I had an anal fissure "cleaned up" and skin tags removed. Still in pain after 7 days so far... what

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I have an anal fissure and had two skin tags and a hem as well. Exactly a week ago I had them removed and the fissure "cleaned up" with a Botox injection.

Prior to the procedure I was in excrutiating pain. To the point, I was in tear and screaming every morning during bowel motion. Now, post op it's not as bad however it's still very painful during and for many hours after.

I am taking laxculose also with pain killers. I also do salt baths a few times a day.

My high fibre diet is also helping keep my stool soft.

Does anyone know if it is bad that I am having bowel movement at least twice a day? How will the wound heal if I keep going toilet?

Pleaseeeeeee give me advice. I can't tolerate pain anymore ! sad

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    Hi Dee300,

    How complicated the botox injection thing is? I have skin tag too, its exactly paining behind that. I feel the cut is just behind the skin tag.

    Visiting doctor today, will discuss about botox injection.

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      To be honest I'm not too sure. My surgeon didn't insert much because he said that there could be a risk of incontinence. So at the moment the pain is better than before but still not great. I'm not sure if that's the Botox or if it's because my skin tags have been removed. The surgeon also said that the Botoxs' effect doesn't work immediately. Maybe that's why I haven't had immediate pain relief

      I hope you feel better soon

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    Hi all of you. Hope you will be fine. I read your problems over all you going in the wright direction. Firs of all I am my self suffer from chronic anal fissure. The pains you have after bm is spasm. I had mine for 12 hours. Also you all seems to interested in botox injection. The Botox injection is for 3 to 6 months after it wears off the fissure could comeback. I had surgery and I felt imidatly better . At the pick of my fissure I use to walk alote about 10000 steps a day. I would recommend you LIS op. Know I am over 3 months that have the op. I feel 95% fixed. The other 5% is more mental as you all know it's nightmare to have this terrible illness. The operation is not painful in my case . Try to find doctor who is specialist in this prosedure not gentle surgent. I wolk next day 6000steps.that was about 15 to 18 hours after the opp . In my case I heal I would say in 10 weeks. But most the cases ppl heal in 2 weeks. So guys wish you all the best if you need any more advise on how to have diet or something more. Please ask.

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      Hi toorialay, what surgery did you have?

      Do you know how long it takes for the Botox to actually work? I'm 11 days post op and still in pain for many hours as we'll as during bowel movement sad

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      would love to hear what diets people are having success with. (High fibre - but eating what? and avoiding what? other than the obvious).Thanks

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    Hi Dee.The operation I had is called LIS. The Botox normally takes 4 days to start work. But I read on this site . Somebody had 2 weeks until it start work.the spasms you get is because you need to relax your self. If your bm is hard try dry figs. Soak them in the water 2 in morning 2 in evening you start seeing the Renault. Soak them 10 hours.your bm kind very slippery wich you need. Walk alote listing to music. Try to relax. All the best
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      Mine has almost been two weeks and I'm still in pain. Not sure what's happening. But I have an appointment today. Hopefully I'll get some answers and possible solutions !!

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    Hi Dee hope you hear good news. Ask them about what the chance of it comes back when it wears off.
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    Hi guys.

    I had a visit yesterday within a new practitioner and she recommended a new set of blood work including a colonoscopy.

    Has anybody had one yet?

    And what to expect?

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      Did not have anything done yet, will have the blood work done today and then a colonoscopy but I don't know what to expect from the colonoscopy. Will it be painful ?

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    Oh honey it's like I wrote this post myself ! I had my Botox five weeks ago ! Before the surgery (u had skin tag and polyp removed to ) I was in agony for several hours - after the surgery just like u said I was in pain but not bad - it wasn't u til my third week where I started to feel the pain less and less it goes through so many weird stages - now the fissure is closing and I have no pain passing a stool -I only rarely May have discomfort afterwards So hang in there

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      Oh that's such a relief to hear! It's been two weeks now and the pain is bearable thank God, but it's still there. Like u said it's like it goes through different stages , some days it's very sore and others it is not as bad. I really have lost hope about not feeling any pain with BM sad

      Can I ask, was there anything particular that u did to help with the healing process? How was ur diet?

      I'm really scared to eat a lot or to eat anything that isn't green really and I'm hating it sad

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      It's normal I promise and I feel ur fuastration ! To be honest I used bi carb soda in a bath because I feel it helped promote healing on the wounds ! smile other then that I would try to stay positive and sleep with my crystals ! Food wise I'm vegan and constipation is never an issue I ate what ever I want and in fear I would smash a couple prunes after each meal when I thought what I put it may come out harder haha my surgeon told me it's important to still keep the stools firm so the new skin on the fissure heals loose rather then tight ! I know it's hard and it sucks and looking back when I was in ur position I wood spend my days depressed and anxious and in a bad state until I accepted it and reminded myself it will pass and I swear just taking that stress off my body aloud me to heal smile

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      I really hope the same will happen with me. The thing is. I had diaharrea for a few days but now back to normal so I hope the skin did heal tight like you mentioned sad. It's is very hard living anxious all the time, I'm constantly worried and dread having to go toilet. I've been staying home because of it !

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      Btw how much bi carb soda would u put in the bath? Would it be a full bath tub?
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      I KNOW how u feel! I suffer anxiety and depression and this consumed me I would contemplate self harm over it sad just have to stay positive which I know is hard ! I would fill the bath up and pour a lot of it in the water would feel milky! And slightly look foggy ! Bi carb soda neutralises ph levels especially on the skin so it makes sense that it's good for wounds within few days I felt like the wound had started to heal i stopped when the outside of my fissure healed now my problem is the inner part of it sad I did a bigger and harder poop yesterday and since then it's been so itchy then this morning I did a squishier poop and there was a light sting - I feel like every time I do a swuisher poop there's a little sting

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