I swallowed plastic bank note!!!

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5 days ago I swallowed a plastic bank note accidently. Bit of messing with mates. I meant to spit it into cup as I drank water. Was stupid bet. Anyway I have really swollen upper stomach. Severe pains followed by gurgling. My thoughts are maybe note opened up in stomach. As was folded when swallowed. Went to hospital today. After doctor had a good giggle was sent home and told to come back if same in 10 days. I could be dead by then. Been going to toilet but only with lacative. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Really panicking here....

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    You should see another doctor. This is a serious mess you are in. If you have pain go to ER and get an x-ray of stomach. If you need surgery I would sue that doctor. How dare him to laugh about your health. Wow That's sad.

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      Thanks Fernando. X Ray nurse wouldn't do x Ray. Was embarrassing to explain but to get nothing done was pointless me going to ER today. Nurse said wouldn't show up scans so phoned doctor and told her that. I thought would be worth a go...

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    See if you pass the banknote when you have a bowel movement.  The laxatives may help.  Take your doctor’s advice, if no better after ten days see your doctor again.
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    Hi Steven

    A rather weird thing to be doing, if you don’t mind me saying so 🤔. You will probably be fine after a few days or maybe a week at most, although I have to say,  plastic of any type is not ideal to have in your stomach. You could try olive oil, this may help move it along, and try eat plenty of fibre in the hope that it makes you go to the toilet. You could try a probiotic as well. 😉 Good luck. 

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      Gillian. How can you tell this poor guy to take Probiotics or fiber. How do you know he will be ok. What if is lodged. None of these would help dislodge this poison he ingested. I hope for Stevens same he will be ok. He cannot wait. He could get an infection and be seriously ill. I beg to differ with your answer. Thanks.
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      If the hospital aren’t taking it serious, then that tells you they must know it will move along the digest tract in its own time Fernando. This is often the case when people swallow things they shouldn’t. I know of people swallowing money which is more dangerous and this has came out eventually. The sore stomach is probably more because of anxiety due to worrying that the hospital aren’t too concerned and what has happened. A good probiotic will will put some good bacteria into his stomach in case of germs from swallowing the note.  The hospital know what their doing, their intention is to let it move through the digestive tract and out through the bowels in its own time. 
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    Did they do an XRay?

    I would imagine they could be detected by X-ray. It could be stuck inside your stomach and might not be able to proceed along the digestive tract. Maybe even an endoscopy would be necessary to remove it manually??? 

    Had the A&E Doctor previous knowledge of other patients going through the same?? Go back for a second opinion.........especially as you have some symptoms. 

    Good luck 

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      This is my feeling. I think it's stuck in my stomach. Will it ever break down with the stomach acid do u think?

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    Honestly it's not a hoax. I'm really in pain. I know how weird it sounds. Doctor sent me to xray but the girl doing xray disagreed with doctor and phoned to discuss it. Was really weird for her to do I thought. I think doctor didn't know what to do then without scans. I was perfectly prepared to go ahead of epodogsly today if it was needed. Was really hoping to get this sorted. Still in pain. And also embarrassed...

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    Hi steven16927

    I would call out of hours surgery or even an ambulance you do not know what chemicals are contained in the bank note and you could be poisoned. This is serious. That doctor is an idiot and so is the x-ray nurse. I suggest you get back to the hospital asap...

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    Does anyone know if pains in upper stomach could be item being pushed along intestines. Or if it will break down in stomach at all? Took a lot to go to ER yesterday. Don't want to go through that again. Would inducing vomiting help?

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      Hi Steven, 

      I wouldn’t take anything to induce vomiting. It could be a bit dangerous. 

      I would definitely go back to A&E and explain that your stomach is hurting. 

      It’s possible that you’ll be seen by a different Doctor. Maybe it would show up on an ultrasound rather than an X-ray. Those £5 notes were designed NOT to disintegrate but maybe they will soften and slide along your digestive tract with all the moisture inside you. 

      Ask their advice.

      Will drinking lots of warm water (but obviously not to excess) help it along the way? 

      Maybe telephone 111 for their advice but you wouldn’t need an ambulance when you can walk and talk normally. 

      Good luck and please keep us posted on your progress. Maybe let a national newspaper know of your dilemma and it could be a lesson for everyone to learn. I can remember the boys at the rugby club used to get up to all sorts of mischief in the name of fun so don’t beat yourself up about it. Take care. Jane 

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      Hi steven16727

      It is imperitive to go back to A & E. You say the bank note was folded it could be the sharp edges sticking into your stomach or intestines as it is trying to pass through, it could do damage to yr stomach or intestines. You have to get it out and your only hope is the hospital. Go before too much damage is done or the note gives off poisonous substances which it probably has by now..Be sensible and go back to A & E... Keep us posted..

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