I'm 28 on Prostap and HRT I'm feeling so fed up tired and drained.Is it normal?

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Hi I'm 28 I'm currently on tibolone 2.5mg to counteract the side effects of my Prostap3 I suffer from severe endometriosis Hense the Prostap. I just want to know is this drowsiness and down in the dumps feeling a known side effect with the HRT? Also I've been feeling really sick and been getting irritable legs and knees(but I put that down to the tiredness) also A shooting pain in my ovaries. I sound like a hypochondriac but I'm really down. Don't get me wrong even though they told me I was infertile I've got 2 beautiful children and I don't like to moan but at the moment I feel I can't win I've had 4 operations to help with the endo and I've had 2,6month courses of prostap, but this is the first time I've been on tibolone. And I've never felt anything like it. But with out it I went through the menopause, and before the prostap I was in agony, I understand there are side effects with everything. But I'm wondering if anyone else has felt or feeling the same as me and if they could give me advice. I have to be careful what I can take because I am breastfeeding.

Just hope someone can shed some light on the situation xxxx

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    I don't know if I can be of any help, only can tell you that I started Livial

    when I was going thru menopause and started taking Livial to take away

    my hotflashes, dry skin, ...........I started taking livial and only problem for

    me was an itchy scalp, and if I forgot to take my pill I would spot, but I

    actually think Livial has helped me in many ways, improved my energy

    level and my outlook on life.  I have never had any aches or pains and

    right now that I am going to be 70 I am trying to go off of it, and have noticed

    aches and pains in my knee and stiffness and a little headaches now and

    then , but my bone density tests have always been excellent, so on the

    whole I am a real happy camper with Livial and only because of my age

    am trying to leave it, but if I get too many aches and pains, etc..... I am sure

    to go back on it.  I think you should give Livial a chance for a little while

    as it seems to work quite well for many.  Hope I have been of a little help

    in your decision of whether to continue or stop taking this hormone. 

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      Hi thankyou so much for your reply, I've not been on it that long so I think I will take your word for it and have a little faith :-) maybe I just have to wait for it to get in my system. I'm just so fed up with the pains and etc. I think I'm just expecting a miracle cure.i have had probs since 16 and now I'm 28 they have only just come up with the answers.

      I don't think they would prescribe me something if it's not going to work. Im just finding it hard being so exhausted and running around after 2 children.my partner has had to quit his job so he can help.maybe it's not the medication that's making me feel down, just the situation I'm in.

      Did you gain weight on them? That's another worry I've lost 2stone and scared to gain it all again.

      :-) xx

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      Hi there again, I think that you are having a tough time now, and

      I am sure if you have faith that the Livial will help.  I was in a

      depression when I started the Livial and I really believe it helped

      me, as I became more energetic and happier as a person.  I only

      gained 1 and a half kilos in the beginning, and actually believe

      it helped me lose weight, as after being on Livial I actually lost

      37 kilos, but only because I found myself in a less darker place.

      It is not a miracle drug, but surely will help by balancing out your

      hormones......please be patient and give it a try.  I send your light

      and happiness

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    Hi I think you should give it a little more time too, I was very down when I started and tired. I have been on them 1.5 years now and I feel as happy and normal lol as I was before my hormone problems began. I had gained weight through the depression and have lost a stone since on a good diet and exercise plan. As for aches and pains I had them before through wear and tear they haven't increased in my case.

    Good luck x

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      Hello thankyou for your reply, yes I will do what you and Georgina have said and be patient. I'm just fed up with my body going through all these changes with or without meds.

      I will just grit my teeth and bare it for a while

      Kind regards xxx

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      Hi there again, what I forgot to tell you was as I sat thinking about

      what I wrote to you is the following..........I know it was a good time

      ago, but after taking livial for a while and feeling much better and

      energetic, that was when I decided to take the bull by the horn and

      actually lost 37 kilos in a very short time, ..........my whole life just

      became better.....I know it is not the Livial itself, but it sure helped

      to put me in the right spot to start off to a new me.......that is all I

      can tell you, and just give Livial a chance...........and it is not only

      me, a couple of my friends also in their 70's now swear by Livial.

      I wish you the very best on your new quest.  

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      Hi Georgina glad it worked for you too. I can't say I felt like a new me just the one I used to be who was energetic and happy 😊 . Now more thankful and motivated to stay well. Changing diet which inevitably leads to weight loss has replenished my body and increased my confidence too.

      Louise I hope it has that same effect for you especially as your still in your prime. If not try something else don't give up :-) If tiredness is still an issue check your Iron levels or thyroid surprisingly I have low iron stores even though I no longer have periods.

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      Wow that's really good, I'm glad it made you feel that way,I'm sure hoping it will do the same for me. My moods and everything feel up and down. I keep saying to my partner I want to take my brain out and wash it under the tap. Just to reset my mind from all these years of cramps and feeling down etc. cramps = operation = moping= eating = weight gain = depressed, it's just a vicious circle.

      Thankyou for your positive words and will just think about what you have said. Xxx

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      Hi Tracy yes I will mention that to my doctor. I know thyroid problems run in my family. Maybe it's not just the meds that's the prob. It may be other things too. I know I can bleed for weeks.and that can't be good I do take vitamins and I'm very careful with what I eat but then I get fed up and gorge on chocolate.

      I'm so grateful for yours and Georgina's replies. I know I'm still young, but I was beginning to feel alone. Especially going through a menopause. I know it happens to us all. :-) I just wasn't expecting it just yet.

      But if both of you ended up feeling energetic then I must persevere,.

      Thanks again


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      I have just reread your emails and you really seem to have a lot

      on your plate, and I think you must chill out as best as you can

      and give your body time to adjust to the new hormone you are 

      taking.  Being a mother of 2 and breast feeding and taking care

      of a home are a lot of things to take care of , just chill and don't

      give up the faith!!

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      Yes, sometimes a low thyroid can be the problem or just life itself,

      and being a young mother.  Definitely changing ones diet and

      a healthier life style helps, but I think that Livial give me the initial

      push......now I am in the process of going off of it and will know how

      it goes by the month of September.  

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    Menopause is no fun it brings many issues that we hear about but only once we go through it can we truly understand. My friend had an early menopause without too many problems and is fine on a low dosage. Only now 20 years later is she experiencing some of my problems and asking my advice when I am new to it all. We all vary in degrees and it took me several medications before I found one that worked. The Dr had an appointment every week at one point lol! Now I rarely see him :-). Your find plenty of information here that will help in your search as it seems we have to find out via the Internet what's working for others x
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    Dear Louise & Tracy, Yes menopause was dreadful, I would have my

    hormones checked to see if I was going thru menopause and it read

    "no".....you are fine......but I wasn't fine, I would cry at a drop of a hat,

    you would tell me a sad story and I would be in tears, and I never cried!!

    One day you would be up and the next day down, then you would bleed

    so so much........then nothing, so when I finally stopped bleeding the doc

    put me on Livial and slowly I started feeling better and better, and of

    course once I started feeling better, I had time to think about what stage

    of my life I was in, and being more energetic and up, I was in a better

    place to lose all that extra weight, and my thinking got clearer and clearer

    and I just became a happy camper.  BTW one of the effects from Livial

    is that it improves your libido.  That is not only my opinion, I have many

    girlfriends who claim the same.  So please be patient, chill, and keep

    the faith and don't lose hope.........all works out in the long run, take it

    from this happy camper.  Kindest regards to the both of you .......

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