I have stopped drinking now for 2 day. Am i in withdrawl

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I have stopped now for 2 days after drinking myself in oblivion over the last few weeks. I am so shaky right now, and have this weird shaky feeling in my legs. Does anyone know if this is a serious withdrawl sympton???Its realy freaking me out. I could barely walk to the shops today. I havent been eating right now either for about 3 weeks, so maybe im just lacking in vitimins. But honesly please help because im so worried

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    I'm sorry sharon..it does sound like you are weak..and you probably are suffering from withdrawal ;(..be careful..eat if you can and drink fluids....I'm sorry you are suffering but if you can keep going without drinking..you will feel so much better in a couple of days.

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      Thank  you Missy, your right i am weak right now prob the lack food in 3 weeks hasnt helped. The shaking has stopped, i freaked out today as it was just the strangest feeling all over my body. . I am not saying i havent had shakes in past but this felt so different .My brain felt wierd too. i honestly though it was more than just shakes and like my body was in the process of giving up. I thought i was goin to collapse. Just listened to a hypnosis cd there and been reading Allen Cars book most of the day too. Have you read any of those book?

      How have things been with you? Still not drinking? i hope your doing ok because we both know its so not worth it. I never want to feel like this for the rest of my life. I dont think my body could do it anyway. Alcohol is just a poison and i have had enough. So i hope you are doing the same, we are both worth more than that xxx

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    Yes, it sounds very much like withdrawals.

    Drinking to excess only exacerbates the problem of excess drinking, although the body does suppress appetite. But you have been here long enough to know that.

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      I know i just got really scared yesterday. Never felt like that before in my life. If i can pull myself through this, i can do anything. I really mean that. If im going to save myself and my family, I am going to have to really, really pull myself together.. I have always been like that with food anyway as much as i have tried, when i am really stressed i feel like all  food is disgusting. Your right though about the drink also not helping this to say the least. Going to try and do somethings today and eat. Def no drink, i am honestly done with that. Been reading alcohol book and listening to hypnosis videos and they are helping.
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    Hi sharon 

             drinking for a few weeks should not present you with severe withdrawl symptoms however what your feeling is the uncomfortable symptoms of cestation of binge drinking ...

            when i was in the army in the late 80,s i had drunk solid ( 20 pints a day ) and on return to barracks i experienced exactly the same symptoms as you .. so much so i went to a hospital outside london euston and was quickly diagnosed with mild withdrawl symptoms ... i was given hemenevrin which stopped the shaking and weak legs and was able to return to camp a day late 

          however in your case i would start by resting .. get someone to go to the shops for you and try to eat something .. also vitamin B12 is required as this is helps after long binges ..... 

          after 2 to 3 weeks of drinking the worse symptoms should be gone within 48hrs .... however its the boredom that you need to watch .. without alcohol the world seems a much less interesting place but when you get the urge to drink just think about the horrible feeling your experiencing now 

           take it from a guy who has battled both alcohol problems ( detoxed twice ) and opioid addiction ( methadone ) ... allthough quiting alcohol was a walk in disneyland compared to stopping methadone ... but now im clean of all substances and i couldnt be happier ... granted i now i have to cope with the stresses of life without a cushion such as alcohol or opioids but thats the way its meant to be ..

          also once your better consider some counselling or just talking to someone .... it helps alot 

         in summary your experience is a carbon copy of mine when i was younger but mine got out of control and i dont want anyone else to experience what i went through and ruin their lives .....

            i wish you all the best 

                  good luck sharon 

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      Hi, thanks for that. Yesterday was pretty scary and to be honest especially over the last 3 weeks i have completely lost it as my partner left me. Feeling a tiny bit better today physically and i know i have to be stronger than this if im going to get better and get my family back. Its just really hard right now. I will get the vitiamins you mentioned. I am off the drink now for good no matter what. I actually hate it, its nothing but poison. Im glad your better, people like you inspire me. So well done and im glad your so much happier. Thats where i want to be. Been reading the allen carr book and im going back to councillng on thurs. We dont need alcohol as a cushion as you and me both know it just makes things worse.
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      what a story Brian!! You must be proud of yourself to have stopped TWO addictions!! It can be done!! good advice to all of us. Robin
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      Hi sharon 

             thanks for the kind words .... im glad your on the right track .. however what you also need to do is look inside yourself and think what direction you want your life to go 

             ive essentially wasted 30 years of my life with addictions and i dont want you to do the same ....addictions make your life stale and the feelings you initially get soon turn sour and you essentially stuck in a never ending spiral 

               im just like you except ive had more addictions over a longer period but im pretty sure you can overcome this,and next thing you know you will find someone who loves you for who you are and this will be a nicer feeling than any drink can give you 

               best wishes sharon and take care XX

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      I do have ideas about why i have become like this about my past and just being me to be honest. I have always thought i just also had an addictive personalty but having looked more into that some people say this doesnt exist. Maybe you could call it more as being determined... i can be very determined at times in a good way but also in a bad way.  Therefore maybe i was just determined to drink. To be honest there were times i did it even as a punishment to myself i think as i knew i could have been stronger at times

      It really believe it does come down to changing how you think and feel about alcohol. If you try the ''will power'' method you will prob fail as you will always crave it as you will always still have it in your mind that  you still think somehow its a good thing. However I have started to think of drink as something i detest, kind of always have hated it so much especially in recent years.

      This is just in a different way where you know and teach yourself that it is honestly poison and actually kind of pity others that do drink. Drink in any amount can never actually be good for you. Even though loads of people do it when you think about it drink is literally meant to be used as a cleaner/hygeine  thing and you would hardly drink bleach! Its just that most people see it as being ok and think they can control it... bet if we said to MOST people give up drink forever even if they say that they dont drink that much they would be very reluctant to give it up forever. Its just that obviously some like us do drink more than others. Its just in different amounts but most people in general do not want to give it up forever no matter how much they drink! It seems to be working for me. Im not even craving a drink today...and i am stressed about money right now. Clearing out the house today to see what i can sell and i found a bottle that i had hid GUESS WHAT I OF ALL PEOPLE POURED A BOTTLE OF VODKA DOWN THE SINK.....HOORAY! cheesygrincheesygrin I know i would never have done this in the past unless my partner forced me into it. I swear i am not giving up this time, changing the way i think of it through a lot of reading and listening i have to say seems to be working for me. I do have a lot of work to do still but going good so far. Thank you for your kind words it is a hard thing to give up and maybe though different ways of changing work for different people. I am so glad your better now and in a different place in your mind, you clearly worked hard to get this far after what you said. Best wishes to you too xxxx

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      Hi brian - your posts are really inspiring.  And to tackle two addictions is fantastic - you must be so proud.  This is such a hard fight and if you do not have an alcohol dependence you cannot understand the torment we go through.  My  hubs does not have this affliction  and does not get it that I have and come clean about it.  It is a daily struggle.

      Having an interest really helps and riding my bike and running.  Keep posting your valued posts of encouragement and well done you.

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      Well done Sharon, it is sounding like you are cracking this.

      Good luck for Thursday - you on your way up and will soon be ready to reclaim your family.

      Really chuffed for you hun.

      G. xx

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      Couldnt believe myself pouring the vodka in the sink today. I just couldnt go back to it, dont get me wrong there was maybe a slight temptation but it was very small. Last week if i had found that it would have been straight down. Really need money right now so i can clear some debt and be able to move, at least i know i dont need extra money for vodka, that would have always been in the back of my mind and today for some reason it is not. To be fair the food bill has went down since i live on my own for now and the electricity lol You can do it too hunny i know you can, believe in your self. Its still pretty early days with me too...but i honestly could not see myself going back to it. Walked past some pubs today and normally i would be dying to go in if i had the money but it wasnt there with me. In some ways it seems to good to be true considering where i was last week but it does seem to be working. I just need more veg, went to get avacados today and they were rock hard, not impressed lolfrown
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      Its a great thing that you do so much training with the bike and running, great thing for mind and body. I am going to try and start the running again next week. Used to love the gym so much, i loved weight lifting to be honest. Well done you gwen
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      Ha ha - oh yes and hard avocados will give you a tummy ache.

      When you get some spare pennies together - get the blender - either for soups or smoothies.  I swear they have saved me plus vits and loads of waer.

      Keep going hun xx

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      Yeah hun, I use weights also.  Always have done. 

      Used to go to the gym years ago but now do it at home and get the same effect - much cheaper. 

      Running is free and soo clears my head and releases the fab endorphins.

      I have a dog to walk also, but not the same effect as she wants to stop all the time to sniff every tree - but that is what dogs do so I stand patiently and wait - she loves it tho lol smile x

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      We have a dog too, very sniffy indeed. I know the gym can be expensive. Love the results of the weights when i feel a bit stronger physically i up for it again.. Running is great for overall fitness. We sound very similar lol Stressed tonight trying to sell a load of stuff online and its taking forever for some reason. Which it shouldnt because i normally do this for a living! You do sound like you are pretty fit with all your training, your drinking is more or less under control. I think your a bit hard on yourself at times. Cant wait to start training again. Your husband sounds a bit hard on you too at times but it can be hard for others to understand. Your doing good girl!
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      Do you not think that the fitness thing helps you not drink as much, i know it helped me at the time? Thats partly why i started doing it, it gets the good blood pumpin and you feel far better after it than you do when you drink, maybe more so for me cos i was hiding the drink at the time and rowing like made with my partner about it. so i knew i had to do something to make me feel good and try to get better at the time. Theres a bit more to giving up i know than just fitness but i thought it helped anyway. Its just good for ya at the end of the day even if you dont drink! I will admit while i know things are a lot better right now for me i had to give myself a good talking to as i was tempted tonight, stupid but it will take time for those thoughts to go away altogether. Will get there tho, i have my meeting tm as well,
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      Yes the fitness defo helps a lot.  I have always done it, i enjoy the fact that you know it is good for so many issues in your life and can ward off many ailments.

      Hope your session went good for you.


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      Your right, healthy eating and fitness are so important.

      How are you today?

      Had my meeting, swear to God there was this one girl there who i felt so sorry for... she was so far gone. I of all people know what its like to be at the bottom but she really was proof that you can only do it for so long and the toll will prob be too much for a person physically. I know we are all different but she just looked so out of it, its hard to describe. Considering my kids and partner are not with me right now i dont want you to think i have a cheek saying this but honestly i just felt so sorry for her.

      This coming from a person (ME) who was continually necking raw vodka. until recently. I am never touching it again. 

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      I'm good today thanks.  I would have felt the same for that poor girl.  No-one wants to be like that.  Oooh raw vodka, not my tipple.  How long did you drink it for - I am over 40 years (but not as bad as it got when I joined this Group.  I knew then I  had to nip in the btm.

      Glad you went - and keep strong.


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      I am 40 on the 8th of may, it will be the first birthday in many many years that i havent drank!

      . I started drinking vodka around the middle of last year i think because its harder to smell and easier to hide. Hated the taste but did it anyway for the hit.

      It was just quicker to do it from the bottle and i suppose i was just heading for the low point that i have talked about  At least thats what i thought, usually got found out when it was hidden. Truest me i tried every trick you could think of to hide it!

      Over the last four weeks apart from small breaks i was buying it pretty often and drinking it and usually not eating. Then at the end of last week i had this mad sensation all over my body, i have never had anything like that in my life and i think it was withdrawl. I swear to god i could hardly walk my legs and whole body felt so weird. Its that day, this forum and reading the allen carr book that has now got me sitting with the curtains open. I was so scared to go out at times due to anxiety and basically having panic attacks. But like i said in the discussion that i posted the curtains are now open, i feel stronger and was out today for ages. Got my hair cut and went to my meeting. I still miss my family so so much but i swear i will never touch another drop. That feeling last week physically is like nothing i can describe. 

      Like ive said before Gwen you have done so well managing to control it and you keep fit also, the thing is i am not very good at controlling it.I suppose i am a kind of all or nothing person. Imagine only  i could go from necking raw vodka to never doing it again. One extreme to another, that has always been me. I went from having my family which i always wanted and loved ( obviously still do ) to having nothing. Talk about extreme too!

       The last month has been the worst in my life. I really mean that. Clearly losing my family (although we are working on it) was the last straw. It was all down to me drinking and i could never do this again. So no more for me. xxx

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      Wow, I cannot imagine drinking raw voddy (blooming 'orrible taste to me anyway) and not eating.  No wonder you felt weird when you knocked it on the head - spirits are the devil.  (Although on saying that, my Mum god bless, her drank whiskey and hot water every single evening that I lived at home and after that - so I am talking 60+ years) - she had her "nightcap" about 9pm and never went to bed until 2ish.  Night owl she used to call herself lol.  Her only problems were gallstones and kidney stones and an ulcer which she dealt with and was ok.  She developed Type 2 Diabetes at around 80 and died at 84 after a fall in hospital which she did not come round from (not alcohol related).  I also remember my Gran putting whiskey from a little flask in her bag into her cuppas - even her early morning one before she went to work.  She gave me a sip of it and I was 9 at the time and spat it out - was disgusting.  Pretty obvs what is going on here - hereditary.

      I can't say my drinking has affected my marriage really.  He just gets frustrated when I can't have none at all for a few nights.  Too scared to tho. 

      Yes the last month for you has been just awful and I felt it for you big time.  Don't think I would cope if my soul mate left me.  I think you are doing amazingly actually - I like my own company (well me and the dog) but not for too long.  Well done you.  You should be proud smile x

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      I sat on the sofa so much with my comfort blanket im suprised i didnt have to surgery to have it removed lol

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