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I can't accept that some symptoms are caused by anxiety

Hi all,

Last month I had a testicular scare and since then l haven't felt the same mentally and physically. In the days leading up to the appointment, I was in a state of panic. Felt weak, stomach pains, irregular bowel activity, pain in lower back, amongst other things.

I had my testicle issue checked by 2 different doctors. They both said it definitely wasn't cancer and most likely caused by the tight pants I used to wear. I mentioned the other symptoms and they said I was just highly stressed.

Although I was very relieved it wasn't testicular cancer, I was still concerned about the other issues. I was waking up early, still feeling weak, especially in my legs. When I tried to get back to sleep I would experience a head rush like dizziness. In the space of a week, I went to A&E twice and also my GP twice out of sheer panic. Each and every time, I was told it's stress/anxiety. But for some reason I cannot accept this.

I now no longer feel the testicular pain I had before but my stomach pains, particularly lower down on both sides, seems to have flared up. I'm experiencing constipation and still wake up each and every morning feeling ill and lethargic. I've hardly got an appetite anymore and I've lost a bit of weight which my colleagues have noticed. I've been going in to work but I just don't feel right. I cannot focus or work how I used to. I'm having sleep issues (insomnia) and the bags under my eyes are ridiculous.

Now, thanks to all the google searches on symptoms, I seem to have diagnosed myself with bowel cancer. I've got another appointment on Thursday where I will plead for a blood test and possibly a colonoscopy/endoscopy.

I just haven't felt the same and I can't accept that anxiety is causing all of this physical pain.

Anyone else feel this way too?

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  • ashley16278 ashley16278 jramble

    I felt that way for months. Still do somedays. I try to ignore it. Chalk it all up to anxiety. I go to the dr often. Frequently ask for tests done. I have had a 24 hr holter moniter, 2 ekgs, 2 blood tests, and a chest xray. I was just in today and asked for an mri and ct scan which he said no to. I think i will make my own appt at a neurologist now. I believe it is all anxiety related but until i get all the tests done that i want done i dont think it will go away.

    • Sillymop Sillymop ashley16278

      Hi Ashley I hope you are well!

      I read your reply and I had to respond to you so apologies for not actually replying to the main post.

      I just wanted to offer you some reassurance.

      I have a fast heart beat just as you describe. My anxiety can trigger it and sometimes it can happen even when I am not feeling 'too' anxious.

      My heart feels like it is beating so fast at times I'm amazed it doesn't give out.

      I had an ECG last year (I had a small op and while I was under they noted my pulse sometimes altered so nothing serious.)

      While I have my ECG I had a panick attack. I ended up being taken into the doctors office straight away where he wanted to prescribe nee medication for it.

      I had to explain it was a panick attack and that I did this when panicked. Eventually it slowed and I was allowed to leave.

      You are not alone in your complaint... It is just anxiety

  • ashley16278 ashley16278 jramble

    Just like you, i just can not accept the fact that anxiety causes all these things.

    • jramble jramble ashley16278

      So I'm assuming that all your tests have come back with no bad news?

      Can I ask what you're having trouble with?

      I really don't blame you wanting complete testing. I saw that Life Scan advert on Sky News today and am seriously considering it. They seem to target people over 50 years of age; I'm 33 but if it carries on like this then I think I may have to splash the cash.

      I'm not afraid of dying but I don't want to suffer in the long run when it's too late. If a possible illness can be identified and treated earlier then why not? That's how I see it anyway.

    • ashley16278 ashley16278 jramble

      I randomly had a panic attack in october that has left me with what the drs call sinus tachycardia (fast heart rate) caused from gad. Ive always had anxiety, always been a worrier and this has never happened. Cant have caffeine anymore either. And yes, all of my tests have been normal. I had a high white blood cell count which led me to believe i have cancer but it is only a tad over the norm and the dr says not to worry.

  • maisiemarie123 maisiemarie123 jramble

    Hiya what your saying is all anxiety related symptoms, if you look on google and search anxiety symptoms you will find all the symptoms on there that your worrying about, i suffer with health anxiety too and find it hard to beleive my symptoms are anxiety related but the truth is they are.

    • jramble jramble maisiemarie123

      Thanks for your reply. Believe me, I've been googling for the past month. I'm just finding it hard to accept. I haven't been offered any anxiety medication, was just told to rest and relax with a camomile tea. I've done this and unfortunately I don't feel any better.

      I took time of work to rest but I think it had the opposite effect. I was at home going crazy. Constantly searching symptoms, diagnosing myself with leukaemia, and then lymphoma and all sorts of illnesses that shared some common symptoms. I seem to have developed tinnitus in my right ear so things just seem to be getting worse.

      It has been a month now and I feel as if I'm leaving something more serious to fester while I'm trying to sort my head out. Very desperate times at the moment.

    • jramble jramble ashley16278

      They've never offered but to be honest I've never asked.

      I wanted blood tests and a diagnosis for something other than anxiety I guess.

      Glad your results are all fine. Do you experience any physical pain to make you think you have cancer?

    • ashley16278 ashley16278 jramble

      I experience pain daily. Mostly my left shoulder and left rib cage. Which causes me believe i have a heart issue. But the heart dr said no. I have headaches, and a tingly head feeling. My face also hurts but i had a bad cold and sinusitis so i think that's what that pain is from.

    • Danka420 Danka420 jramble

      Hi there!

      I found a great book that describes in detail why and how these physical symptoms of anxiety are created. Its written by a Doctor called Claire Weekes, she has some great videos on youtube as well that have really helped me to come to terms with what all anxiety can do. It has tortured me for years but I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel because of Claire Weekes, I hope it will help you too!

  • poony poony jramble

    Oh my! This sounds just like me minus the testicles! All of the stomach discomfort u described im experiencing right now. I just woke up contemplating a trip to my dr r er


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