I'm 26 and just had a marsupilation of bartholin cyst si...

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I'm 26 and just had a marsupilation of bartholin cyst six days ago. I was not at all prepared for how it would look afterwards and have been in a lot of discomfort since!! I've also been somewhat concerned that the area is very bruised and feels hard, but perhaps after only a week this is normal whilst the area is healing. I would have hoped to have had a little more information from the hospital as this was limited and i guess i felt unprepared for afterward the op. Anyways, i'm hoping it heals nicely and that i have no more reoccurrences – fingers crossed. Furthermore i was told by my surgeon that Marsupilation is meant to be the best procedure – whether others agree would be interesting to know…

Secondly i have to say that although I think this website is useful to share information I guess as a new suffer myself it would have been nice to see more positive feedback and success stories because after reading all the comments I was quite horrified at the reoccurrences and left doubting whether I should have left well alone as opposed to having surgical treatment!!

I would be grateful to hear if anyone has any marsupilation success stories...


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    Hello Trish24,

    Did it come back after that?

    ANd for anyone else ...

    What's the real deal here? Does anyone EVER get better from this or is it just a lifelong thing? I have read NO positive accounts of it going away and never coming back from anyone. If you get it is it just time to throw in the towel or what?

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    :oops: Hello there!!! I also had this operation 5 days ago and so far my experience is very similar to yours the information does seem to be a little jaded shall we say my experience has not been altogether a pleasent one and im looking forwards to being able to sit down in general or pee in the normal fashion rather than standing over the loo!!! hopefully soon how are you doing now has everything turned out for the best??? I first noticed my cyst 5 years ago and it has steadily become a bigger and bigger problem my only real option was surgery as mine was about the size of a large orange with no sign of leaving me!!!!

    I hope you are now back to normal with no more problems!!!!xxxx

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    A positive comment here!

    I had a Bartholin's cyst marsupialised in 2001 and since then I have had no problems with it at all. It was surprisingly uncomfortable after the surgery for a while, but it did settle down gradually.

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    I had my right bartholins gland removed on the 15th May. Was only in hospital for the day and since then i havent had any issues with it apart from it draining but that only because its healing from inside out. As it was classed as a major op i have been off work for 4 weeks, back next monday.

    I would honestly recommend that if anyone has had a re-occurance of the bartholins abcess then to ask gyne doc about the removal of whole gland.

    Best thing i have done!

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      After removing the entire gland, did you feel a difference in lubrication? As i have read that the purpose of this gland is to lubricate the area, so i don't want it to affect my sexual life in the long run... also any idea if it affects being able to conceive?


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    I had marsup procedure 6 years ago and a few days ago my 3rd bartholin's abscess burst.Like everyone else i'm feeling pretty down about the whole thing - pain was so bad on Sat I would have rather peed my pants than go for a pee!!!!!!

    Finally though i have had some positive knews from the gyno's - they suggested that they can take out the cyst - hoorah!!!! Apparently this is slightly different to marsup where they stitch cyst to gland wall but this time they're going to scrape top layer of gland and remove cyst. I really hope this works and wanted to know whether anyone else has had this procedure. Apparently it stops it from reoccuring.

    Also my cyst is bleeding slightly still after bursting on Sunday - is this normal????? so paranoid the nasty bugger's going to return.

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      even my doc said me the same procedure but i havent undergone the procedure yet...how are you now?? was it successful?
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    [color=green:f8a22f76cb][/color:f8a22f76cb] hi 2 all! :lol:

    im 25 y.o. and had a bartholin's abcess started 5 mo. ago.. ya, it was so painful, tender and it is big. it was swollen, it grew in my vulva and it was very discomfort to my side.. i had a sleepless nyt just becase of this.

    my gyne told me this condition usually occur after d menstrual period and marsu is the best tx for this. i decline with the op and instead took d oral tx. it was gone bt now it came back.. it is not infected. this is now a bartholin's cyst. im planing to go for a second opinion bt with my research today, i had read that there's an other way, it's called d [color=red:f8a22f76cb]balloon tipped catheter[/color:f8a22f76cb], im planing to ask my gyne about this because im not likely to submit myself to marsu..

    im hoping for better recovery of this condition..

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    So glad to hear other people's experiences as there's not enough info out there. I had the op four days ago and was totally unprepared for how painful or how emotional I would feel afterwards. I thought I'd be back at work within a few days but given that everytime I try to sit down it's so painful I guess that's not going to happen any time soon! For once in my life I'll have to be patient and wait for the healing process to do its thing.

    How long has it taken others to get back to work?

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    hello ladies I have been diagnosed with bartholins cyst three days ago. Dr gave me flucloxacillin antibiotics. however the cyst seems to be getting bigger and im having difficulty sitting, standing, bending, walking and even going to the loo. The lump isnt to big but very very sore. Im not sure what to do next. can anyone help? im terrified.
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    I also suffered from a Bart's cyst. I initially went to the Well Woman clinic, was referred to the GP, and then as it got worse and worse ended up in A&E for an emergency marsup.

    I was totally unprepared for all of this and could not find any support from anywhere. My GP (a woman) told me that I should be able to go back to work after 10 days, but the reality was very different and I was off work for 6 weeks. To be honest, even that I think was far too soon, I really felt unwell with all of it, but no one would listen and the GP refused to sign any more sick notes.

    However, it did take a long time, but it did heal. That was 6 years ago. It has not reappeared since. I have not experienced any further problems (touch wood). I do seem now to have been one of the lucky ones in that it is sorted out. So if you are offered the marsup, from my own experience, I would say to have the op. It was horrible and it did take a long time to heal, but overall it was worth it for me. Also, if you do, don't listen to what the hospital leaflet says about being back to normal in 10 days. If it takes longer, it takes longer. Don't be bullied like I was into going back to normality when you are physically not up to it.

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      Thanks for your positive post!

      I'm just writing to you to ask how long it took for you to heal? I got mine done nearly 4 weeks ago, and I'm wondering how long more it would take  smile

      Thanks for you answer in advance! 

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    How long was peoples recovery. I have now had 5 days off lying down on the sofa which is hard for me as i am an active runner. How long until it feels good enough to run and have sex again? I am back to work tomorrow which is fine. How long folks?
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    Hey Ladies,

    I am 30 and was diagnosed with a a bartholin cyst in 2006. I had a marsupialization done in 2007 due to the agitation of the cyst. One thing I recently learned is that when the cyst starts bothering you, that hot tubs can be a good ailment. I used the hot tub and sauna friday evening, and on saturday morn my cyst (which has been bugging me for a month) finally popped. YAY!

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    Hello all,

    I come bearing positive news! I had a bartholin's cyst the size of a golfball when I was 20 and had it drained surgically. I was sent home without anti-biotics (was told that sitting in a bath of salty water would keep it clean/infection free - which I was highly sceptical of!), and unfortunately it got infected shortly afterwards. I was then given anti-biotics and all was fine for about 5 months, but then it recurred, just as big as before.

    Ok I know that doesn't sound great, but the second time round I had it marsupialised and was put STRAIGHT onto a course of anti-biotics. It healed beautifully within a week.

    So basically I think if you're a first-timer, you should be fine as long as you go to a hospital with a good gynae unit and have it marsupialised, and please insist on having anti-biotics up-front, as it will prevent infection messing up the healing process. I haven't had a recurrence since then and it's been 7 years - fingers crossed..!

    I hope this is helpful smile

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      Thank your positive news.I had my first bartholin cyst when I was 19 (last year) and it was very irritable,but went away on its on.Early this week I had one come up and it gave me hell!I could sleep right,my underwear always rode up by the cyst which caused it to be painful and uncomfortable.I had been taking sitz bath with epsom salts and tea tree oil but it seem to only make it swell.Then yesterday (7-16-16) was my last straw!I went work for 2 hours which was full of pain and agony.I kept feeling as if I was going to pass out,zoning in and out of consciousness and the pain was unbearable.I then left work and went straight to the hospital where they checked it and called in a Obgyn, Dr.Joyner because it was so huge.(Golf ball size)He then informed that they would put me to sleep and lance it.Im on three kinds of meds which include hydros.But overall the surgery went great y'all.Im just waiting to recover.

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