I have been losing weight drastically (Plus , muscle spasms , nausea , headaches )

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Hey people , So I am a 24 year old male thats been having a heck of a problem. I am going to try and describe as best I can as to whats been happening to me recently and what I have currently done to try and sort my issues. So about 5 months ago maybe more I started losing a bit of weight, that didn't really matter as I had just come off a diet as I had high cholesterol and thought my metabolism was working itself out. Then as the weeks went on my body got small and smaller to the point my wrists are tiny and my bones are way more visible on the arms and legs. I then started to get muscle twitching and spasms which freaked me out a bit so I went to the docs.

At the doctors they did some standard tests like hitting my knees and elbows to check reaction, a coordination test, blood pressure and a few blood tests to check levels. That was all 100% so because my GP took a look at my records and saw i used to be a bit anxious and I used to take medication so they wanted to see if it was my anxiety causing the issues. this is where things went real down hill. they put me on sertaline which is meant to be a "standard" med for "depression?". I took it for a month and noticed I couldn't actually feel my arms or legs because of numbness and I was incredibly weak. Had a look online and apparently sertaline is used to relax muscles in some cases. this is the opposite of what i wanted as i worked in a fast past dangerous environment. so I came off it.

I went back to the doctors and said I need more specific tests and they didn't know what to recommend ?! so I had to go home and research what kind of tests I might need. The best I could come up with was to see someone in neurology as my legs and hands were going haywire with cramps, twitching and because my arms and legs were getting smaller ect. I went back and said I wanted to see one, they referred me and I have had a series of other tests, nerve conduction's , mri and ct scan of brain and spine. all have came back fine, the guy that checked my nerves said that they are Benign twitches and that alot of people get them. But I still have the problem of what the hell is going on with my body, why do i feel sick all the time and dizzy. They doctors said I need to look down less serious paths as they have ruled out tumours in the brain ,bleeding, any serious nerve disorders and imbalances.

I have also checked for STI's because of the amount of partners I had in a sort period of time and that was good.

So my question is whats next? I am not well at all and am losing the will at bit being told to pretty much sort myself out. I have had to leave work for a while. I don't know the specific blood tests they did but the one i had last night was around 5 tubes. that i think checked for more serious problems.

Just to add that my stomach is always upset. I pretty much can't go no where without not eating for at least 3 hours prior otherwise your looking at a spout of stomach pains. though i have had that for years but it wasn't as bad as it is now.

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    This is the exact same thing I'm going through right now. Just came back from the hospital after doing CT scans.

    Do you have any burning sensation in your body or as if there's pin and needles?

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    i have lost 78 lbs in 4 months. body twitches throughout the body.

    constipation, headaches, dizziness, poor valance memory loss and confusion, fainting, feeling like my breath is heavy after a few hours of work. Muscle spasms, mouth ulcers and eye rashes.

    i am on methotrexate, lyrica, zanaflex and clonapam and Venaflaxine.

    Pretty much whenever i exert myself. i start to twitch get light headed and lose my balance. its a pain in the @ss.

    Went to family doctor she ran blood work, nothing. went to rheumatologist, they tested blood for lupus rheumatoid arthritis, rare cancers, hepatitis, hyperthyroidism and myopathy, I had to get a bone density test, CT of my ab abdomen,a EMG, a muscle biopsy, a colonoscopy, a EKG, an ECG, a stress test. Everything came back okay except i had two polyps' . i was told i have fibromyalgia.

    But wait I researched it - fibromyalgia causes weight gain...not weight loss right?

    I now have been scheduled to see a neurologist for an MRI because my rheumatologist wants to check for MS. the neurologist did an initial consultation and said he would do the MRI but he doe He doesn't think i have MS based on my reflexes. That whatever is going on with me is muscle related.

    Not feeling very hopeful that my RA will figure this out.

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    hey there ,,l ve been facing the same problem ,honestly l havent gone to get tested for STIs or HIV related issues cause l thinking it might be something to with HIV the last person l had unprotected sex with ,it was in january this year 2020 and this problem l started noticing it in early september upto now or some STIs but l havent been noticing any further developments in terms of signs of Hiv ,its just weight loss ,tiny calf muscle ,tiny wrist my chest bones are now more visible on the arms ,am having muscle tickles everytime l relax my muscles ,its really irritating am beginning to worry pretty bad ,l really dont know whats the problem ,since l noticed some of you are facing the same problems ,,,Lately l ve been having anxiety , also thought l ve dehydrated with the hot weather conditions here in Zimbabwe its a very arid country ,but l know my body it cant be those things which causes such drastic weight loss,,,if anyone gets to know whats causing the problem and the treatment l really do need help ,,kindly keep me posted

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    I'm a 25 year old male also experiencing the symptoms you guys are with no blood tests showing the cause.

    In addition to these all my stools are floating and my muscles burn and have been for weeks. Has anyone figured out what's going on??

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