I think i fainted after urinating

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I'm a 38 year old single male, who lives alone. Last year i began to find something odd; that when i urinated, i would begin to feel very faint. At times I would have to stop in the middle of it quickly, and lower myself to the floor or sit on the toilet, in order to regain my composure. I didnt think anything of it, because i have been under stress, so i related it to that. It also happened a few times after.

Early this year, around Feb, i recall getting up in the middle of the night because i had to void. My stream began, but then i felt faint, seeing \"darkness\" and feeling very strange. Like something had come over me. I managed to get back to my bedroom but i fell down to the floor (THUMP)... next thing i remember is crawling into my bed, and waking up in the morning to find a huge scratch on my arm, and my leg being sore.

So, this \"micturition syncope\" situation has now happened approximately 4-5 times, maybe more.. havent kept count !

Today, i awoke from an afternoon nap. Went up the stairs to the bathroom and started to urinate. Low and behold, it started again... feeling faint, dizzy, seeing darkness.. very very weak.... i managed to stagger into my computer room and i must have passed out because i awoke to being on the floor and my phone beeping off the hook... and i hadn't touched it so how was it now off the hook?

This is occurring more frequently now.. I do at times feel kinda fatigued, off and on some days... i thought it was stress, once again....

In the morning i am going to see my family doctor to get some answers. Since i live alone here, with no friends nearby or family, i was so scared and frightenend.. i didnt know if i should call the ambulance or not... i just layed in my bed and prayed that i would feel better... which i did about 30 mins later... still not 100% but better than before... Now everytime I have to go to the bathroom, i'm scared it may happen again.. YIKES... Hopefully i'll get some answers tomorrow from my Dr.



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    Hi there E,

    I've just read your story and it is oh so familiar in my life. I'm 31 now and all this started for me in 2001. All the things that you said in your story happened to me but it always happened after I'd been drinking alcohol. After the last episode in 2004 I gave up drinking completely. I thought I'd cracked it..................That was until today!

    I woke this morning to my 3 year old son wanting to use the toilet. My Wife was in the shower so I quickly got up with him and took him to the bathroom. When we got there he changed his mind, as kids do, so I went myself instead. I felt normal until I started urinating. I started to feel faint and sickly. I thought this was because of the strong bleach in the toilet but next thing I'm waking on the floor to a frantic wife and screaming son. I'd just toppled over and after a few minutes started vommiting. Back to square one again!

    I don't think their's actually much we can do with this. Having read various articles on the net and consulting my doctor various times it seems these are our only realistic options - Sit on the toilet rather than standing, when getting out of bed sitting for a few minutes to compose yourelf before going to the toilet, make sure you drink plenty of water, and finally wear a helmet and make your bathroom have padded walls. Although I believe the last one was a joke.

    Hope you get things sorted.

    All the best


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    Hey Matt,

    Thanks so much for replying. Sad to hear it has happened to you too. This last experience of mine (few days ago) was an eye opener for me.

    I had thought that these \"peeing fainting spells\" was stress related or due to the alcohol.. which it also happened to me after drinking at night... but i dont really drink large amounts...

    Now i'm so scared when i go to pee, afraid that it'll happen again... I still have to make a Dr's appt soon and tell him what's been going on and curious to see what he says..because it has happened to me numerous times already, and seems to be getting worse.. (i think i faint now, whereas before just a brief black out). Maybe i have been fainting all along.. no way to tell cuz i live alone.. sucks !

    By the way, do you think it's stress related? Also, i checked my blood pressure today and it was kinda high, and is usually within normal limits.

    In the morning it was 144/92... pulse of 98. In the afternoon, it was 132/70. I will check again tomorrow.

    When you went to your doctor and told him all of this, what tests did you get done? I'm assuming they all came back negative?

    Yea, from what i've read, there isnt treatment for it, just precaution.. this condition is apparently quite rare.....I try to sit on the toilet at times to pee, but it is kinda strange but hey, if its gonna help, we have no choice. Also, i'm trying not to get up too quickly after i awake from sleep...I do remember that when i awoke from my nap last time this happened, i was very warm.. due to the blanket.. so maybe my blood vessels were dilated, and after getting up it caused a a vaso-vagal response? I dont know. UGH.

    Keep in touch... ok? Let me know how you are doing and if you hear of anything new regarding this \"condition\" we share.

    Kind Regards,


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      Darn tablet changes my words, what I meant it's not as rare as you think.
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    I had to go to the hospital today because my wife had found me on the floor in the bathroom having hit my head on the bowl rather hard. Fortunately I had no serious head injury just mild concussion.


    It wasn't the first time but the other 2 times (9years ago and 4years ago) it happened I attributed it to something else. The first time I had been drinking and so assumed that it was alcohol induced, the second time I was in extreme pain due to ligament damage in my knee a few hours earlier and thought it was the pain that made me faint.

    I presume it happens more than people realise because it gets attributed to other conditions (like drunkenness).

    However, when I fainted for the second time my wife had caught me (she had sensed something was wrong and followed me to the bathroom) as I fell in heap and began twitching in her arms. When I regained consciousness I realised that it was more than just a blackout, from the distressed look on my wifes face. I went to hospital and was told I had passed out with the pain of the ligament damage.

    Today I found out that many things can trigger this condition but it happens due to a sudden and temporary drop in blood pressure as the bladder empties. (according to the DR.)

    Thanks for the advice gents I will be sitting down like my wife from now :lol: but will certainly consider the helmet and padded bathroom option if it happens again.

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    Hi there,

    I had same episode last night, I went to urinate and all I remember was holding the flush, after some time I woke up on my bed with my friend who got really annoyed. It just struck me like a hard thing in my head and lost my vision and then fell unconscious. I had alchol at that time but was very little a Guiness 12oz Bottle. Later when I woke up with a glass of water I felt everything was allright, but after an episode of throw-up my head got right. It happened to me some 10 years back and 4 years back but on those two occassions I felt dizzy but didn't fell unconscious. Today after seeing my doctor and going through a series of tests (Blood Tests, EKG, Chest X-Ray, CT-SCAN) all came normal and waiting for CT-SCAN results. Doctor said it may be syncopy but will confirm after CT-SCAN, till then gave me the same instructions like slow from bed, sit in restroom, no sudden reflexes to anything, and drink more water.

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    Hang in there mate!

    Same happened here. It took 3 years of being told its all phycho but now have a definate diagnosis of Dysautonomia. Weight of my mind. Thought I was a paranoid hypercondriac.See my other posts.

    Midodrine helps(but beware of strong side affects).


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    I got the same problem of getting unconsious (3 times)while urinating. All the time the routine has been the same...as getting quickly out of bed after nap, straight to loo. By the way I am 31 and coincidently it was started from 2011(like one of the guests in this thread). No other health issues and no alcohol also.

    When I consulted a doctor, he gave kinda a weird gesture(smile) and more weird type of advice to have groundnuts and corn more often. I followed him, since then once I felt dizziness but didn't faint atleast. Hope I wont faint again.

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      Hey Vickeymohanty.. my dad has been facing the same problem.. Does eating groundnuts and corn help?
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      I don't think that helped to cure this problem permanently. After 2 years, the same issue repeated (20 days ago).and this time I passed out and get banged on floor. As I got consciousness, not able to get up and blood everywhere, rushed to hospital for stitches on head. 

      After this incident, I think detailed analysis and right treatment is necessary.

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    Gosh I am sorry! Right first look up POTS UK. Are you double jointed? if so that could be the cause. Are you diabetic that too may be the cause. Do you have urinary problems? Have you thought to get your GP to check your BP, and to test your bloods to see if they are OK! while your with your GP ask to get your PSA checked. I am NOT suggesting you have a problem but all men should get tested at your age. Mention the syncope to him obviously. Good luck🍀
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    Hello E,

    I hope you are ok, after those fainting episodes.

    I know what you mean, as I had very similar symptoms. I am the same age as you but female. It started 2 years ago, and when I fainted after going to the bathroom. It was triggered by a sudden pain in my belly. My heartrate dropped that time, as ambulance people checked, and they were asking if I am an athlete. As normally with this low heartrate I could not move.

    It was so scary because I don't know how long I was on the floor in the bathroom, unconscious.

    I had check-ups, ultrasounds, blood test. Everything

    is alright. But last year it happened again, and this year already twice. It happens always the morning, after going to the bathroom.

    I read a lot about vagus nerve and syncope. And today my GP told its related to urinating, if there is no other reason behind. If this is the case, I just have to get used it, and try not to do sudden movements the morning.

    Tomorrow I have a blood test again, and after maybe more tests.

    I was just wondering what did you find out since last year? It's just terrifies me that it will happen to me again. Horrible experience.

    Kind regards,


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      Hi I really think you need to be seen in Neurology to sort out your problems. Have you had automatic tests?
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      Hi Pam 87693,

      I had a blood test again last week, and it was completely ok. And now I am referred to a Blackout Clinic, I am waiting for an appointment. I checked these automated tests on Internet, I never heard of them before.

      Thank you for the tip, I will ask my GP,

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      Hi I had the same thing happen. I'm a 33 year old female. It's happened twice. The first time I had was to much to drink so I figured that was the problem. I don't drink very often. It happened again last night but I had only had 2 drinks. Both times it was after I had been sleeping and got up to go to the bathroom. The first time my boyfriend found me on the bathroom floor after he heard a loud bang. This time I didn't faint I managed to get to the kitchen and get some milk. Thinking it was my blood sugar or something. I got back to bed and sat and took a few deep breaths. I had terrible ringing in my ears too. It went away but I still feel a little strange today. I went to the Dr the first time it happens and she told me I was probably dehydrated and drank to much. Don't know if I should go this time. Sounds like from everybody there isn't much they can do. I just won't go to the bathroom in the morning anymore. If you found anything out from your Dr could you let me know please. smile
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      Hi Pam, after you mentioned the tests, I went to my GP and he referred me a Blackout Clinic, for tests. It was in October. Recently, I received a letter from the Clinic,  I could go for testing in February. That week I will be travelling abroad, and they told me the next possible appointment will be in April. They told it's 2 hours tests,and that I should ask someone to help me to go home. It sounds like they wil do a hell of a testing, if I wont be able to walk after... Enjoy the week!E

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