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I’m 13 and bleeding from my vagina. I don’t think it’s my period. Please help.

Hello. My name is Grace and I’m sorry if this post comes off as whiny or rushed, I’m just really scared.

About 2 days ago now I went to urinate in the bathroom and upon wiping myself realised a tiny bit of blood. I dismissed it, and carried on. Later that day, I went bathroom again and blood was on the toilet paper again when I wiped my female privates.

Yesterday, it got worse. I searched up symptoms and assumed it was just a vagina cut that would heal, I had shaved a few days before after all, but the blood on the paper got worse. Yesterday night, after going to the toilet, I looked over it and realised I had been urinating blood and when I went to wipe myself there was more blood than ever. 

I put a lot of tissue inside my pants incase I bleed that night and when I woke up at around 4am it was cover, mainly from the part of the lower vagina, where I assume my cut is. I switched it out and when I woke up recently it was covered again.

I haven’t started my period yet and am 13, turning 14 in November, so I thought it would be that but I don’t think this is normal. I weigh about 6 and a half stone and am 154cm or 5 foot.

Please help me. My parents are strict and I haven’t told them yet but I’m so, so scared. Thank you for reading.

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  • Update: I just went to urinate and all that came out was blood, it went everywhere. The water was bright red. Please help me, I’m going to tell my dad but I’m so scared. I’m sorry.

    • grace96799

      When you are in a lying position, your flow 'will' be more to the back, as you stated. Naturally, you will have blood when you wipe, because it flows, whether you think it should, I not; when you use the bathroom and when you don't use the bathroom. But, do confide in your mother, if she is there. Or your dad, if you are more comfortable with him. It 'will' seem like you are peeing blood, but the place where the blood is coming from is between where you pee, and where you poop. So, you will wipe blood, too.

  • grace96799

    Hi Grace , hope you are ok smile from my own experience and my daughters it definitely does sound like a period.. some girls are lucky and get them quite light but some of us bleed so heavy it doesnt seem humane :o ..... i was scared to tell my parents ... i went and borrowed some sanitary pads and showed them to my mum and said i need these now .. i was hot sweating and so dam nervous but she said ok and walked away .. then after that the pads would appear in my room.. no discussion she just would provide them for me without me having to ask . Do you have cramping in your tummy or legs atm ?

  • grace96799

    That definitely sounds like your period to me. Kind of similar to how mine started. I also experience the moment when you urinate and unexpectedly see the toilet filled with blood. Yea, it sucks. When I was a teenager me and my best friends would call it "The pee of death" because we would all experience the same thing around period time. Lol. You'll be fine, don't stress too much about it.

  • grace96799

    You may well find the cramps will come soon but a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel helps when held on tummy or back, it can be soothing so thats worth noting , but its nothing us girls can't handle !!! x

  • grace96799

    Hi grace96799

    You need to tell your parents. It does sound as if you have started menstruating, you are at that age. You need to be wearing sanitary protection such as sanitary towels. If it is your period you will be shedding blood other than when you urinate, this is why you need sanitary protection..Speak to your parents a.s.a.p there is no need to be nervous about tellng your parents. If you were my daughter i would like you to tell me..

  • grace96799

    Some girls get their periods at your age or younger.  When they start they can take time to settle down.  Sometimes they can be very heavy, light or very painful.  When mine started, they were very heavy, very painful and I felt very sick, dizzy and hot.  They can also affect your mood.  Are you having any of these symptoms?   Sometimes, I see blood in the loo and this is the first indication of my period before any pain begins.

    Speak to your mum about this and she will explain everything to you.  Do not be afraid to do this.  It will ease your worries and reassure you.


  • grace96799

    Aww it just sounds like your period to me. When on your period you feel really icky down there and pee a lot of blood. It may not feel like pee but it is. Some girls bleed heavier than others, so perhaps you just have a heavy flow!

  • grace96799

    You are so sweet. Don‘t be scared. It sounds definitely like your period. And please don‘t be scared to tell your parents. They are there to help. As a mother myself I always hope that my kids trust me and would never be scared to tell me something. 

    And what cuts were you talking about before? What were they from? 


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