the dizzy feeling passes within a few min. That's good too. Keep up the good work!!!

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      thanks mike 8th day no meds still doin fine just a bit dizzy after meal.. still continue with the diet and exercise and some massage session for blood circulation bp still stay 119/81.hope your doin fine buddy.

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