I am really worried that it maybe graves hyperthyroidism

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I am needing to check with someone about a thyroid problem but am out of the country and was working until 3 months ago. I have been loosing energy over this year. I got a doctors check here in vietnam and they said I have basedow-graves disease and hyperthyroidism.

I am worried their is a translation barrier. My mother has hypothyroidism.

She believed my doctor maybe got it wrong and i had same as her because said that hyperthyroidism makes you more nervy and loose a lot of weight.

9 months ago i did loose weight and had a lot of loose stools and hives but wasnt sure if it was just allergies being in Asia. 

I  later had some skin diseases and just aches and tired feeling. some blurred vision.

Then 5 months ago i put on a lot of weight more than ever before. I have also suffered constipation. so i can look at both conditions and pick out symptoms on both lists.

How can i decide what i have. can i only rely on a doctor who speaks not good english?

My first test was a blood test :

TSH (ECLIA-Roche)   (0.270-4.2)  0.102   low they said

I suffer from anxiety and the doctor said stress caused these problems.

I had an ultrasound where scanned my thyroid and the man said they looked normal.A second doctor said that she thought not too abnormal.

The main doctor said dont worry its not cancer. she gave me another test

The TSH Receptor antibody (TRAb)    3.89 High (,1.22 IU/L>

I was put onto medicine

thyrozole 10 mg

peopeanolve 40 mg

one each a day

another blood test for 4 weeks time. 

I am more worried about having graves disease and hyperthyroidism.

do you have any ideas? 

Also if it were graves, hyperthyroidism, is their any cures and or help?



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    Hi James.Your test results do indicate hyperthyroidism and it looks as if your doctor has put you on the correct medication.Hopefully after a couple of weeks on this medication you will begin to feel a bit better.When you get your next test results post them on this board and someone will be able to help you further.There is no cure for the problem but you can keep it under control.Regards Nonita
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      Thank you. 

      I will also post the complete results ive had up to date. I have more different kinds in 4 weeks time. My doctor is not contacting me I think because without those tests maybe cannot tell me anything new.

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    James .. you have come to a good place for help ..

    In order to get the correct help you will need a printed copy of all your blood results including the ones in brackets 

    The blood results are yours so the doctor must give them to you

    You must print them out in their entirety  including the numbers within brackets  .. those are the ranges that show where YOU are ..

    I have Graves’ disease but I am now Euthyroid .. Normal 

    Please don’t worry too much .. although they say Graves cannot be cured I can ASSURE you that when in a Euthyroid state   You certainly feel normal and it’s oretty easy to keep in controlled from there .. really ... many of us do this ..

    BUT IT IS VITAL TO HAVE  THESE RESULTS ..  including antibody tests results .. okay ?

    I will reply to you in more depth in a few hours .. as I am working now ..

    Luv mx🌹

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    Of course if you have Graves’ disease there are  things that you can take  to make you well

    again ...

    You should be put in an Anti- thyroid drug  in UK  it could be Carbimazole ... that over a short period should make your thyroid hormone reduce drastically !

    I was given this initially at 20mg per day for a couple of months  then down to 10mg per day  then slowly down to 5mg per day ...

    This got me to a good level .. but the hormone is still very active within the body and the feeling of stress is not entirely gone fir a little while longer .. don’t worry  tho it’s working ......

    Next Yiu should consider taking 

    Very vital minerals , vitamins and nutrients  to replace all those that your body has lost whilst you have been running at 100 miles an hour with Graves ..


    B Complex


    D3  ..to be taken with   K2 mk7


    Replacing those and others too

    Will make it easier fir you to stay in a Euthyroid state and therefore stay well

    Graves is an auto immune disease  which means your immune system has started to attack your normally healthy Thyroid Gland ... 

    it is not the fault of your Thyroid Gland ..

    80% if our Immune system is in our Gut .. and so  that is where many of us believe we should start to appease the Immune system by feeding it all the things it needs to be healthy and stop it from attacking our Thyroids  or any other organs hopefully ..

    If you are in Vietnam perhaps it might also be a good idea to visit a Chinese Doctor  or Naturopath 

    Who are absolutely wonderful at treating the body and Immune and Endicrine Systems

    Although using the Antithyroid drug initially would help immensely to get things in line  first..

    God luck


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      Thank you for the reply and all the information. Because i wasnt able to work more than part time a year, and also the last 3 months not working as my school closed I think it will be hard for me to come back to UK just now.My family were thinking i was lazy. I was already finding it hard because have arthritis in both hips from old sports accident, which is why i got into teaching.

      I realise as i was finding i had too many classes, 44 a week that i started on a bad path of fatty meats, 9 coffees a day and drinking alcohol not often but in binging when i did. The last year i was stuck in hostels , noisy. Now im in a hotel ,i get some sleep, im eating just one good meal, chicken and potatoes, and water and fruit. I cut out coffee, alcohol altogher. This doctor made me do squats, and hold hands out. i wasnt twitching and did it okay. I did have some pains on side of left hand almost like from a nerve problems. I am 39. I also had burning sensation on feet, and pins and needles. 

      So the first blood test tested all like diabetes, cholesterol and the man who gave me ultrasound sais that sometimes test results can be a little high or low, not perfect.


      T (ECLIA-Roche) (0.84-2.02)    1.33      ng/ml

      FT4 (ECLIA –ROCHE) (0.932-1.71)  1.01  ng/dL

      TSH (ECLIA-Roche)    (0.270-4.2)    0.102 Uiu/Ml  (this one was low)

      2ND of February


      Then I had another blood test same laboratory

      TSH Receptor Antibody (TRAb)      3.89  H   (<1.22 IU/L)

      Anti Thyroglobulin (Roche)     39.84    (<34 Ul/mL)

      Anti Microsomal (TPOAb) (Roche)   13.10   (<34 Ul/mL)


      5th of February

      In 4 weeks I will have blood tests




      4-Cong three man


      6-anti TRAb

      I couldnt find a way to minimise the photo of tests and i also couldnt read very well the vietnamese doctors handwriting. sorry.


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      Well done for printing your results and although I could hazard a guess ....I would prefer if my friend Linda187  .. who is a whizz at interpreting results  had a look .. because  of the time difference ...she won’t be along for  a few hours yet .. but she WILL help you .. believe me ..

      I get what you said about feeling lazy before my Graves’ disease nobody could have stopped me ! But Graves rendered me exhausted .. and by midday, every day ,  I was miserable .. craving my bed and sleep which was impossible as although I was exhausted  I had no means of replenishing my energy .. as my body was using everything vital up !!

      That is why 

      You should sit down and Google the vitamins and minerals I suggest 

      Like this :....

      Magnesium deficiency / Graves’ disease 

      B12 deficiency / Graves’ disease 

      This will give you an insight into the things that Graves has robbed  you of !

      ..... and   That you MUST REPLACE  .......  In order that you start to feel like your OLD self 

      ...only then will you be able to BALANCE  your body again 

      And Replenish your Immune System  with all that it has lost 

      Some people use the Antithyroid drug .. get the numbers to a good level.... even becoming Euthyroid ...  only to go right back to Graves

      State again because the Immune System is still in a state of  “attack “   

      I wish you luck ..


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    By the way just reading your list again

    I can associate with your pins and needles and also the pain on side of your hand .. I also suffered those symptoms .. but slowly slowly after Carbimazole  those started to clear again  

    Incredibly ,  replacing Potassium 

    Can make a huge difference too

    Read the significance of Magnesium for Graves and B12

    Your changes to your diet  will help you enormously !!  Well done

    Best of luck James ..


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      Thank you again for the information and I appreciate you contacting your friend Liz to help interpret my results.

      I think you really went through a tough time of it. 

      well done for getting through it.

      I still have more tests in 4 weeks, im not on the carbimazole drug yet. 

      I am low on funds, so im just eating chicken, mash potatoe, plenty of honey for B vitamins, nuts when i can get for minerals. fruits for it too and water.

      I thought i would see the next 4 weeks how these drugs do, and maybe try a little teaching in a week or two if feeling more energy. 

      Then see in 4 weeks if the tests find anything new and I will post these results here.

      If im about the same feeling of lack of energy, i will maybe have to look at going back UK for the drug you recommended to manage the graves. ive been like this for 10 months already. 

      Thank you

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      sorry i forgot to ask,

      (D3  ..to be taken with   K2 mk7)

      Is there some food or drink that has this already?    Is it vit D and K?

      Or is it only in pharmacy?

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      I know you mentioned Carbimazole.

      I was given thiazole I think its called.  I dont know if its doing the same thing as the doctor said i had basedow-graves and hyperthyroid so i imagine it may be. 


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      SORRY Hanes didn’t explain 

      D3  siftgels are best take high dose I’ll telk you later as I’m not home .. but in order for  the D3 to do its work it should be taken

      With K2 mk7  as it direct the D3 to bones  for the aid of calcium and magnesium locks it in there

      You can read all that if you do a bit of research ..

      K2 is a small white tablet

      And already has mk7   Within

      You can buy  K2  mk7  online 

      I buy from Amazon 

      I wouldn’t bother with vitamin drinks ... but the best quality and high dose of vitamins

      B12  should ALWAYS BE  taken sublingually   Ie under the tongue as it works faster into the blood vessels there  .. and not through the stomach..

      Always if possible take D3 

      with oil as it works better    Butter even ..  I take coconut oil !


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      Thank you for the ideas.

      I was just reading walnuts are very good because of their selenium content. 

      There are more wilder ideas of old recipes of the paper dividers in walnuts being boiled or soaked in alcohol for 21 days and consumed before 3 meals, with 2 teaspoons. 

      Im not sure though because of the medicine about taking anything with vodka to try that.

       I am feeling better i think, maybe 2 days of tablets, but also just finding a good quiet place to sleep, proper protein diet and cutting out coffee, alcohol seems to have helped with stress.


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      Hey !!

      You’re beginning to sounds like you’re pretty well up on what to take to better your Immune System and your Poor Thyroid !

      Walnuts are great

      Brazil nuts plain and simple are great too

      But a good high dose Selenium 200mcg  is even better as the selenium in the Nuts rather depends on how good the soil is that they grow in 

      .....So if it’s poor ..... your Nuts aren’t going to be that helpful .. on the other hand..

      good quality high dose Selenium  is going to go exactly where you need it to go !!!

      You sound like you’ve made a huge difference to what you now eat ! Excellent !

      I’m pretty sure your Antithyroid drug will work much the same as Carbimazole .. in USA and Canada it comes with a different name again .. but google it just to be sure 

      Linda 187 will be here shortly for help with your results 

      We’re not allowed to advertise

      But I can give you supplement names and strengths in private message if you like ..

      D3  2000iu

      Magnesium 200mg 2xday

      B1  500mg

      B Complex 

      B12                 1000ug    3xday

      Omega 3,6 and 9 fish oils

      ACIDOPHILUS   40Billion x day 

      That should keep you busy 


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      Thank you.

      I remember when i was going through skin diseases, and thinking i had STD'S and i hadnt, i read a lot about the stomach being so important in so many aspects, and what you put in it. i tried many yogurt kinds.

      The omega's i was wondering to try chia seeds?

      B vit, i was trying natural honey! i love it with yogurt.

      I tried to eat more nuts for copper, pottassium, magnesium.


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