I can't believe my Test results

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Hello guys, I am already posted here before but I am starting this new discussion because only few people are responding to my old post so I will give a bit information about myself. I am a 22 year old MALE, a uni student who is struggling with day to day life. I have been feeing tired, lethargic, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, cold hands and feets etc for the last 5 years, so finally after so many blood tests and everything coming back normal, I decided to see a private endocrinologist who asked me to get a range of blood tests done, which if done privately would cost me more than £500 but thankfully by pushing my GP to the limit i got it all done at the NHS and below is the update about my blood tests. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!

As I said in my old post before I called my surgery to ask for my test result couple of days ago and they said eveything is normal. So I went down there to collect a copy of my result and guess what my T3, T4 and TSH all are normal BUT I am vitamin D deficient. My vitamin D is 21 nmol/L (Range: 80 - 150nmol/L). Is this the root cause of all my problems? Why didn't my GP call me if they saw it clearly written as Vitamin D deficient? I had a huge collection of tests but I am only putting the things abnormal and also my thyroid function (which is normal):

Serum free T4 level - 12.5 pmol/L (Range: 9 - 19pmol/L)

Serum TSH level - 2.23 mu/L (Range: 0.30 - 5mu/L)

Serum free T3 level - 4.50 pmol/L (3.25 - 6.21pmol/L)

Abonormal Tests

25 OH Vitamin D - 21 nmol/L (Range: 80 - 150nmol/L) - - - - Deficient

Mean corpusc. Hb. conc. (MCHC) - 357 g/L (Range: 310 - 350g/L) - - - Higher

Serum Iron level - 35 umol/L (Range: 14 - 30umol/L) - - - Higher

Serum folate - 3.9 ug/L (Range: 4 - 18ug/L) - - - -Deficient

Serum Vitamin B12 590 ng/L (Range: 200 - 1000ng/L) - - - - -NORMAL

Can anyone give me their take on this?


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    Hello remotheboss

    At that low level it is imperative that you get treatment from an exoerienced skkilled expert in Vit D deficiency disorders. A good source of information is the Vit D Council. Vit D deficiency cannot be ignored.


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    Vit D deficiency can make you ache, sluggish.

    Sometimes in ribcage area

    Mine is 28 classed as not deficient but insufficient, and needs a top up.


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      My target range for vitamin D is a minium of 75nnomols. As you know 28 is very low.Some meds can prevent calcium being absorbed and vit D being stored.

      It is very impprtant to get your vit D to optimal level.


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      Hi jean

      I am jean, only discovered last week, after extensive tests, as you know.

      I also take chelated magnesium, helps Vit D absorption, chelated is best as magnesium oxide and magnesium citrate has laxative effects and may upset stomach.

      I have taken Vit D / Calcium/ Magnesium for years but was still insufficient in Vit D.

      All getting topped up now.

      Also have B12 injections too.

      Jay x

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      Hello Jean

      just one of those things Jean.. It happens..

      i was advised ten years ago to take supplements via doctor during peri menopause .. Especially Calcium & Vitamin D and Magnesium, as dont want HRT..

      it doesnt worry me, i just need abit more now..  body goea through alot during peri and now post meno, so not surprising at all..

      jay x

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      Hi Jay

      Just focus on getting your vit D to optimal level. Minimum target is 75nnmols.As you know this wil help everything else.

      Also need calcium.

      Best to ask endo for regime as if taking vit d you need calcium and the levels checking every week for a few weeks.

      I can send you a couple of e mails from an endo but as you know I am too thick to use PM. Too depressed. Jeanx


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    Hi.    Cold hands and feet, brain fog, and fatigue are ALL signs of magnesium deficiency. I'd sincerely recommend you look into this.  Its such a vital mineral that is so overlooked.  Its stored in the bones - so when a blood test shows that there isn't much in the blood, thats a sure sign that there's very little in your bones.  Its found in 300 different enzymes in the body. The heart also needs it,  (and theres supposed to be a store of it in the left ventricle ) so getting palpitations is another sign.  In fact I've read its the most important mineral that the body needs and when we are ill or on medication, this depletes it even more   Its impossible to overdose on this mineral unless you have a kidney abnormality, as anything it doesnt need just goes to the bladder.  There are different sources of magnesium supplement,  and of course its in particular foods.     Hope this helps. 
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    Remote:  I answered this on your other post. See reply there.
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    Hi remo,

    Glad to see you picked up your test results, your next step is to google your local health boards guidelines on vitamin D deficiency.  if should tell you at what point they recommend gp should prescribe vit D and at what point they should give you advice. 

    I did this and got a precription which I will need forever.

    Normally they should give you a high dose for a a number of weeks and then retest, you may find that you will need to take these for a number of months once you are prone to deficiency it will normally recur if you do not top up.

    Your GP should give you some specific guidance on the amount you should supplement if the health board does not recommend prescription.

    I used to get pain in my ribs if i took a deep breath almost debilitating this has gone away after 6 weeks of pills and my back ache is much better.

    However it is unlikely this will reduce any tiredness etc.

    I hope this is of some help

    It may be he does not know and will have to go away and find out.

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