I am worried that I have achalasia

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These past few months I have been feeling like food sticking in my chest and in my throat too. It seems like food moving down slowly. On top of it, I am having bowel issues too like I could never complete bowel movements.

I went for barrium swallow and endoscopy. They are cleared. I will go for the ultimate test, manometry but it will take place in Feb 2019. In the meanwhile, I am worried and stressed out thinking what if my condition get worst.

I really am terrified of getting achalasia. I had read numerous stories about achalasia on this forum, and they scared me to death. I am feeling bad for achalasia sufferers. I am wishing them never have to go through esophagostomy.

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    hi KIM , it is scary having swallow issues and mine is nut cracker esophagus so apparently more rare. i have had surgery for that and of course dor Fundoplication to try and prevent acid reflux but my surgery failed except swallowing is a bit better . i still gurgle with food but eventually it goes down. dont be scared because nerves dont help with this stuff. you will be fine , may never be like you used to in swallowing ares but it beats other diseases that can kill you . i will pray for you . be strong and with your anxiety ask to get manomotry sooner for peace of mind . good luck

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      Thank-you so much Virginia for your kind words. I am praying for you too.

      I have googled your symptoms. What a painful experience must have been for you.

      I am only 38 years old and have these issues. I can't imagine what life will be like in 10 or 20 years from now.

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      hi KIM , well its not easy when i spasm , it scares the dickens out of me . i think im having a heart attack but i drink cold water or cold sour pickle juice and it helps calm it down . i am getting tests again due to my acid reflux surgery failed so im upset but i have to do it . i swallow much better with water after each bite . you will be ok , its a life adjustment but you can manage it . i am sorry your having this so young , i am 57 although not real old but something i never heard of until i got this . i again will keep you in my thoughts , i am so sorry but dont be afraid , your not alone. i have kids your age and i would be heart broken to know this is something they had. im on facebook if you want to keep in touch easier . virginia raaymakers , look for a blond with a livingroom back ground , i have old ones on there ive closed ... best wishes , GINNY

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      It sounds so painful. What kind of tests are you going for? Please let me know the results. What do you think about manometry test? I read about that test, it sounds so painful and uncomfortable to have. I am praying for you.

      I used be a bit happy go lucky type of person but since having these issues had turned me into a nervous wreck. My mom think it's in my head so does my family doctor. It makes me angry and sometimes I think if it get worst, I wish I would just die. Then I feel guilty for thinking negatively because my aunt who died last year, fighting for her life until the last minute.

      Good luck with your test! I will look you up on Facebook.

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      hi again kim, im sorry you feel like that but to be honest I had a moment breakdown today because I had severe attacks again. I went through all this pain and suffering with six cuts in my stomach and sternum and nothing got fixed I hurt just as much having more attacks now than before the surgery I’m very upset I can’t tell the difference between a spasm in my esophagus or acid reflux or whatever’s going on but is bad and I felt like dying today I couldn’t stand it. Don’t worry about what other people think it’s not in your head it’s real and the manometry does not hurt, It’s a little uncomfortable but there is no pain at all. I am getting a CT scan with contrast on my abdomen and esophagus and another barium swallow test to see what’s going on with my esophagus again. GINNY

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      Hi virginia182

      I am sadden to see you suffer so much with this condition. The only thing I can do is to pray for you to get through this difficult time.



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      Sorry to hear that you're having so much pains.

      Please keep me posted about your tests. I am praying for you.

      Thanks so much for your encouragement.

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    I can relate to your feeling . I am also scared of achalasia. Like you I have problem with swallowing due to occasional reflux at the the throat. The part that got tense for me is at the neck muscle. I am on 40mg pantoprazole . I think my throat is healing right now but slow.

    I think you are ok if they found nothing wrong with the barium swallow and endoscopy. I am still feeling food is stuck to my throat but it is getting better. Your throat will heal if you don't run into more refluxes. The bowel is probably is another issue. I do have problems with constipation due to ppi and taking Gaviscon at night. I am drinking water 1.5 hrs in between meals and I heard that the water will push the stools forward in the colon to make room for stools from other meals. Our biggest enemy is anxiety itself, and it is not easy to keep calm. I am still coping. I hope you are doing Ok.

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      kev, its not always the case with one or two test showing nothing because my tests were good until i took the manomotry test and it showed nut cracker es... swallowing issues are just that so the manomotry is where you get true answers , it measures contractions to where the others just show food goes down . anyway just wanted to make others aware so they dont give up and not get a proper diagnoses which can be bad if its not dealt with early on. good luck to you .

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      I am glad the medication is working for you. I don't think your issue is achalasia but more acid reflux. I know this lady whose acid reflux went away after she meditate. The thing with achalasia is that it would never go away, and there is no treatments for it. Anything have to do with the nerves and muscles, they have no cures.

      At first, they gave me PPI too but it didn't work. I know I have motility issues with my intestines and esophogus too. I would like to find out what kind of issues I have. I just hope it's not achalasia because it will get worst. It's so sad to learn your internal organs don't function anymore.

      I am wishing you a speedy recovery.

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    It is impossible to tell from a forum like this whether you have achalasia or not. What I would say is that sometimes the problems higher up towards your oesophagus and stomach are connected with what is happening lower down, in your bowels. So, meanwhile, and if you have not done so already, it may be worth reviewing your diet, concentrating on food that is not stringy, or which might congeal (eg white bread, rice, tomato skins), ensuring that you drink plenty of water, and that you try and improve the way your bowel movements work.

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    Its horrific 😭😨😰😢

    I'm going through the same same thing.

    I am having the Manometry done in 2 weeks at UCLA.

    My pain is do bad, the Drs were afraid it was Pancreatic cancer. I had an upper barium done, and that was when they saw some spasms. Hopefully its just a small motility problem, and nothing worse. I am diabetic and i have something autoimmune going on like fibro or RA. I just read that achalasia is an auto immune. Also sleeping pills and antacids are an enemy to the esophagus.

    I started having this horrible burn and digging, sharp, pressure in what I thought was my lungs. I was tested for a pulmonary embolism, and Valley fever. I do have 2 IPMN'S in my pancreas, but Drs don't think that's causing my pain.

    I am going to have to drink liquids for now, because thus pain is unbearable, until the Manometry is done. I found celery juice to help alot. I juice a full bunch of celery with a green apple. Celery has magnesium and it relaxes. This is hard problem to have when you are an emotional eater and foodie. Im losing too much weight because I'm not able to eat solids. I don't even think about eating meat or salads. A real killer!!😞😟😖

    Prayers for anyone suffering with esophageal issues. its no joke.

    Love from Los Angeles

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      im so sorry and know ur pain , the surgery failed for me so im hopeless at this time . i will see whats available next after more tests . i read about TIF procedure and wish i knew about it before getting cut up . good luck

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      Sorry to hear that. I don't know why our bodies are acting that way. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and Ginny. I will get manometry in Feb. I am from Canada, free health care hence the long wait. I don't have pains but the food sticking and the bowel movements are so uncomfortable. Things are stuck on both ends. I am worried about my esophogus and the washroom business too.

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      had a CT SCAN but not with contrast , couldnt find a vien after six sticks so had it without so im hoping the dr can still see what hes looking for. MONDAY , get a barium swallow test... i pray i get fixed im still dealing with gurgles in my throat every morning, acid reflux, and limited diet ... im craving pizza so bad lol but thank you for checking on me, GINNY

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      I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you Ginny. I hope the doctor could do something to help with your situation.

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      Hey Ginny,

      How are things with you? I tried to find you on Facebook but couldn't find you. I am sending you positive vibes.

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