I only took 2 Cipro (500mg)

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30 year old healthy Male. Went to the urgent care facility from sharp pains in testicular region. Doctors said prostotitis and prescribed cipro 500mg. Instructions directed to take 2 tablets a day for 10 days. Yesterday was The first day I took it. I took my first dose at noon and my second around 10 hours later. I also took 600mg ib profen an hour after my second dose.

About 2 hours after my second dose I noticed I felt like I'd taken meth or something but without any euphoric feelings. I was wired and shaking like I'm having a panic attack. And then as the night progressed I noticed my knees starting making a "popping" sound. And the my ankles started hurting.

After about 6 hours of full blown panic the feeling of near death passed. However here I am now, about 24 hours later my left ankle and knee still hurt. And my legs feel a bit weak. I can still continue with my normal activities but the pain is there.

After my second dose I ceased taking the medication. I've read so many horror stories here I'm now panicked. I can't lose my ability to walk, because if that happens I lose the ability to provide for my family. Maybe it looking for a bit of optimism here lol.

If I only took 2 pills is that really enough to cause severe damage? How long does this crap stay in my body? I'm hoping because I immediately stopped the medicine I won't have lasting or debilitating damage.

Has anyone here got negative effects from only 2 pills? If so did you start getting better soon after ceasing the medication? I would appreciate any replys and good day smile

P. S. The ONLY warning on The bottle itself stated "may cause dizziness". And also to avoid to much direct sunlight.

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    You've done well to stop taking these tablets.  Whatever was causing your pain can be fixed by taking a different antibiotic - although the doc should really check if you've got an actual infection before prescribing ANY antibiotic.

    2 pills is really enough to cause severe damage but just think how much damage the whole bottle full might have caused you!  You also took Ibuprofen - was this suggested by the doc or did you just decide the pain was so bad you had to take it?  It was probably the worst thing you could have taken along with Cipro as it's well known that it will make the symptoms worse.

    Shaking, panic attack, popping noises, ankles - all these are typical symptoms.  If you still have pain don't try to work through it or you may cause more damage - you could even suffer a tendon rupture.  Try to relax, don't stress (can make it worse) try and eat healthily with good quality fats and oils and cut right back on sugar in any form and also booze.  Your body will thank you as it needs to do some repair work and bad foods will give it extra to do.

    Are you in the US?  Go to floxy hope which is a site started by a recovered floxie giving lots of information and helpful recovery tips.

    It's criminal that the only warnings on the bottle were about dizziness and sunlight.  Was there no leaflet with all the side effects listed and the other business?  (This is why I think you're US as that wouldn't happen here in the UK!)

    Final warning - never, ever in your life take another fluoroquinolone antibiotic (the family are Cipro, Levo, Avelox and a couple of others - but they're often branded with different names so remember the name fluoroquinolone to be on the safe side). I'm sure you will recover from this if you take it easy but if you take just one more pill it may be a disaster for you.  Warn your friends and family too.

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      Thanks for your reply smile it's been about a week since I've taken the medication and thank God I seem to be improving. My symptoms actually became worse about 48 hours after my last dose of the medication. I haven't had any lasting CNS side effects (that I've noticed) but Definately tendon issues were and still to an extent are still there.

      I was rendered unable to walk for a few days because if tendinitis in my left Achilles. Also pain in my knee. I'm now able to hobble along lol. For awhile I couldn't put ANY pressure on my left foot without intense pain. Fortunately now I can a little bit. The knee issue has also seemed to drastically improve.

      I'm in no position to go back to work but I can at least walk around the house now. It's terrifying that only 2 pills were able to cause this much pain. It's insane to me. I couldn't even imagine if I continued with the medication. No way in hell should doctors be able to prescribe these meds in an outpatient setting for minor infections.

      When I went back to the doctor I was given doxycycline in place of the cipro. I can't help but wonder why wouldn't they prescribe thay medication FIRST. Instead of starting me out on one of the most powerful antibiotics known to man.

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      A lot of doctors reach for the Cipro first as it's a). well promoted by the pharma reps and b). is broad spectrum which means it's likely to do the trick without the doc having to bother going through the process of getting a sample cultured to see whatever is causing the problem in the first place.  With prostatitis especially the cultures often come back negative so the damaged patient didn't need an antibiotic anyway!!  A culture that's positive would indicate to the doctor which less powerful antibiotic would work but docs often think it's better to go for the big guns straight away. 

      Here in the UK docs have to swear an oath to 'first do no harm' but it seems they forget that bit in an effort to move the patients along faster.

      Are you in the US?  Not sure about the oath but the mentality is about the same.  Let me know where you are and I'll point you to groups to join.

      Be prepared for the pains to come back anytime over the next few weeks.  You can't take anything for granted with this stuff.  It sits quietly working away in your cells til one day you walk about and something gives.  Take it very steady, don't do anything strenuous for a good few weeks.  One guy I know had his Achilles (ankle tendon) go while he was washing the dishes about 6 weeks after finishing his tablets.  Warn your friends, family and other people - this stuff is dangerous.  Not kidding.

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    Hi, Im currently having a truly scary reaction to 2 Cipro..  for UTI..  trying to hang in there, and just read your accounts..  it is day 5, my symptoms are a very fast heart rate which will not slow down, insomnia, bad anxiety, sweaty hand and feet, and general brain fog..  like feeling im not connected to my body.  Im scared, and just wondering how long it took to feel better?  Did you have fast heart rate?  How are you feeling now?  Praying I will feel and be ok..  thank you so very much if you read this, and hope you are well..  


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      This does sound like you're having a reaction to the Cipro - which really shouldn't be prescribed for a UTI anyway, unless you've tried various other antibiotics and are in danger of urosepsis.  Did your doctor grow a culture?  There will probably be safer ABs he can give you.  ~I suggest you don't take any more of the Cipro (was it for 7 days?).  5 days is usually plenty for a uti anyway. Do NOT take a NSAID e.g.  Ibuprofen as it can make things worse. Don't take any for at least a year.  Paracetamol is ok if you have any pain.  Don't drink alcohol for a while either.  There are many sites where you can get further help or go to this discussion:


      you'll find addresses and useful info in the thread.

      Good Luck!

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      Thank you Miriam. .

      I so appreciate the reply..  I only took two 500mg pills, one the night before and one the follwing day.  It seems my UTI is gone, however just left with these symptoms..  sincerely praying they pass.  Thank you for the advice about the Ibuprofen, im hoping Tylenol is still ok?  I have read alot of testimonies, and they do make my anxiety worse, so just breathing and drinking lots of water for now. . praying my heart rate goes back to normal..  Thank you so much, and blessings to you!  

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      Wow..  that is really hard. . where did you post?  Is there any herbs or something to take to normalize the brain?  
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      Hi Melissa.

      change food regime. 

      No sugar of any kind. Hard for me as I am a beekeeper.

      no processed foods or cut down on them slowly. 

      No alcohol, tea or coffee.

      gentle excercise which can be done at home with simple dynamic tension. That means tensing your muscles for a few seconds then relaxing. You can do the whole body in less than five minutes. Do three times a day.

      Food to eat and why. You need to get your bodies PH level right. 7.5 to 8.

      Strips for testing are £1.25 in England for enough for two months. I tear mine in half which still gives you your result. You urinate on them for a second then check color against a chart.

      But first the rightish food. 

      On rising. Cup of water with level tspn bicarbonate of soda with no aluminium in it.

      after ten mins take a cup of water warm up f you like with a whole lemon juice plus the bits in. After half an hour have some organic oats. Slow release energy. Add a mashed banana. Potassium. Few dried fruits not too many. Dsrt spoon of org flax seed oil.

      lunch must include broccoli and kale. Grated raw or steamed. Drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice and whatever protein you eat. Chicken, beef, turkey. 

      No pork.

      get a juicer and juice green veg with an apple, a couple of carrots. Half lemon juice.

      with your main meals have on your plate raw garlic. Jigger and Tumeric. Tumeric needs some pepper with the meal and your flaxseed oil. Drink water during the day trying to get 2 litres through your body.

      if this doesn't get you of your tables and feels no better I will eat my hat. Haha, made from rice paper. Joke just in case you are more serious minded than me. DYOR. I have done mine for 16 months.

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      Hi Melissa, I'm so sorry that you lost your husband and that you're in this terrible situation.  Have you been in touch with Floxie Hope yet?  Lisa is very kind and has experience of many people with stories like yours.  There are also several organisations who can advocate and hopefully help you get compensation.  I guess you are in the US?  I can't give any addresses here but I'm sure if you search you will find something.  You do need help so please search for and contact Floxie Hope, plus there are many other groups on facebk.

      The moderator started a discussion about FQs  here:


      He's given several useful addresses (including Lisa's) plus the actual discussion should give you plenty of information and you'll see you're not alone.

      Kenneth (below) has given you good advice regarding diet.  Your body does have a great capacity to heal itself but you need to help it by feeding it the right foods.  Nothing that will be a struggle for it such as junk food and sugar!  I'm not so sure about the attention to detail he gives as I know it's difficult to be so particular when you feel so very ill, but at least try to follow in principle.  I would add that you must take probiotics as the Levo (and all the FQs) will have stripped your gut of good flora.  Everyday have some good LIVE yoghurt such as Greek (the high fat is also good for you) or drink kefir (a kind of fermented milk drink similar to yoghurt).  Or you can buy probiotic capsules if you can't tolerate yoghurt.

      Please do contact a group for help.  Oh, the FDA announced last July that they will be taking FQs and the long term and persistent adverse reactions to them very seriously from now on.  All your doctors should be aware of this announcement and I'm shocked that you have been so badly treated.  There is so much information available about how dangerous these drugs are but the docs all around the World would just rather believe the sales pitch!  I guess it makes their life easier.

      Try not to stress - it makes everything so much worse.  Try to get your mother onboard by going to Floxie Hope and showing her the stories from other sufferers.  Tell her there is no way you would just lie around and let your poor husband - and now her- run round after you if you had any choice!  Good luck and keep posting if you can.


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