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dee300 dee300

I had an anal fissure "cleaned up" and skin tags removed. Still in pain after 7 days so far... what

I have an anal fissure and had two skin tags and a hem as well. Exactly a week ago I had them removed and the fissure "cleaned up" with a Botox injection.

Prior to the procedure I was in excrutiating pain. To the point, I was in tear and screaming every morning during bowel motion. Now, post op it's not as bad however it's still very painful during and for many hours after.

I am taking laxculose also with pain killers. I also do salt baths a few times a day.

My high fibre diet is also helping keep my stool soft.

Does anyone know if it is bad that I am having bowel movement at least twice a day? How will the wound heal if I keep going toilet?

Pleaseeeeeee give me advice. I can't tolerate pain anymore ! sad

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  • d39881 d39881 dee300

    Darling I think it's a good thing you're going regularly! Take a sitz bath after every stool passed and keep dry with kitchen towel and wear boxers to keep place airy.

    I'm four days post op and I still haven't had a bowel movement despite being on laculose. I am dreading my first movement but I need to go x

    • dee300 dee300 d39881

      I'm in so much pain. I am literally feeling so depressed because of how scared I am to go each time. And I can't leave the house because when I need to go, I am done within a few mins. Sometimes I'm lucky to even make it. I hope you go soon and that it's not too painful. Hopefully these few days of not going have allowed ur wound to heal...

      did you do the same op as Me?

    • d39881 d39881 dee300

      I had two skin tags removed and I had an abscess drained, but I've got to go back in four weeks for Botox on a chronic fissure. It's never ending!

      Speak to your doctor because your muscles might be a little sore and not working properly following the surgery. I'm sure once you've recovered that'll go back to normal.

      I feel your pain lovely x

    • cristian89782 cristian89782 d39881

      Hi I haven't had a surgery but after seeing 4 docs I think I will have a colonoscopy just to rule out other concearns...

      About not pooping tho, from Tuesday to Saturday o did a water fast a did not go the the bathroom till yesterday morning , my bowel was nice and soft but the pain was 10 times worst than before and lasted longer than the usual 4-6 hours.

      I hope you are in a different situation since you had a surgery...

      Good luck

    • d39881 d39881 dee300

      Honestly it's agony. I'm on a lot of laculose.

      My abscess was drained last week and it's right by my anus. They also removed two tags. And I have to go back in four weeks to Botox my chronic fissure.

      The combination is excrutiating when I am still constipated by the morpgine and CodeinE! Xxx

    • dee300 dee300 d39881

      I'm currently on 20ml twice a day and that seems to be belong because of the pain killer im taking. Maybe just increase the amount of lactulose and see if that helps with your constipation. I learnt to drink plenty of water because even if you're on a high fibre diet, without water it won't work.

      Best of luck. Hope you feel better soon

  • cristian89782 cristian89782 dee300

    I have a quick question...

    What were your symptoms before the surgery?

    I am a little confused about mine,I don't have pain while I'm on the toilet but I'm in terrible pai many hours after.

    Is as if someone is stabbing me with a machette

    • cristian89782 cristian89782 dee300

      Got worst?

      Omg... does it get any worst?

      Tell you the truth if I don't have to go to the bathroom I'm all good.

      It seems like only the bowel movement activate it, its like a switch and fast after that I feel it creeping on me.

      What I do to release some pain is lay down on the floor with my hips alivated so I'll have a foam roller under my butt and just try and relax in that position .

      I'm in terrible pain as we speak , hope you are better

    • dee300 dee300 cristian89782

      Yes unfortunately it got ALOT worse. So plesseeeeee look after your diet and avoid straining so that you don't go through it.

      I used heat packs to help and warm baths as well. I also avoided sitting for long hours and tried to move around more to get my mind off it(as hard as that is) that seemed to help

    • cristian89782 cristian89782 dee300

      Yes I am verry aware of my diet, I am actually a fitness professional and a chef.

      I am right now sitting on a heated pad.

      It's so nice that at least there are people like yourself that understand it and be able to talk about it.

      I feel bad for putting my wife trough this.

      Have you done a lot of researchers I assume ?

      What is the cause of it?

    • dee300 dee300 cristian89782

      I have done a lot of research because the pain was unbearable.

      Some of the reasons are constipation, straining such as during childbirth, pregnancy hormones, sitting for too long (office jobs)

      Hmmmm that makes me wonder why this has happened to you...

      it's really sad. People don't understand the amount of pain you go through unless they've been through it themselves

    • cristian89782 cristian89782 dee300

      I use to have it mildly for I while and taught was hemoroids, it only turned this bad3 mts ago after I tried using a supsitory.

      I started the way I will never forget it.

      Dee I am assuming you are a lady and it might have happened to you because one of this reasons you mentioned...

      Anyway I really hope the surgery went well for you and will heal soon so I can have a hope.

      I have such a hard time trusting medicine tho

    • dee300 dee300 cristian89782

      Yes I am a female and due to childbirth the anal fissure occurred from all the straining.

      Now that I am 10 days post op I can start to see the '"light at the end of the tunnel" as the pain is less than the excrutiating pain pre-op. I have been really watching what I eat and have had bowel movements at least twice a day (except today ... hmm not sure if I should be worried) it's really scarey because it really all about what you eat.

      I just hope i can get my life back on track sad

      Oh! There's an ointment that I used to use to help with healing before surgery one was Rectogesic and another starting with S I can't recall exactly what it's called. Maybe that might help u..

    • cristian89782 cristian89782 dee300

      Thanks for the tip,i will look that up.

      Like I said I am a fitness professional and I am a great shape by an standards .

      I have no idea how this occur to me and the surgery scares me even more.

      In the past week alone I lost about 6 lbs not fat for sure and I can see all my work fizicaly faking apart.

      One of the things I'm good at is nutrition so let me know if you need an opinion

    • srig srig cristian89782

      I feel sorry that you are suffering with the same issue as mine. 

      I can relate to your story, I got this chronic fissure issue around January and its been five months and had three visit to doctor.

      I am feeling far better than I used to feel in Jan. In Jan i can't even sit properly now it is ok, pain is bearable. 

      I lost weight too, as i switched to liquid diet and fiber diet - i lost 20 pounds in this span. 

      Have a visit with doctor today, may go for botox injection

  • srig srig dee300

    Hi Dee300,

    How complicated the botox injection thing is? I have skin tag too, its exactly paining behind that. I feel the cut is just behind the skin tag.

    Visiting doctor today, will discuss about botox injection.

    • dee300 dee300 srig

      To be honest I'm not too sure. My surgeon didn't insert much because he said that there could be a risk of incontinence. So at the moment the pain is better than before but still not great. I'm not sure if that's the Botox or if it's because my skin tags have been removed. The surgeon also said that the Botoxs' effect doesn't work immediately. Maybe that's why I haven't had immediate pain relief

      I hope you feel better soon

  • toorialay18313 toorialay18313 dee300

    Hi all of you. Hope you will be fine. I read your problems over all you going in the wright direction. Firs of all I am my self suffer from chronic anal fissure. The pains you have after bm is spasm. I had mine for 12 hours. Also you all seems to interested in botox injection. The Botox injection is for 3 to 6 months after it wears off the fissure could comeback. I had surgery and I felt imidatly better . At the pick of my fissure I use to walk alote about 10000 steps a day. I would recommend you LIS op. Know I am over 3 months that have the op. I feel 95% fixed. The other 5% is more mental as you all know it's nightmare to have this terrible illness. The operation is not painful in my case . Try to find doctor who is specialist in this prosedure not gentle surgent. I wolk next day 6000steps.that was about 15 to 18 hours after the opp . In my case I heal I would say in 10 weeks. But most the cases ppl heal in 2 weeks. So guys wish you all the best if you need any more advise on how to have diet or something more. Please ask.

    • dee300 dee300 toorialay18313

      Hi toorialay, what surgery did you have?

      Do you know how long it takes for the Botox to actually work? I'm 11 days post op and still in pain for many hours as we'll as during bowel movement sad

  • toorialay18313 toorialay18313 dee300

    Hi Dee.The operation I had is called LIS. The Botox normally takes 4 days to start work. But I read on this site . Somebody had 2 weeks until it start work.the spasms you get is because you need to relax your self. If your bm is hard try dry figs. Soak them in the water 2 in morning 2 in evening you start seeing the Renault. Soak them 10 hours.your bm kind very slippery wich you need. Walk alote listing to music. Try to relax. All the best

  • cristian89782 cristian89782 dee300

    Hi guys.

    I had a visit yesterday within a new practitioner and she recommended a new set of blood work including a colonoscopy.

    Has anybody had one yet?

    And what to expect?

  • Riri000 Riri000 dee300

    Oh honey it's like I wrote this post myself ! I had my Botox five weeks ago ! Before the surgery (u had skin tag and polyp removed to ) I was in agony for several hours - after the surgery just like u said I was in pain but not bad - it wasn't u til my third week where I started to feel the pain less and less it goes through so many weird stages - now the fissure is closing and I have no pain passing a stool -I only rarely May have discomfort afterwards So hang in there

    • dee300 dee300 Riri000

      Oh that's such a relief to hear! It's been two weeks now and the pain is bearable thank God, but it's still there. Like u said it's like it goes through different stages , some days it's very sore and others it is not as bad. I really have lost hope about not feeling any pain with BM sad

      Can I ask, was there anything particular that u did to help with the healing process? How was ur diet?

      I'm really scared to eat a lot or to eat anything that isn't green really and I'm hating it sad

    • Riri000 Riri000 dee300

      It's normal I promise and I feel ur fuastration ! To be honest I used bi carb soda in a bath because I feel it helped promote healing on the wounds ! smile other then that I would try to stay positive and sleep with my crystals ! Food wise I'm vegan and constipation is never an issue I ate what ever I want and in fear I would smash a couple prunes after each meal when I thought what I put it may come out harder haha my surgeon told me it's important to still keep the stools firm so the new skin on the fissure heals loose rather then tight ! I know it's hard and it sucks and looking back when I was in ur position I wood spend my days depressed and anxious and in a bad state until I accepted it and reminded myself it will pass and I swear just taking that stress off my body aloud me to heal smile

    • dee300 dee300 Riri000

      I really hope the same will happen with me. The thing is. I had diaharrea for a few days but now back to normal so I hope the skin did heal tight like you mentioned sad. It's is very hard living anxious all the time, I'm constantly worried and dread having to go toilet. I've been staying home because of it !

    • Riri000 Riri000 dee300

      I KNOW how u feel! I suffer anxiety and depression and this consumed me I would contemplate self harm over it sad just have to stay positive which I know is hard ! I would fill the bath up and pour a lot of it in the water would feel milky! And slightly look foggy ! Bi carb soda neutralises ph levels especially on the skin so it makes sense that it's good for wounds within few days I felt like the wound had started to heal i stopped when the outside of my fissure healed now my problem is the inner part of it sad I did a bigger and harder poop yesterday and since then it's been so itchy then this morning I did a squishier poop and there was a light sting - I feel like every time I do a swuisher poop there's a little sting

  • dan27470 dan27470 dee300

    hi what was the pain like and are u still suffering with pain ?

  • Mns23 Mns23 dee300

    Its really heartbreaking... I can feel your pain. I really want to help evryoen here.. I am suffering from anal fissure for 9 months it comes and go but atlst it doesn't stop my life.. sad hey when you take sitz bath just add cipladine or betadine solution the main cause of pain in fissure and tags is infection i take two baths with this solution until i am relieved i know its for lifetym but dont lose hope okay may be we r too strong to bear all these problems thats why god has gievn us this pain u r stronger and yess i massage my anus with a wocain its anaesthetic, mix it with coconut oil (natural) first apply this cream okay if this gives you burning sensation then mix it with coconut oil and Vaseline(pure) and just use your index finger i know it will be painful in beginning but after two or three times it will be normal so just take it with ur finger and apply it in your anal area i don't know if u can do this after this botox thing.. But try all these i have a tag and a cut in my anal area and yess stools must be soft. Anyhow try to make them soft exercise and walking gives u more relief as it soften your stools i know we cant do that while in pain but include it in your routine plz may god gives you relief soon plz plz god... I know how painful it is...

    • srig srig Mns23

      You are right when you said, its for lifetime.... :-/ I got my fissure two years ago and now again six months ago i got my fissure back....its been six months...all i eat is fiberous diet and my doc gave me nifedipine ointment, it helped me a lot in allow the blood circulation around fissure and helping to heal.

      But its the slow just takes time. 


    • dee300 dee300 Mns23

      Thank you, it is a hard hard thing to deal with. I just want to get my life back on track which is hard to do with the pain!

      When u say ur fissure comes and goes, does it go to

      The point where u don't feel pain anymore ?

      I'm loosing hope. I just want to be pain free

    • srig srig dee300

      Yes, i guess so.. I started to have food which i liked and had good BM, even sometimes hard one but no pain but it seems it was always there and over did it six months ago eating all junk food and making my BM hard and now got the fissure and slowly dealing with it.

      Feeling better than what i felt in January but its not completely going off as it did two years ago. it seems like forever and have to live with it

    • srig srig dee300

      During BM it doesn't pain at all, it feels like i dont have any fissure at all. After two hours...i feel a small minute pinch kind of feel down at the back, that stays like for an hour or two after that i feel nothing. 

      the days goes on.

      same story repeats everyday. the pinch kind of feel is reducing slowly very slowly.

    • srig srig dee300

      thanks a lot..wish u the same. Yeah many times i lost hope and visited doctor numerous times and all the time he said to me to calm down and examine and explained it that how it looks and how i have to regulate my diet and lots of water and less stress and exercise.

      After a while i started to feel, may be the fissure came into my life to course correct my habits and diet especially...making me to follow healthy diet route....always good in the long run

    • dee300 dee300 srig

      Thank you.

      So did ur doc say that excersise helps or that it makes it worse ?

      I agree with the diet part. I feel healthier and look better but I do sometimes crave junk here and there. But out of fear of getting constipated I stop myself from eating it

    • srig srig dee300

      Not particularly what kind of exercise, he just said walk for 30 mins

      out of fear pooping hard, i only took liquid food initial months....that made me to loose around 20 pounds in three i m slowly intaking protiens and moved to doing weights in gym.

      Hopefully it wont come back as severe


    • Mns23 Mns23 dee300

      When i am constipated and stools get hard then i feel burning and pain... I try to avoid rice and more junk food by gods grace i eat everything yes but it has chnged my life i have to apply those creams everyday before i go to bed and in the morning yess smtimes i dont even feel its there in my butt... I take 4 to 5 litrs water a day.. Its a must it softens your stool i try to include any kind of fruit or salid in my diet cucumber does miracles i try not to take stool softeners..cuz after while it will stop working for sure but yess when it is triggered u can do anything to soften ur stools... Yes it does go after following all these methods i never did exercise in my life now i do crunches planks running evrything... rolleyes and yees do some research what makes you constipated... Just dont eat those things plz. I wish u a better life that you deserve. Eat everything just not much fast food okay and with lots of fiber u need to take water to make it work.

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