I have serious Health anxiety and worrying all the time.

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Hi everyone, well where do I start. I suffer with severe health anxiety. I'm absolutely petrified of anything and everything. At the beginning of December 05/12/14, I fell ill, I had chest pain and sweating all the time, no energy and so on....... I honestly thought I was going to die, turns out it was a chest infection.

But now a month on I'm getting all these strange feelings in my body and once again my anxiety is kicking in major time.

First off it started with pains in my groin so I thought I had cancer. Then I had this horrible itching all over my body, but only in places I was thinking in my mind. Then I started getting all these red blemishes come up, which to me was (some crazy illness). Then I started getting neck pains and started feeling around and thought my glands were swollen. Now my current symptoms are sore/tickle throat (but doctors can't see anything) I also have strange bowel moments. 4 days ago I couldn't go to the toilet (number 2) the next day I finally managed but it was a struggle and felt like constipation. Now this is where it gets strange, yesterday and today I have had really bad diorrea (very watery) and as you can imagine I'm scared (very scared). My health anxiety is destroying my life! I panic that there is somthing wrong and then I panic if I say to myself (it's just your anxiety) incase it isn't and I do have somthing wrong with me.

I went doctors yesterday and he said my throat was fine and my blood pressure was fine and that the red blemishes that are on my face and back are all normal. So why is it that I'm so scared of anything to do with health still? Honestly I'm going crazy. I haven't eaten in 3 days, I barely drink anymore (not alcohol) water and that, and I'm so tired and I mean I'm tired all the time, I slept 8 hours last night due to new medication the doc has put me on (Dizapan) but I am still always tired, my eyes are heavy and I could fall asleep anywhere. But all this makes me think I have a horrible illness.

I feel like an idiot and have no one to talk to cos people will just look at me and laugh..... but honestly this is not funny anymore. I get so upset I start crying and shaking and think my whole life is over, I'm only 26.

I appreciate any help or info you guys have to offer.

Thank you in advance

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    I'm the same. Yesterday mental diarea and today constipated. Start thinking I have bowel cancer! Feel dizzy a lot too and I have a pain under my left rib cage which is odd!
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    This sounds exactly like me! I'm only 25 and I too feel like this is the end. Any little thing is the most serious illness ever and I'm going to die. I have IBS (sorry) so I can rule out stomach issues, usually... However just a few minutes ago I had chest pains and started FREAKING out but kept telling myself it was gas as my mother always reminds me. 2 minutes later I was in the bathroom. This is a gross example I know but it made me feel better knowing what I told myself is true. The throat thing ...OMG every day I feel like I'm choking or there's something stuck back there! Turns out, most of mine is acid reflux and sometimes sinus related, yet I start to panic and it makes it even worse.  I suck on cough drops throughout the day to make it feel like I'm getting air. I have had these issues along with feeling dizzy or in a fog and god knows what else for a couple years now. I'm not here to give you the cure, just to tell you that you're not alone. And that my therapist always reminds me...none of this has killed you before.
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      Thank you for replying.

      How do you deal with your health anxiety?

      I'm so scared, thing is I think I do have stuff wrong with me. Plus I'm petrified of hospitals.

      Once again thank you for your quick reply

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      What issues do you have? I know that can be scary. Like I said I struggle every day. I just didn't want you to feel alone. I've had every symptom you talked about. Sometimes the throat thing can even be acid reflux. This is also gross but I felt like I was choking all day and made it worse by panicking so it never went away. I ended up having to throw up when i got home... Unhealthy probably but at least I know I'm not going crazy. Are you on anything? I take aprazolam as needed. Helps tremendously but can be very addicting
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    try googleing booksonprescription its a uk site that is run in conjunction with nhs to suggest self help books at library or to buy.

    these books can be invaluable while your waiting for counselling or talk therapies and all you to start sorting yourself

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    These are just the joys of health anxiety I'm afraid. The only real way to help is to deal with the underlying anxiety
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    I little update.

    I have woken up again and I'm panicking. My stomach is bubbling away and I'm having diorrea again (sorry for the details) this is the 3rd day now.

    I feel physically sick and don't want to go to work.

    Again I managed to get sleep last night, but I feel so tired again this morning. It's like my eyes wanna just close. My throat is getting worse too.

    I'm petrified, honestly don't know how much more I can take of this, it's ruining everything sad

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      I think you need to get to the doctors as it sound you have a combination of anxiety and you picked up a bug which is sap your strength away. Get an appointment today before the weekend comes
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      One of the most common side effects of anxiety is stomach issues. I actually have IBS, so that does not help at all. Think about the most common anxiety situation like stage fright or a first date...you get "butterflies" in your stomach. These stomach issues are just on another level. I know how you feel. Sometimes you just wanna scream and go nuts. It feels like you're trapped in your own body. Not that this is always the answer, because it took me a long time to try anything, but do you take any medication?
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      Think is I can't even eat at the moment and that's scaring me big time.

      Also the tiredness is doing my head in.

      I'm currently taking dizapan but it only works now and then.

      Never been so scared in my life. I sometimes think I would rather not know what is going on and just let time take its toll. Because I don't think I could handle knowing. I'm so messed up sad

      I appreciate all you help.

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      If its any consequence I am currently off my food and have lost over 1 stone in 3 weeks. These are just consequence for what is going on . I dont like them feeling either and for most of the time I can push thru but in the past I have used medium dosage fo Diazapam too. I am now using propananol ( not sure its as good as diazapam but I keep you posted ). These blips can be temparary but you do need to keep in touch with the people that can help and get you moved up the lists
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      Thank you jimmy - UK

      I'm so glad I joined this site. Every1 has been so kind and helpful.

      I will keep posting everyday to let every1 know how I'm getting on.

      Also people can keep commenting because it's a big help hearing other people's stories.

      Once again, thank you everyone

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      Hi Ryan

      After reading your post I felt the need to comment.

      Little Background; 27 Active.. was so to speak healthy male, working as an Occuaptional Theapist.

      Before the anxiety I was myself as a happy go lucky sort of guy' didn't give my health a second thought really, just living in the moment; popular active, outgoing which was great.

      And reading your post reminded yourself if were I was once in the stages of my own anxiety, your not alone; and that the best thing about this site.

      I have been going through this Anxiety/Health Anxiety for just over year now and you can only imagine then crazy weird nasty physical symptom a person could experience.

      Like yourself I have experienced those not so nice and unpleasant bowel movements.

      And the over symptoms you have named! And more...

      I will name a couple here....

      Tingling limbs, mainly hands and feet and neck and head.

      Constant twighting all over body.

      IBS which leads to blood in stools "not nice"

      Constant ringing sound in ears.

      Pain in different areas of my body which seems to move from other areas of the body everyday.

      Shaking limbs.

      Tension Headaces.

      Floaters in eyesight

      Loads of Skin problems which before last year i never give had.

      And of course unrational thoughts which then of course geared up and help lead on to this health anxiety.

      Anyway with just over a year experiencing all of the horrible physical symptoms and whilst putting myself through a MRI Brain and Neck, loads of blood work, including nasty ones like HIV and hepatitis A,B,C and more..

      I am finially coming to terms that my body and brain are out of sync with each other and I have got anxity which lead to health anxiety.

      What I'm trying to say here is that the mind is such a powerful thing and with some help from other and of course self help you will be able to feel better soon.

      I'm still on my Journey, however now telling myself; that life is fare to short to panic every single day and for the pass year it hasn't done me any favours.

      Hopefully this has given you some sort of reassurance that you are not alone and if you want to message me privately I don't mind.

      Chin up Lad.


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      This sounds exactly like what I'm going thru.. The buzzing in the ears is horrible! Mine lasts for two weeks at a time & I have to sleep with a fan on .. I was suppose to have a colonoscopy done but was so scared I didn't .. I have abnormal bowels but no blood just mucous sometimes but my bowels have been like this for maybe 5-6 years but the past year has got so bad.. Do you get cramping like sharp pains ?!
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