I am having a bad sinus infection and post nasal drip for about two months

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Hi. I have an ongoing sinus infection for about two months. I never had fever but had a period of pain in my sinuses. I have a white thick post nasal drip. I went to an ENT doctor and he prescribed me Augmentin for ten days and it didn't work. Then, he switched it to Levaquin and it has been 7 days and I still have the same problem. If both of these antibiotics failed, does it mean it is not bacterial?

I have a CT scan scheduled for Thursday. I will ask doctor for a culture test.

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    mine started off exactly the same, 15 months ago.

    For along time i only had sinus pain and non-stop white postnasal drip. I tried everything;

    1. Kimichi up the nose
    2. Baby shampoo
    3. Rounds of antibotics (even a drip in the hospital)
    4. Garlic / Ginger / Primrose oil
    5. Every supplement you can think of
    6. Steroid drops / Sprays
    7. Different diets no carbs no dairy etc
    8. allergy tablets such as allgra
    9. nasal rinses
    10. scented oil steam Inhalation
    11. Ive even had a rotton tooth pulled out incase that was causing my problems

    Ive uno numro tests done, bloods, sinus CT scans... nothing but Dust allergy and some other mild food allergys

    Around the 12 month mark i started belching after eating, then before long i had a constant dull ache under my left rib / back, regurgitating my food. Over the counter proton pump inhibitors help a little bit, but not a 100 percent. Im back in the doctors thursday asking to see a stomach specialist or have a CT of that section. I go lightheaded sometimes dont feel like im here, and struggle to concentrate.

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      Hi Danny,

      Sorry to heat that. Mine started with pharyngitis due to HSV. It was my initial infection and doctors told me initial outbreak will be in throat/tonsils. My sore throat cleared but my sinus conditions didn't change. I had a weird feeling in throat but it cleared up with antibiotics but my sinus remains the same. I just texted my doctor and he says I have to be on antibiotics longer.

      I think I know what is causing it. I went to public pool during the HSV outbreak. Pools can have Staph bacteria and a sore my lead to infection. I'll have a scope and CT scan on Thursday. I will keep you posted.

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      Hey danny,

      Thanks for sharing, I also have digestive issues like gastritis.

      Now I can correlate with that.

      I will try to follow what is given in that website, Especially life style change and will see if my Sinus problem goes away.

      I know it will take time, But hope to get positive results.

      Thank you again.

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      Hey Danny,

      Thanks; I'm recovering. They found MRSA in my sinuses. I am on Bactrim and mupirocin (nasal rinse). I feel a lot better even though I am not completely normal. I can sleep a lot better and breath through my nose. I am seeing the doctor tomorrow. He told me If I don't recover with Bactrim, he may put me on Linezolid.

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    Hey Sickguy,

    My chronic sinusitis problem started with influenza.

    Same story as yours, not any antibiotics could help, But one thing which helped me is nasal saline wash with medicines in it, Like antibiotics, antifungals, mucolytics and steroids.

    Good thing about it is you use it in neti pot, so the systemic side effects is less.

    But I would suggest you ask your doctor to have culture, both for bacteria and fungus.

    If that is normal then you can think about viral or allergic causes.

    It is good to know the exact cause and treat it.

    All the best for Thursday. and let us know what did your doctor said.

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      I did an allergy test and I'm allergic to some foods. I don't have any allergies that will cause sinus issues. I will definitely ask for a culture test for bacteria and fungi. I had this weird feeling in one side of my sinus, feeling like there is a lump or something. That feeling almost cleared since I started Levaquin but no improvement in sinus congestion and post nasal drip. I will keep y'all posted.

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      CT scan showed clear sinuses except sphenoid sinus which had some mucus in it (3.5 mm thick mucus). Doctor says it's unlikely bacteria is causing my problems. He ignored to do a culture test as the test is insensitive.

      He prescribed a nasal spray to reduce mucus production. I will use it for a week and see him again to see what's going on. My symptoms got a bit better with Levaquin but he said he would not prescribe another course of antibiotics as he found it unnecessary.

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      Hey Sickguy,

      I am happy that it s nothing serious.

      Most probably due to allergy or inflammation.

      Any antihistamine or allergic medicine will work fine.

      The key is to eat and drink healthy and keep your sinuses draining, so it doesn't get infected.

      You can try saline nasal wash.

      All the best.

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      Hey Jello11520,

      I did a culture test from my Sphenoid sinuses and it grew MRSA. Doctor said the strain of MRSA I have is susceptible to Bactrim. He prescribed me 14 days of Bactrim.


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      Hi Jello,

      Thanks; I feel a lot better now even though the infection didn't clear up completely. It is my 14th day on Bactrim and I am seeing my ENT doctor tomorrow. He may put me on Linezolid to completely clear the infection.

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      Hey Sickguy189,

      I am happy that you feel a lot better,

      And thank you for updating us.

      If you feel better after taking linezolid then please do inform us.

      We can ask our ENT to do the same.

      Thank you and congrates.

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      Hey Jello,

      Thanks; I saw my ENT doctor today and he ordered another culture test. I will get the results Tuesday. If MRSA is still present, he will put me on Linezolid. He said he doesn't want to prescribe me Linezolid without culture test results because this medicine is very expensive and it's reserved for the cases where Bactrim cannot clear the infection. I am also taking Mupirocin in my nasal rinse solution. He told me to use it for two more weeks (I started using it a week ago).

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