I have to stop drinking

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I need help to stop drinking. I have been a heavy drinker for most of my adult life and have put my family through hell over the years. I tried AA a few years ago but struggled with the whole higher power concept. I can't sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time unless I have consumed a significant amount of vodka. I have hit rock bottom but my GP surgery is closed for the Christmas holidays. I am going to an AA meeting tonight in the interim. Any advice please. I an desperate,

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    leave your debit  card at home.. only have the money you need on you, take as many baths as you have too... find a hobby, put your money there join groups and take one day at a time ... good for you going to AA best of luck 

    Merry Christmas smile


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    question... why do you think you drink?
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      I'm going to have a really wild guess and say vodka.
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      It started as a way of boosting my confidence and then a way to get off the merry go round that I felt I was on. I've reached the point where I only feel normal when I am drunk.
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    Emma, you have no choice but to drink what you need to, to control your withdrawal symptoms, until you can get medical help. Try not to drink more than the bare mimimum required to stop you getting shaky but don't try and stop because that can be dangerous.

    As soon as you can get access to your GP, do that and ask for an alcohol detox.

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    Good for you for realizing it's time to stop.  Meetings will help if even to bolster up your resolve of how you DO have the power to change.

    IF you stop drinking before you see your doctor..know that 'sugar'  helps to diminish the detox symptoms, such as adding sugar to orange juice etc...at least the shakes and inner tremblings.  But of course mild medication from your doctor can also take the edge off for safer detoxing and help with sleep.

    Time to focus on all the things that will improve when you stop...make a list of what will improve or start to feel better a week, a month or a year after no longer drinking.  Only hang around those that are positive and upbeat - you don't need any gloom and doom types around you, no matter how well-meaning.  Find books or stories that are positive about how others lives have changed for the better, again, to continue the upward momentum of why you are making positive changes in your life.  Look into other things that encourage improved mental and physical health, like yoga, meditation, counseling etc. 

    Best of luck to you and while it's not always easy, it's absolutely do-able!

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    emma, I feel for you sad.

    ​do the best you can,ackwoleding you need help is Step 1.

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    Thank you all for you support and advice. Got through the day so far without a drink. Going to an AA meeting tonight, but not going to take any money with me so that I can't stop off and buy alcohol.
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      Hi Emma,

      Well done......... keep it up; go to as many meetings as you can to start with then go regularly....... a couple of times a week. An old saying (especially in Norway) ...... 90 meetings in 90 days.

      Not always practical but you get the gist.

      Don't rush into getting a sponser, make a friend you an trust first.

      Best Wishes. O.D.A.A.T.

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    Yes Missy2 - I made it. I made it to the meeting sober and returned home without buying vodka on the way. During past attempts I could only attend meetings after a drink or get slaughtered immediately afterwards. Instead of heading for alcohol this morning, I made coffee and logged in. I have been given telephone numbers of other AA members that I can call but I find it difficult to pick up the phone. I worry that I may be disturbing people. Why would someone want to take a call from me early in the morning and listen to my problems? With this forum I can express how I feel without feeling guilty about disturbing someone. I can't promise to be totally sober during future posts and when I am drunk I ramble. Hopefully people on this forum will recognise that and be able to overlook it.
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      At the start.. I never picked up the phone either. I felt I really had to get to know someone before I decided I was going to "bug" them.  I'm glad you went and were able to brush off and ignore the higher power parts..LOL.

      I can never promise I won't drink either. But I will say having coffee in the morning is much more refreshing than vodka or beer.  And I feel much better about myself.

      ​The AA atmosphere I used to have a place to "run" to when I felt just desperate to be out of isolation which would eventually lead me to thinking I could just have a few drinks.  Always felt better when I left.  And eventually I met a someone who became a REALLY good friend.  And then we were on the phone all the time and doing normal things....and one of those normal things...was catching lunch...and making fun of the people who always brought up the higher power...LOL.

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      I expect you didn't mean it this way, Misssy, but that last sentence comes across as a disrespectful to me.

      Just because you don't believe in a higher power, I don't feel it's right to make fun of those who do.  How would you like it if those who DO believe in a higher power were going our for lunch and making fun of you, because you don't?

      When I was in AA, I felt very vulnerable and unsure, especially in the beginning.  I would have to say that I would've run a mile had I thought someone was making fun of me behind my back for anything I might've said, or done, during a meeting......


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      hI Emma. Do not worry about disturbing people from the AA if they have given your their number and are part of the support network or a sponsor. They are there to help. Or you can work with the people here who are not partial and will try help you since we have all been where you are! Keep going and keep trying to make this Xmas your magical one when you stopped!! best of luck from Robin
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      No Joanna I didn't mean to offend anyone of course.  People are human and gossip about people all the time. I'm sure there were people gossiping about US too.  And I do believe in a higher power.  You may not have read a response I wrote possibly to this post...that I DO believe...but I don't want to talk about it in AA...and I don't want to hear about other peoples views...while I'm in AA.  Especially when the preamable reads that we are not affliated with any sex, denomination or religion.

      ​I simply wanted to send a message to the original poster that...AA can be fun...and friends can be found....friends that you can be yourself with...without drinking.

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      Hi again Emma,

      Feel free to ramble, I do. A true A.A. member will answer your call anytime; they might be busy but they'll call you back.

      Don't worry, we're all in the same boat........ ring before you take a drink - chances are you won't take the drink.

      Try not to worry, I'm sure we're all friends who want to help and get help in return.


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      Hi Joanna,

      The card reads, what's said here, stays here! Coffee time before, during and after meetings helps to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

      Aloholics are normal people with a desease; I got little sympathy from friends and family when I admitted I was an aloholic and started recovery in detox, half way houses and so on and so on. It was a different matter when I had cancer. Most people just do not understand alcoholics or alcoholism and I don't expect them to.

      If an aloholic has a higher power, then what's the difference from that and a priest believing in God and Catholisism?

      My experience tells me that an aloholic who believes in a higher power has a better chance of staying sober than one who laughs at those who do.

      I'm an A.A. member who has a higher power and I don't give a damn about anything said about me outside of the rooms. If I'm wrong in a meeting, I hope I have the sense to promptly admit it.

      I agree with what you said to Misssy2

      Best Wishes. Peter

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