I'm 25 and absolutely terrified i have Stomach Cancer!

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Hello everyone, for the past 3/4 weeks i've had this constant dull abdominal ache that only goes away when i'm asleep. I've gone down from 13 stone 7 to 12 stone 11, and i've lost my appetite almost completely. I don't bring any food up but i have had constipation with on and off bleeding. I've been to all the GPs in my surgery (which is 3) and they just say that it's not impossible but highly rare i have Stomach Cancer. Now, my dad and my sister have Crohns disease so my GP did blood checks and calprotectin test and said everything looked fine and no inflammatory markers are up or any warning signs are showing. She's referred me to a GI specialist, but judging by the NHS waiting times i could be waiting ages to get this sorted. Tomorrow i go for an Abdominal Ultrasound, i'm so scared they'll find something cancerous or an unexplained mass. This has driven me to the breaking point, i'm crying infront of my girlfriend so much, the abdominal ache doesn't go away no matter what i eat. My stomach also feels pretty bloated at times and solid when i stand up. It's driving me up the wall. I'm currently on Cosmocol to relieve the constipation which seems to be working. Though i'm only on day 1 of 3 satchets a day. 

And i'm so incredibly stressed i've convinced myself i'm going to die because they won't catch it early enough. I've been on google and saw many stories about young people being misdiagnosed then dying from cancer in a few months. It's absolutely terrifying. Hell i couldn't even handle my dad saying he had to have a stomach resection, the thought scared me too.  Hell i've even got to the point where i'm planning on how to break it to my parents and what my will should have in it. sad

I'm waiting on CBT therapy and i currently take Citalopram for my Anxiety. I got given Lansaprazole 30mg for what my GP thinks is an ulcer but it doesn't seem to do anything. I just really want a clear Colonoscopy and Endoscopy and for this all to be over. I've been to A&E so many times and i feel so helpless and alone when they say they won't do anything. 

Does anyone have any idea what else it could be? I've been looking up Symptoms of Gastritis, Gallstones, Stomach Ulcers, but i can't seem to match them up. Everything just points to Stomach Canceror Bowel Cancer.

I'm so sorry for the rant. It's just been driving me insane the past few weeks. I'm terrified that it'll be a high stage by the time they finally diagnose it. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

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    Hello look up Barrett's Esophagus and see if you have any of the symptons
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      I don't seem to have them! Thanks anyway though!
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    Im the same..l always imagine my problems are stomach cancer..I wish the doctors understood

    How terrifying the thoughts are...and I am not sure why they are against doing endoscopy

    ...my wife is the same..thinks I'm paranoid ..and does not acknowledge my complaints

    Sometimes I think it's better to be alone

    As well I try to explain..not afraid of dying..as we may get hit by a car and dye..but suffering terrifies me

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      I'm sorry to hear you're in the same boat as me. Everyone thinks i'm paranoid too. Hopefully we will find solace.
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    hello we all need to relaize that doctors care about one thing money. There are only a handful of doctors that are great but there far and few between, Have you ever thought about going to the mayo clinics look at up on google all you need is a referral from your doctor you will meet a lot of great doctors who care about you as a person not a dollar sign
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      l wonder if a lot of gps arent trained in same way now, going back many years when seeing gp they took your pulse, looked in your eyes, at your tongue, listened to your chest, examined you and asked question about symptoms, many dont seem to now, often dont get out of their chair and rely on blood tests or scan results, which is good but not the be all, nor quick, slow to bring diagnoses or none at all, as not all things show up in blood test, or even scans. Took me many years to get diagnoses for intersticial cystitus, can only be seen by scope, and that takes specialist but many gps decide its phycalogical when its not a common condition, also took months xray 2 biopsies that didnt diagnose my extreme rash as myco bacterium, diagnoses by new gp asking questions, re`you dont have a tropical fish tank do you` l did and thats where it came from and how l got it diagnosed.Whilst 9months of daily severe nausea loss of appetite resulted in 3 consultations, 2 scans, l scope for gastritus diagnoses, prescribed omprazole which settled it in 2wks. l couldnt believe it, l could have bought omprazole from chemist nexium, why l,d to endure 9months of misery of nausea, and nhs spend thousands, when commonly used re prescribed omp cleared it, maybe tests later if it hadnt, l think its also same reason increasing numbers going into a and e over non emergencies and non accidents, just to get quick diagnoses. nhs emergency care is brilliant, but think some gps need to start thinking rather than scientific tests being the only answer. My experience an thoughts on it. 
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    Just thought i'd update everyone. 

    Had my ultrasound today, it went well. The nurse/radiographer who did the scan said everything looked fine and she couldn't see the source of my discomfort. The only thing she did see was my liver was slightly fatty. Which she also added that it was nothing to worry about.

    Now that's over i'm desperate for the GI consultant to test me to find out the source of my stomach issues. It's still very much there. Though it's not incredibly painful, it's uncomfortable. I'm just not happy with it being IBS. I had a nice few hours of relief after the scan but now my anxiety has shot back up. I'm shaking and almost crying at the thought of finding out that it's stomach cancer. I just want it to go away, i can't think of anything else it could be. sad

    My chances are incredibly low, i think it's only 6 people my age are diagnosed with it every year. (Correct me if i'm wrong) but christ i'm terrified. 

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      Glad you got the scan done Jay and all looked good.I do hope your consultant can give you some answers to your problems.I worry about stomach cancer as well so you are not on your own how old are Jay if you dont mind my asking dot answer if you dont want me to know x
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      As I said before you have little to worry about. I have been dealing with stomach problems my entire life and no cancer yet. I know where you are coming from though, I have Prostatitis and have been on antibiotics for a week so far and no change in symptoms. I still have a lot of pain and if this doesn't work I would guess that the doctor may want to biopsy my prostate. I am scared as I am at the age where it can happen. Wait till you get to age 47 or older, then you will have Prostate cancer to deal with. It sucks because having sex is painful and I can hardly urinate. You will be fine, so no more worry. Go do something you like to do.
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      I've only just turned 25 last week Joyce smile And thank you, i truly hope they can too. At this point i'd be happy with something as simple as an intolerance honestly! x
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      I hope everything goes well for you Craig. At least you know what it is though, which must be some kind of comfort. And thank you for your reassurance, honestly it means alot. It's been a very rough ride so far. And i will do, make sure you keep yourself occupied too mate! 
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      Thats awful you are so young to be going through this. yes it would be good if we got some answers to the problems we have . I have a abdominal ultrasound on the 31st of this month x
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    hello Jay,

    although i am female and 57,i can compare my body and story similar to yours.since 2012 have had persistent pelvic and abdominal pain,weight gain (to 14.3 at heaviest and not due to diet or lack of exercise)and losing 2 stone in april last year not for trying. and then gaining 3 kgs on my abdomen and also cos of swelling mostlky on legs.

    i have the huge avdomen but it is not bloating and i havent had constipation or diarrheoa.DR's assume IBS even though no symptoms.like you since 2007 my appetite has diminished and now i force myself to eat.

    i have a hiatus hernia,diverticulitis,duodenitis,gastritis and dysphagia.

    my original concern was ovarian cancer but this was excluded andc Misdiagnosis of IBS which drs wouldnt accept I did not have this and five years on still dont.

    my concerns are cancer because of the solid lumpy mass which is my abdomen,recently more pressure against ribs and stomach (from below)and increased heaviness of abdomen.

    the majorityof my pain is upper abdomen and pelvis.

    like you i have been to A&E a couple of times to non avail.

    i had gallstones even though USS .radiographer did not pick

    up on them initially and had gallbladder removed which caused

    further problems with bile in myn stomach.

    i still fear cancer.as like you say all symptoms and  signs(including dr;s 

    assuming things)indicate cancer.

    persist with your GP and dont let them fob you off.gps these days 

    dont listen or accept you know your body and know when things arent right.

    ive been battling for five years and the first 3 my gp did nothing.only receiving diagnoses in 2014 by a different gp who investigated.

    good luck i hope you get a diagnosis soon.thinking of you

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      l can confirm, sometimes, dont know how often, but conditions are missed, often the less common.  l had severe lower back hip pain for many years along with general poor health, restricted my lifestyle quite badly from in my 30s, following surgery, l,d aneamia with it, nr constant thrush, it was only being younger and fairly strong that let me live something of a normal life, be it not as fit, and more restricted l d had urine samples blood tests xrays scans on few occassions, gps put down to post op, gyny, hormonal, meds for those made no difference or made me worse. Finally put down to phycalogical, hypacondria, by which time l was affected phycalogically due to symptoms and continually being fobbed off, with heinsight,ld have done different, not just accepted drs opinions words,  and test results

      Although it was a dr, specialist and a test scope than finally brought a diagnoses, intersticial cystitus, fairly rare, theres a problem for many gps, anbuma l recall one occassion in hospital for a week due to severe pain nausea, a wreck, l looked 6month pregnant, couldnt eat, and they gave me anti bs, made me worse, but never bothered about the huge stomach, no interest,or referral, and l was on wrong ward, gyny one, scan showed no probs, officiously dismissed, no explanation, despaired going home same, when l asked was told we think its a bladder problems, but didnt refer me, when it should have been urology ward, bizarre, Finally a year later new compatent caring gp then   Its getting the right specialist and test, scopes seem to be good for seeing all and diagnosing.  Not saying its the case for all, but yes if you feel bad and its affecting your life, if l,d been rich l,d of course gone private, quicker, cant get those lost times back, but  keep at them, l think your best bet of diagnoses is with gi and scope, good luck with it. 

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      hi lynne,like you,noone cares about huge abdomen.say scans are normal but something is causing it/.i know i have urinary issues with abnormal flow and all i got was urine tests are fine but tests dont tell why i have abnormal flow and swelling.

      i d go private but as you say cant afford to plus private clinics arent easily accessible,my ex gp kept telling me he didnt know what things were and wouldnt refer me to someone who does.and then wonders why i lost faith and trust in him.

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      l,m the same with my gp, trust gone, l,m thinking of changing to new surgery, just finding energy and gettin on with it. if youve urine problems you,d be better seeing a urologist, and having a scope, as interticial cystitus is a possability and it can cause swelling and different symptoms in pelvic area,pain soreness,and it doesnt show up on urine samples or scans, only by scope  But l know it would be a battle again, isnt it all with some of them.  l was same, couldnt believe l looked 6month plus preg and no one commented interested, and for me it was connected to ic, not even sure how, but diagnoses treatment got rid, l do still get smaller bloating, about 4month preg,but know that is gastritus and wind.helped by omp.  Good luck 

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