I can't stand my constant allergies anymore...

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They started about 2 years ago. During the day, I'm fine but every night when I wake up in the middle of the night, I have a congested nose and sneezing. In the morning I wake up with a blocked nose and it takes a couple hours to get back to normal.

I had a blood test about a year ago and the doctor told me I had an allergy to birch/birch pollen, but I don't understand why a birch allergy would be all year... He told me there was a pill or a shot available for treatment but wouldn't be suitable for me as I'm a teenager and the side effects would be too overwhelming for younger patients. I can't remember the last time I had a normal night of sleep without waking up and being so uncomfortable.

Most people take a few days to get rid of a cold. I take ages to recover. In fact, I got a cold about a week ago and it has made my allergies so much worse. More congestion, more sneezing, runny nose, and it happens during the day as well.

I'm getting so fed up with it. I just want it gone. I'd do anything for a good night's sleep again. Please, if there's anyone who can tell me what's wrong, if there are any treatments, maybe even someone who is suffering the same symptoms as me, do let me know.

Thank you.

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    I too had similar symptoms. I got a chest infection every year same time right in middle of silver Birch season. Got worse. Developed season asthma, and oral allergy Syndrome. Was tested, it showed up With many allergies. Oral allergy Syndrome is where the protein in the pollen( each tree has about 2 billion pollen spores) is mimicked in fruit, vegetables and nuts. Do you ever get a tingling tongue or lips from eating certain foods?

    I thought I'd never come across someone with my allergies. I take polaramine from Dr. Great antihistamine.


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      I'm sorry to say that it is likely to get worse with age. I have seasonal, allergic, astringic Asthma. From Silver Birch. Got worse every year. Noticed it at 40. Ask for mild inhaler, and Polaramine ( It dries up mucous)

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    I have very similar symptoms. I had allergies all my life but it got very severe after we moved to a hot tropical climate. My nose was fully blocked 24/7. I allergy tests, the usual stuff, pollen, dust mites, though none would justify such sever allergy. I had surgery, turbinectomy, didn't help one bit.

    So at the end, moved far away to a dryer climate. My allergy partically got fixed, like you I'm ok during the day and at night I always have one side - the lower side - blocked. It's due to the bloodflow, and there is not much you can do with it. 

    The problem for me when both nostrils get blocked. It's due to high pollen levels, dust in the air and most likely combined with high humidity. You might notice when the weather changes, to humid, rainly your symptoms gets worse.

    What you need to do is to elimanet if you have other problems than allergies.

    polyps or deviated septum could cause similar symptoms. 

    You should get checked by an ENT and also get an allergy test.

    However be very careful wehn ENT suggest surgery, get always a 2nd opinion.

    Turbinectomy usually doesn't help and you can end up with ENS. 

    Natual and cheap teratments you could try:

    saline sprays or saline rinse

    eliminate milk from your diet 

    For sneezing antihistamine tablets could work.

    DR might recomend costeroid nasal sprays, I would only use it for seasonal allergies, but yours is all year around, so costeroied sprays on the long run could damage the lining of your nose.

    How you could get a good night sleep, I don't really know. When mine gets really bad I take a light sleeping pill. 

    Pseudoeffedring will help with constricting the blood vessels, however it's pumps up your heart, so you might not be able to sleep. Not for long term solution either.

    Just curious, where you live, is it dry or humid climate?


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      We are atopic- prone to allergies. Since I've been taking Polaramine, I don't have many problems. My whole family have hayfever and allergies. My brother in the UK has the same as me. My children and Grandchildren have allergies. My oldest son has continuous sneezing and runny nose, from day 1. He's tried everything, including what you suggested, and injections. Nothing

      He has food allergies right from a newborn, had skin tests. Gluten, Dairy, etc. Professor Ian Spellerberg from Lincoln University , New Zealand has written papers on it. Skin tests helped me avoid many things that came up.

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    Prick testing is the way to go. Also blood tests are notoriously inaccurate for allergies, people with nut anaphylaxis can test negative for nut allergy via blood tests.

    Keep a journal of everything, where you are, which rooms you're in, what you do, what products you use, who you're around (you're exposed to their products too), what you touch, what you eat, which bedding you use, , , hopefully you'll finally find a correlation

    God bless

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      Great advice. Do you have OAS? I already new I get as allergic to apples, pears, peaches, cherries, nectarines, plums and chick peas before I had the skin prick test. They spilt more than a tiny drop of Silver Birch, unbeknown to me, as they couldn't tell me until testing was over. Big rash there. If done correctly they are just tiny bumps, which they measure. The Birch surprised me, so did green peas. Dust mites , polln and fish oil, weren't far behind. Since then, about 14 yeas later, other foods have cropped up, including onions, and all nuts. I'm too getting over a badly broken ankle filled with medical misadventures to care ATM. Malic acid got me. An often unlisted ingredient made from mostly apples and pears. Snuck in sweets, desserts and all manner if food.

      Yes, I'm lol noted, but I've still got plenty to eat.!

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      I believe it's called 'atopic' when we become allergic to different things as time goes by. I and several others in my family have these allergies and I've become allergic to man made fabrics like polyester during the last 10-12 years. They cause red rash, then swelling of skin and tissues. First happened after surgery with the blood pressure cuff. My arm went red and swollen and set all the alarms ringing and nurses came running! It stopped when the cuff was removed. Now they have to put cotton material under it first. I also have to wear cotton clothing all the time now, especially underwear but outer clothing too.

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      Yes, wow!!! I'm having to wait for surgeons approval at the moment as I've requested that the use a natural or animal skin fabric instead of the normal polyester stuff to repair a prolapse. It's like asking them to use 'gold thread'! Only the consultant can approve it's use. My guess is that it's more expensive, (NHS budgets etc)! Long term it would be chaper as I wouldn't have to be readmitted for it's removal when it was rejected! Oh well, thats GB for you. rolleyes 

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      I broke my ankle 51 weeks ago. Ambulance wouldn't take me to hospital. Fell unconscious to floor when I got up. Face planted, carpet burn on face, hospital 3 days later. Snapped fibula, displaced. Dislocated ankle. Didn't heal. 3 weeks later my husband fell off a ladder at work, snapped Scaphoid in hand, bad concussion when CH hospital failed to pick up on. List Hus John b. Neither of us healed. Both had surgery. Mine was a bone graft, plate, and 6 screws. Now my body reacting to plate. Same time I had a bakers cyst on other leg. Couldn't walk. Both injuries require a good leg. I didn't have any to spare.

      Fell over lighting fire, burst bakers cyst and did more damage to both kegs, including tearing a muscle in leg. Nearly a year and I walk like I pooped my nappy.

      Gee I hope you get what you need for your surgery. I know how important it is when you have allergies. I could only use certain types of tampons and pads , some causing had rrific reactions.

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      Hi Are you in the UK or elsewhere? I ask because things are a bit different here in UK. An ambulance driver here has to pick up an emergency but can refuse in certain circumstances, ie if the patient is abusive to them. Can't think why you were refused being picked as an emergency unless you're somewhere where different rules apply.

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