I have my endoscopy tomorrow and im terrified and have a few questions! advice please?

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I have an endoscopy for my stomach pains ive been getting and im really scared! I have a few questions and id love to hear other people's experiences aswell please!

How thick is the tube?

What does sedation feel like?

Does the throat spray make you panic?

How long does it last?

Will I get my results straight away?

Can my mum and boyfriend be in the room with me?

Can i sit up instead of lying down?

Thank you!

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    I had my endoscopy on Friday so I will try to help you.

    The tube isn't too thick but you can still feel it, in my case it caused my gag reflex to go into overdrive but it doesn't do that with everyone.

    I didn't have sedation so I can't comment and I think a lot of people in the waiting area with me didn't either.

    The throat spray is fine. You can still swallow.

    It probably lasts 5 minutes or so but that depends on what you are having done.

    Yes you will get the observations right away but biopsy tests take time.

    No one is allowed in with you but there are nurses to help you with it.

    You have to lie down on your left side.

    It's not pleasant but for a lot of people it's ok. Just breath and remember it only takes a short time.

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    Hi Shauna,

    The tube is quite thick but it is flexible and probably looks worse a bit smaller than a 5p I think

    You won't be able to have anyone in the room with you but there will be a few nurses who will reassure you throughout

    I only had it done with the throats spray not sedation and I have had it twice now - when they spray your throats it feels a bit like when you go to the dentist and have an injection and your mouth is numb - your still able to swallow and you can breathe normally

    You will need to lie down you won't be able to sit up- but you don't lie on your back you lie on your side with your legs curled so it is a comfortable position.

    The procedure lasts maximum 10 minutes but I've had two and they have been around 5-6 mins long

    You will be fine! It will hopefully give you an answer to your problems so just think you will be one step closer to putting an end to your stomach problems x

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    Hi shauna75989

    I haven't had mine yet, I'm getting mine in 3 weeks but I've done a lot of research so I'm just offering what I've read.

    Although I don't know exactly how big the scope is, I hear that it's pretty thin.

    I've had sedation before and the best way I can describe it is that it REALLY relaxes you. Some people even fall asleep.

    I doubt the throat spray will make you panic. I've heard that it's not the most pleasant taste buy it's just to numb your throat.

    Duration of the procedure depends on the patient. Usually 5-10 minutes depending on what they see while in there and if they need to do any biopsies.

    It is unlikely your family can go into the procedure room with you but they can be with you before the procedure and they'll be in the room with you when you wake up.

    I don't think you'll be able to sit up. The procedure is usually done with the patient lying down on their side. Trust me, this is good anyway because after the sedative, you'll want to be lying down.

    Again, this is just from research, discussion threads and what I've been told by my G.I. so hopefully someone who has actually gone through it chimes in.

    Good luck - I'll be following in a few weeks smile

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      Anytime smile I know you must be so nervous because I am, too. Unfortunately I have to wait 3 more weeks to have mine done. I think the waiting is always the worst because you're building it up in your head to be this scary thing and you have too much time to think about what can go wrong. I'm trying my best to listen to those who have gone through it already and not let myself go crazy.

      I wish you the best of luck and please let us know how it goes for you ?

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      I will let you know how it goes dont worry and if i get through it im sure anybody can haha ❤️ Im just so nervous because ive read bad stories and good ones so im in the middle haha x
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      I completely understand, I read some pretty bad ones too..but then I thought about like this: There are probably more stories of how someone's experience went bad because not too many people take the time to go online and post about a good one...because they feel like it went the way it was supposed to. I'm sure compared to the amount of good experiences, it's a relatively low number.

      I think what's been helping me is that I keep reminding myself that it'll go real fast; 5 or so minutes. I've had cramps last longer than that haha. The rest of the time you'll actually be there is pre-op and recovery. My biggest complaint so far is the waiting. I have 3 weeks to go but I scheduled two weeks ago....How can they make someone wait FIVE weeks?! It's excruciating!

      But you can do this and I'll be thinking of you!

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      Aw thank you! I hope it goes well for you! And omg i cant believe they are making you wait that long! The first time i got offered i was in hopsital and they were going to do it the next day and i refused and this time i went to docs and i got a appointment for week after? Feel sorry for you tbh x
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      Yeah, I'm not quite sure why I have to wait so long. It's been a rough road just to get to this point because the doctors kept brushing me off when I tried telling them that I was miserable. I don't know how I'm going to get through the weeks. Maybe the up side will be that I'm just so ready by that point that I won't be as nervous ?? Haha


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      Well I think I went in a bit too overconfident, thinking it was gonna be a complete breeze but it found it difficult. The gagging for me was a bit constant most of the way through but I just kept in mind that I had to get it done. It only lasts a few minutes and then it's over. I only had throat spray and will still only have that when I need to get it repeated in 6/8 weeks 😔. It meant I could leave straight away and get on with my day. I have a hiatus hernia which had contributed to a small ulcer on my oesophagus due to acid reflux. I think the best advice I got was concentrate on breathing as it interrupts the gag and listen to the nurse who will be talking you through it. On the plus side you might have minimal gagging as my best friend did when she had it done. We are all different.

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      You are much braver than I; I'm definitely going to have the seditive as I overthink everything (I mean everything), so it'll be best for all involved if they just give me something to calm my nerves lol. Thankfully my wonderful husband is going to be with me and make sure I have the day to just rest aftwrwards.

      I'm worried that I'm going to gag, big time. My fag reflex is already bad and part of what I've been having going on is my throat feels like it's closing, so I'm already feeling like I'm gagging all the time.

      I'm sure you know exactly how I feel when I say that this wait is torture. I wish it would go fast but so far it feels like it's going soooo slow sad

      Is there anything they can do for the hernia and ulcer or do you just have to wait it out?

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      I over think everything as well. It's a complicated trait.

      Nothing for the hernia but I am taking lansoprazole for the ulcer then after 8 weeks it should drop to a maintenance dose but I will probably always have to take it. I was taking Omeprazole for 10 years til last year for suspected reflux but stopped it and changed to ranitidine as I didn't think Omeprazole was working so well. Turns out there is a possibility that stopping the Omeprazole may have caused the ulcer. The wait is torture but unfortunately that's the nhs for you

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      I'm wondering if I have something along the same lines. I've been taking Rantitidine for about 4 weeks now; I'm not sure if it's helping because I don't feel much better than I was when all of this started. Granted, I am feeling a little better but not much; and that could be coincidental timing as my symptoms have had me down for close to 6 1/2 months.

      I'm wondering, if you don't mind sharing, what were ask if your symptoms?

      Mine, not all at the same time and not for the entire 6 1/2 months, but on and off have been:

      Nausea without vomiting (just dry heaves).


      Night sweats.

      Throat feeling swollen it like it's closing.

      Diarrhea (that has subsided after the first few months).


      EXTREME fatigue.


      Dry throat.


      Did you have any of this?

      Again, this isn't EVERY day, but most days. I might get a good day or two before I'm back in bed and cannot function sad

      It's so frustrating!!!

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      Sorry for the late reply. I only really had a slight burn, it felt like a little trickle of heartburn. I think it may have happened since I stopped taking the Omeprazole ironically I may have had the hernia for a long time but because I have never had the test nobody knew. I am taking lansoprazole now but I think it maybe causing sinusitis. I will have to take this for 8 weeks then drop the dose or ask to be prescribed something else. I think my acid reflux is caused by my hernia and could be managed by weight loss and diet and lifestyle. Some people get horrific symptoms I have pretty mild ones as long as I behave with certain foods etc.
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      Just try to be calm, I know it's not easy and think positive because at least you should know what's going on. They give you results straight away. The biopsies take time but the initial findings are instant. The appointment change is a good thing 😊

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      Thank you so much for responding! My nerves are all over the place this morning. Aside from being nervous about the actual procedure, I'm afraid of what they might or might not find. I tend to think the worst. My fear is that they either find cancer (although I know this is extremely rare), or they won't find anything and I'm left once again with to answer to why I've been so sick for over half the year, as all the doctors I've been to so far haven't been able to figure it out.

      It's all taking a toll on my body.

      I hope you start feeling better very soon. It's hard realizing we're not young anymore and our bodies are not like they once were sad

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      The best and only advice I can give you is get the test done, over with and get on with something nice afterwards. Whatever is going on could be resolved when you go and if it isn't at least you will know what you don't have. It's not a nice test and I am not looking forward to the next one in a few weeks but I can't go around it - it has to be done.

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      I know you're right. I keep trying to talk my nerves down but they don't want to cooperate lol. I think my biggest fear is them not having any answers. The most frustrating part is being sick, to the point where I can hardly get out of bed most days and not knowing why or IF it'll ever go away. I'm definitely going through with it, in hopes of FINALLY having an answer so I can hopefully get better but the butterflies are seriously working overtime haha

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      Try to relax whilst you're lying there it is only a short time. Concentrate on slow steady breathing as your focus. I was very anxious but just had throat spray it was fine honestly over in about 5/6 minutes. Remember they are used to doing this procedure and looking after you. Good luck

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      Thank you very much! Although I'm still slightly nervous, I'm just ready to get it over with. Sadly, our cat passed away Friday night; he seemed fine early Thursday morning but stopped eating and declined really fast. He had diabetes, hypothyroidism and kidney disease but they said he apparently had an aggressive cancer going on that was fast moving. I think my heart is too broken to even care about my own things at this point. Man, when it rains, it pours, huh?...

      My procedure is early tomorrow. Check in is at 9:30am, endoscopy is at 11:00; I'll post findings as soon as I can.

      Again, thank you for your support and advice ?

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