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jramble jramble

I can't accept that some symptoms are caused by anxiety

Hi all,

Last month I had a testicular scare and since then l haven't felt the same mentally and physically. In the days leading up to the appointment, I was in a state of panic. Felt weak, stomach pains, irregular bowel activity, pain in lower back, amongst other things.

I had my testicle issue checked by 2 different doctors. They both said it definitely wasn't cancer and most likely caused by the tight pants I used to wear. I mentioned the other symptoms and they said I was just highly stressed.

Although I was very relieved it wasn't testicular cancer, I was still concerned about the other issues. I was waking up early, still feeling weak, especially in my legs. When I tried to get back to sleep I would experience a head rush like dizziness. In the space of a week, I went to A&E twice and also my GP twice out of sheer panic. Each and every time, I was told it's stress/anxiety. But for some reason I cannot accept this.

I now no longer feel the testicular pain I had before but my stomach pains, particularly lower down on both sides, seems to have flared up. I'm experiencing constipation and still wake up each and every morning feeling ill and lethargic. I've hardly got an appetite anymore and I've lost a bit of weight which my colleagues have noticed. I've been going in to work but I just don't feel right. I cannot focus or work how I used to. I'm having sleep issues (insomnia) and the bags under my eyes are ridiculous.

Now, thanks to all the google searches on symptoms, I seem to have diagnosed myself with bowel cancer. I've got another appointment on Thursday where I will plead for a blood test and possibly a colonoscopy/endoscopy.

I just haven't felt the same and I can't accept that anxiety is causing all of this physical pain.

Anyone else feel this way too?

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  • ashley16278 ashley16278 jramble

    I felt that way for months. Still do somedays. I try to ignore it. Chalk it all up to anxiety. I go to the dr often. Frequently ask for tests done. I have had a 24 hr holter moniter, 2 ekgs, 2 blood tests, and a chest xray. I was just in today and asked for an mri and ct scan which he said no to. I think i will make my own appt at a neurologist now. I believe it is all anxiety related but until i get all the tests done that i want done i dont think it will go away.

    • Sillymop Sillymop ashley16278

      Hi Ashley I hope you are well!

      I read your reply and I had to respond to you so apologies for not actually replying to the main post.

      I just wanted to offer you some reassurance.

      I have a fast heart beat just as you describe. My anxiety can trigger it and sometimes it can happen even when I am not feeling 'too' anxious.

      My heart feels like it is beating so fast at times I'm amazed it doesn't give out.

      I had an ECG last year (I had a small op and while I was under they noted my pulse sometimes altered so nothing serious.)

      While I have my ECG I had a panick attack. I ended up being taken into the doctors office straight away where he wanted to prescribe nee medication for it.

      I had to explain it was a panick attack and that I did this when panicked. Eventually it slowed and I was allowed to leave.

      You are not alone in your complaint... It is just anxiety

  • ashley16278 ashley16278 jramble

    Just like you, i just can not accept the fact that anxiety causes all these things.

    • jramble jramble ashley16278

      So I'm assuming that all your tests have come back with no bad news?

      Can I ask what you're having trouble with?

      I really don't blame you wanting complete testing. I saw that Life Scan advert on Sky News today and am seriously considering it. They seem to target people over 50 years of age; I'm 33 but if it carries on like this then I think I may have to splash the cash.

      I'm not afraid of dying but I don't want to suffer in the long run when it's too late. If a possible illness can be identified and treated earlier then why not? That's how I see it anyway.

    • ashley16278 ashley16278 jramble

      I randomly had a panic attack in october that has left me with what the drs call sinus tachycardia (fast heart rate) caused from gad. Ive always had anxiety, always been a worrier and this has never happened. Cant have caffeine anymore either. And yes, all of my tests have been normal. I had a high white blood cell count which led me to believe i have cancer but it is only a tad over the norm and the dr says not to worry.

  • maisiemarie123 maisiemarie123 jramble

    Hiya what your saying is all anxiety related symptoms, if you look on google and search anxiety symptoms you will find all the symptoms on there that your worrying about, i suffer with health anxiety too and find it hard to beleive my symptoms are anxiety related but the truth is they are.

    • jramble jramble maisiemarie123

      Thanks for your reply. Believe me, I've been googling for the past month. I'm just finding it hard to accept. I haven't been offered any anxiety medication, was just told to rest and relax with a camomile tea. I've done this and unfortunately I don't feel any better.

      I took time of work to rest but I think it had the opposite effect. I was at home going crazy. Constantly searching symptoms, diagnosing myself with leukaemia, and then lymphoma and all sorts of illnesses that shared some common symptoms. I seem to have developed tinnitus in my right ear so things just seem to be getting worse.

      It has been a month now and I feel as if I'm leaving something more serious to fester while I'm trying to sort my head out. Very desperate times at the moment.

    • jramble jramble ashley16278

      They've never offered but to be honest I've never asked.

      I wanted blood tests and a diagnosis for something other than anxiety I guess.

      Glad your results are all fine. Do you experience any physical pain to make you think you have cancer?

    • ashley16278 ashley16278 jramble

      I experience pain daily. Mostly my left shoulder and left rib cage. Which causes me believe i have a heart issue. But the heart dr said no. I have headaches, and a tingly head feeling. My face also hurts but i had a bad cold and sinusitis so i think that's what that pain is from.

    • Danka420 Danka420 jramble

      Hi there!

      I found a great book that describes in detail why and how these physical symptoms of anxiety are created. Its written by a Doctor called Claire Weekes, she has some great videos on youtube as well that have really helped me to come to terms with what all anxiety can do. It has tortured me for years but I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel because of Claire Weekes, I hope it will help you too!

  • poony poony jramble

    Oh my! This sounds just like me minus the testicles! All of the stomach discomfort u described im experiencing right now. I just woke up contemplating a trip to my dr r er

  • lisalisa67 lisalisa67 jramble

    The moment you start accepting it is the moment it starts to calm dow. The oanic heightens every ache and pain. I have health issues. I have panic attacks and gad and no i dont always know the difference at all. I go to the dr. And he tells me, im not sure he even knows. But the level of anxiety we have cause so many false sensations and symptoms and thoughts it. Is hard to know. But when your body is in that heightened feeling you do know thats the anxiety. Before you go to bed you need to do some breathing and calm stuff for yourself. Listen to a book on anxiety or breathing to get some hints. I go on you tube and pick out some calming meditation and do it. This anxiety is like a built in bully and plays mind games and tricks so you need to be very strong and remind yourself during this that it is anxiety and believe in your soul you can manage this and you will come through it. Much easier said then done, but you have to believe in yourself and you must be 100% on board with that you will be okay and it will pass. There are so many theories abiut it and why it happens but some just happen and then the cycle starts. Lucky for the people who never had an anxiety attack, no way they can relate. We are the people who are aware..very aware of our bodies and most definetly bright people who over think. CBT is the most effective at helping. The right pill can be a challenge to find or not become addicted too.try and figure what anxiety rules you have made yourself aling the way, and you have made rules. One of them is that doctors miss things or even though you had it checked twice dr. Missed it. Or researching your fears over and over cause that will help to conquer it. Just examples. Fear is fear its horrible, accepting whats going on, not liking it, but accepting it is suppose to help it calm down. I must feel cursed myself and im really trying to get a manage on it myself and i cant tell kf im waiting for death, maybe wishing someyimes or scared of it. But living in massive anxiety and panic seems so counterproductive..almost funny. We are all so scared something is unhealthy that we sicken outselves worrying and panicking. Ehich feels worse and is more painful then the ailment lr situation if you think about it. Good luck. Try very hard to live in the moment and believe and know it will pass.

    • jramble jramble lisalisa67

      Hi Lisa, thanks for your kind words and advice.

      As much as I want to accept it's anxiety, I can't. I honestly believe something is physically wrong with me. I was in A&E the other evening regarding a tender area under my right rib, I honestly thought it was a tumour. How can anxiety cause that part to become tender? I dont remember hitting it on anything either. The doctor said it was nothing to be concerned about and again mentioned stress and anxiety. I felt better that night but I struggled to wake up, feeling so weak and groggy and stomach issues still ongoing. I'm scared to go to the toilet in case I discover blood in my stools now!

      Like I mentioned before, I'm due some blood test results this coming week and I'm absolutely dreading it. I can't stop thinking of it no matter what I do and I'm always thinking of the worst. Guess I just have to carry on until the day comes. It's crazy how life has so suddenly just changed, I can't believe it.

    • jramble jramble ashley16278

      You could be right as I have had a lot of gas. And you're definitely right about every little pain being heightened! I did a few activities yesterday to keep myself occupied and now I feel a few twinges in my leg as back. But obviously, me being in this anxious state, I can't help but think that something sinister like cancer is spreading.

      I didn't have an x-ray done. I wanted one but the doctor said it wasn't a concern as it wasn't swollen or anything. He suspects IBS but told me to just try to relax and wait for my blood results.

      Do you experience any other stomach pains? Any trouble going to the toilet?

    • jramble jramble ross01891

      Yes, started getting a niggle under my lowest right rib and also my back. I wouldn't say it's a pain where it causes me great discomfort, it's just there niggling away. What's your pain like?

    • ross01891 ross01891 jramble

      The back pain is achy sometimes stabbing and my ribs are the same and my stomach but the reason why I can't settle is because these are symptoms of late cancer really makes me panicky 

    • ashley16278 ashley16278 jramble

      I have always had toilet troubles so that never concerns me. My stomach never hurts always just makes noises and freaks me out. Most of my pain is from the ribs up because i think i have a heart problem but i have had tests and i dont. Good luck to you!

    • jramble jramble ashley16278

      Thank you Ashley, good luck to you too. I'm also getting the stomach noises, especially after I've just eaten. The problem is, I don't know if it's normal or not because I wouldn't have noticed them before! It's only now because I'm under such stress.

    • jramble jramble ross01891

      I have to say I'm in the same boat as you Ross. I'm tired of panicking. I am really scared but if I happen to have it then I just want it identified as soon as possible. All this waiting around for appointments, results etc does not help at all. If I ever pull through this, I'm signing straight up with BUPA!

    • jramble jramble ashley16278

      I'm glad your tests are all clear. I think you need to tackle the anxiety and you'll hopefully be able to live in peace. I will cross that bridge when I come to it, just need to get the all clear like you have!

    • Ramsays Ramsays jramble

      Just stumbled onto this discussion. Similar issues here. Have any of you found some resolution to these? Were they stress related or have some of your tests come back all clear?

      I'm having a battery of tests done in the next 3 weeks (blood, ultrasound) and sneaking up an x-ray via my chiropractor as well (easiest way as doctors don't often agree to doing them).

      I'm on the fence about it all. I recently saw a psychologist who helped me identify that some of my feelings over the past 20 years have been related to mild panic attacks. They seem to hae gotten worse now that I aware of them, but I'm now at least aware of them.

      Started acting in a higher level position at work about 9 months ago, started feeling lower back pain a few weeks after, chlked it all up to working in the backyard but my psychologist related it to somatization, me driving most of my feelings inwards because I couldn't express/externalize them. Something that I think is more common when you have an introvert personality.

      As soon as I started truly acceptigng my feelings about anxiety the pain went down by approximately 70 percent. Makes you wonder.

      i've since started feeling pain in my testis, pelvis and abdomen area, and at night (and simetimes during the day) I get this general feeling of being unwell (cold sweats included), like something is messing with my lymph nodes because I am fighting an infection.

      when you look all of these up you start freaking out, testicular cancer, pain in the groin being sign of it having spread, cold sweats as sign of lymphoma, etc. Obviously not what you want to be reading, but the only advocate for yourself is yourself, so making sure everything is in order by asking your doctor for tests is important. My family doctor wouldn't get me an mri done 6 months back, she left and the doctor that replaced her refused as well. It's only about a week ago when all of this pain was freaking me out that I finally went to a walk in clinic and the doctor there prescribed a battery of tests that I'm only now starting. If you're worried, try and try again until you find someone willing to support you.

      In any case I wanted to know if anybody had had resolution to their issues, and I will share my results no matter the direction once I get them in a few weeks.

    • Ramsays Ramsays

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    • cath20250 cath20250 jramble

      hi, i know its been 2 yrs since this thread. how are you? i believed its stress/anxiety related. im like that also. everytime i feel so down/stressed/depressed/anxious its always affect my stomach. i can relate to the gurgling, rumbling/noisy stomach everytime im anxious but theres no pain. its just noisy. im also self diagnosing myself or diagnosing myself through google😅 my mother would get mad at me telling me why would i give myself a disease by thinking i have it. i told her that i would only get better if i get all the test that i want just to assure me that im healthy and my digestive issues are just really stressed related

    • Stressjunky Stressjunky lisalisa67

      Hi how right you are about anxiety. I have had pains in right side for 4 months had blood tests 2 u sound scans told fibroid then not a fibroid anxiety through the roof and I think at this stage I'm expecting pain as soon as I wake up. I am v spiritual and do a bit of reiki . I'd love to pm you I'm sure we could be great friends.

  • Aidan4224 Aidan4224 jramble

    Hi, I too have experienced what you have described along with other weird experiences. My worst being the palpitations/ chest pains/dizzyness/tingling fingers. I have had loads of different blood tests, chest xrays, ecgs, heart tape, and a echocardiogram of the heart.. what a supprise all came back ok. Then after the all clear my symtom s vanished for a few weeks.... It wasn't long until they were back, a bit a stomach discomfort turned into weeks of cramps and weird pains. It's my anxiety that was back, convincing myself it's something serious,'s just a vicious cycle...

  • ross01891 ross01891 jramble

    Do you feel sick all the time like your dying 

    • jramble jramble ross01891

      Yep. As soon as I wake up until I go to bed again. I get this weak feeling constantly, like I'm slowly withering away. I find it a struggle to get out of bed and no matter how long I sleep for, I've got these terrible bags under my eyes. This is why I'm convinced there's something more than anxiety affecting me.

      How about you? Are you working? Did you manage to see your doctor?

    • ross01891 ross01891 jramble

      What's the pain like on a scale of 1/10for you I go to the dr Thursday im working but it's getting to a point where I feel so drain and ill and in pain I don't no how much longer I can 

    • jramble jramble ross01891

      To be honest, the stomach pain isn't so bad. I'd say it's a 2. Regarding your thread about your deep leg pains, I get pain around the hip/groin/pubic area and I'd say that was a 3-4. Feels deep, sometimes like a burning or biting sensation. I've been getting the weak legs from day one. They just feel shakey. Feels weird when I walk on them, I'm fully aware that it never used to be like this. I used to play football 3 times a week so I'm gutted this is happening to me. I've never been in an amount of pain where I feel I have to call an ambulance, I tend to go A&E the next day but only out of sheer panic. How would you rate your pains?

    • ross01891 ross01891 jramble

      I would say it can be different day to day like I've always suffered with headaches so I can deal with that but pains in my ribs is what worries my I wouldn't say that there really painful they scare my more than anything do you get pains in your hands feels like in the bones

    • jramble jramble ross01891

      For me too, the fact that there's a niggle somewhere scares me much more than the actual pain it causes. This is what makes me panic and go to A&E. I feel as is something is spreading and I want them to catch it before it's too late. But before all of this, even just a few months ago, a little niggle wouldn't bother me at all. I used to get chest pains when I smoked but thought nothing of it and carried on. If that happened now, I'd go straight to A&E. I think I'm slowly coming to terms with and accepting anxiety.

      I haven't experienced any pains in my hands. The closest is a muscle type ache around the armpit area.

      Have you had the rib ache checked out by a doctor in the past? Did it feel like your stomach pains were slowly moving upwards?

    • ross01891 ross01891 jramble

      I'm the same thinking something is spreading yes the Dr said that my muscle were tense or maybe a trapped nerve that's why he recommended muscle exercises but I'm not with him on that I no he's a Dr and we should believe them but I just can't think that would be the problem I wouldn't say moved upwards but moved around 

    • ashley16278 ashley16278 jramble

      Yes i had a chest xray. There was 2 big black circles where i feel pain.. dr said it was gas. Tried to get him to do another xray last time i was there he told me no. The pain radiates to my back as well. I also get the pain sort of under my arm pit. Seems like its a lymph node. The pains seem to stay in the same area.

    • jramble jramble ross01891

      Hey Ross, how are you doing? My stomach is playing up today more than usual. Little pains and that bloated feeling. I'm sure I even felt it spasm. It's got me really worried.

    • ross01891 ross01891 jramble

      Hello mate been Dr today cause I been in so much pain he again put it down to anxiety so gunna try some meds and maybe some counselling see how that goes that bloated feeling I had that all day today felt a bit sick with it as well what do you mean spasm 

  • dawnann dawnann jramble anxiety has worsened since I had to have my first ever operation to have my gall bladder removed 4 weeks ago.Every time I feel a twinge where it was taken out I assume there's something wrong.My anxiety symptoms are the same as yours but I also get hot flushes,red hot face,tingling in both arms,diorrhea, butterflies badly and long lasting in my stomach,difficulty breathing,heart palpitations too.Im trying to be strong and have been to and from docs and even rang the samaritans for someone to talk to in the middle of the night!I feel I can't control my life anymore....I'm still seeking help.Dont give up l,I'm know it's hard and I think I have stomach cancer as my mum had it...but I overthink and that makes it worse

    • jramble jramble dawnann

      Sorry to hear of your troubles. It's hard isn't it? Regardless of what a doctor will say, we still have doubts. I was also tempted to call the Samaritans the other night but instead I went out for a walk. Over thinking definitely makes it worse but I feel I've lost interest in everything else so I can't help but just think. Are you this way too?

  • thomas1962 thomas1962 jramble

    I know how you feel. The symptoms are what make me crazy and I have been checked out over and over, but still find it hard to believe that my GAD and Panik Attacks cuase these, since 2008! Fibro, skipped heart  beats, tightness in chest, back and muscle tension, IBS, sleep disorder and and and. I have been on opipramol since years and have gone through two long term psycho-therapy periods. Some times it is under control and then it flares up again. Then I start focusing on all my symptoms. I measure my blood pressure all the time...find myself with my thumb on my wrist checking for my running constantly to the doctor...asking for ECGs to be done, blood work and so on. They always tell me I am in great condition..but it only alleviates my thoughts until the next symptoms start. It is sickening...the depression kicks in and all I want to is curl up on the sofa and disappear.....

    • Ramsays Ramsays thomas1962

      I wish there were more of these testimonies out there. It helps to read up on others having similar issues, if only to keep one's sanity.

      I'm thinking of going on anti-depressants to see how it would affect my symptoms.

      I do take the occasional beta blocker when I know I will find myself in situations that will trigger my anxiety such as delibering presentations. It helps regulate my heart beat and I get less of the symptoms associated with a panic attack,

      One night a few days ago, my fear of dying was so high and I was so convinced that I had cancer and it had soread to my lymp nodes (cold sweats, feeling of a fever even though my temperature was fine) that I was grasping at straws to calm myself down. I felt pain all over my abdomen and pelvic area, was cold due to he cold sweats (my bed was drenched) and ended up shivering uncontrollably. I couldn't tell whether my shivering was due to me being cold or me being scared.

      I took a beta blocker and over the course of the following 15 minutes some of my symptoms started to go away. I was no longer cold, no longer felt the fever, fear had somewhat dissipated (as much as it can under the circumstances).

      If anything at least there is a go to until I get my results. Hoping it might help others.

      Reading up on experiences like yours do help and I really appreciate you sharing them.

    • tim 29057 tim 29057 Ramsays

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  • Leonela Leonela jramble

    Hello. Anxiety has a way of convincing our minds that we have whatever it is that we first focus on, and since we are so focused on this one sickness or issue then our brain convinces our body that there is something wrong, which refers pain to whatever area we're so worried about. I was and still am having this issue, but with my heart. For the past four months I have been believing that there is something wrong with my heart. The first two months were the hardest for me, I was having symptom on top of symptom and google was driving me nuts because everytime I typed in chest pain, left arm pain, neck pain, back pain, nausea, I would end up believing everything on the internet. I have been to the ER numerous times, and I have gotten over 10 EKGs done. Not only EKGs, but also nuclear stress tests and an echocardiogram. The last time I spoke to my cardiologist he explained that I am way too young to have a cardiac problem and that he will keep doing every test he possibly can, if it'll eventually make my anxiety symptoms calm down. I'm telling you, this anxiety stuff is no joke and most times, though we are able to admit it, we still let it take over. Like even right now as I'm typing this, I'm having chest pain, neck pain and arm pain.... sucks.

    • ashley16278 ashley16278 Leonela

      My anxiety started in October of 2014. And it started with my heart as well. I was convinced I was going to die. I had tests done and they said my heart was fine. I still did not believe the doctors. Finally my dr put me on lexapro. I am now able to live my life without worry or fear that I will die. I knew my symtoms were caused from anxiety but I wasnt able to accept it either. I still have random pains in the chest area sometimes but I am able to continue on my day and not let it bring me down. I pray the same happens to you.

    • Leonela Leonela ashley16278

      Thanks Ashley. My doctor switched me from prozac(10mg a day) to propanolol (10mg 3xday) and so far the medication has calmed my palpitations down, but now my heart rate has gone down by about 20beats. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing, but if propanolol doesn't work for me, I will keep trying whatever to get back to how I use to be. Or atleast try. God bless

    • ashley16278 ashley16278 Leonela

      Was your heart rate high before? Mine was consistently over 100 bpm because my anxiety had me all worked up. I think that was why i was having chest pain. My medicine calmed me down so it is now in the 70s

    • Leonela Leonela ashley16278

      I had a pretty normal heart rate it would stay around 70-80, but it would quickly elevate to about 100 within seconds at random times. It's never really been past 100 unless I was working out or running... my chest pain has calmed down a bit since the propanolol though, so that's a good sign. How did you feel when your heart rate was constantly so high? Besides the chest pain

    • ashley16278 ashley16278 Leonela

      I pretty much could constantly feel my heartbeat throughout my whole body. Mostly in my fingertips. It was so strange. I literally could do nothing but lay down and try to calm myself. My body felt like i was constantly working out

    • Leonela Leonela ashley16278

      That's how I felt for the first two months of my anxiety. I was afraid to do anything, all I could do was sleep. Even when I slept I would wake up with my heart racing and constantly having panic attacks. I'm glad that you're doing better though and that your heart has calmed down.

  • mark45877 mark45877 jramble

    Hi I know this is an old discussion but I was wondering how you got on with all your tests? I have been suffering from anxiety/ panic attacks since 2011 which came out of the blue. My life has never been the same since. I too have. Been to the ER numerous times and have had all the tests cat scan/ ultrasound chest X-ray dozens of blood tests all negative. I now have anxiety related blood pressure problems which scare me to death!

    I also get weird pains that come and go in my chest and back that always make me think the worse. I wish I never googled my symptoms this has definitely been my biggest problem and has made everything worse.

    Like you I really find it hard to believe that anxiety can cause all these symptoms which can really be scary as you know. If you are still reading this forum it would be good to know how you are getting on.

    It is comforting to know you are not alone. Regards Mark.

  • GYDA GYDA jramble

    I'm 100% the same mate, it's crazy how powerful the mind is.

    When I thought i had angina or some kind of blockage in my heart causing my chest pain, i 'd get chest pain whenever i excercised, i'd get shortness of breath with my chest pain, i'd get chest pain walking down the street, i'd get chest pain playing football. 

    I had all the tests and my heart structurally is as clean as a whistle, and guess what, the chest pain went.. never get chest pain anymore.

    Thought i had bowel cancer, i had this horrible horrible pain in the right side of my stomach, wouldnt go, hurt so much, every day.. had the tests, looked in my bowels and nothing.. and guess what, the pain went. 

    For some reason my mind/body needs an answer, it needs a test to say im fine to get over something. Im just about to start CBT to try break this routine, but my symptoms are 100%, just like yours are, there doesnt have to be an explanation for them, like my chest pain i searched for different answers constantly, acid reflux etc, no no, my chest pain was caused by nothing else except anxiety.


    I really never thought I would suffer from anxiety and stress but ended up in A&E and having been told I was having a full blown panic attack and suffering anxiety disorder I started to feel much better. I have had two gastroscopys all clear a ultrasound scan all clear a cat scan of my abdomen pancreas kidneys etc all clear urine samples all clear stool samples for inflammation all clear blood tests for everything including all the hepatitis etc all clear.

    I still have stinging pains under ribs on both sides. Burning back pain shortness of breath coughing dry mouth and throat pain in wrists and legs pain in my right testicle and so on not all at once sometimes 2 or 3 at a time and sometimes they last 10 minutes and then get different pains elsewhere for another 10 minutes or so.

    I feel weak when I wake up which is several times during the night and I have to stay in bed 12 hours or more even when I can't sleep as I just can't force myself to get up. I also feel very little pain when I am lying in bed but I know pain will start shortly after I get up so maybe that's why I can't get out of bed

    Anxiety can cause a million and one symptoms so I am told and I try hard to think that each time I feel the pains even though it's hard when they appear every few minutes but when I concentrate on something like doing the garden or cleaning out the garage I notice I go long spells without pains or noticing the pain. Maybe it really is the anxiety causing the pain.

    On the issue of medication It's obvious to me now that you may not think your anxious or suffering anxiety but you are it's an underlying anxiety. I thought I best ask for something to control anxiety but sirtraline gave me more anxiety no sleep at all my jaw came out of its socket twice on the second day I had unbelievable diarrhea within 3 hours of taking the first pill my teeth were grinding and I felt I was getting a mild to medium strength electric shock. Horrendous!!! I would look at this tiny pill and feel so anxious about putting it in my mouth because I wondered what hell it was going to do to me today. I stopped it I couldn't take no more symtoms and after a week of taking them it took two weeks for my mind to settle down and actually I felt like my anxiety had gone after going through that hell. It hasn't gone but my head is a lot better and I sleep better although I really do have the weirdest dreams like you wouldn't imagine. My pains have changed and got worse though so I really do hope I can find different medication to rid me of anxiety without horrific side effects. the doctors say these anxiety meds settle down and don't really work for about 4 weeks but I couldn't put up with sirtra line another day longer

  • thomas24522 thomas24522 jramble


    I stumbled across your thread. There's many replys here but all seems to be going around in a circle.

    You believe anxiety can not do this to you.? You believe there is a problem.

    You need to first understand the make up of the body. The nervous system down to the communication on how the brain and body speaks to relay pain and vice versa.

    18 years in HELL I have been with Anxiety. I have had every known disease on the record from mad cow to Ebola to cancers to heart failures and heart attacks.

    In 1 year only I had called 192 ambulances 208 ecg's.. blood tests, xray's and 2 MRI scans.

    I purchased a heart monitor and diabetic testing equipment. Total cost through my journey £11,300. On private testing not to mention NHS testing.

    I am well and not dying. There's never been anything wrong other than my mind.

    The mind once active in a fear state starts to interpret normal signals into danger signals.

    One ache is advanced to a danger state and then the mind uses its memory of eperience to find a answer. When there is no answer fear takes over. Fear of an outcome that is not yet known.

    This then causes stress and in turn you start operating daliy full on stress hormones and adrenalin. Once your functioning on this everything you feel will be a threat.

    There was no pills that worked for me. No amount of talking. Even paying £80 a hour had no effect.

    My body started to shut down. Legs went. Strength went. From 13 stone 10 to 9 stone 2 in 4 weeks.

    Could not eat. Didn't want to.

    Then realized fear. What was it that started it all of. When did I start the madness.

    18 years prior I had 2 minutes of palpatations after a daily diet of coke and coffee. That was the first trip to the hospital thinking at the age of 19 I was having an heart attack. From that point, that moment I changed. I was affraid if death. If I had not been affraid afraid of death I would not have gone to the hospital on day 1.

    Death is an interesting topic. It is unknown. We all fear what we do not know. We like things simple. We like to know that everything is ok and nothing bad is going to happen.

    To panic is to not understand the outcome and to be affraid of the made up outcome.

    While in this state of panic the brain will misinturprett signals that are normal into pain.

    The moment i let go of the panic and understand the drive behind it. Everything went away.

    Try to revise what's happening and what others are saying and trust there's thousands been there and many thousands still there.

    Love to you.


    • thomas24522 thomas24522 Zerodark

      Hello Zero.

      I am free. No longer affraid. Alive.

      The mind is quite. Body rested.

      I know that my journey is different to others. I understand the thoughts. The trembling. As a child we fall down and there's a mother we run to for a cuddle, everything is secure and ok once in The arms. But this condiction no cuddle the cycle. Only oneself can educate it's self back to freedom.

      Don't be affraid. Don't even be strong. Just be quite and listen to the minds rambling and processing of the environment. Once you can catch it out.

      It no longer has a hold.

      Love to you.


    • JustLilMe JustLilMe thomas24522

      Hi Thomas24522. We need to hear more from you and those who have similar problems and realizations. I really got a lot from your post. I have been having left lower side under my rib pain off and on a lot, as well as feeling out of breath, L pec pain on and off, and hrt flutters and weight loss. Had CT of Abdomen and Pelvis w and w/o contrast ( normal thank God), Colonoscopy (again thank God, Normal), Ct angio few mnoths ago ( was told not the cause of hrt, thank God),  Treadmill Stress test and echo (normal), and various bw, (normal). I am not a kid so it is even more scary when you are over 45 and this happens.  reading your post and another one seem almost exactly like mine. Made me feel a bit better even though I am still messed up and can't shake this. Thanks for sharing.

    • kprreddy63203 kprreddy63203 thomas24522

      I can echo your thoughts. I have been through the sane. Had 2 mris and tons of blood tested. Scared that my symptoms are MS. Did you get numbness,tingling and pins all overbody. I am currently experiencing it. I have been diagnosed with GAD by psychologist. How are yoy doing now. Has your anxiety gone?? Pls help me!!

    • kenny26128 kenny26128 kprreddy63203

      I have had the crap going on. Finally got a ct scan of the brain and they found a sinus infection.   No masses or bleeds thank god. Started taking amoxicillin 3 days ago and I am feeling better. But searching through forums high levels of candidia not sure about the spelling. Can possibly be the root cause that doctors over look. I’m gonna run tests for parasites and worms as well. Try to relax and even though all doctors when they can’t figure it out always recommend anti anxiety and depression meds Before testing further. 

    • kenny26128 kenny26128

      And what else helped me was taking ibuprofen for the anxiety and depression. Inflammation certainly near my brain I feel made all of that worse. I usually do 1 in the morning and one at night. Careful though so you don’t get backed up. Maybe take some stool softeners too so that doesn’t happen.  If you google ibuprofen and anxiety and depression there are some interesting articles about how much it helps. 

  • Sillymop Sillymop jramble

    Jramble... I can't make your anxiety over bowel cancer go away, I am aware due to my own behaviour than anything I say will not make you believe that you are not ill until you have the tests you desire - as I say: I speak from experience and I know how you can be utterly convinced of having something.

    I just wanted to offer you some reassurance.

    I read your symptoms.

    You do not, from the symptoms you wrote about, have bowel cancer.

    Why can I say this so definitely? Because I knew someone who did.

    You wouldn't be at work, for a start.

    The person I knew had a small cancerous growth. They were told they were the lucky ones as it had not spread anywhere.

    Even so and armed with this good news, the pain this person was in (the growth was little more than two inches at most,) was inbelievable.

    They also were not constipated until the grow caused an obstruction - once this happened ...well. It was awful.

    You do not have bowel cancer. Not even early stages of just doesn't work that way.

    Everything you listed, constipation, feeling ill in the mornings, bags under eyes and losing by weight - i can relate. This is what anxiety does.

    It breaks you and makes you feel AWFUL. I have lost so much weight I feel I look ridiculous. The mornings are the worst - sometimes I feel ILL. Really horrid.

    I just wanted to share with you my story - as I say, I don't expect it to change anything for you. I hope you can get the tests you need to put you at ease.

    • cath20250 cath20250 Sillymop

      hi, how are you? it really sucks having anxiety. i have it also but this time longer. everytime i feel ok, anxiety comes in again triggered by family problem. im also the type who needs tests to assure me and give me peace of mind. i dont know if its genes related coz my mother, aunt and cousin have it also. the doc told my mother that its only you who can cure yourself. we should do things to divert our mind, keep ourselves busy

  • tim 29057 tim 29057 jramble

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  • bjack95 bjack95 jramble

    I'm getting very similar symptoms. I had a flare up of chest pains which seem to have worn off, although fast resting heart rate and palpitations still persist. I have also just started to feel a very light but dull ache in my testicular area, low appetite, at times very lethargic. What was the outcome of your symptoms after tests?

    • tsin tsin bjack95

      Hi and to everyone. I am happy to be here and to help you with your problems. I too had suffer from Anxiety, Trust me, I will tell you my story and how I overcome from it. Please excuse my grammar, English is not my language, but I will try my best to explain it in detail.

      It started around mid year 2012, I applied for fiance visa for my girlfriend now my wife and it was very stressful dealing with the Immigration. I was worried every single day about the processing and waiting for the application to be approved. One day, I started having breathing difficulty, at first it was mild and I thought I just ate a lot and got bloated, then it gotten worse, I was scared that I am going to die without seeing my now wife. I went to a doctor and told him my history that I had asthma allergies when I was a kid, He gave me a inhaler, the inhaler doesn't help though, so I went to my doctor again for blood test and heart monitoring. it all came back fine, the only thing that is a little low was my oxygen. My doctor assured me that I am in great condition and maybe it's just my asthma allergy, he suggest breathing exercise. I felt great that my test were fine and I started feeling good and less symptoms, after a week or so I started having lower back pains, then I was thinking about slipped disc or something then my breathing difficulty came back and now with heavy pressure on my chest thought I was going to die, then i thought about my bestfriend. I am so lucky to have a bestfriend who works as a medical professional, I asked him about my situation and he did some check up and diagnosed with anxiety, I asked him if it's a serious condition and he laugh, he said it could be serious but not deadly, its serious if you don't understand about it and I will tell you what you need to know and how to overcome it. I was confused, and asked him how? He asked me what are my worries from when it started, I told him about my wife's Visa application, he told me not to worry too much about it and it will go away.. do some exercise and learn to control your breathing, he said keep calm and breath slowly and do not do deep breathing, and he said: remember this, what you experiencing is Fear, your anxiety could be lifetime but it's not going to kill you, YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT IT, embrace it. I gave him my thanks. since then everytime I get pains or any kinds of symptoms I call him and reminds me always about anxiety, I learned to accept it and it went away. Btw it will give you a lot of false symptoms like pain all over your body, everywhere like upper lower back pain, upper mid or lower abdomen, pelvic, even testicles and groin, your brain is playing tricks on you, if you focus on the pain it wont go away. so if you want to overcome anxiety LEARN TO ACCEPT IT. it will not kill you, it will be your friend for life. I hope this will help you guys.


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