I had an anal fissure "cleaned up" and skin tags removed. Still in pain after 7 days so far... what

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I have an anal fissure and had two skin tags and a hem as well. Exactly a week ago I had them removed and the fissure "cleaned up" with a Botox injection.

Prior to the procedure I was in excrutiating pain. To the point, I was in tear and screaming every morning during bowel motion. Now, post op it's not as bad however it's still very painful during and for many hours after.

I am taking laxculose also with pain killers. I also do salt baths a few times a day.

My high fibre diet is also helping keep my stool soft.

Does anyone know if it is bad that I am having bowel movement at least twice a day? How will the wound heal if I keep going toilet?

Pleaseeeeeee give me advice. I can't tolerate pain anymore ! sad

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    Darling I think it's a good thing you're going regularly! Take a sitz bath after every stool passed and keep dry with kitchen towel and wear boxers to keep place airy.

    I'm four days post op and I still haven't had a bowel movement despite being on laculose. I am dreading my first movement but I need to go x

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      I'm in so much pain. I am literally feeling so depressed because of how scared I am to go each time. And I can't leave the house because when I need to go, I am done within a few mins. Sometimes I'm lucky to even make it. I hope you go soon and that it's not too painful. Hopefully these few days of not going have allowed ur wound to heal...

      did you do the same op as Me?

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      I had two skin tags removed and I had an abscess drained, but I've got to go back in four weeks for Botox on a chronic fissure. It's never ending!

      Speak to your doctor because your muscles might be a little sore and not working properly following the surgery. I'm sure once you've recovered that'll go back to normal.

      I feel your pain lovely x

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      How much lactulose are u taking? I was prescribed with 20ml twice a day. Try increasing yours maybe they will help.

      Ahhhhh I really hope this works

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      Hi I haven't had a surgery but after seeing 4 docs I think I will have a colonoscopy just to rule out other concearns...

      About not pooping tho, from Tuesday to Saturday o did a water fast a did not go the the bathroom till yesterday morning , my bowel was nice and soft but the pain was 10 times worst than before and lasted longer than the usual 4-6 hours.

      I hope you are in a different situation since you had a surgery...

      Good luck

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      Honestly it's agony. I'm on a lot of laculose.

      My abscess was drained last week and it's right by my anus. They also removed two tags. And I have to go back in four weeks to Botox my chronic fissure.

      The combination is excrutiating when I am still constipated by the morpgine and CodeinE! Xxx

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      I'm currently on 20ml twice a day and that seems to be belong because of the pain killer im taking. Maybe just increase the amount of lactulose and see if that helps with your constipation. I learnt to drink plenty of water because even if you're on a high fibre diet, without water it won't work.

      Best of luck. Hope you feel better soon

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    I have a quick question...

    What were your symptoms before the surgery?

    I am a little confused about mine,I don't have pain while I'm on the toilet but I'm in terrible pai many hours after.

    Is as if someone is stabbing me with a machette

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      I used to have the same pain that you described. It then got worse to the point that I would have that pain when going to the toilet especially if constipated. I would also bleed
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      Got worst?

      Omg... does it get any worst?

      Tell you the truth if I don't have to go to the bathroom I'm all good.

      It seems like only the bowel movement activate it, its like a switch and fast after that I feel it creeping on me.

      What I do to release some pain is lay down on the floor with my hips alivated so I'll have a foam roller under my butt and just try and relax in that position .

      I'm in terrible pain as we speak , hope you are better

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      Yes unfortunately it got ALOT worse. So plesseeeeee look after your diet and avoid straining so that you don't go through it.

      I used heat packs to help and warm baths as well. I also avoided sitting for long hours and tried to move around more to get my mind off it(as hard as that is) that seemed to help

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      Yes I am verry aware of my diet, I am actually a fitness professional and a chef.

      I am right now sitting on a heated pad.

      It's so nice that at least there are people like yourself that understand it and be able to talk about it.

      I feel bad for putting my wife trough this.

      Have you done a lot of researchers I assume ?

      What is the cause of it?

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      I have done a lot of research because the pain was unbearable.

      Some of the reasons are constipation, straining such as during childbirth, pregnancy hormones, sitting for too long (office jobs)

      Hmmmm that makes me wonder why this has happened to you...

      it's really sad. People don't understand the amount of pain you go through unless they've been through it themselves

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      I use to have it mildly for I while and taught was hemoroids, it only turned this bad3 mts ago after I tried using a supsitory.

      I started the way I will never forget it.

      Dee I am assuming you are a lady and it might have happened to you because one of this reasons you mentioned...

      Anyway I really hope the surgery went well for you and will heal soon so I can have a hope.

      I have such a hard time trusting medicine tho

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      Yes I am a female and due to childbirth the anal fissure occurred from all the straining.

      Now that I am 10 days post op I can start to see the '"light at the end of the tunnel" as the pain is less than the excrutiating pain pre-op. I have been really watching what I eat and have had bowel movements at least twice a day (except today ... hmm not sure if I should be worried) it's really scarey because it really all about what you eat.

      I just hope i can get my life back on track sad

      Oh! There's an ointment that I used to use to help with healing before surgery one was Rectogesic and another starting with S I can't recall exactly what it's called. Maybe that might help u..

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      Thanks for the tip,i will look that up.

      Like I said I am a fitness professional and I am a great shape by an standards .

      I have no idea how this occur to me and the surgery scares me even more.

      In the past week alone I lost about 6 lbs not fat for sure and I can see all my work fizicaly faking apart.

      One of the things I'm good at is nutrition so let me know if you need an opinion

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      I feel sorry that you are suffering with the same issue as mine. 

      I can relate to your story, I got this chronic fissure issue around January and its been five months and had three visit to doctor.

      I am feeling far better than I used to feel in Jan. In Jan i can't even sit properly now it is ok, pain is bearable. 

      I lost weight too, as i switched to liquid diet and fiber diet - i lost 20 pounds in this span. 

      Have a visit with doctor today, may go for botox injection

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      I got another visit tomorrow myself...

      I would also be curious about Botox , thanks for the feedback

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