I could’ve punched doctor at hospital!!

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Hi all,

I’ve posted already about my traumatic time. Basically agonising pain, hours in a & e. Admitted. Sent home first time after 2 days even tho I said something is wrong and I was throwing up bile. Agonising pain again Same procedure again only this time my bloods showed huge elevation in inflammation markers and I got CT scan showing acute cholecystitis, infection, necrotic areas on my gallbladder etc etc. It was too sick to remove so got gallbladder  drain in. Bile leak causing the worst pain i’ve Ever had in my shoulder that I was screaming.

Anyways 3 weeks in hosi and 8 weeks with drain in I got to see a surgeon (not my surgeon)  2 weeks ago. She took the drain out and and I said I haven’t had my endoscopy yet! Need it as they found streptococcus bovis in my bile a marker for cancer. They should have booked me an urgent one but didn’t. So she says i’ll Get that arranged. So I need those results before I can get my operation to remove it. 

So yesterday after all that I thought I was going to see my surgeon at last. Went into the appointment and it was a female doctor ( my doctor is a man)  turns out she assists him. He was next door taking appointments. First words out of her mouth were so you’ve had your gallbladder out!! 😡😡😡

Eh no!!!! Still waiting!! Wtf!!! Oh sorry!! Frantically looks at screen!! 

Next thing oh and it says you had your endoscopy as an inpatient on the 20th Dec but I can’t find the results!!

No I didn’t!!!! and I still haven’t had it yet and I need the results before my operation!! Really!! After everything i’ve been through!! 

Oh I’ll order an urgent one today. That’s what the surgeon 2 weeks ago said. 

I’m trusting these people to take an organ out!!!!  Now on a waiting list and could be 12 weeks this goes on and on and on 😳😡😫😤

I’m in Scotland. This is the state of the UK NHS!! 

Hoping when I finally get my appointment they take out my feckin gallbladder and I don’t wake up minus my liver or pancreas!! 

Honestly my patience is wearing very thin!! 

Sorry for the long rant! I really need it!!! Claire 

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    Unbelievable, some f****d up system. That's why I went back home and paid money, went private. Costed me a bit but its sorted. I live in Ireland and I would say its nearly the same as in Scotland. Had a pain went to er and basically they told me to go home cause the ques are long and it's not emergency. Been suffering for 3 or 4 years kept thinking it will go away but it didn't. So in the end I couldn't wait anymore went home and had it removed. Hopefully you'll get your problem sorted soon cause its very serious.

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    lol I couldn’t agree with every word more , I salute you x

    i went through the same sort of thing and attitude for over 3 years and got more and more paranoid along the way thinking how can I trust these people to cut me open and take my organ out when they seemingly don’t have a clue what they are doing ?

    well my conclusion was I cannot unless I’m mad , or want to be another nhs human Ginny pig 🐖 and end up dead 💀 on the operating table.

    only diffrance with me really was on st least 7 occasions ide had bloods run including 3 at a and e my white blood cell count was elevated more and more  this was with known history of gallstones large 2.3 cm and what they were describing as a dark shadow in the neck of the gallbladder. Bilery colic attack’s ect etc.

    in the end I was paying for pvt ultrasounds 5 in total , and going to my own gap showing them the reports that I had chronic infection within my gallbladder and that I had read online that nice guidelines for this condition were admitted with nil by mouth and  iv antibiotics and I’ve fluids until it’s calmed then straight to surgery for gallbladder removal. And my gp just looked at me like I was a friggin wee bushwhacker  but referred to yet another consultant surgeon . 

    ‘Anyway it’s a bit long story.

    so cut to the chase .

    i ended up paying for a ct scan at Harley street 

    then going in the next day paying to have it out pvt as it was gangrenous and full of puss and the surgeon said I had hours to live lol not that it’s funny of course .

    so the question is ?

    what we gonna do about it my friend ?

    well I keep saying I’m going to sue them ,but haven’t started the case against the s****y crappy n h s 

    that’s completely full of total idiots.

    but I do intend to sue for attempted murder very soon.

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      thank you so much for that as I never knew that .

      oh by the way I’ve been watching you for a long time, and would like to say that I think you and your overall input on this ,fake moderated site , is absolutely wonderful.


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      You are welcome.  I don't know specifically about the UK.  I was a paralegal during a previous lifetime smile in the USA.  

      Thank you. This site and the contributors have helped and supported me through some very difficult times in my life, problems with bile after gallbladder surgery, and with a diagnosis and treatment for endometrial cancer. that is still going forward.  I am having open surgery this Wednesday, the 28th.  

      I am glad to help in any way I can.  People going through medical issues feel and are very alone.  Unfortunately, the medical profession isn't exactly compassionate.  

      Also, though family and friends can care and support, they're not going through it themselves--they can't understand how endless erratic symptoms and pain--without decent medical intervention--can break a person.

      Best of luck to you--and please don't give up on this site.  Continue to reach out to others.  They need it.  xxx


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      you my dear are a very special person.

      ive been following you for well over a year and you talk a lot of sense.

      are pretty informative and I’m sure your help and advice to many many folk on here has indeed been a light at the end of the tunnel.

      ide even go as far as to say a priceless asset to this here very community.

      god bless you and I personally thank you 🙏 

      as for this site however , it in question as far as I’m concerned to be honest and I know you you know what I mean !!!!!

      but yes I will do my best to not give up and support who I can here and give what limited knowledge I have to many who like myself 3 years ago had zero.

      i just don’t fair well with not be allowed if you like , to speak the truth !!

      good luck for Wednesday Lynda.

      ile be thinking 🤔 of you Wednesday.

      im sure your a little anxious but if you feel you need the opp then you need it !!

      iwish you all the best with your opp and positive outcome and swift recovery.

      allthough I must be honest I know zilch about your opp your condition and how risky or not risky the procedure you about to have is , although the mere word ,open surgery ,sounds like a big deal to me !

      your strong your positive and I pray you will be fine.

      ile be watching 👀 xxx

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    I hear you !!! I’ve had repeated acute cholecysitus since september two endoscopies now shrunk gallbladder and also a perforated GB and still not had it out !!! Mri scan on 13th to see what happens next - highly unlikely it will be keyhole as more than likely attached to an organ so will be a major operation it’s infuriating 

    hope you get sorted soon x 

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      I wholeheartedly agree  with you that patients are being left in agony for long periods before they are getting treatment. It’s a very sad state of affairs. Meantime their condition is getting worse. During the 7-8 months I waited for cholecystectomy struggling with cholecystitis and jaundice, and terrible pain, i felt desperately ill and like you I ended up having open surgery that  may not have been necessary had I had immediate treatment. I have to ask myself what the financial cost of this delay is to the NHS as patients are only getting worse during this time and may need extra expensive treatment as a result of delay. That does not even touch on the physical and mental cost to the poor patients. I never dreamed anyone would be left suffering as I was in the modern NHS. 

      That said, I’m extremely grateful for the treatment I had. There’s no way I could ever have afforded to pay for all the scans, tests and surgeries. It’s far from an ideal situation. Nurses are leavingthe NHS in droves because they can no longer provide the level of care they want for patients. They are thoroughly demoralised and have effectively taken large pay cuts. They have to live like everyone else: food, housing etc. Meanwhile they are having to cope with increasing numbers of patients with less and less budget. I think this is what is causing delays. A surgeon once suggested I complain as she felt I’d had a raw deal. I said I didn’t want to make a fuss, but she replied that if nobody complained a nd raised issues, nothing would improve.

      I believe the problem is in the lack of funding from successive governments. It’s no good blaming the baby boomer generation or immigration  . They have known about the post war baby boomers for seventy years and have seemingly made little provision for them. There are times I feel like apologising for still being alive!! I’ll get off my soapbox now!

      This site has been invaluable for me and many others. I have had support and comfort from complete strangers and some good advice.

      I feel for everyone, like you, who are still waiting for surgery or treatment. There’s not much I can do other than offer advice based on my own experiences. 

      You will get through this as I have. It’s been over a year now and I feel better than I’ve done in years. I hope that gives a small crumb of comfort to all those waiting and enduring dreadful pain. Best wishes to you.

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    This site is all fake anyway it’s also part of the n h s scandal coverup I’ve decided as it deletes anything it don’t want to be seen as public news,
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      I would agree, sanitised information doesnt help those really needing help.  Probably need a fb site where we can read warts and all.  I found some on g/b problems, worth a look
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    Sorry to hear you’ve gone through all this! Sounds like there’s been a massive mixup and stuff didn’t get booked. 

    Have you put a formal complaint in? I’d go to your nhs website and see who you can put a complaint in writing to. That way they can find out what exactly has gone wrong and hopefully stop this happening to anyone else. There’s also a website you can chat to someone on about nhs care https://www.cas.org.uk/pass 

    Hope you get thing sorted asap. I’m also in Scotland but didn’t have anything like this bad go wrong. Really hope you feel better soon 😘 xx

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    Think there’s been a massive mixup in someone thinking appt had been booked when it hasn’t. Please go onto your nhs website for contact of who to complain to to hopefully avoid this happening to others in future. Also search for PALS (patient advice liaison service) for Scotland and get link to speak to someone online about nhs care. I tried to put link in but the site doesn’t like it. 

    Really hope you get sorted as soon as so you can begin to feel better. I’m also in Scotland but didn’t have any of the issues you’ve faced. So sorry you’re going through all this 😘 xx

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